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12:11 AM
update: couldn't find a t-shirt that would cover it well enough (yay?), so I wore a hoodie all day. It was the warmest day in a long time and we had inlaws and wife's grandparents over and they all cooked a meal, so the house was super hot. Some people had to go outside to cool off.
And I was wearing a hoodie... 😓
I survived tho. And I'm working tonight, so I can sleep most of the morning tomorrow and avoid socializing, lmao
@Elise Glad to hear that it went wellish?
@Wipqozn it actually went pretty good, considering I'm as much in boymode as I can be at this point
usually whenever inlaws are over, I get super dysphoric and it takes me few days to get over it when they leave
feeling okay so far 🤷‍♀️
they're not leaving until monday, so there's still tomorrow for me to potentially feel crappy about 😁
hugs glad you're feeling okay, it sucks you were trapped in the hoodie though :(
@Ash yeah, it was hot 😐
actually went out for a walk with the kiddo before they arrived and had wife's cousin stop me and have a chat. Good thing I had the hoodie on at the time, because I really wasn't going to, lol
I don't think we'll be keeping this a secret for much longer tho
I mean, if people weren't so oblivious around here, I'm sure someone would've already figured it out 🤷‍♀️
I don't actively hide the fact that I'm trans (for the most part), but I also don't go telling everyone about it either
well, I guess I should be going to work... ttyl <3
Have a good shift at work <3
1:15 AM
Q: Is there a way to make a read function for redstone computer ROM in MC Bedrock?

Chase ParkerI have been creating a Redstone computer in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. I have finished the ROM itself and the ROM master switch, but I need a read function that works like this: The master switch is flicked. The first byte automatically fires. The next byte can not be transmitted until a “comp...

1:36 AM
Q: Tf2 Gibs and ragdolls not appearing

alex1976So awhile ago I wanted to gain as many fps as possible, so I disabled gibs and ragdolls. now, I would like to help to re-enable them, please. I have the commands to re-enable gibs and ragdolls in my auto exec, but even then when I or others die, there's no gibs, ragdolls, just the weapon I was ho...

Q: How do I access the garden?

Random Cookie Clicker PlayerI unlocked a sugar lump, then used it to level up my farms, from lvl 0 to lvl 1, and it said when I lvl it up I unlocked something, so I looked up what it was because nothing happened when I lvled it up( like nothing popped up or anything like that) and found out that it unlocks something called ...

This game was hilarious. I started the game with a Lucian with NLR, and got a crit glove after first wave of minions. I made a Jeweled Gauntlet (spells can crit), figuring that his second shot will be able to crit since it counts as spell damage.
Then I got the IE after carousel, and wolves + raptors got me TWO Neeko's Help items
So I just waited till I found MF as a champ and immediately upgraded her to 2*... as you can see from my HP, it was a good game for me :D
1:53 AM
What game is this?
2:16 AM
Q: How to lock or set the seed in Linux?

l0b0Is it possible to lock or set the world seed in Noita on Linux, to replay it?

@ToxicFrog That would be Teamfight Tactics.
It's one of those auto-battler games (like Dota Autochess/Underlords) made by Riot, the company that makes League of Legends.
"auto-battler games"?
2:34 AM
@ToxicFrog It's a game where you try to create a team that synergizes with different items and compositions. Each round the teams fight each other, and the person with the best team wins.
And the team fights fully autonomously?
more of a strategy game
Q: Meaning of "Attended Party" multiplier

CarcigenicateAfter attending a party, pawns are given an "Attended Party" mood boost. I've noticed though that there's a multiplier next to the attribute, like "Attended Party x4", and they get a mood boost that seems to be around 75% the value of the multiplier (they get a 3 point mood boost with a "x4" mult...

That actually seems like something I might enjoy
2:56 AM
Fair warning if you try it, it does have heavy RNG elements
so the strategy is about adapting to what you're given
3:19 AM
Q: What is this noise?

TeaSo I was just building near a village there were caves but due to me playing minecraft over a few years, I never heard this noise before if it was a cave noise. The best I can explain it was it sorta sounds like a plastic bowl being dropped on a wooden floor but in like slow motion and loud.

3:39 AM
Q: How rare are Implant Circuitry Mk. III components?

KaizerwolfI've just reached Gateway Bravo in The Surge 2, so I'm a decent ways into the game. Most of my gear is now at Mk. V or better, except for my implants. Those are still on Mk. II, since I have only found a single Mk. III Implant Circuity component thus far. Is this intended, and I'll be finding mo...

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4:42 AM
Q: Does Club Wars a waste of resource and time?

Max ChanMy Club is very active on club wars and we have got 2600 club war score already. I don't know should I stop playing on club wars because it waste my resources and time and I don't know can the benefit from winning a club war can cover the resource I lose from gathering war items.

5:23 AM
Q: Skyrim dawnguard problem

ElanCan anyone help me? I was doing the dawnguard quest and i chose to be a vampire but i went back and played as dawnguard. So i was walking and all of a sudden it says "your vampire blood boils in the sunlight." So i check my powers and i dont have the power to take the vampire form or whatever but...

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6:45 AM
Q: Is there any gameplay difference between Coco and Crash?

ZetaAfter the first boss in Crash Bandicoot (in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy) you're able to swap to Crash's sister Coco. So far it seems like both have the same abilities and movement/attack speed. Is there any difference between them at all, like locked level parts for either of them? Or is...

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9:28 AM
9:45 AM
@GnomeSlice well what do you see in that first image?
9:58 AM
Hmm 🤔
1 hour later…
11:10 AM
Q: How to get command block talking in chat to nearby players?

Trick ThaweeshtiIm trying to get a command block to write in the chat, and it is working, but it is displaying it to all players in the server. I only want the chat to appear to the player that steps on the pressure plate. Ive tried everything from @p and @s. example of text I try is below /tellraw @p {"text":...

11:45 AM
@GnomeSlice Hmm I'm pretty sure trix are still shapes
At least they were when I last ate them a few months ago
Oh huh I guess they actually brought back the fruit shapes recently.
12:18 PM
So something amusing at Kings Island yesterday
Apparently during haunt they sell lighted "no boo" necklaces now, granting you immunity from the wandering characters
@Unionhawk I don't know what King's Island is, but that's thoughtful.
Okay so it's an amusement park that's not on an Island. So their name is a lie.
@Wipqozn it seems like there were several people around with them, so it seemed worth materials and a 4 hours per day or so merchandise staffer
Daytime is free immunity though so like, /shrug
(as in they don't even show up until 7:30pm)
Q: Nintendo switch resident evil 5 demo how to play split screen

MalkavianI've seen people playing local coop in split screen with resident evil 5. How do you do it in the Nintendo switch demo?

Q: Questions about Fallout New Vegas damage calculations

wav scientist How do limb damage multipliers interact when using limb damage multiplier unarmed weapon ( Fist of Rawr ) and using the cross attack in VATS that has limb multiplier too? Fist of Rawr is 2x limb and cross attack is 2.5x. What is the end result limb multiplier? Do critical hits ignore armor? Does...

12:35 PM
It did look like they finally closed the train as a haunt maze though lol
In prior years train would take you out part way, stop, everybody off, and then walk back through haunt maze.
Unfortunately, this occasionally caused small children to get trapped there, and a supervisor would have to escort them out with a flashlight
12:52 PM
Q: It is possible to change the region without restarting the game?

LemonWhen I started Apex Legends, I selected the Sao Paulo - Google Cloud Engine (GCE) 2 region but I no longer want to play on it. It is possible to change the current region without restarting the game?

@Wipqozn Hahaha nicely done
@Wipqozn oh no
@Wipqozn oh damn this is wonderful
I can't stop laughing at that
1:20 PM
Can someone unfreeze the fantasy books room so I can yell at @Wipqozn about a book series I think he might like?
I'll do it once I'm done killing this electric flying squirrel
Fine fine priorities I guess
Oh shit
I just banned @Yuuki instead by mistake
I didn't even know you could ban someone for 10 years! Well live and learn.
Rooms unfrozen
but @Yuuki still banned
1:44 PM
took a benadryl this morning after work and it knocked me out cold. It's crazy how sleepy it makes me
2:12 PM
Q: (THERE WAS NO TAG FOR MY GAME SO I HAD TO PUT IT) What is the length, width, and area of the sandbox create mode grid?

Whamboyso in the mobile game The Sandbox (not the sandbox evolution) i want to create a world but i need to know the amount of pixels on each side and how many pixels make up the grid (its a retroish style game). ive searched google, and since its a dead game all that pops up is stuff about the sandbox ...

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3:14 PM
Q: How do you make items unbreakable?

Hotdog manI really want to know how to do that

Also this should probably say "edit", or at least "question"
instead of "answer"
is the whole "don't copy wiki excerpts for tag descriptions" still a thing?
it's the main reason why I don't create tags for people 🤔
Pretty sure, yeah.
3:31 PM
I don't usually bother with the tag wiki but since this is so probably ambiguous
I mean it doesn't matter since I apparently can't do it on mobile so someone else will get it done
Q: What do you mean by having the last eye facing in?

VivienneI did everything you instructed about making the ender portal but i did not understand the part about the eyes of ender facing in, How do I do it.

4:16 PM
Q: Transferring games

Joshua MenardI have built a PC back a couple of years ago which requires a wired Ethernet cable (didn’t come with a wireless NIC). I have purchased a game through Steam when I was with my dad in Florida and I have been wanting to play it for a couple of months now. As of right now, I currently do not have the...

@Memor-X yes-ish.
4:45 PM
@Wipqozn #FucKonami
@Elise well, that didn't last and I don't even have a real reason 🤷‍♀️
offers @Elise a pastry
ooh, a pastry
I'd ask what kind, but since it's imaginary, I'll just imagine it's one I like, even though I can't really pinpoint one right now 🤷‍♀️
I gotta go get wife from work, maybe I'll feel better after getting some fresh air
Hope so!
(nominally it's a lemon tart, but since we're in a virtual space here reality is mutable~)
5:17 PM
Q: Terraria Calamity mode permadeath on boss fight

Guest338All boss give permadeath on death mode? Even if iron heart isn't active?

5:36 PM
@Elise nope, didn't help. We're supposed to have Turkey dinner and apparently the turkey was bad, so we had to get bbq'd chicken and Walmart didn't have it, so we had to go to another store. I personally don't care about turkey, but wife was in a bad mood and it didn't help with mine 🤷🏼‍♀️
@ToxicFrog pecan pie/tarts or Walmart's sugar cream pie/tarts are the best
Pecan butter tarts are an A+ pastry, it's true
I just have lemon tart because we don't have pecans but do have like a dozen lemons at the moment
(and it's a Food of Tyria recipe, which my wife has gotten back into after I wrote a program for it)
I can't be bothered to bake pastries, but Walmart sells really good pecan and sugar cream pies and tarts
I committed multiple sins
Can't wait for tomorrow when in-laws leave, so I can paint my nails... Seeing my painted nails always helps with the mood 😐
5:58 PM
Q: In cs_office map, how can I close the Garage Door?

ExplorerPlease see red arrow below that I added to the original map. How exactly is that garage door opened? Automatically once someone nears it? Please see title of this question.

6:42 PM
so i guess they took some lessons from the first game, where everyone was complaining about the brown palette
6:59 PM
Q: Forza Motorsport 7 wont recognize My xbox 360 controller

Juan Barbosaso I have a problem with my forza Motorsport 7 game , first of all , the game was downloaded by te SKIDROW GAMES website , so is not an official copy . Problem is that I want to play it with my Xbox 360 ( which is official Microsoft one) and I have already have the wireless receiver(which is chi...

7:10 PM
The guy who makes the "Zack Morris is Trash" videos is going to be a writer on the saved by the bell reboot funnyordie.com/zack-morris-is-trash/2019/10/11/20910200/…
Q: Detect block over players head

xAr1an4I need a command to detect if a block is over a players head. I have only found commands to detect if the block is under a player. Do anyone have a command to detect blocks over players heads? :)

7:32 PM

Proposed Q&A site for people/students who are taking British Parliamentary Style or Canadian National Styles debate.

Currently in definition.

oh no
7:50 PM
> users also following: 100% Tesla
8:20 PM
Why is brand twitter like this.
Q: Exporting games

Paul cooperSo me and my brother share an Xbox and we have decided we want our own one however if we have downloaded a game eg FIFA 20 would we have to buy another copy, we have downloaded this on the Xbox so not a disc thanks for any advice

@Ave Because we are in the hell of Eternal 2016
@TimStone cancel culture is real and I just cancelled the entirety of everything
I'm sorry folks but everything is cancelled now
go home
What if I'm already at home
8:37 PM
Rong wroom
8:52 PM
Q: Do stealth/invisibility effects hide me from invading Guardians?

senpaiSo apparently, when you invade the other team in Gambit/Prime, you essentially get wallhacks for the duration you're invading. What I'm curious about, since I can't seem to tell, is whether or not my stealth invisibility effects hide my giant red aura when I'm invading, and whether or not it hid...

9:30 PM
Bridge, did I tell you my dad had been fully released from rehab?
A couple days ago
@GnomeSlice That's great news
Just in time for Thanksgiving weekend 😊
He's... Having vision problems. He's actually kinda bummed about it but otherwise it's pretty much a full recovery
He uses a cane sometimes for support but aside from the eyes physically the same, and all of his memory and personality have returned
10:04 PM
> As A Kid: Hahaha, Hermione is so silly, can't she see the house elves are happy? And why did she give her club such a dumb name?

> As An Adult: Wizards have a fucking slave race and Hermione is apparently the only person with her shit together enough to realize how fucked up that is. Harry *should* understand if he weren't a self-absorbed prick. Overthrow the Ministry Hermione, eat the wizarding elite.
I love this
@Yuuki Whaaaaat the hell lol
@InvaderSkoodge Do people still play Battlecon Online?
10:23 PM
Q: I recently deleted Minecraft pocket edition and I need to buy it again

xryx 10I recently deleted Minecraft PE on my apple device. But I need to buy it again I want to download it again but for some reason I need to buy it again I don’t know I can do it on my phone and on my iPad I can’t and I’m using the same email I’d rather on my iPad not on my phone. I don’t wanna buy i...

1 hour later…
11:28 PM
*gets back from standup* hey, why is Fan 3 slow?
*turns Fan 3 off and on, stops working* whelp, it seems i might have burned out the rotor
*proceeds to get out a backup fan* going to need to buy some more backups
11:45 PM
Q: Disable steam controller or other controller home button and other non-game inputs for steam games

tatsuI'm looking for a method (system edit, script, program, option) to disable the guide button, and all button combinations that Valve's platform Steam intercepts and in order to perform non-gaming related tasks, such as all media keys. I don't know what the controller combos are but you can trigge...


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