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12:09 AM
Ok so I saw a link to this while browsing a Philosophy SE hot network question and it is actually the most high IQ thing I have ever read.
And as someone in school right now I can absolutely say it's true: everyone in my math classes says "math is boring" and they're right. It is mind numbingly, painfully boring. I skipped two math classes just to get out of it, so I'm in calc right now and it's my favorite class.
12:41 AM
@Nik3141 tldr?
oh hey consent agenda poll is out
> R25 childcare: 46%
> R49 PAC spending for national candidates: 5%
12:59 AM
VICE: Internal Nintendo Memo Instructs Customer Service to Fix ‘Joy-Con Drift’ for Free.
> Nintendo recently told customer service representatives the company will no longer charge customers seeking Joy-Con repairs, and refund those who’ve already paid, according to internal Nintendo documentation seen by VICE Games.
1:45 AM
@Wipqozn oh great, I might finally have a reason to look into getting my connectivity issues fixed
I wish they were like Logitech, where they just send me a new device without asking for old one back
2:34 AM
Q: Does Minecraft 1.14.4 allow NBT tags in crafting recipes?

I Like FishI have a small question: does Minecraft 1.14.4 allow NBT tags in crafting recipes? Because I'm making a map in 1.14.3 and some part of the map need custom NBT tags crafting and I need to use custom crafting chest to make it

3:14 AM
Q: CIV 6: Is there a config file setting to enable the tech quote audio to keep playing after the popup is closed?

Joshua Aslan SmithIs there a config file setting to enable the tech quote audio to keep playing after the popup is closed? I just started playing again seriously and I remembered either a mod or config edit that was able to allow the Sean Bean quot

3:34 AM
Q: Spawning Wither Skeletons using Skeleton Spawner [ Version 1.13.2 ] (Factions)

iMadeThisToAskI'm playing in a faction server, tried so many methods but still no result of wither skeletons spawning using a skeleton spawner.

Q: Download and play a single game on PS4

user235018Okay, so when I was in Australia I tried to buy Tekken 7, but couldn't for some reason so I bought it on my cousins account. I was wondering if there was a way for him to let me download Tekken onto my Ps4 and for him to still be able to play his games while I'm playing Tekken. Help !!!

Q: Minecraft Java 1.14: How can I investigate why my villagers won't breed?

Andrew GorcesterI think my five villagers are all fed, happy and have more than enough beds, but after entering breeding mode and showing their heart symbols, they show an additional weird symbol (in the attached screenshot) and cancel breeding every time. They have bred successfully in the past, but they won't ...

3:54 AM
Q: How do I climb the Broadway church?

BadelineI have been trying to collect all of the Fast Travel bonus boards in Forza Horizon 4, which will allow me to use the Fast Travel feature for free. Most have been easy, but I recently spotted this one on top of a church in Broadway, on the south side of the map, and can't figure out how to reach i...

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5:21 AM
@Memor-X TLDR Math is an art, like music or painting, and is being shoved down kids throats for them to regurgitate in schools, with random unqualified people teaching it.
But that doesn't really capture it very well
it's pretty long
2 hours later…
6:58 AM
Q: In Factorio, how much fluid can a pipe transfer?

CoomieI've read that offshore pumps can pump at 1200 water per second. If I connect two offshore pumps will 2400 units? Or is 1200 the maximum? Ideally I would like to run a single over pressure pipe into my nuclear hub to supply a few dozen heat exchanges.

7:29 AM
Does anyone know what game the center image is from?
It appeared yesterday's Game Theory and I'm intrigued by it
Why not post that as a question?
@Wrigglenite oh, right, this IS something that can be used as a tangible part of a game to id
If it appeared on Game Theory, it can safely be assumed it's from a game
... Did Youtube remove sharing video links with timestamps?
Not last time I checked
7:35 AM
If you click on the share button, it no longer allows you to say "start at this timestamp"
I had to manually add in the &t=134
That's weird
Well, there you go
It's a good game form what I've heard
8:15 AM
@Wrigglenite I heard so too, but I tried it and it's not my style
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9:19 AM
Q: No MODS button in Minecraft when selecting Forge profile

KjeldI have installed a Minecraft launcher in Windows that supports Minecraft 1.14. I have installed Forge 1.14.4-forge-28.0.13. I have created the mods folder and placed a mod jar in it which is Xaeros_Minimap_1.17.4_Forge_1.14.4. I have selected the Forge profile in the launcher. When running t...

Q: A question about Daniel's City

Oliver NgI have been playing SimCity Buildit for a long time, and I realized that the level of Daniel's city rises when I level up. Same for the population. For example, when I was in level 16, Daniel's city level is 25. But when I'm in level 20, Daniel's city level is 30. Is there a pattern for Daniel's ...

10:19 AM
Q: Key differences between DualShock 4 v1 and v2

trejderI've searched Internet for about 15 minutes, but I must be doing something wrong, because I can't find precise information on what are the differences between DualShock 4 version 1 and version 2? I see a lot of offers in my country for purchasing Playstation 4 with two controllers in a package ...

The highest LH Mod candidate score is 16/40
I mean, some badges are unavailable due to the size of the site
11:11 AM
As I expected. It is so hot that De Lijn, the Flemish bus operators, have decided to keep their buses and trams without airconditioning in the depots
So chances are I might not immediately have a bus home tonight
1 hour later…
12:12 PM
@GnomeSlice Pretty sick.
The "ice" effect takes it to the next level.
@Nzall Better to get home a little late than to literally risk death from heat stroke.
@InvaderSkoodge Yeah, I know. Fortunately I managed to get to the station in time this morning to catch an earlier train
12:52 PM
Morning coffee jam
@InvaderSkoodge I like how the guy who got kicked like flew back really far
Good morning
That seems like a tricky/dangerous maneuver
Twitter doesn't one-box anymore, pls to give text links
(also because work filters Twitter)
airport time
(and this airport has a gold star chili)
(because while it is against federal regulations to destroy an airplane lavatory smoke detector, there is no rule against destroying the entire lavatory)
@Unionhawk lol
Who can we bother to fix twitter oneboxing?
Also the redesign seems to have a lot less information in the same amount of space which is an annoying trend recently.
@InvaderSkoodge I already told Shog to fix it you coward but I assume there's some technical reason it hasn't been, Twitter probably changed and broke something as Twitter is wont to do
@Ash @Yuuki @Nzall I think: I got my BfA flying last night!
@SaintWacko Awesome
for me, BfA flying improved the world, but not as much as I think it would have. It mainly made it a lot easier to get to rares so I can tag them
I think I'm gonna invest in some stirrups so I don't need to dismount anymore to interact with quest objects, and potentially even make it so I can use one of my 200 other flying mounts instead of the Sky golem
@TimStone Oh I'm sure Twitter broke it; they just had a redesign.
Why am I a coward though?
@InvaderSkoodge I think it's "I already told Shog to 'fix it, you coward'" and not "I already told Shog to 'fix it', you coward".
Everyone's a coward deep down
@Yuuki Ah, punctuation.
@Ronan Not me, I'm so scared of being a coward
1:54 PM
@Nzall Ooh, that'd be nice. Are they available as a permanent enhancement?
@Nzall Yeah, same. I think part of that is that now that I have flying, a lot of the urgency to find and complete every world quest/daily is gone
It would have been really useful in scouring Mechagon to find those hidden dailies
@SaintWacko No, not yet
@Nzall Ah, too bad
you got water walking (from Blacksmiths and MoP Angler's rep), movement speed (which doesn't stack with pathfinder part 1 bonus), A parachute on dismounting in air, and something preventing getting dazed
Mount bonuses also don't apply to the Sky Golem and other mounts that allow you to pick herbs while mounted
Yeah, I looked at the movement speed one, but it seems kinda useless with all the sources for mounted movement speed
And as a Shaman I can cast water walking
Water Walking was useful before I unlocked Flying
2:00 PM
@SaintWacko I think they're going to become permanent on an individual mount basis in the future?
I overheard that that a future patch is going to introduce equipment slots for mounts instead of their current implementation of timed buffs.
@Yuuki Oh please no, that would totally ruin the "summon favorite mount" button
I fully disagree with giving mounts such deep specialisations on an individual basis. They're meant to be fully cosmetic skins for the same bonus
@InvaderSkoodge Yeah, sorry, lol
@Nzall Maybe not on an individual basis?
But the point of mount equipment is to turn mounts into fully cosmetic choices.
Yeah, that's my point exactly, and I really don't want them to make mount equipment apply to individual mounts
Because right now, certain mounts like that one Angler mount and the Sky Golem have mechanical advantages over other mounts.
I'm not sure if it's on an individual basis, I haven't been following patch notes very closely. It's just something I overheard.
And may have misheard/misread.
2:06 PM
@Yuuki they already made the angler mount bonus into a mount equipment item
so it applies to all your mounts except the Sky golem
And it is possible that in 8.2.5, or 8.3, they might turn the Sky Golem bonus into equipment too
@GnomeSlice Scuttlebutt is that his abilities are mostly mediocre but his ult is ridiculous.
His barrier looks pretty dope
The rock throwing thing is lame
@Yuuki Wait, I thought that's how Mount Enhancements worked now?
But currently herb gathering while mounted is only possible for: Druids, Sky Golems, Stirrup users. Also, if you're serious about herbalism, get the enchant that reduces herb gathering cast time by 75%
2:21 PM
Q: Large Command Error with unbalanced brackets

KilometresCan't find it anywhere, literally been looking for over 2 hours, i've checked each indivual command and the overall json. Nothing. Thanks in advance. tellraw @p [{"text":"Kilo's Cannons\n","color":"aqua"},{"text":"North","bold":"true","color":"aqua","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":...

2:46 PM
should minecraft talk be here or in the mc room?
Generally the Minecraft room, although we do bits and pieces of everything here.
You won't get a very good focused discussion here.
Okay, that's what I figured. thanks.
Just trying to find the right modpack
@goodguy5 What sort of thing are you looking for?
I'm trying to find a progression modpack, like stoneblock or sevtech, but that doesn't start with the janky primalcore stuff.

I hate the goofy chests and having to make a saw to make slabs and all that nonsense.
Q: Setting up Valve Basestations 2.0 with HTC Vive and SteamVR

Federico NardiI am trying to setup SteamVR to work on Ubuntu 16.04 with two Valve Basestations 2.0 and a HTC Vive tracker. What I did so far is to put the two basestations 5 meters apart and looking at each other. Then, if I put the HTC Vive tracker in the middle and run SteamVR, this is what I get. Tha...

3:03 PM
@goodguy5 Haven't played Stoneblock, but Sevtech was a lot of fun. Have you tried any of the Sky Factory packs?
@SaintWacko Not lately at all; do they have progression now?
I mostly just want to be able to have chests work like chests and crafting tables work like crafting tables.
@goodguy5 It definitely does that. It doesn't have gating the way Sevtech does, I think it's more like Stoneblock in that regard
I've played SF3 extensively and a little bit of SF4
Cool! I'll check it out; thanks!

What's the latest one I saw on the launcher... Sky Factory 3?
@goodguy5 Latest one is Sky Factory 4
awesome. I'll def check that out.
I'm trying to play Exoria and it's driving me crazy
3:12 PM
@goodguy5 I've heard that one's pretty cool
Need to try it out
That and Project Ozone 2
I like the idea of it, but the primal core and stuff is a killer for me
Or 3
Yeah, Primal core gets annoying pretty quickly
But if you liked Sevtech, you'd prob love this
I was glad when I got past that in Sevtech
Yeah, I played that a fair bit
Basically I just want a sevtech mod that starts at like age 1.5
3:13 PM
I've played Sky Factory 3 the most
Built this whole thing out of nothing:
It's a 400 block wide disc I terraformed and contoured to be my own little world
that's awesome
It was a pretty fun project
3:16 PM
pi * r^2
3.1415 * 40,000
125663 block area
The car was abandoned with the door open, and had to drive through a fence to even get where it is in that pic.
not counting three-domensionality
@goodguy5 Yep :)
Let me tell you, it took a long time to grow that much dirt
Ah, there's a picture of it
That thing to the left of the tower is a field of dirt plants on fertilized soil with greenhouse glass over them and a cluster of tier 3 growth crystals in the center
shaders too
The dirt is just a single block layer of topsoil, but there's a layer of stone under it
@goodguy5 Yeah, I eventually had to turn them off because they were causing issues with some of the mod rendering
And the stone is thicker in places
The mountains used to be solid before I hollowed them out to put my mob grinder dungeon inside them
3:21 PM
That's intensity in ten cities
I like building megastructures
but yea, hit me up if you try Exoria and let me know what you think.
I get a bit obsessed with them
I love the idea of it, it's just getting over the initial hump.
@goodguy5 Will do. Just got flying in the latest WoW expansion, so I'll probably be cycling back off of that soon
3:23 PM
I honestly considered just creative giving myself everything until I got to the point where the game works the way I want.
And I just upgraded my CPU, so I've been wanting to see how much of a difference that makes in WoW
@SaintWacko ew sky factory 3
Exoria is the one where the atmosphere is poisonous, right?
@SaintWacko not exactly
volcanic Ash planet. Rain is poisonous, though
You get an elven trade portal that lets you get started.
@goodguy5 Botania?
3:25 PM
I think the "lore" is that your homeworld sends convicts/exiles to barren pocket dimensions. They provide limited assistance.
@goodguy5 Oh, okay
@Yuuki I think botania is used as the bootstrap for the environment yea
I thought I remembered something about having to have your base sealed
Maybe that was a different modpack
just covered; or a different pack
there's so many, it's hard to tell
@goodguy5 Oh, that might be it
3:26 PM
I remember a modpack with space exploration that you had to build oxygen production and stuff. I didn't get very far into it when the server switched to a new modpack.
I think I'm going to try out Guns Germs and Steel tonight and see what that's all about.

tbh, the name just caught my attention
Then Dungeons and Dragons and Space Shuttles
AND THEN Sky Factory 4
@Yuuki Maybe that's what I'm thinking of. That kinda sounds like fun
@goodguy5 See you next year :P
Oh wait, was Sky Factory 4 the ew?
I'd be interested in a modpack that took place on an airless planet
@Yuuki Yeah. With the saplings?
I can't remember, one of the Sky Factory modpacks was ew for me.
3:27 PM
SF3 using sieves
It only takes me a few days to make a judgement on something
Yeah, 4 then is the ew.
I enjoyed the saplings, but I remember you didn't
It felt very monotonous.
In the beginning, everything was growing saplings.
At least with 3, I was growing saplings and sieving.
Yeah, there certainly isn't as much variety
But it is easier to automate
3:28 PM
Sieving's pretty easy to automate though.
I suppose the limiting factor is a single ender pearl to make that absorption hopper.
I had a fairly productive setup with a pulverizer piped into a 3x3 water-powered sieve setup which piped into a compacter.
I could have piped that compacter into a furnace or smeltery.
@SaintWacko would you want it to be barren, or "normal" modded minecraft, but with poison air?
i.e. be on the moon or not
@goodguy5 I was just thinking about that. They could both be interesting, but I was thinking of it like on the moon
Or some airless planet
instant death or slow death?
Have it on some planet where it used to be livable but there was some disaster. The surface is destroyed and barren, but you can find air-filled pockets underground with plants in them
@goodguy5 Slow death
Maybe like if you go outside your oxygen starts ticking down like you were underwater
Honestly just reuse the underwater mechanic
hrm... interesting.
3:35 PM
Once your air runs out you start taking damage
honestly, just make the air water
there must be some sort of "sea block" mod or something
Because at the beginning of the game you wouldn't have any ability to carry air with you, so your adventures outside would be short
Then you could craft like a "bag of air" or something that you could take with you
And step on up into scuba masks and suits and things
@stoneblockmodmaker, we've got a proposition for you
Hm, you could make it so the atmosphere touching your skin would poison you, but not actually kill you
Hm hm hm
@goodguy5 The problem with that is there are ways to cheese water with doors and things
Though, even with that, I feel like "sea block" would be fun
3:38 PM
@goodguy5 Yeah, I agree
That would be pretty cool
Having to carve out a base from the water
Starting out in a small pod at the bottom of an infinite ocean
I think you'd want it to have a seafloor rather than just infinite water
the only question is if there's a roof or not
@goodguy5 I have a bone to pick with Stoneblock.
@Yuuki I'm 90% sure that's one of the quests
making a bone pick
Namely that the dimensions are 256 levels up.
It's literally just a time-waster.
3:43 PM
I don't understand
It's not like I have to find some way to place a structure (like how you need diamonds to make a diamond pickaxe to break obsidian to place obsidian for a Nether portal), it's just digging up.
Granted you shortcut the diamonds in most modpacks with Tinkers Construct by mixing water and lava in the smeltery and pouring the obsidian into a basin.
@goodguy5 I think you'd have to have a roof, sadly, because I don't think it's possible to have water just keep going up past the skybox
@SaintWacko I mean, you could put in barrier blocks
And the first Mining Dimension isn't even that great. I'm not sure what it has that the starter dimension doesn't.
I also need more modpacks that have Peaceful mode mechanics.
I ALMOST really like Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons, but it's just slightly too janky.

Needs a couple more mods. Like, you can go to the deep dark, but there's no cobblestone generator.

There's a diamond anvil you can make, but no real way to generate RF
3:48 PM
@goodguy5 Is there a block breaker?
If so, you could always make an old-school multi-block cobblestone generator.
There IS a block breaker, but I don't know how effective it is. you have to pair it with a grid power contraption
maybe I'll look into it. even so, though.
Is it from Extra Utilities 2?
ugh. yea
That should be fine.
Just use the item conduit thing, add a world interaction upgrade.
I've also always had trouble with old school cobble gens, for some reason
3:50 PM
That's actually how I made my very first cobblestone generator back when we didn't have cobblestone generator machines.
And the modpack doesn't have tinkers!
like I said, I like it a lot, but it's just shy of being what I want.
Not having Tinkers is rough.
Sure, end-game diamond tools are better than most things you can make with Tinkers but the mid-game tools are better and the convenience of tool repair is so nice.
and not accidentally breaking your tool because you weren't paying attention
But I managed to snag a sick enchant for my diamond pickaxe and grabbed a mending book. so it's all good now
♥ vein miner
Does mending prevent your pickaxe from breaking?
I thought it just fixed your pickaxe with exp that you picked up.
It does, but a Diamond Unbreaking 3 pickaxe usually doesn't get very low, even with vein mining.
so, the mending just keeps it topped off.
maybe every once in a while I need to purposefully get some xp by smelting or something
It keeps it from getting to the "I wasn't paying attention and now my pickaxe is broken" point.
3:57 PM
@goodguy5 Yeah, I felt the same way about it
mending is one of my favorite enchants
i try to always get a full set of armor/weapons/tools with it
I like Tinkers just because it means I'm not carrying ten Stone Pickaxes on mining trips.
With a stack of Sticks and a crafting table to make more.
My friends might be starting up a vanilla server and I'm excited because I want to mess with the new villager mechanics.
Oh, @goodguy5, does Exoria have Draconic Evolution?
4:39 PM
Forg1ven might be going to the TCL? ooo that's spicy.
Context: TCL is the Turkish League of Legends... league.
Forg1ven is a fairly well-known player who went on a professional hiatus because he was drafted(?) into the Greek army.
@Yuuki Aren't Turkey and Greece, like, rivals? to the scale of cutting of their own nose if it would spite the other's face?
@Nzall That's why it's spicy.
Plus, Forg1ven has on occasion complained about the presence of Turkish players on EUW servers.
So it's not just "oh, don't Turkey and Greece not like each other".
4:54 PM
My dad apparently said yes and no this morning to a nurse in response to questions, and my mom says he said yes to her as well
They've taken his trach tube out. I never thought he would speak again
I guess it's still not reliable but... it means he understands
> We have two options available to buy on the site: the Nintendo 64 HDMI Link Cable and the EON Super 64!
huh neat
@GnomeSlice That's fantastic news!
I just finished playing Wolfenstein: The New Order, and it let me know that I killed 945 Nazis. That's a good statistic to have.
Glad your dad is making progress, Gnome
The highest candidate score for mod on Lifehacks is 16. One is a 3. That's a big oof.
5:27 PM
@SaintWacko honestly not sure. haven't looked far ahead
@goodguy5 I hope not. Draconic Evolution is too good
@SaintWacko same guy that made/makes Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons
If it's in a pack it's the only choice for end game
@Yuuki can't believe I never heard of this before
There's also an Industrial Life in the Village; has a few more mods, like tinkers
5:31 PM
@goodguy5 Oh, that sounds interesting
Although part of what I'm looking for is something to play with my wife, and she's not a big fan of tech and magic mods
Mainly because we played with Thaumcraft a while back and I got very into it and became pretty much a god lol
@Ave TCL is considered one of the emerging regions, but a lot of good players have come out of there or first played there (because it's an emerging region).
Off the top of my head, I know of three pretty good players currently playing for major regions that got their start in TCL.
ah ha. I see. Then it might be perfect for you two. it's pretty cutesy.

Though, I find Vanilla Minecraft with the Wife is a pretty good time inofitself
BrokenBlade (TSM toplane), Nemesis (FNC midlane), and Caps (G2 midlane) have all played in TCL.
G2 is currently considered one of the best teams in the world, second to China's Invictus Gaming.
Correction, Nemesis came from the Spanish minor league not TCL.
6:02 PM
Q: PlayStation 4 Pro and 1440p monitor

TarasovychCan PlayStation 4 Pro output 4K while connected with 1440p monitor? Connection will be throught HDMI 2.0. If not, will the image be much blurry when it will be upscaled from 1080p output to 1440p monitor? Any significant latency while PlayStation will be downscaling from 4K to 1080p and monitor ...

6:22 PM
Q: Bitrate and Resolution Settings Suggestion for Recording osu! without lag using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) with a GTX 1060 Laptop?

NeonKrakenLately I've been experiencing many issues with osu! lagging a lot while recording it with OBS. It was suggested to me that I lower the Bitrate and Resolution in OBS settings. I have lowered it to 7200 bitrate and 720p at 60 FPS (I'm using VBR as rate control and the new NVIDIA NVENC H.264 encoder...

6:35 PM
@GnomeSlice Bought. Hopefully I remember to ever play it.
1 hour later…
7:42 PM
Q: What does [5, +3] mean on armor and weapons in angband?

ThrakaI don't understand how the bonus works on armor and really weapons. I can't seem to find it in the help docs either. Can someone tell me?

@InvaderSkoodge lol
I used to want that but I know I won't play it
My roomate is really into ARPGs though and he said it was pretty good
user image
cc @Ash
that's a long ass gif
8:13 PM
@Yuuki This is a premium blend gif right here.
8:27 PM
So apparently our airconditioning unit doesn't always remember the last setting you put it on, so instead of putting it on cooling mode, it just ended up sucking hot air inside
Which isn't really what you expect when you get home from a long drive and the unit has been heating the living room rather than chilling it
9:15 PM
oh shit it's mini season this week lol
(mini season is the week where recreational lobster season is open but commercial is not yet, so a bunch of captain visas show up and run over people with boats)
Britain has now done a Brexit and a Trump. Your move, rest of the World.
inb4 tif
@GnomeSlice I never remember where the hyphen goes. Is it long-ass gif or long ass-gif?
I think the latter is correct, but it looks wrong
no wait, it's the former
@Yuuki Excellent
@GnomeSlice Congrats on your dad speaking binary.
It's a pretty huge deal, and hopefully things will continue to improve
@fredley The latter is xkcd-correct, which is more important
@PrivatePansy I still do that to this day
10:25 PM
@Yuuki To that I say Tea, Earl Grey, Hot
Although, honestly, I'd probably prefer a raktajino
10:43 PM
Q: Cabbage Pult Missing from Almanac and My Plants in PVZ2

GraniteStateColinThere is no Cabbage Pult in the Almanac in PVZ2. I get it on levels where it's provided automatically when the system chooses plants for me, and I've gained a lot of seed packets for it, but it's not in the almanac, so I can't raise it beyond Level 1, and I can't choose it to play on any levels w...

Okay, I understand not allowing "meat" but "jerky" is problematic because fruit jerky is a thing.
And makes a lot more sense as a name than the alternate "fruit leather".
in This Is Fine, 2 mins ago, by Tim Stone
If you were impacted by the Equifax breach and have preexisting credit monitoring and will have it for the next six months you can file a claim for $125 from their settlement
11:24 PM
(you can instead get free credit monitoring if you don't have it, but that's less exciting)
Q: Minecraft bedrock edition animation loading bar edit need help

Battlefield V"bar_animation": { "anim_type": "flip_book", "initial_uv": [ 0, 0 ], "frame_count": 10, "frame_step": 64, "fps": 10, "reversible": true, "easing": "linear" }, "progress_loading_bars": { "type": "image", "layer": 2, "texture": "textures/ui/loading_bar", ...

@Yuuki I'd wear a fruit leather jacket
11:45 PM
Q: I'm going on an Easter Egg hunt. Have I missed anything?

KerikoKraftI've been playing Dying Light and Dying Light The Following for a long while now. I beat the game, found all the skins, everything, but there is on set that I believe I haven't completed. The Easter Eggs. I've found: the dead shallow-diver in the water off the coast (Not sure where.), the Cl...

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