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12:12 AM
Q: Is there any special benefit to defending a "tall" gym?

John MontgomerySometimes the map icon of a gym is taller than usual. Based on what I've found online, this means that the total CP in the gym is at least 8000. I've also seen it implied that this is highly desirable, for example this tier list referencing the "gym-height strat" multiple times, but none of the s...

12:35 AM
> Okay, I might have oversold this but, yes, our honk was originally, a quack. In our first trailer, ... most of our sounds were sourced from freesound.org. We had trouble finding a single discrete honk, but we eventually found one that was nice, and short, and sweet, and sharp, from a field recording entitled "geese recording" or something similar. ... After the trailer blew up in late 2017, we got a bunch of emails telling us that actually, that was definitively a duck's quack.
(as it turns out, the full description of the recording said something to the effect of "geese sounds recorded in a churchyard in ireland there might be a few duck quacks in there not sure")
1:08 AM
@Unionhawk hahahaha
oh yeah that is totally a duck
2:33 AM
Q: What should I prepare first before I start to build a school in minecraft?

Max ChanI love playing minecraft and I am planning to build a school in creative. What should I prepare first for this big project?

2:54 AM
Q: How do I connect to a server using IPv6 in Minecraft?

Aaron FrankeMy Internet connection doesn't have its own dedicated IPv4 address. I've port forwarded my Ubuntu computer to the DMZ, which I know is working because I have Apache installed and the web server is accessible from the IPv6 address. When I put in an IPv6 address into Minecraft, it doesn't seem to ...

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3:55 AM
Q: Team fortress 2 achievements

alex1976so THEORETICALLY, say i were to use an achievement server and get the achievement hats, items, etc and I were to use them in crafting,, could I get them back, e.g emailing steam support or using achievement servers again? also, would I get banned for using the achievement servers and asking for i...

I have finally installed planet coaster
I only barely know what I am doing.
4:06 AM
But I think I've successfully built top thrill dragster
which isn't hard because it's just a cable launched coaster with a quarter turn left going up, then three quarter turns left going down with a magnetic brake section
Apparently when you launch a train at 122 mph into an immediate 90 degree upward slope, it hits 19.67 vertical g
Q: x360ce emulator is throwing error

TraxI downloaded the latest version of x360ce. But when I try to run I'm facing with this error. This doesn't happen with the older versions (but these old versions didn't work with the Ancestors game). I have also installed the latest .Net framework. How can I get this to work? Or is there any ot...

4:24 AM
dang I need to get up to Cedar Point next year
(they have Steel Vengance as a coaster type in this game. Steel Vengance is a hybrid hypercoaster built on the skeleton of Mean Streak, and is considered one of the best roller coasters ever built)
lol of course it's fast lane plus. How much does fast lane plus cost at that park anyway
A hundred and, holy
That's still probably worth for a once every few years all day trip? But
4:57 AM
Q: How do I pick Screen Resolution and Aspect Ratio?

Dongmei May WangI don't want trial and error to find best screen resolution 'cause World of Warship has too many choices. I screen shot YouTube then "Display" window from my Windows 10 laptop. Windows 10

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6:47 AM
Anyone else watching Kipchoge?
2 hours later…
8:20 AM
Q: Where can I farm bright dust?

senpaiThe description of bright dust is as follows: Obtained by completing certain bounties and from special reward sources. Cosmetics from the Bright Dust seem to be rather pricey -- I started playing New Light, and somehow started with 1500. Over a few weeks, I've only managed to grind about 12...

Q: Can I ask for cheat code in this site?

DAFCan I ask for cheat code of a game in this forum? Or can I ask for mod version of an Android game here?

8:40 AM
Q: Is there any way to track down "Sightings" any more?

BenIn earlier versions pokemon that were used as "sightings" would have a distance measurement, to help you track them down. Nowadays, it only tells you that they can only be "found in the wild". Is there any indicators as to where they would be found?

9:02 AM
Official update from Blizzard on the Blitzchung situation
10:02 AM
Q: What is the name of game in screenshot?

DAFThis is an ios game from Korea or China (I am not sure about it). What is the name of this game and is it available in English or not? I anybody got a link to download this game please share. Here is a picture of game-play screen.

10:22 AM
Q: Sluggish walking, no sprinting and airboat doesn't accelerate properly in Half-Life 2

Thomas FonnI just reinstalled Half-Life 2 on this system, movement in the game is sluggish compared to what it was the last time I played it. Here are the symptoms that i've noticed: The sprint makes me go slower, but it still drains my AUX-power. Moving through vents and other cramped areas is almost no...

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11:34 AM
Discords got spam bots now it seems
@GnomeSlice it would be more surprising that they wouldn't get any
@GnomeSlice if it's a predefined response every time you respond i'd keep replying with junk to see where the limit is
nope, no bots on Discord
FunnyDaisy definitely was a real hot single in your actual area, obviously
who conveniently happened to already have a rich portfolio of risquè pictures for you to peruse
I mean who doesn't
I've seen @fredley's
his catgirl pics are pretty decent
Q: Why does the East Tal-Tal Heights Warp Point not work?

Daniel BeckI am between Catfish's Maw and Face Shrine, but went exploring and came across the warp point location in the north east of the map (near Eagle's Tower). It did not activate for me when I stood on it. According to e.g. this site, To activate a warp point, all you have to do is find it. Am...

12:10 PM
god I hate HR firms that say they want to have an interview
then they set a time and date
then I change my plans to fit
then they just, either change the time/date of the interview or not call me
shoutouts to [redacted] for being part of the latter group
if they don't call me for 15 minutes am I legally allowed to go
I am going.
2 hours later…
2:20 PM
I'm all of the people on day 3 of responding to "respect people" with "this is compelled speech, too me"
Also the NPC meeting is late
The "What would you tweet to indicate you were kidnapped" meme but with "I made the minimal amount of effort to respect other people"
@TimStone "let's establish some safety protocols: if you ever see me using singular they instead of pretending he is gender neutral, call 911"
2:44 PM
Morning, Bridge
Morning Mattybatty
Wow, Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt is extremely difficult
The final boss was pretty rough and I'm now completely brickwalled on Remedy's ex-girlfriend
3:08 PM
I'm having a really awkward call with nintendo support rn
as I accidentally bought a game while joking around in eshop in a voice call
"what's the game that you bought accidentally"
reads out title "I was trying to buy the game next to it, I pressed on this accidentally, I didn't know what it its"
"disappointed okay"
image taken seconds before death
3:30 PM
He didn't believe one word I said
and... i mean why would he
3:46 PM
Q: Why are the creatures-Passive and hostile-all invincible?

KerikoKraftI already asked this question but people like to tell me it has nothing to do with the question itself so don't do that again please. Basically, no matter what I try to fight or hunt, it just doesn't take damage no matter what I use. And if it helps, I play on PS4.

thank you to Sauce for her support of DSA Swears Caucus
2 hours later…
5:48 PM
Q: What is the recource pack lang for Swedish?

AaronKanaronIf you make a resource pack, you probably know that the lang folder contains an "en_us.json", but that is for English, I'm Swedish, and I want to replace item names without switching to the English language. Does anyone know the JSON name for Swedish, is it like "se.json"? Thanks!

6:29 PM
Q: How do I use this purple disc item?

TristanIn dungeons 3, one of the last mission of the campain (19/20 where u sacrifice titans), I've found a purple disc in a dragon nest saying "Stronger dungeonheart" (100% to 400% stronger). How to I use this ? It looks like a spell because of the range, but it is not listed as a spell in the almanac...

7:09 PM
Q: How can I change language to Russian in NA Steam version?

arghtypeFor M&MH7 I can see Russian language supported with full audio on the store page : However when I go to steam settings I can see all supported languages except for Russian: The game is bought in North America steam store, I can also see it in my Uplay account, but no language preferences th...

Ok, Princess Remedy gets easier if you're willing to do the extra challenge to get the Jealous Chest
Because then when you enter the postgame you have a healing power beyond Tiara
7:29 PM
Q: My friend can't join my minecraft world

Brooklyn B.We have always been able to play on my world, Me on my xbox account but on minecraft PE, and her on her xbox with xbox live. but recently she can't join my world but I can join hers. The only thing that I've changed at all is that I am now at my grandma's house instead of mine, but I'm still on W...

8:23 PM
me: I want to play garen
teammate: _(bans garen)_
me: okay
me: I want to play garen
teammate: _(enemy picks garen)_
league of graphs: darius is a counter to garen
darius: lol nope enjoy 0/8/3
@Unionhawk whoa, that's quite the jump
@Yuuki narwhal!
how is darius so weak
@badp It's not that Darius is weak, he's actually a lane bully. But Garen got buffed this patch... like, waaay too much.
He's getting nerfed next patch
8:37 PM
Yeah, he got a minor rework and he's kinda really strong right now.
If I had to go against Garen as Darius right now, I'd probably skip the Black Cleaver and rush a Deadman's Plate first.
Darius's base damages are high enough that you really don't need AD early to still be a lane bully.
lol "bully"
nothing in his kit lets him bully
garen's kit is much more bully
all the enemy has to do is stay like a little back
the hook is tiny
the whirl does like no damage
8:40 PM
And if they have to stay back, that means you position forward and keep them away from the wave.
So they can't CS and fall off in gold and EXP.
meanwhile Garen can just jump in and out and in and out and in and out and put down free damage
idk this has been a horrible day
The whirl (I assume you mean his W) is for the slow so they have a hard time escaping the sweet spot on your Q without using a dash.
Right. You pull them in, W while they are close and slowed, then Q while they are even more slowed.
Hitting them the outside of the spin will apply a stack of your passive, so with a whole combo that's 3 stacks of your passive, 4 if you do an extra auto (which you should)
Yeah, his W is also an auto-attack reset so your optimal combo is (pull) -> auto -> W -> auto -> Q.
Throw a Titanic Hydra active in there somewhere if you have it as well.
Now they're missing half their health and bleeding for another quarter.
@GnomeSlice Is using vulgarity an appeal for this reviewer? Cuz it's taking a lot of her credibility away.
I kind of agree that it probably wasn't worth the full $60. But it wasn't that bad, and they added enough new mechanics that it works as a good new game.
8:57 PM
Briiidge. I just stuffed myself on thanksgiving dinner 1 of 3. Delicious. But also bury me.
@MageXy it's chick approved she liked the game
It's pretty harsh in parts though she thought there could have been more new
@MageXy vulgarity is common for her reviews lol
@MageXy as someone who never played the original, it seems pretty good!
The storytelling is a bit abstract though
10:02 PM
@Wipqozn one of three? Oh gosh
@Ash I'm trying to wrangle a fourth one a week later...
So you're saying now would be the perfect time to invite you to Real Thanksgiving?
10:38 PM
What the frosted fuck
I wonder how many boxes that took
Also I think it's a mannequin
10:55 PM
@Ave did you only find out when you arrived at your old time?
@Wipqozn so many thanksgiving :P
Do you like turkey
@Ash It's okay. It's everything else that I really like.
Yeah, turkey is the like least best part of thanksgiving
11:13 PM
Q: I cannot find Split Screen Game Mode in Battlefront 2 Xbox One

Ryan Howard TañadaI am experience challenged on locating the splitscreen option with SW-BF2 for sometime now. Tried diy research and game walkthrough bur the mode is not shown. Need yours thoughts and help. Current Status or Setup: Xbox One X 1 Wireless Controller 1 Wired Cont Both account login Tried with other...

11:33 PM
Q: How to detect what mob hit a player 1.12

ByMrShockerI'm making horror map. And i got some problems. I need that when a player takes damage from a specific mob, a block is placed. This block will start another system. For example: if player have damage from zombie, iron block placing in some place. If player have damage from skeleton, redstone blo...

11:54 PM
Q: How should the scene "Please Hold" from "Sea to Unsalty Sea" be completed?

LemonOn the scene "Please Hold" from the Episode 11 of the Season 3, you need to drive the Bentley Continental GT as Hammond after taking 3 pints of water. The problem is that you can't: Be at more than 20 MPH during the corners (otherwise Hammond is going to pee himself) Driving pretty slowly to ma...

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