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12:00 AM
@Elise I left it running on my home computer overnight and made lots of progress, but the computer I turned off when leaving work wasn't even close this morning
i just leave my work pc running all the time
@Dragonrage considering the autobuy prestiges almost every run, that warrior saves a ton of time
should only get better as you get autobuys for more layers
24% to point 9, I guess I'll prestige into L3
When should I prestige to P2? Should I build up some points?
@Coronus i would never prestige with less than 2 points
first run after prestiging into L3 got me to level 275 and floor 23 :o
12:05 AM
also your first prestige in a new layer will make it seem really slow since you lose all of your stuff from thing below
@Coronus I would recommend 4 points for exp and damage and exp and damage autobuy
oh my god am i making too much oxygen?
having those 4 things will speed up your progress immensely
@Elise yeah, 4 is good. 2 minimum
if you don't have 6 heroes yet, go for 5 points to unlock a hero as well
12:06 AM
after that, just save up for gameplay unlocks
then once you have all those, go for increasing you damage and exp
exp and damage (in that order) are the most important things to have, everything else is just for trying to push for floor unlocks
i hit floor 32 basically every auto prestige, and then auto prestige again
level 1e5 +
just switched to full damage setup with 1 warrior and 5 rangers
gold takes too long to accumulate. i need 1e5 gold for next item, and im only at 14000
once you go above floor 30+, you either take no damage or you wipe, so more damage + less health = more floors being done
and also, gold is static, so even if you don't get much more exp with this, you get much more gold
hm, no, having a tank lets me do a little better this early in prestige
12:43 AM
Q: DualShock 4 suddenly turns off after connecting to iPhone

Marcos TanakaSo, iOS 13 now has support for PS4 and Xbox controllers, and I just bought a DualShock 4 to play Apple Arcade games with it. I've pressed the Share and the PlayStation button at the same time for 5 seconds, and the controller entered pair mode. It appeared on the list of available Bluetooth devi...

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2:00 AM
Bridge, I ordered waaaaay too much filament.
Q: How can I make a command that puts an output when an entity count is above a certain number

tannerI need an execute command that outputs as true when the number of iron ingots on the ground above 100. I have attempted this in the only two ways I could think of and so far and neither have been successful. The first thing I tried was to make a comparator output from the command block with /exec...

2:23 AM
Q: Minecraft Redstone: Selective hopper minecart unloading

A TyshkaI have a 1.14 automatic wheat farm that involves a hopper minecart picking up wheat under a field of villagers. However, I only want to collect the wheat and leave the seeds so that the villagers can collect them and replant. In order to do this, I have one wheat in each slot in the minecart. Thi...

3:03 AM
Q: Question about a certain minecraft hacker encounter

lociproSo a few days ago, I saw someone. he asked me to hold my best sword in my hand. And my best armor and stuff. Then, He proceeds To litterally give me the stuff in my invertory ( With the name and color, with the exact name, and enchantments) And he said ""Don't Tell anyone"".. after reporting this...

My SN30 Pro came!
Still not quite as competitive as the Pro controller for switch for sure but for half the price fucking decent
3:52 AM
just a reminder of who you are in Untitled Goose Game
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5:05 AM
Q: What does the 'no_energy' tag do?

the dark wandererIn ToME4 talents can have a 'no_energy' entry that's a binary. Feed, for example, sets it to TRUE. What does this tag do?

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6:06 AM
Q: i found some sort of new horror steve or bug

vinsloshso i've been seeing a steve figure named agprslr in my worlds. i was wondering what is up with that, its kinda freaking me out. i've tried reinstalling the game but nothing is working to remove thise mysterious steve. lately he has been appearing on servers but only i see him. thanks

6:54 AM
@TimStone ... Haven't read the article yet, but let me guess: lootbox reward?
2 hours later…
9:09 AM
prestiged into layer 3 with 7 points, went to work, came back, I have 4.33e11 L3 points, 890 L4 points and my highest floor is 64 🤔
cc: @Frank @Dragonrage
I actually have to use an autoclicker to use up these L3 points
9:23 AM
@Wipqozn That printer ink thing is because some (all?) printers print a near-invisible tracing pattern on every document they print, usually in yellow or cyan as they're least visible
This way anything you print can be traced back to you(r printer)
A Machine Identification Code (MIC), also known as printer steganography, yellow dots, tracking dots or secret dots, is a digital watermark which certain color laser printers and copiers leave on every single printed page, allowing identification of the device with which a document was printed and giving clues to the originator. Developed by Xerox and Canon in the mid-1980s, its existence became public only in 2004. In 2018, scientists developed privacy software to anonymize prints in order to support whistleblowers publishing their work. == History == In the mid-1980s Xerox pioneered an encoding...
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10:38 AM
Yet another reason to print at the library
@Elise is that Incremental Adventure? I've only just made it past floor 20
10:57 AM
@fredley huh. Did not know
Q: Why I cannot hold [L SHIFT] + [L ALT] + [L ARROW] + [U ARROW]?

doomguyGood day! left shift + left alt + right arrow + up/down arrow = no problem left shift + left alt + left arrow + down arrow = no problem left shift + left alt + left arrow + up arrow = bullshit Can anyone explain whats the cause of it ??? Tanks! On lappy in for example Ubuntu 12.10 in dosbox ...

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12:19 PM
@MattE.Эллен yeah
12:37 PM
So how do you get a prestige layer? Do you need to get 100 prestige points on the layer below?
Q: How Can You Recover Recipe Book After Recovering World?

opticyclicMy computer crashed and my level.dat, level.dat_old and player data were 0 bytes. I knew the seed so I created a new world with the same seed and copied all the files from the old world (apart from the level.dat, level.dat_old) into it. The world is back but my recipe book is broken. There are...

@MattE.Эллен Where your printouts are linked to your library card?
AFAIK all modern commercial printers store everything they print (since printing is scanning + printing even in laser printers)
@Ave chtd
@fredley yeah. Fake leak, smh.
off by one
@Ave It's spelled Leek
1:13 PM
Now that's farfetched.
Really this is just confirming to me that sword is the correct version
shield gets a really cool one next
@Ave I wonder how many kids who are not native speakers call that one Fartfetch'd
1:41 PM
@fredley I'm pretty sure you can use computers anonymously, at least in Oxfordshire.
library computers, that is. I've not tried. perhaps you still have to give a name
2:02 PM
@Nzall Pretty sure even English-as-first-language kids will say Fartfetch'd because they think it's funny.
I need to delete Oxygen Not Included from my library, this is the third day in a row that I've stayed up until like 3 playing it.
Q: How does the Sleeping Giant work?

David Toh The "Sleeping Giant" SMG in Borderlands 3 has the following white text: Reloading has a chance to grant weapon bonuses I have been running with it for a while and have yet to figure out what these elusive "bonuses" are. Will I be notified when it is triggered? Are the bonuses subtle damag...

@Unionhawk Hmm, is there another fairly popular Pokemon with no evolution that might get one in Shield?
Q: What should we do with clearly fake questions?

bearb001This question about a "new horror steve or bug" is, as far as I can tell, not a real question about a real problem (it could, though extremely unlikely, be a mod that the author forgot about). There is an identical question (even with the same spelling mistakes), both on queryxchange and questar...

M'ladyfetch'd? /s
Oh man, I hope Shuckle gets an evolution.
oh no
2:12 PM
@Yuuki sudowoodoo?
Do baby evolutions count?
@Unionhawk shuckle with eviolite, you know you want it
I hope they add some evolutions with type combos of pokemondb.net/type/unused
Though I really wonder what an Ice/Fire type would look like
Like, a grass/fire type could be a burning bush
but a fire/ice type?
Like, a frozen flame?
@Nzall Or a fabric bandage.
Liniment (from the Latin linere, to anoint), or embrocation, is a medicated topical preparation for application to the skin. Sometimes called balms or heat rubs, liniments are of a similar or greater viscosity than lotions and are rubbed in to create friction, unlike lotions, ointments or creams, but patches, sticks and sprays are also available. Liniments are typically sold to relieve pain and stiffness, such as from sore muscular aches and strains, or arthritis. These are typically formulated from alcohol, acetone, or similar quickly evaporating solvents and contain counterirritant aromatic...
> IcyHot is a line of liniments produced and marketed by Chattem, now a subsidiary of Sanofi
@Yuuki Luvdisc -> Luvscutum
2:24 PM
Luvdisc has like two or three Pokemon it really should be evolving into but GameFreak forgot about Luvdisc and nothing happened.
Off the top of my head, I can think of either Alomomola and Bruxish.
Alomomola is the biggest offender though. It's literally a higher-res version of Luvdisc.
Yeah but it doesn't have as funny of a name
2:46 PM
@MattE.Эллен Computers yes, but printing usually requires payment, requires library card, I think
@fredley Paying for printing (in Oxfordshire) doesn't require a library card. You just need the number of the computer and the money. Saying that, I have logged onto the computer with my library card, so...
There are computers that can be used anonymously, so I would guess you can print from them without any identification
i've not tried printing from them, though
brb, building my own press so I can publish truly anonymously
@Elise :O
im still trying to get my second l3 prestige point
i made it to floor 38 last night
3:25 PM
@fredley neat game. :)
For MLP fans: pony.town
It lets you customize your own pony to socialize with. Works on desktop and mobile.
3:41 PM
@GnomeSlice why lol?
Oh wow that's like a whole interactive thing huh
Q: Can't connect to my minecraft account

PlumkyI purchased Minecraft a long time ago and recently I wanted to play again. But now it is impossible to connect to my Minecraft account from the internet, but on the launcher of the game I can. After some research I discovered that I didn't validate my email, so I can't migrate my Minecraft accou...

Q: Minecraft Lag on Server

asdanjerI have a wired Behavior. A Friend Wants to Join my 1.14.4 Server. He has no Problems joining Other Minecraft Servers and also none joining the Temaspeack Server running on the Same Machine. He tried Optifine and Vanilla. I and other people can play without problems. We tried Reinstalling Minecraf...

The Mad Lads did it
@Unionhawk damn it. I was too late.
hmmm as a mod I could just delete the old message... HMMM.
@Wipqozn he has weapons...?
3:55 PM
> Meet m'ladyfetch'd (tips feathora) in Pokemon Shield!
4:06 PM
I'm just confused why a Pokémon with a sword and a shield is exclusive to Sword
@Wrigglenite Because Shield will get the one with the shield and sword
@Ronan Yeah, this isn't rocket science
@Wipqozn No, that's Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal.
I remember they showed up in one of the games I didn't play but I can't remember which.
@Dragonrage I've been messing around with autobuyer min amounts and can't seem to find the optimal amount... might switch back to 1.01x 🤷‍♀️ but I'm at 54% to L5
That remind me, is Ash's mom married to Mr. Mime?
4:13 PM
@Wipqozn Only for tax reasons
@Ronan And to satisfy residency. She's taking her citizenship test soon now that Ash finally won a Pokemon League.
(Sure, it took him 10 years and he only won in a newly-formed League that's way out in the sticks, but she'll take what she can get)
@Wipqozn This was a very confusing message for me at first
@Ash are you telling me your mom isnt married to a pokemon? next you will tell me that pokemon arent real
@Dragonrage Don't let @Ash fill your head with crazy ideas! They're just jealous!
Hmm... so the slush geyser I have may or may not be active enough for it to function as a good part of my base's cooling system but I could use an aquatuner to heat up the water coming from a cool steam vent to use in a turbine.
Little bit of heat management plus I get power.
Then I can either run the water output from the steam turbine back into the vent (probably not a good idea since the vent continually produces steam and water) or use it elsewhere.
Output water is still pretty high-temp though, so maybe not a good idea to run it to my base.
Maybe run it back through the aquatuner until it becomes a manageable temperature?
4:28 PM
Is this all for that incremental @InvaderSkoodge discovered?
Huh? No, this is Oxygen Not Included.
oh okay
I should play that
I should stop playing that. It's a time abyss for me.
I start it up after dinner and next thing I know, it's 2 or 3 in the morning.
@Wipqozn RIP. Guess we need to find a new mod
@MageXy I nominate @fredley.
4:32 PM
I was about to say that I need to run some numbers on how much heat I'm producing.
Okay, so the thing about aquatuners is that they cost 1200 watts a lot of power to run, which means I'm producing heat elsewhere to generate that power.
@Ash Then just buy @WorldEngineer one of these:
Hydrogen Generators are apparently the most efficient but sources of hydrogen are hard to come by.
Electrolyzers will produce hydrogen reliably but I'm already having issues with way too much oxygen production.
And I haven't dug up to the surface to be able to vent excess oxygen to space.
It's actually kinda dumb how I'm having issues with too much oxygen given that my oxygen production set-up is literally just 6 Algae Terrariums.
The platforming in Astral Chain is awful and also mandatory.
Like I really just want to skip this part.
And get on with it.
4:40 PM
@InvaderSkoodge Can't count how many times I've fallen off a platform because chain jump didn't send me quite where I put my Legion.
It's also punishing because every time you fall you take damage, and you have limited healing items.
Or I clipped some tiny fence and stopped short.
@InvaderSkoodge I swear I've taken more fall damage than I have enemy damage.
@Yuuki The section I'm on requires riding the beast legion on platforms that only exist if a legion is standing on it, and also there are gaps so you have to jump.
Nevermind the fact that steering the beast legion is about as responsive as driving a tank.
It always sucks when a game would be improved when things are removed.
On the plus side, you can't die from platforming failures, so you can just keep trying them at 1hp and then heal when you get to a combat
@Wipqozn nooooo thank you
4:43 PM
I'm also not 100% sure about the save system. I kind of want to take a break and play something else but I'm in the middle of a file and I'm not sure how far/if I'll be set back.
@murgatroid99 I didn't know this, useful tip, thanks.
@InvaderSkoodge As far as I can tell, the mid-file saves are pretty granular. I think it at least saves which sub-missions you have completed and what section you are in
I've noticed that you can force a save by opening and closing the options menu, if you're not sure when it last saved
@Ash But those eyes. Look at how they just stare into your soul, and say "I'm probably going to come alive in the middle of the night".
@murgatroid99 Thanks.
4:57 PM
@Dragonrage @MageXy So I played as an absolute garbage Xin Zhao last night.
Looking at my stable of junglers, I noticed that I have a significant void of carry/non-tank junglers.
@Yuuki Xin is a carry jungler tho, kinda
Not the most amazing, but useable in a pinch
@MageXy Yeah, that's why I decided to give him a try last night.
And honestly I don't think tanks in general are that good right now
The most meta builds for both Amumu and Malphite are full AP
But it didn't end well, which is especially damning since I was up against Zac.
@MageXy My best games have been on Skarner, Nunu, and tank Warwick.
I might give Kindred and Evelynn a try.
I think Evelynn def has the potential to be super scary
5:04 PM
Always liked Kindred but I hate how 50/50 their marks are.
Kindred is fun but very meh
I got autofilled to jungle myself last night, actually. Tried playing Reksai since she was fun on ARAM
Played against a diamond jungle main, who was on his most played champ... my jungling is like low Silver at best... :(
I hope jungle is something they address next season, it's too complicated right now
@Wipqozn nope nope nope
Rek'sai has always been in a weird place because a lot of her power is intangible in the form of her burrowed passive.
@Yuuki i like void carry junglers
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
It's Google Chrom.
5:20 PM
404 refrance not found
Fire Emblem Awakening.
5:34 PM
@Yuuki facedesk I understand this reference.
@Wipqozn It's funny because you're my sockpuppet
And also because I'm your sockpuppet
@fredley It's the circle of life
@fredley @Wipqozn Why are you just replying to yourself?
5:50 PM
@MageXy The polite thing to do is to not point it out, jeez.
6:42 PM
the new update added new items to armory, I'm running an overkill warrior with 5 paladins and I oneshot every floor up to 50'ish :O
cc: @fredley @Dragonrage
good for gold farming
@Elise Ooh, had to refresh the page to get the items to show, but I like 'em! The Ranger arrows actually give some incentive to build that hyper-expensive quiver
Okay the wording on the Cleric's Mystical Cape is a little unclear... Does that mean that every time they cast heal, all stats for all heroes goes up by 5%? And it carries over to new floors? Because that's quite strong if so
@MageXy it looks like it. you could potentially setup an overheal cleric to buff your warrior every round if things arent dead first
though there is a limit to how much overheal you can get
that is absolutely what the cape does. just cleared the level I was stuck on using a single cleric who has the overheal and cloak
@Dragonrage Yep just tested, it's really strong. I've got one Warrior with max armor, and two clerics (plus a ranger in back to finish wounded enemies). Since the two clerics heal the warrior every round, that's 10% boost every round.
I've been stuck on floor 26 for two days, just got to level 27 easy as soon as I bought this book.
6:57 PM
i jumped from level 36 to level 42 with 5 paladins and an overkill warrior
Are there patch notes for the incremental? Or just whatever we notice
@MageXy there are. scroll down and on the right side it says updates
7:13 PM
@InvaderSkoodge worth?
7:27 PM
Q: How to play 'Two-player practice' in Funbridge?

Colonel PanicThe Funbridge website describes a 2 player practice mode but I can't find it in the app. How do I use it? https://www.funbridge.com/tournaments/training This is the only game mode of Funbridge in which you can play with another physical partner at the same time. You practise with one of ...

Fun fact: If you have a Cleric with the OP cape, and you have a Paladin on the team as well, Paladin heals count towards the Cleric's blessing.
I believe this also includes the Paladin's synergy ability
turns out losing with 15/6/8 doesn't feel good
8:07 PM
Q: Help Minecraft Connection Timed Out

TheTsar1209I know this answer has already been answered but when my brother tries to connect to my server held on my computer it says connection timed out no further information. I have no mods and deleted and reinstalled Minecraft and it still didn't work. I don't know what's the problem so can you help me...

8:24 PM
Omg BL3 has a space cats pizza skin. This is awesome
@MageXy So... one Cleric, everyone else Paladins?
Is... is this Crusades Incremental Simulator?
@Yuuki Only problem with that is, for whatever reason, Clerics don't seem to overheal Paladins. If the the pallies are at full health, the Clerics do regular attacks instead
I don't know if that's by design or a bug
And Paladin synergy only applies to the Paladin attacking, and they can't overheal, so if the Paladin is full health when they attack it also doesn't heal
8:41 PM
@Jutschge I don't know how to parse this but it sounds great
Weird game of the day: Geeksos, AKA EA: The game
> Survive in a city controlled by a game corporation. Residents have to buy DLC for every unfinished product, developers are forced to make endless sequels, and lootboxes are now sold even at the grocery store. Stop the madness or join it in the cybernetic stealth-shooter Geeksos.
Looks like something for those that enjoy Hotline Miami
@MageXy You sure? I'm way behind and my team is Paladin - Ranger - Ranger - Cleric and the Cleric overheals the Paladin perfectly fine.
Maybe it borks if you have more than one Paladin?
Maybe the latest update fixed it
Back when I only had 4 heroes I tried a 1x pally 2x cleric 1x ranger comp
And the only person who ever healed the paladin was the paladin
@Jutschge That is amazing
8:50 PM
Yes :D Also my pet has the skin applied aswell so now I have a rocket launcher wielding pizza space cat monkey
9:27 PM
Q: How do i use healing items in vigor?

Sparta270So, I was just playing a match in vigor, and I got shot up pretty bad. I tried to use some disinfectant I had to heal, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. How do I use healing items in this game? Also, I am on Xbox if that is a factor.

9:47 PM
Q: How do I make it so when one player dies everyone dies

SomeRandomGuy I'm trying to make something like the life link challenge for a realm but can't use a plugin on it so I've been trying to make it using command blocks. it's in 1.14.4 so old commands won't work

@Jutschge hahahaha perfect what more could you want out of life
10:07 PM
Q: What are the white exclamation point icons for?

David Yell I have circled them in fuchsia in this image. I have cleared these rooms of enemies, and, as far as I know, completed any intractable objects, so I'm unsure what they represent. Why does my dungeon map have these icons and what do they represent?

Q: Installing from a Bluray disc without the game box

KrakenI found a bluray disc of Battlefield 3 without the box and my PS3 is not working at the moment. Will I be able to install it on a PS3 without a box/key or do I need a serial key that might have been on a box?


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