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Q: How do I enable day/night cycle in old Minecraft world?

Jeff VilicichI have been trying to figure this out for days now. A world of mine that I made a very long time ago in MCPE (back when glass, bricks and shears were unlimited and worlds were limited to 256 blocks in size--can't remember which version I created the world in) somehow got frozen in time. I'm tryi...

Q: Twitch chat not working

user237677Why can't I see the twitch chat and send messages when im watching someone stream. Is there a way to solve it? Please help.

2:16 AM
Q: How to summon a minecraft mob wearing a chestplate?

PurrpyI'm trying to summon an army of pigmen for a build, but they wont spawn with chestplates. Every other armor item, but not chestplates! This is the command /summon zombie_pigman ~ ~ ~ {Invulnerable:1,ArmorItems:[{Count:1,id:golden_boots},{Count:1,id:golden_chestplate}]}

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3:57 AM
Q: Act 2 Chapter 3, how to progress after defeating swarm?

fepivI've defeated the swarm/flock in the lab area, but the doors that should be enabled for progress aren't and it seems like I am stuck. While I heard the typical "end of combat" musical cue, the main combat music is still playing. Any idea how to get the game to progress passed this point? Otherwis...

Q: Mine craft Bed-wars map

tannerWhat command could I use to limit the number of a specific item? For example the gold that spawns would be limited to 30 even if you left it running. (unless you pick it up then it can spawn up to 30 again.)

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6:00 AM
Q: Show crosshair while holding knife with cl_crosshairstyle 1

呪われたI want to use the special look of the style 1 crosshair, so I do cl_crosshairstyle 1. But from that moment on, the crosshair disappears when I pull my knife out. Note: I'm aware that there is weapon_reticle_knife_show 1 but that doesn't work on comp servers. Is there any other way to do it?

6:48 AM
Morning chat
@Elva morning
I would like 1 sleeps pelase
Hold the fly divebombing my head
2 hours later…
8:29 AM
@Elva woah, this is way earlier than usual
I usually come home from work and when you say morning, I know I should be going to bed 😅
@Elise it's not thaaaat much earlier then usual
850! I can start between 8 and 10
@Elva hmm, I guess I was wrong then and I usually see your "morning chat" on my nights off when I'm staying up way too late 🤔🤷‍♀️
Makes sense
my sense of time is very off 🤷‍♀️
I don't tend to start poking my long-distance girlfriend to go to sleep until midday.. but her sleep schedule is fucked and that's like 0300 for her
8:34 AM
@Elva this was at 4:18am for me :P
If you search "Morning chat" you find me saying it a lot
The past few weeks typically somewhere around 700 my time ish
usually when the chat is waking up, that's my indication that I have to go to sleep, or else I'll want to participate and then I won't sleep at all
doesn't have thaaaat problem at all
I procrastinate sleep a lot
and then when I am ready to sleep, it's time to get up 🤦‍♀️
I did not go to bed at 100 today, not at all
Being woken up by a fly was suuuuupeeeer
Or well, being woken up abruptly
8:42 AM
I just elbowed my cat in the head 🙄
I went to grab a soup, came back and sat down and as I was putting my arms down, he jumped on my lap and right into my elbow 🤦‍♀️
No no no, your cat headbutted your elbow
Totes not your fault
@Elva I wonder if the cat will see it that way
@Elva I mean, that is what happened, but it's my word against his 🤷‍♀️
And he's a cat so... guess you're going to prison for life
I'm sure he'll go easy on me, I feed him and change his litter and give him cuddles
8:46 AM
You'd think so, but... cat
That's the bare minimum he's due after all!
9:06 AM
@Nzall yeah so basically people have the choice between "overwrite local saves with cloud saves" or "overwrite cloud saves with local saves" if there's a syncing issue. They choose the first one and are surprised their save is now gone?
Idk that does sound more like an error 45 for me lol
9:23 AM
@Jutschge it sounds like it doesn't really explain what's going on though
I mean failed clouds syncs probably. Those can happen (also on steam)
according to what some people tweeted in that video, it seems like it may have just offered "use cloud saves" or "use local saves"
which might just seem like "well, I'd rather use cloud, so my save files can be uploaded and safe"
You get a choice between "Newer" and "Older"
meanwhile it means something completely different and just rewrites your local save
If you choose older to overwrite... well idk
9:24 AM
some games timestamp saves and that solves all of this 🤷‍♀️
Does BL3 show if cloud or local is newer?
It also shows the location, yes
Usually local is newer though if there's an issue
local could be corrupt for whatever reason
but yeah, idk 🤷‍♀️
Like If people are too dumb to read they don't have to blame others
Then again if people would read the stuff that shows up on their screens we probably wouldn't need IT supporters
@Jutschge that being said - it shouldn't have been a problem to begin with
clearly Epic servers weren't ready to handle such a huge launch
None of my friends had issues
If you have an unstable connection cloud sync saves are pretty wonky anways
And a lot of people have unstable connections
But again that's not an issue related to epic
9:28 AM
> One fan tweeted Gearbox and Epic Games asking, "I just lost 7 hours of work from Borderlands 3 because something went wrong with the cloud save that Epic has is [sic] there a way to revert it back so i don't lose all that time and all the gear i got?"
I like that playing borderlands 3 is now called "work"
@Elva technically, if you took a day off to play Borderlands and couldn't or lost your progress, you also lost a day of work :P
and many people don't get paid days off
Yeah but that lost day of work is unrelated to progress in borderlands being stored or not
eh, if you take a day off to play a game, but then everything you did in the game was basically wasted, you taking a day off was wasted as well
but I'm pretty sure that's not the kind of work they meant by it, because English is fun :P
10:01 AM
Q: Minor adjustment to badge description

JoachimShouldn't the description of the gold badge 'Electorate' Vote on 600 questions and 25% or more of total votes are on questions be Vote on 600 questions and answers* and 25% or more of total votes are on questions ? Logically, the first description is unnecessarily explicit. (* Prefe...

10:22 AM
@Nzall was on my playlist next before i finished work
mainly because i had another video on Borderland playing at the time about how Randy Pitchford is tweeting "Victory over Steam" because Borderlands 3 had twice as many concurrent players to Borderlands 2 and making it entirely because of Epic
because you know, we only has his word alone to believe and i trust him as far as i can throw him
@Memor-X I assume he's comparing launch figures to launch figures, right? because if you were to compare BL3 launch figures to BL2 current figures, that would actually be hilarious
@Nzall i think the wording used was of all time which to be honest could mean anything, at launch, at peak, average
Hey all, I'm actually trying to create a new Q&A, but the tag for the game don't actually exist. Could someone with 300 reputation or higher create it for me?
but yeh the company that did The Division 2 said almost the same thing with the same implication that sales of it was up solely because it was Epic. but ofcause you never see them come out with factual numbers, just the cherry picked number that support their claims and they can never show if Epic was more successful to Steam because they have no data from Steam
@Zoma Create the question with a platform tag and put what game it is for clearly in the question, link it here, and we'll sort it out
10:28 AM
@Nzall thank you, will do it when done.
That's what I used to do. Optionally you can add a comment asking "can someone create a new tag since I don't have the reputation to create it?", but that's not entirely necessary
and i guess the same can be said about The Witcher 3 how it outsold it's predecessor solely because of Epic and not because it's a loved franchise that fans were waiting on the next game for, you know like Borderlands
@Memor-X Are you being sarcastic? Witcher 3 released before the EGS was a thing
@Nzall i am yes
@Nzall Here's the Q&A, thanks again : gaming.stackexchange.com/q/357684/228547
10:38 AM
@Zoma done
@Nzall thank you very much. Have a good day
Q: Does a battle drummer outweight a dps unit in a full balanced team?

ZomaI'm playing Endless Frontier - RPG Online for some time now, and I always used a battle drummer in my team since I read his skill and improvement for the team. I'm currently using a balanced team, with a battle drummer, a frost demon for the front lane and some ranged damage dealers (some with h...

any relation to the other Endless games like Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Legend and Endless Space?
@Memor-X No, it's just an idle mobile game AFAIK
2 hours later…
12:39 PM
How long have I been disconnected from my Incredibuild coordinator?
> Status: IN TRANSIT
I can literally buy a 270 EUR return ticket to New York, arrive on Thanksgiving, buy a laptop at Best Buy on Black Friday, return the next day and still pay less for my plane ticket than I pay extra for the laptop if I were to buy it in Belgium
Yay for linking errors!
@Unionhawk Are you okay? It looks like you're in a classic Bond villain trap.
1:22 PM
... Why does the compiler tell me the exception e I'm catching cannot be resolved inside the catch block?
Also probably optimization
Type information being stripped away?
No, for some reason it's trying to resolve e as a type, not as a variable
Did you supply the type in the catch?
1:30 PM
It sounds like you're doing something syntacticly dumb, catch(e) vs catch(Exception e) possibly?
try {
				validatedProjectImportView =  projectImportExportService.importProject(validatedProjectImportView);
			} catch (ValidationException e) {
				ValidationAnnotation globalErrorAnnotation = e.getAnnotation(MessageKeys.GLOBAL_ERROR);
				Collection<ValidationAnnotation> vas = null;
At the e.getAnnotation part, it says "e cannot be resolved"
yeah that looks right
yeah, I know
huh, I fixed a different error and now it works
@Nzall So the problem was actually somewhere else in the file (or possibly imports). Those types of errors are rare in Java though.
@MBraedley yeah, could have been imports
1:36 PM
Yeah, a missing closing paren or brace or something can cause the parser to completely lose its shit.
But those types of errors have received a lot of improvement in reporting, especially since 1.7
Like it just loses all grasp of what code should go where and just spews out nonsensical parsing errors.
yeah, a lot of the time fixing the first error it finds suddenly fixes a whole bunch of errors that make no sense
@InvaderSkoodge yeah, it was a paren I added
Oh yep that'll do it
1:38 PM
Weird thing was that paren was AFTER the line I fixed
@Nzall Was it in a main?
@MBraedley no
In any case, the Java compiler is something of a black box to most developers.
2:20 PM
So I rolled a new seed because I borked the last playthrough and holy jeez, I got an even better seed.
A cool steam vent and a cold slush geyser both pretty close to base.
Q: How does lost loot work?

Woodrow BarlowHow does the Lost Loot Vending Machine in Borderlands 3 work? Where can I find it? How do I use it? What goes into it? What happens when it fills up? How do I upgrade it?

Q: Azur Lane [Ship Relationships]

Mirei Yumeif I were to draw fanart of Azur Lane - are there ships who are befriended with each other / have a special relationship so I could draw them together ?

2:57 PM
Hmm... now do I use the slush geyser to cool the steam vent and condense/extract water or do I run heating to the steam vent to generate steam and extract power via a steam turbine?
And then use the slush geyser as cooling for other parts of the base?
Q: Calculate or reduce Button press Delay aka Input lag

SergSamAs a Tryndamere Main I have an important problem. The ultimate is supposed to be instant and always castable, but there are times where I'm 100% sure that I pressed the "Ultimate"-Key before dying a couple ms later. I have a 120hz Monitor with GSync (but only get around 100 fps in average) I pl...

made it floor 31
@Dragonrage Woo! Made to floor 33 overnight.
About 90% to one layer 3 prestige.
3:15 PM
Dealing with controlled goods sucks
Q: What roles are considered power roles?

leucosticteAnd what do you call a role such as the Lycan that's neither a vanilla nor a power role?

1 hour later…
4:21 PM
I wonder if Steam is considering the NBA score review bombing. Probably not, since it's the game the reviews got an issue with
@Nzall I mean, Jesus would probably hate capitalism period.
Well, depends on whether you mean Jesus of Nazareth or Supply-side Jesus.
Damnit, this is the 3rd time Journey has ditched my save file
Impressive for a game with only one autosave slot
That was a game.
4:57 PM
I haaaaaate you spring.net. I can't wait until all the legacy stuff is migrated to AutoFac.
Q: How do I 0-link any item?

senpai I'd like to remove the socket links from this item, and return it to 0 links. However, I can't figure out a way to 0-link the item, so to speak. The crafting bench only offers recipes for two-socket to three-socket crafting, so socket crafting my way to 0 links is impossible. There is no fus...

@Wipqozn could you reopen this, and dupe hammer it to the linked dupes?
@InvaderSkoodge journey?
I preferred Abzu
5:18 PM
@Dragonrage is that a common occurrence already at high gold?
god damn it
5:35 PM
@badp ive had it happen several times already. i think i need to wait longer before requeueing.
there are only like 14 people in my gold 1 division
wow, okay
are you in some underpopulated realm or NA?
I mean I guess I have 24 people in my local Bronze 1
and 68 in the entire "ladder"
IDK if I've played with this people a bunch
@badp NA
there are a couple hundred in gold 4
oh, i lost my promo series to plat, but immediately got back into promos
i had 2 games where someone afked before 10 minutes though
I just checked
I played 161 ranked matches
0 of which were with any player in my "ladder"
so I guess that puts that question to rest for me
5:49 PM
I should play ranked.
nice and crisp 44% winrate for meeee
@badp how do you see if you have played anyone in your ladder?
I loaded all of my matches in leagueofgraphs and did a lot of ctrl-f
fun for the whole family
actually only 100 matches loaded
5:51 PM
i have 105 games played and sitting at a 60% win rate
yeah I'm amazed that my winrate might be just good enough to get into silver
oh also apparently there just was a minor rebrand
I'm sure the comments are going to be super positive
@badp about as positive as a bronze yasuo main's KDA
What's the new logo?
It's WordArt
5:54 PM
That is legitimately worse, so there's that.
idk if Lux is part of the logo
I'm kinda siding with them, it looks kinda bland
@badp they just wanna sell more lux skins
@Dragonrage hey, if this means fewer people play steel legion lux
5:55 PM
There's this weird cognitive dissonance with seeing @badp know things about League.
I know
i use elemental lux. i got gifted it for carrying someone to gold :)
I wasn't entirely super willing at the start but having done it with in-person friends for like every single evening this year helped
@InvaderSkoodge it's more weird that @badp is talking in coherent sentences
Oh yeah, playing with in person friends in a game like that makes an enormous difference.
5:57 PM
badp was always talking in coherent sentences
it's actually gotten to the point where I have already to decide if I want to be that kind of person that has three Soraka skins
choices choices
im getting that new morg skin when it comes out
I think I'm good with morgana
I've got the Italians Mad At Food skin
I like the part where this guy actually put typoes in the Italian as well as the English
she still talks a lot
i watched it muted. will have to watch it later unmuted
animations look nice
i really like the shield
6:12 PM
> (recalls) Home is the place that never leaves me
> (leaves fountain) True grace is beautiful in its imperfection, honest in its emotions, freed in its own frailty
> I find beauty in the shadows
> Only death can break my bonds, and I am immortal
> Pain is grace
> (ults four katarinas) (completely inaudible) everything!
> (dies) Something new
i think those are the same voice lines that the current skin i use have
i think it is bewitching
I don't play enough of her to know all of her lines
just enough to know she's a chatterbox
not as bad as others
xayah and rakan?
those are pretty talkative yeah
also kaisa
6:29 PM
I think I just asked my first SO question in... years?
@badp I have 100% completion on Yuumi skins and I didn't even buy any.
If there was a champion I want 100% skins on, it'd probably be Poppy.
I've got the correct 33% of Velkoz skins
There was a period of time when I wanted to main Yorick.
@badp What was the old logo?
the one that's currently on the website
Yeah that new logo is way worse
6:35 PM
New font looks similiar to guardians font
@Wipqozn Groot Skin for Maokai/Ivern incoming?
The font just looks so cheap
At least the GotG font has some character
The new League logo font is just... Arial
Who designed this lol
6:36 PM
with a little serif on two letters
that's not Arial, that's... the one that isn't Futura
Well you know what I mean, it's boring
Maybe they wanted to counteract all the sexism and sexual assault complaints by adding a woman to the logo
Calibri? I can't recognize fonts on sight.
but tbh all it does is remind me that they mistreat woman
6:37 PM
I don't think Lux is part of the logo tbh
that just happens to be the background they used
"See! We like woman! We even added it to our logo! Now stop saying we sexual harass women. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to sexually harass this woman"
@MageXy ah
Maybe they wanted a logo as shitty as they are
There's a thread on Reddit trying to explain why this logo is better from a technical design standpoint, and they bring up some okay points
...it's actually just Futura
But that doesn't really help that it's as bland as unflavored yogurt
@MageXy I imagine it's less noisy because it doesn't have the background shield thing?
6:40 PM
@Yuuki Right. Less "clutter", easier to animate, easier to read on smaller screens (for a mobile game, as an example), etc
And that weird dot after LEGENDS, which I imagine is the tiniest of (R) symbols.
I'm zooming and enhancing but I can't see it
On the original logo.
It's pretty obviously there but I have no idea what it's supposed to be.
6:42 PM
Q: Minecraft is not rendering far

MattiWhy is minecraft not rendering more than about 12 chunks? Singleplayer not on a server. I have tried allowing minecraft to use more ram but no effect. Maybe because i dont have a graphics card? Minecraft is only using about 30-40% of graphics in task manager.

I mean the League logo is pretty much already just the L
so they should've gone with that
like Nike dropped the wordmark from their logo
or just go with LoL. like 95% of people know that LoL stands for league of legends like WoW stands for world of warcraft
that post doesn't say the logo is technically better
it says the logo is more versatile
6:45 PM
@badp Yeah, they're kind of playing devil's advocate. They are explaining why it's better from a designer's perspective.
they didn't even do that
they'd be talking about kerning and letterforms and balance and whatnot
you can check what that would look like on the Brand New blog
@Wrigglenite Gonna try it right now
That's the new Steam Library beta
It doesn't show shared libraries under different categories anymore
Of note: The 4 squares next to the Home Button shows your old categories, as collections
Biggest thing I'm missing for now is the list view, since it has additional metadata
I don't think I like this
6:55 PM
You can actually create a dynamic list of all games you have never even started yet
And not just because it's new
What do you not like about it?
What I mentioned above, plus having community content in my library
I don't care about that
As if I needed another tragedy this summer
6:56 PM
I don't think my girl is getting her cat back
Life is soup and I'm a fork
Year is just a write off
My main issue is that all of the community news is related to games I last played like 5 years ago
you're not useless
@Nzall Yeah, and this. The top of the page is mostly useless
6:58 PM
or at least a significant time ago: TERA, Civ VI, This war of Mine, EUIV,... Only game I payed this year is Frostpunk
There also doesn't seem to be a way to view how much disk space games consume, which sucks because I often need to migrate games between hard drives to make room
I'm switching back for now, looks like the community content is mostly spoilers
@Wrigglenite Before you do so, report the things you've found as feedback through the Beta label in the top right
I went to do that, I saw it was already posted
On the first page of what I assume is a forum that's being bombarded with posts
So it's probably everywhere
I kinda wished the new library was sorted by the same machine learning thing they have for games you don't have yet
but I suppose they have time to add that later
and the filters are useful
7:12 PM
@badp 👌
I recently found out there's an emoji selector on Windows and I'd been wanting to try it
windows-. for me 🤔
prolly both
eh, both seems to work
windows + è for me
7:17 PM
@Wrigglenite è is an actual key on your keyboard?
But not È
For reasons that still confuse me
I would assume È is just shift-è 🤔
Shift + è is actually é
I had to learn the alt code for È
7:18 PM
I would expect such behaviour from altGr
è + altGr is [
okay your keyboard is not fun. Do not want
Shift + altGr + è is {
I do not have a tilde, however
7:37 PM
I know the alt code for em dash (ALT+0151) because the shortcut that Google tells me (SHIFT+ALT+hyphen) doesn't work.
é2@ and è7 for me
Belgian AZERTY
° is memorized. I used that a lot in my previous job. (it's ALT+248)
█ is apparently conveniently alt+987 so that's some good science that we're going to store in the back pocket
You going to redact future messages?
I have … memorized for Great Justice Posting™
7:50 PM
I use ... because I literally do not care
and you can't make me care
Alright Mr. President
Word just handles ... for me
well, guess I'm gonna spend some time now playing ███████ █████.
Make of that what you will
you've given me a very fun toy, Uni
@Nzall …
I combed the woods til midnight with a thermal camera I borrowed and nothing
I wish she would get her cat back this is a huge deal for her it breaks my heart
Things have been so shitty between us too we hardly needed more stress
He's old and declawed
8:05 PM
@badp Ooh, did they release the update?
Is that why Steam wanted to restart last night?
@Coronus Can't say I've seen you around here often
Also, looks like I may have forgotten a 987 there
Stop life I want to get off I need a break
@GnomeSlice 1-800-273-8255
Please, before you do anything irrational, take a moment
Because, seriously, the wording of that message reads a little bit like you want to hurt yourself
Oh, wait, that's the US hotline
@GnomeSlice I'm not sure about cats but I know this works for dogs: trying carrying around something they interact with a lot like a bed they sleep in or a toy.
I think cats have a strong sense of smell, though not as strong as dogs. Maybe something familiar will attract their attention.
8:47 PM
Cats are also usually very territorial and don't move far from their home base very fast. If it's not been too long they're usually within a block or two.
@Nzall It's been a while since I was.
@SaintWacko no
the release was done a few hours ago
@GnomeSlice even if you shouldn't be able to find your cat, I'm sure your SO will notice how much this is clearly impacting you
Q: Is the Necromancer's "Half-Formed Golem" pet available for all classes?

user598527I would use this pet (acquired via Rise of the Necromancer DLC purchase) with every character since it automatically collects gold. The pet hasn't appeared in the inventories of my other characters, unlike the cosmetic Wings of Valor item (Reaper of Souls).

9:04 PM
@badp it's her cat
I feel awful
And I can't help her
@Yuuki we've tried everything is been a few days now
A million places to hide in suburbia
I just need an emotional break like wtf
9:28 PM
@GnomeSlice exactly; it's her cat, not yours, and you're taking a large emotional toll for it. And I think that makes you a very good kind of person.
I hope she will agree, too, and not just take your empathy for granted.
oh, and you too shouldn't take your own empathy for granted. Give yourself some credit every once in a while, man
@Yuuki holy shit congratulations btw
10:03 PM
Q: What contributes towards completion percentage of area in Borderlands 3?

lentinantWhile looking on map of each location of Borderlands 3, player can see location completion percentage. Most likely, missions and crew challenges are among the things that contribute to this percentage. I'm not sure about ECHO records and Eridian writings though. So I would like to have confirmed...

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