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12:00 AM
dang can't wait for the iPhone Trypophobia Edition
12:35 AM
what happens when you combine you love for Visual Novels and KCF....I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator
> Features:
- 9 lovable characters
- Multiple hours of play-through
- Dateable Colonel Sanders
- A secret ending! Shh!
- Secret recipes! Double Shh!
- Cooking battles
- Battle battles
- Earn a degree from a fictional culinary school
- 11 Herbs and Spices
- Cute miniature food
- Officially created by KFC. No, really
@Memor-X Holy crap there's a corgi professor
@PrivatePansy Professor Dog
1:51 AM
[watches provincial election map] The person I voted for got her first bike from me at a garage sale. I feel old.
2:39 AM
Q: How can I summon entities in the direction my caracter is facing in Minecraft?

user237455In my case I want to summon a lightning from my server console that doesnt hit my player but it spawns where my player is facing.

3:06 AM
@GnomeSlice wow that's freaky. it looks like they speed up and slow down
3:24 AM
@GnomeSlice this is highly entertaining
Hm, I need to get a pocket knife to carry while I send my Benchmade in to be cleaned and sharpened
3 hours later…
6:00 AM
Q: Do snapshots only work with AR turned on?

BenI have the Research Task to "Take a Snapshot of a Dratini", as part of the "Jumpstart Research" challenge. I found a Dratini, and took a photo (using the camera icon in the capture minigame screen), but the task did not complete. However, I do not use the AR feature (that is, I do not open my ca...

6:53 AM
Morning chat
7:59 AM
@Lazers2.0 Hello HNQ
2 hours later…
10:04 AM
Guy climbing a rope while hula hooping
10:14 AM
@GnomeSlice I don't know enough about the physics of hula hooping to know how impressive this is
11:00 AM
Q: Minecraft crashes on loading screen

BlankFor some reason my minecraft crashes when I'm on the white loading screen, I use a 5th generation kindle fire. I've tried restarting my kindle, uninstalling then reinstalling minecraft (bedrock edition) And when i looked through the files I couldn't find minecraft's file. Did I look in then wron...

11:26 AM
@GnomeSlice me too, me too...
I went to open a game and I've never seen the update dialog before on the switch, thought it was for the game without reading very carefully lol
11:45 AM
@Memor-X I think they do. The ones in the centre definitely do
Haha ballsy
@GnomeSlice yeah, if you gotta take a phone call, do it elsewhere.
@Ash right? Public shaming is sometimes bleh but that's pretty funny 😅
Q: Minecraft any way to use /clone to only replace air blocks?

sir sidAs the title asks, Is there any way to use the clone command to only replace air blocks, such as breaking a floor and it being replaced by other blocks? I know that this can be done using /fill, but I wanted to know if it can be done using /clone

> Property dynamic appears in @XmlType.propOrder, but no such property exists. Maybe you meant dynamic?
oh wait, it's a duplicate property in my propOrder list
12:35 PM
@Elise I didn't take the nail polish off and they've been here all yesterday evening and so far this morning and nothing has been said (yet). I'll take it as a win for me 🤷‍♀️
12:53 PM
@InvaderSkoodge So I just tried that pinned incremental and I'm only like 5 min in, but am I missing something or is there a heck of a lot less options than most incrementals have in terms of buying powerups/boosts/etc?
It looks so far like the only mechanic is spending stat points which resets you to floor 1
This feels pretty much like playing Classic WOW, but while I'm at work
@Sterno Most of the challenge is setting up a stable team
1:22 PM
Yeah, now that I have a 2nd guy it's playing different
A team you say? Now I want to actually try it. I just pinned that since I like love watching you all suffer with incremental addiction.
There's a prestige mechanic where most of the interesting bits come in, after you get to level 100.
The first trip to level 100 is a bit of a grind but it gets...faster.
For example, when I kill the first floor of enemies I am at about level 1e20 immediately.
1:39 PM
Q: Which advisor's missions unlock additional deployment slots?

ShadurI've been playing for a bit now, Necron Awakening level is at 40%, and thanks to Khepra I've got two additional Techpriests deployed. The only problem is I still only have six deployment slots in the lander, which means that if I take all my priests I only have room for two cannon fodderSkitaari...

mmm, coffee
1:59 PM
'My Heart Will Go On' plays in the background
cc @Dragonrage
2:10 PM
I'm stalling out around floor 15
That incremental? Yeah, I think that's where I am.
Or at least, where I was the last time I checked.
Yeah, around level 18 enemies start hitting really hard, like harder than a normal armor can take
Q: Any way to run the original anno 1503 discs on windows 10 64 bit?

RedTheAnimalSo i bought anno 1503 and the first disc installs fine but when i put the second game disc in it loads up the start menu but when i click start it loads for a couple seconds then crashes. I've tried compatibility mode, running as an admin and literally everything. I don't really want to use a vir...

Like, my armor is maxed at 8/8 pips and it's still breaking through
I think the best thing to do when you prestige the first time is to put your point into EXP, so you prestige twice as fast the second time
2:51 PM
@Yuuki jin air greenwings?
@Dragonrage Yep, they've been relegated.
Gatekeeper of the LCK, their watch has ended.
theyd probably still beat Vaevictis Gaming though
Q: Wow Classic Macro/Addon to delete cheapest item

MattIs there a macro or addon for World of Warcraft to drop/delete/throw away the non-quest item in my bags with the lowest vendor sell price? When my bags are full I hate trying to figure out what to drop when looting valuable things.

3:35 PM
oh jeez i might getting a house
Was in talks the past two weeks offering and counter-offering and the seller came down a fairly significant amount yesterday, so I'll be stopping by today to put down some earnest money, etc.
3:58 PM
Congrats! Home ownership was the best and worst decision I've ever made!
Q: Do my friendships grow, even if I cannot progress the story?

king14nyrAt certain points in my playthrough of Three Houses, I've earned enough support to have the next support level/conversation happen with a character, but was unable to, with the message "It will take some time before you can deepen this bond". This appears to be because some support conversations ...

Q: Theme hospital mouse lag

RedTheAnimalSo I've got theme hospital to work on my windows 10 laptop but the mouse starts to lag really badly after a minute or two but everything else is fine and not at all laggy

@Yuuki Nice! Similar thing happened to LadyWacko and I
We were just looking at houses, getting a feel for what we wanted
And then we came across the perfect house that had everything we wanted at a fantastic price, and suddenly we were figuring out how to get a down payment together
@Nzall I just finally got a build capable of finishing floor 19
I've bought all the 1pt prestige items
And I have my front-line guy with maxed out health, and then two back-line people with maxed out healing
@Yuuki that's so exciting
It's slow, but it'll allow me to get the floor 20 unlock
Meanwhile I am like "I get to move out of someone else's basement in three weeks!" :P
4:05 PM
(Anyone wanna help me move October 5th?)
(I need help)
@InvaderSkoodge o.0
@Ash Were I anywhere nearby I would :P
@SaintWacko I think the only thing that bothers me about this house is that it was built in the late 50s and the two bathrooms are on the small side, but I like everything else about it, particularly the location.
A bit of a tangent, but the images on the listing are hilariously poorly Photoshopped.
I mean, they just Photoshopped in some furnishings, but the quality is comedic gold.
@Yuuki Yeah, ours was built in 1959, and those definitely have smaller bathrooms
@SaintWacko Do you have any issues that you'd attribute to an old house?
I hear lead paint could be a problem since it wasn't outlawed until 1978.
4:14 PM
@Yuuki Asbestos
Lead paint usually isn't as much of a problem, I'd be more worried about lead pipes.
Apparently they've replaced the pipes with PEX, but I'll double-check later today.
Also knob and tube wiring is possible, but if they've replaced the pipes they've probably dealt with any wiring issues already.
@SaintWacko Move closer to me! :P
@Yuuki now I am curious :P
And if they've replaced the pipes, they've probably re-drywalled a good portion of the house. If they don't have asbestos test results already, make it a condition of sale. Wish I had done that.
4:20 PM
@Ash I'll send it to you over private Discord.
Dangit, I don't remember which one is you.
Steam then.
4:32 PM
@Yuuki Okay, yes, that was highly entertaining, you can tell everything is just kinda....floating there
Just found out that this shitty mac I'm on doesn't run the incremental in the background, so if I'm not staring at it, it doesn't go
I'm not going to begrudge them that because when I took a tour, the house was empty and I guess some people want to see furniture so they know what it might look like.
But still. Hilarious.
Yeah, it makes sense, it helps people imagine the space, but it's extra funny because like...they're obviously just photoshopped in, effectively, which means you can't guarantee the scale of any of it necessarily, either
4:51 PM
@Sterno not even in a non-minimized browser window of its own sitting in background?
Browsers will throttle tabs of they're minimized, but on Windows you can get around it by opening the tab in it's own window and letting it sit in background without minimizing it. Idk if Mac's can do that, never used one 🤷🏼‍♀️
So, Chrome on Android had tab groups for a little bit and I really grew to like them and today I noticed they're gone 😤
@Sterno This is pretty normal for incrementals. You need to leave it in its own window un-minimized, but you can have other windows over it.
It's actually a browser thing. Most of them now throttle timers on tabs not in focus to preserve battery
5:12 PM
Doesn't Chrome know that main use-case for the browser is playing incrementals?
Yess Borderlands 3 preload :D maan I'm hyped for this game
i got past floor 15, but each floor you pass after getting stuck on a floor just becomes your new ceiling
@Jutschge the only reason i want to get it now is so that i can play it and answer questions that will come to arqade so i can break 25k
but i will probably just wait for it to come out on steam and get it then
5:29 PM
Damnit /cc @Yuuki and other punfolk
@Dragonrage Yeah, that's my experience now. Just have to grind levels
Which in turn makes me think I should optimize for killing speed rather than trying to hit the next level, because all i'm really doing is grinding xp
Q: Implications of pistons on farmland in 19W37A

Erin BAs stated in Minecraft Snapshot 19W37A change notes: Blocks that can be manually placed on farmland can now also be pushed onto it by a piston without destroying the farmland What are the implications of this simple change? Mainly, I'm interested in the applications of automated farming. ...

@Sterno my highest floor is 17. i get to level 14 pretty quickly, and 14+ is where you start getting decent xp
I can get to 17 by making the front guy hp + armor and the back guy enough heal to heal the front guy's full hp, but it makes damage super slow
@Sterno i have front guy +1 hp, +1 heal, +6 armor, and the back guy +8 damage
5:48 PM
In that incremental, how do I start?
The buttons don't seem to do anything
@Elva did you give your hero stats?
it should auto start once you give it all the stat points
I don't have a hero
Hello bridge, have a joke:

"what's your religion"
"i'm skeptical of the existence of a good debug, but i'm also searching"
"i'm diagnostic"
@Elva you dont have this screen? i.stack.imgur.com/297vy.png
6:02 PM
@Dragonrage How? I seem to only be able to spend 6 of my 8. 2 seem locked in to damage and hp on their own
Wonder what floor/level I'll be at when I get home... Left it running at midnight stuck on floor 17, forgot to check in the morning.
@Sterno oh, apparently i do as well. so i guess i have only 4 in armor on my first, and 6 in damage on the back guy
Yeah, I'm pretty much the same then, and it looks like the only option is to grind slowly to 20 that way
I've played with a little less armor or more healing or health, but ultimately it doesn't much matter on the level I get crushed at, and prioritizing armor makes all the easier levels faster since I'm not wasting turns healing
So for the past month, I've been going through my Steam Queue twice daily if at home. Conclusion: there are A LOT of weird games on steam right now. Can I mention today's highlight?
@Nzall Not sure if it'll top the KFC dating sim
6:14 PM
@PrivatePansy It's called Wanking Simulator and it's essentially a first person Goat Simulator, but instead of a goat, you play a pervy dude who makes motions like he's jerking off over his clothes. There's no nudity, he just moves his hand over his groin without actually holdign anything
I didn't think we'd ever see "it's like goat simulator but" but here we are
Steam Curation at its best
I want to believe that's just an asset flip game with a deliberately silly title to get attention, but that would mean someone has made a jerking off motion asset somewhere
are you at all surprised
its like
6:16 PM
That's one of the top complaints about Steam right now. It's filled to the brim with ridiculous pervy games which kinda drown out the really-good-but-not-popular gems
one of the rules
@PrivatePansy I remember the romance novel, it was decent.
@Sterno which prestige are you on?
@Dragonrage 0
Literally started the game today
same. i just hit prestige 1
6:16 PM
@MageXy the other really good pervy games ;p
And only found out recently it wasn't running when I alt-tabbed
At this rate I don't see how I'd hit level 100 by the end of the day
decided to prestige xp
My team is level 74
if you are consistently getting to level 15 or so, you should hit 100 reasonably soon
@MageXy Yeah, there's a lot of really shitty pervy games on Steam that are just classic puzzles where if you complete the level you see some nudity. I mean, if you want to see that stuff, go to Reddit or something, don't waste you time on these games
@PrivatePansy btw, based on the description, did it top the KFC dating sim in weirdness?
6:22 PM
kfc dating sim?
im interested
I was watching the trailer at my desk at work, and the coworker next to me is like, "Is that anime Colonel Sanders?"
And I had to explain why KFC dating sim is a thing
user image
@MageXy I hope you watching dating sim trailers at work isn't some weird way to assert dominance
6:27 PM
it most certainly is
how else are you supposed to?
KFC Dating Simulator > Every other dating simulator
@Nzall haha nah, I work with a bunch of weebs (myself included), so dating sims are not that weird for us
@Dragonrage Oh. I thought prestige was floor 100, not level 100
It was more the shock of a fast food fried chicken mascot being the main focus that caught him off guard
@Nzall Hmmmmmm
6:28 PM
heh, weebs
I want to say no because one looks like a gag game, while the other is a multinational fast food company entering the dating sim market
@Sterno im back up to level 45 after prestige
@Dragonrage What game?
@PausePause the incremental linked in the pinned message from Invader Skoodge
6:35 PM
Oh, I actually still have that logistics incremental running apparently.
@Yuuki did you evacuate the earth?
I don't like that part because they want to actually interact with the game by shooting asteroids.
Sure I suppose I could just buy more shields.
But still.
@Yuuki oh, you could shoot the asteroids? that wouldve made things easier i suppose
i wish you could increase a stat for attack speed
7:19 PM
Q: is there an Elysian Whip at any point in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon?

Blazing Trioi'm going through my first play-through of Shadow Dragon, and i was holding off on promoting Caeda because there may be an Elysian whip to promote her into a Falcoknight. in the sequel, New Mystery of the Emblem, there's one in chapter 16, but i didn't find one in Shadow Dragon. i decided to prom...

I could listen to this guy all day
Looking into tools for recycling failed prints is a surprisingly expensive endeavor.
@Wrigglenite what does this edit mean?
It looks like Blazing Trio's edit didn't change anything. How does that work?
I assume it was an edit submitted at the same time making the same tag change
by the looks of it
Interesting. I'm surprised that it recorded the non-existent change
7:35 PM
Is it maybe that they approved the change?
nvm Wrigglenite should have enough rep to be able to change tags without approval
@MageXy No, they wouldn't have needed to aprove
I suspect it's an edit collision, and both users made the same tag changes.
What exotic particles are generated in an edit collision?
Could we possibly discover the elusive subjective-oson?
Q: how many units must you have lost to access the optional chapters in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon?

Blazing TrioI've heard that there are some chapters in shadow dragon that can only be accessed if you have a certain number of units or less, which usually means killing off units. how many units must you have lost to get these chapters, if there are any?

Q: Can you access the Ds's online shop from an emulator in fire emblem games?

Blazing Trioin response to this question, i was told that the Elysian Whip can be bought from the online shop. unfortunately, i'm using an emulator. can you still access the online shop from there?

@Yukki Based on research we have determined how exotic particles can be used to blame caching for everything
7:45 PM
@PausePause Yeah, it's most likely some simultaneous edits thing
19:27:58Z vs 19:28:05Z
literally 7 seconds apart
8:40 PM
Why did nobody tell me about Baba Is You
Downloading now
@fredley we literally had memes about it for weeks
I remember the Bridge going crazy about it so you are factually wrong
Yeah I obviously wasn't around in Bridge then
it became a friday meme, literally the height of bridge popularity
8:48 PM
Mar 15 at 15:03, by Unionhawk
Not sure how I thought this would help. [Baba is You] https://t.co/lYE50JM9or
EMPTY IS WALL is pretty good too
Is perhaps the most boneheaded move I ever made.
How much content, time-wise, is in baba is you?
I've always wanted to try it but I'm a cheapskate
I haven't finished it and I haven't played it an awhile, but it's a fun puzzler and I could see myself putting even more time into it.
It's 200 levels
But a lot of them are v hard so
Indeterminable I guess
Okay so it's not just a gimmick that's played out after 4 hours, it's actually somewhat difficult?
If that's the case I think I'll get it
8:54 PM
It is very difficult
Yeah it's definitely worth $15
It's the most innovative puzzler I've played in years.
@Yuuki What a familiar review. xD
9:06 PM
Baba is You is a great game
I've played through a bunch of it but I haven't finished it because it gets really brain-melty
9:19 PM
Q: Minecraft bukkit repetitive crash

GrezMy server won't stop crashing. Here is the crash report. Can someone help me solve the error please? ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // You should try our sister game, Minceraft! Time: 19-09-11 16:59 Description: Ticking entity java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking entity at net.minecra...

9:31 PM
made it to floor 19
Huh. Apparently Ford Mustangs are so bad at taking corners, there's a subreddit dedicating to them crashing.
9:47 PM
@Yuuki i think it has less to do with the car model and more with the driver
Mustangs are essentially cheap horsepower, so lots of people that dont know how to drive, but want to drive fast get them, and inevitably crash since they are bad at driving
9:59 PM
Q: Window loses cursor lock when using media controls

Max FlasiSo this might be a little bit of a unique one, but let me try to explain. I'm running league of legends on debian (don't ask why), and whenever I use media controls (for example play/pause, next/previous track), the game loses the cursor lock, which makes it impossible to properly control the ca...

Woo! four day weekend!
Jealous :P
10:15 PM
Work keeps running out of... well, work. Been really rainy lately which delays harvesting.
10:59 PM
Blue: *says something really really really racist*
Yellow: actually no, don't be yourself
11:23 PM
made it to floor 20, im level 237
@Dragonrage oh yeh that reminds me, i forgot i had that running in the background
i got up to Floor 18 and Level 107
@Dragonrage what's the unlock for floor 20? been hoping it's a third hero
@Memor-X yes
though i have 4 heroes now. i got one for prestige award
11:48 PM
@Memor-X Currently, floor 22, and five heroes.
If the enemies can't kill my warrior in one go, I've won the floor.
@Frank what is your setup?
@Dragonrage First guy max armor, one other max healing, the rest just attack.
Then I just upgrade healing and health together. That ensures the cleric can always heal the warrior to max.
@Frank yeh that's the plan i've been aiming for. just had to tweak my Warrior's HP and Armor to be the meat shield while a second hero is just all Healing. if the enemy can't take out more than ~80% of my Warrior's health then i win......very slowly
Prestige a third hero to be all damage so i can speed up the level grind incase if it's still not enough and need another Prestige to boost Armor or health
@Memor-X first guy needs nothing but armor.
Extra hp just runs the risk of the cleric not managing to heal him completely.
Anything else is just a slow death because your cleric can't outheal the damage.
@Frank the problem i find at my current state is that when i do that and then i get multiple enemies who's damage is way higher than my warrior my Warrior gets shredded before my next turn

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