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12:15 AM
Lifehacks voting has started. Only 3 candidates, which is...kind of more than I expected.
@Ronan @Unionhawk
I'll miss this duo
this duo being marina and pearl
Q: Who are the hosts on Wheel of Fortune on the Nintendo Switch edition?

DJ Spicy DeluxeOn the Wii version of Wheel of Fortune, the hosts were Pat Sajak and Savannah White, just like (most of) the real show. The hosts on the Switch edition seem to be different. The man is definitely not Pat Sajak, the woman doesn't have any voice lines but I do not believe she is meant to be Savanna...

12:38 AM
@Ave but atleast we'll still have the yuri fan fiction/art
@Memor-X Do I want to know?
@PrivatePansy don't worry, the stuff i see is wholesome, like Pearl about to propose to Marina
@Unionhawk want this to be canon
1:00 AM
@Memor-X pearl canonically said I love you to marina on finalfest's announcement off the hook
and in ending cutscene of octo expansion they get p cuddly which is cute
*screams internally like a school girl meeting her boy band crush*
@Wipqozn Two minutes in, and there's like two dozen deaths.
1:34 AM
@Ave I'll give them slack for recycling Into The Light here because it's such a good end credits theme
1:49 AM
Q: How to subtract an item from a stack in offhand slot and then add the remainder back to the inventory?

HydraI'm in Java 1.14.4, and I'm trying to detect if the player has dragon breath in their offhand slot. If they do, then I want to subtract 1 from that stack and then add the remaining parts of the stack back into the inventory. execute as @a[nbt={Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:dragon_breath",Slot:-106b...

Q: How do I download a custom elytra?

flowinglinc101I have paid money to get a custom elytra creator for minecraft. I upload the image to my photos album, and now I can't find a way to equip it.

2:26 AM
Mortal Kombat cosplay, pretty rad cc @InvaderSkoodge
Q: Does getting perks above 600 do anything?

RobbieI've been playing For Honor and I noticed that you can get your perks above 600 limit. I assumed this would make the perk stronger but when I went into Perk Definitions it only said they needed to be at 600 to be activated. So does getting a perk higher than 600 change anything?

is it just me or has twitter changed their design to look like i'm on mobile
no mobile in the url
3:09 AM
Q: My outer layer of my skin is showing up on the inside of my skin

KribyI've been playing minecraft for about a month now, and i've made a couple skins, and both of them have an outer layer. They dont show up on my screen, so i thought it showed up for everyone else and that it was just a glitch. While i was doing a modded survival i accidentally went into the front ...

3:28 AM
Q: What is this wooden object in minecraft?

AsadefaI am playing minecraft and suddenly in a big mob fight, I see this wooden objects left behind. What are they? They are shown in the image I have never seen anything like it, I have no idea what it is called to google it, so can someone please explain these to me?

3:48 AM
Q: What does "Marked for death" do?

RobbieOne of Valkyries abilities is Scout which makes all enemies "Marked for Death" but what does that actually do and does it affect all enemies or just ones close to you?

4:09 AM
some of you here might not know the anime/visual novel reference but this is a cool ass Mecha cosplay
Q: How am I supposed to put out fires?

KerikoKraftOkay, so I finally made it to the Crucifixion Swamp and I found a writing that said if I put out three fires then I'll be able to reach Wolf Blood. How am I supposed to do that? I tried using slugs, I tried interacting, I tried breaking them. What am I supposed to do?

Q: Can i set parental controls on Minecraft?

LittleLilacI want my child to Not play multiplayer on Minecraft since he joins random worlds that belong to strangers ,are there any ways to solve this?

1 hour later…
5:15 AM
someone asked on the Stadia AMA about what if Stadia is discontinued. their answer was your normal dodging. but......
> But what we can do is to launch the service and continue investing in it for years to come. Exactly how we've been doing with gMail, Docs, Music, Movies and Photos. That’s exactly what we’re committed to.
5:44 AM
@Memor-X exactly like inbox
@Memor-X not just you, people have been complaining about it all week
Yeah not surprised they'd dodge that.
6:10 AM
Q: Do the different game modes moving on the map change anything?

RobbieWhen the 3 game modes change places on the map does it affect anything? Like if Breach switches from top left to top right do my troops get a bonus when deployed on top right?

7:10 AM
Q: How do I detect players being on a block without pressure plates or tripwires?

Spacetimemaster999How do I detect players being on a block without pressure plates or tripwires? Preferably with command blocks. In Java. Thanks.

@Memor-X Neat, it has built in soda storage compartments
7:28 AM
Morning chat
Morning @Kevin
oh, this is nice. Since about a month and a half, neverssl started using subdomains for cachebusting
Ah, @Wipqozn and @fredley didn't run for lifehacks mod. But I wanted to vote for them!
8:02 AM
@Memor-X laughs while thinking about killedbygoogle.com
Q: Which cruisers can stealthily torpedo?

ExplorerWhich CAs can "stealth-torp"? "stealth-torp" means detectability range < torpedo range. I'm asking just for CAs, not DDs.

8:22 AM
@Ave Note that a lot of these weren't as much "killed" as they were made obsolete by better products.
8:36 AM
@Nzall untrue
I'm scrolling through the list and yes, some big projects were made obsolete by bigger projects (hangouts, allo etc) but many weren't, like google+ or inbox
@Ave Writely: Google Docs; Google Video Marketplace: Google Play. Google Video Player: HTML 5 video. click to call: integrated in android. Browser sync: integrated. Send to Phone: integrated. Grand Central: Google Voice. Google Toolbar for Firefox: integrated. The list goes on and on. A lot of things were subsumed into the base product or made obsolete by the evolution of tech
9:35 AM
Q: After changing compiler settings in Eclipse, every class in my project suddenly fails to be resolved every time I save a file

NzallI started having this problem yesterday. I changed some settings in Eclipse related to compiler warnings (changed some settings related to generic types from ignore to warning), and afterwards, every time I save a file, a bunch of compiler errors appear in places where there were none before, and...

In case any of you can help
Switching to something that isn't java isn't an option I wager hmm... All out of ideas!
1 hour later…
10:48 AM
@Kevin I'm rooting for that guy who doesn't think he'd be a good choice
I didn't read them
Ah the person with 3/40 score?
11:03 AM
11:51 AM
Q: Minecraft: java.net.connectexception Connection timed out: no further information

OverrideMyMindI have set up everything in windows firewall and opened ports on my router for my PC, but I still get an error java.net.connectexception Connection timed out: no further information. I really have no idea what to do. I even tried to make a server on my laptop, but that gives me the same error. B...

12:14 PM
@GodEmperorDune did they like mess up how Twitter determine if your browsing on a mobile or not or something?
@PrivatePansy did not think of that
would make Mecha Saber a Savior lol
@Memor-X no they're rolling out a new layout
@Unionhawk god fucken dam it! i just created a selenium script to autodownload images
I think there are extensions to kill the "give me the new layout please" cookie
but eventually it'll probably flip completely
@Unionhawk yeh that's more what i'm complaining about
i have my image downloaded and Twitter RSS Generator that'll need to be upgraded
hopefully the changes aren't too drastic that the CSS Selectors aren't fully reusable
@Memor-X ... twitter has an API too you know
Why not just use that? :p
12:24 PM
@Kevin limits
reason why i'm not using TwitRSS anymore
What limits are you running into? o.o
@Kevin not myself but i have read that Twitter limited how many transactions you can make and you need to register your app. my method requires no logging in and looks at the page as if it's any other user access the page
Yeah there's a limit, you're probably not gonna run into it
For a personal use thing? Rather unlikely
I've hit it browsing mobile.twitter.com
like, routinely
@Ave ahhh i see. lol who would have thought browser incompatibility would be a good thing
@Wipqozn I'm actually curious how the system handles less than 3 candidates. Does it still let you click "third choice"?
@Unionhawk That's a good question. We came so close to finding out too.
I mean technically speaking there's no difference between a "Candidate 1, Candidate 2, Blank" ballot and a "Candidate 1, Blank, Candidate 2" ballot in STV
so I guess it doesn't matter
(there is a difference in other ranked choice methods, like borda count)
12:54 PM
I've been using tweetdeck.twitter.com for a decade now. it hardly ever changes layout, and I find it a lot better to use than Twitter
I don't use twitter =p
I kinda want to set up an account on a fediverse thing hmms
@Kevin do it!
When I get hooooomeees
I should move to radical.town from mastodon.social tbh
only 71 ASNs in turkey do ipv6
and 208590 is me, 208563 is a friend
1:08 PM
@Kevin A what thing?
Not-horrible twitter replacement, based on open standards
@Ave Why'd @Kevin call it "fediverse" and not mastodon?
alternatively pleroma.social
@Yuuki because there's other things like pleroma
and misskey, gnu social etc
Also mostly because I couldn't remember the specific name
That's mostly it <,<
1:10 PM
I personally use pleroma on my fediverse server, p.a3.pm
something about instances can federate with each other or something no I don't completely understand what that means
@Unionhawk yeah. Basically it's like email
you can be on gmail or hotmail or yahoo or yourowncoolemailserver.example, and you can send emails between them, and they'll arrive and send just fine (unless they bounce but that's not relevant)
Similarly, you can send a toot/status/whatever on mastodon.social and it'll be visible on p.a3.pm, and I can interact with it from p.a3.pm (reply, fav, boost, vote on poll etc), and you'll be able to see it
similarly everyone else federating with me or mastodon.social will see that toot/status/whatever and my interaction.
the main point is that you can have sites that are small, but can interact with a larger community
this allows instances with different goals, different rules etc
And it allows moderation to usually work perfectly
You can file a report or contact an instance owner, and they'll take care of problematic content in a timely fashion, as they usually only have couple hundred people to look over at most.
@Memor-X Hah! Heavyarms Saber.
this also means that there's shitty instances, yes, most notably gab (which recently moved to their own broken af mastodon fork)
But one good part is that you can block them.
here's my blocklist for example fediverse.network/p.a3.pm/federation
@Ave oh, gab was federated? I thought it was intended to be an inbred, insular place by design
1:21 PM
@Ave i see iGoogle is on that list. oh how i missed it
@Kevin they very recently moved to it
they're federated-ish, but many many many people block them
and some apps just show a rickroll when people try to login to gab.com
I have no ideeeeaaa why any one would block those proud boys
1:37 PM
Morning @Ash
1:47 PM
@Ave yeah that's a whole thing lol
@Kevin good morning!
Can't hide from me! ;)
Q: Will Mojang ever add commands and/or shields to the Ps3?

SkyPaulNow this is something i would like to know. Because, as much as i like blocking arrows with a sword, a shield would really help! And the give command would mean less time in creative. does anyone know the answer?

@Ash morning!
how's everything?
2:05 PM
Everything? That's a pretty big question!
Also it is currently 28.3 C...
Inside the office...
2:31 PM
Q: How can I use fossil archelogy blocks on wrold edit

spondonLike so I have been trying to make a jurassic park of my version but, whenever I try to use any blocks on fossil archeology it says Unkown data value. I tried it with another modded block and it worked just fine. just not fossil archelogy

Q: How do I get the hero and purifier bonuses when capturing shadow Pokemon?

WondercricketThis morning, I encountered my first Team Rocket grunt at a black pokéstop. Upon spinning the spot, I became engaged in a battle with the grunt and battled their shadow Pokémon. After I defeated them, it came to a post-battle screen similar to a raid battle that displayed the number of premiere b...

2:51 PM
Q: How to dodge a missile in Crash Team Racing?

user598527Missiles can be relatively easily evaded by jumping slopes on tracks such as Tiny Arena. You also may be able to guide one into a wall by performing a sharp turn. Is there's any way to avoid being hit when on flat, open ground without items? Please address the both games, if different.

@Kevin that's cold
it was 30+ at office today
3:21 PM
Aah.. back home, out of the air-conditioned office. Back home... where it's... checks 5 degrees C cooler...
@Ave I would riot
@Kevin I was sweating quite a bit, not fun.
oh fuck an intern asked me for help, I told him I'll help in a bit as I needed to sit down and cool as I just came from outside, then I forgot to help him
@Ave Nice
Our office is always freezing. It's awful
3:51 PM
Q: Does giving an item to someone else count as a visit?

user234988I've been told that when you give an item to another person, that person won't know who sent it. But does giving an item to someone else count as a visit? Could a stalker or a harlot see it?

@Ave "Senpai is ignoring me..."
@PrivatePansy uwu
looks at @ronan
(it's fixed now i think)
I mean all anyone talks about in Britain is the weather anyway
broke: loot boxes
@Unionhawk um what
how is this legal
4:03 PM
They have to be "gambling" with fake money and not real-money currency, right?
@Yuuki yes, but for values of fake money that can (but does not have to) be purchased with real money
So, real-money currency.
Q: How to remove magic effects in Skyrim

Matthew WalkerSpecifically "Fortify Stamina". I decided to enchant a ring in Skyrim with Fortify Stamina, but when I tried to equip the ring it wouldn't work and I clicked it multiple times trying to equip the item. Later I realized I had 500 points of stamina. This broke the game and I don't know how to get ...

Q: Can you convert a Minecraft Realms server backup so it will run on a JAR server?

MetaGuruI have a Minecraft Realms server backup someone shared with me when they quit paying for it. I have a traditional server already using Spigot. I want to add this world but it doesn’t seem to work, it just errors out or loads up an empty world. Is there a way to get the map files to be compatible ...

Q: Can I transfer Starbound Worlds from one character to another?

NajiruI'm playing with some friends, and I have our homeworld, but I want to play with a new character. Is there a way to keep said homeworld with my new character? Thanks in advance!

@Unionhawk What games can be played? Games of skill like Blackjack, where the cards can be counted, are different from games of chance like the slots, which are entirely luck-based, in regard to legality.
4:14 PM
@Tonepoet Is blackjack officially a game of skill? I can't remember which way casinos have been trying to argue it.
Not to mention, you can rig a virtual blackjack implementation to completely nullify card counting.
Casinos generally don't re-shuffle the deck after every round because it wastes time but you could do that in a virtual implementation with very little time lost.
@Yuuki sort of. It's always in the houses favour though
@Yuuki That's what I've heard, although perhaps I am not so sure myself. There is precedence for Poker being a game of skill though, so the general point may still stand.
Poker is definitely a game of skill
@Tonepoet I think for virtual blackjack, it's more of a game of chance though. You can easily shuffle after every hand, which negates the advantage of card counting skill, as Fisher-Yates is an O(n) shuffling algorithm.
You don't even need a shuffling algorithm. You can start from a 52-length array and use an RNG to pull cards from it for every hand.
Card counting generates advantages over multiple hands so it's far less effective (to the point where it's useless) if you have to start over with each hand.
4:36 PM
@Yuuki Of course, the game doesn't have to be programmed to start over if card counting skill is considered legally advantageous, and while the currency can be bought for real world money, I would suppose that it can't be redeemed for real world items. In that respect, there is less incentive to limit the ability of players to cheat the system. It might also be important because the purchase of the tokens could just be considered a D.L.C. purchase like any other D.L.C. purchase.
If you buy the opportunity to play, but there is no prize, can it really be considered gambling?
@Tonepoet Politicians would say yes.
Gambling addicts would say yes.
I guess the equivalent for this case would be "Can Chuck E. Cheese offer blackjack and poker if you're only ever rewarded with tickets that you can't exchange back for real-money?"
@Ave most things are pretty good! I survived my on call week this month, on Friday me and World Engineer are going to look at an apartment which is pretty exciting
And given that Dave & Buster (which is basically grown-up Chuck E. Cheese) doesn't offer blackjack or poker as far as I know, I think the answer is "no".
@Ash Looking for a bigger place or just a place both of you can call your own (or both)?
4:39 PM
@Yuuki They offer other games that are worse though. Those light wheel things are rigged.
@Tonepoet the video suggests it includes virtual horse racing, roulette, slots, 3 card poker (?), some other wheel spin game, things of that nature
@Nzall Regulators, it turns out, would say no.
Q: I’m trying to join my friend on Minecraft but it’s giving me an issue

DyamindI’m trying to join her world and we have joined escort her before in the same world but sometimes when I try to play with her it says that I have no friends playing Minecraft but then when I go on the Xbox app it says she is on Minecraft and i don’t get her invites it’s really weird and this is p...

@MBraedley Both, my apartment is very small as it is, and feels infinitely smaller with an additional person in it. Plus it would be nice to have a place that is ours, as I've lived in our current place for 6.5 years so it's very much set up according to me and my likes.
4:52 PM
Although it's kinda impressive - my rent is the same as the day I moved in, so looking at new places is....very much sticker shock.
@Ash Wow, I think I've only had a single year where my rent didn't go up, when I was renting.
@MBraedley This is a basement of a house, and it's...untraditional in a lot of ways :P It was good for me when I needed it but I am ready to do new things
So if y'all are the good thoughts thinking sort, maybe hope our viewing on Friday goes good and they accept my application
Hmm, that build shouldn't have succeeded.
5:11 PM
Q: How do you get to the End Citys?

SkyPaulI killed the Ender Dragon (in Survival), but i can't find theEnd Gateway Please tell me what i am doing wrong. I am playing on a Ps3.

5:31 PM
Q: Gamecube Passthrough Help

KonstrictorSo I am interested in getting my gamecube inputs to be on my computer (for fun, not for streaming or anything). However, most people do this by using arduinos and I am not willing to spend any money on this project. I am trying to use a Sparkfun Photon Redboard as the arduino with spliced extensi...

Any bonk.io players here?
If so you can get bonk.io 2
1 hour later…
6:48 PM
@Ash ooh, nice! Keep us updated!
7:12 PM
Q: What do the citizens of the Metro eat?

PausePauseAfter the nuclear apocalypse the surviving citizens of Moscow fled to metro stations throughout the city to endure the radioactive fallout. The Metro franchise takes place 20 years after Armageddon, surely there isn't enough food preserved to sustain the entire metro population. Before fleeing M...

7:29 PM
Most likely my game of the year as well
Several years
y'all sleeping on knack 3
7:46 PM
@Ave What's wrong?
@GnomeSlice I knew what game this was even before clicking it. I really need to play it. Maybe after mario xcom.
Outer Wilds looks extremely cool and I'll probably pick it up when it comes out on PC.
@ToxicFrog the polygon article said it's available on Epic Store
8:02 PM
It has a listing on Steam but shows up as "release date TBD"
@ToxicFrog IIRC, six months.
I might be thinking of Borderlands 3 actually.
@ToxicFrog I thought you were doing a bit
@ToxicFrog it launched on PC
Epic store. Worth it
Also game pass on Xbox apparently
Or whatever it's called
XBox Live Elite 360 Game Pass with Gold.NET
Q: What does the gas mask protect against in Metro Exodus?

PausePauseIn Metro Exodus Artyom is provided a gas mask from the onset of the game, but its use is never fully clarified. What the gas mask protects against is not entirely clear, and poses these questions: Does damage to Artyom's gas mask affect how much damage he takes from the environment or how quick...

8:12 PM
& Knuckles
@Ronan no, I just don't pay much attention to gaming news
And it's not uncommon for games to launch on console and then get PC ports, so I assumed that was what had happened here
8:26 PM
Anyone here use Xbox Games Pass?
@Yuuki Yeah, I can't wait til Borderlands 3 releases in April
@SaintWacko It's most of the reason I got an Xbox
Although now it's on pc and I'm not using the xbox as much
Q: How frequently should I be asking questions?

PausePauseWhen I start playing a new and unfamiliar franchise I often have lots of questions and I want to post them all at once, which occasionally ends up like this Metro Exodus question that at one point was eight questions rolled into one post. Obviously, this is egregious scope and the number of que...

Whoa, wait, Sea of Thieves is on PC now?
Everything I've seen about it makes it sounds like fun
hasn't it always been on the Games For Windows 10 thing?
Well crap. My processor came with 3 months of Xbox Game Pass, and I was going to give it away, but now I kinda want to play some of these games...
9:12 PM
Q: Missing end portal. It's impossible to beat my Minecraft world

Scott StevensMy end portal (in Minecraft) is no where to be found. The current version is 1.94 and the seed is 1990018518. When I try to use an eye of ender to locate the portal the strong hold is empty and I can't get the eyes of ender to locate a different portal. Is there something I'm missing?

Q: Is there a way to negotiate truce after the start of the heist in "Family Pride"?

YasskierIn the quest "Family Pride" you have to solve the tension between two noble families - Bardatto and Valera. This quest is also apparently important for one of your companions. This quest also relatest to two other quests: in "A Sinking Feeling" you discover that Valera are planning to break into...

@Unionhawk Yeah Sea of Thieves on PC was the first game I played with Game Pass.
Though that's more a quirk of Sea of Thieves being "Xbox Play Anywhere" then Game Pass for PC existing at the time.
@SaintWacko They've done a lot of updates over the last year, but it's still an incredible thin (read 3-7 hour) experience.
So perfect for Game Pass really.
Also PC and Xbox have fairly different game libraries, so it's worth taking a peek at that before committing.
9:33 PM
Q: (Java Minecraft 1.14) How to copy item NBT into an item entity?

Nik3141I am trying to make a commands system that forces a player to drop whatever item is in their main hand. Because I can't use commands to make a player press Q and drop the original item, I need to copy the NBT into a new item on the ground and remove the old one from the player. I obviously want a...

9:53 PM
Q: De-popped by accident on my world

Tegan LyonsMe and my friend are playing a minecraft survival, but went into creative to do a build. when we finished, i de-opped both of us but i didnt realise he was still in creative. how do i go about changing him into survival or is it not possible?.

10:26 PM
@RedRiderX I've heard it's a lot more fun if you have a group
Q: Changing the block state of an existing block

QuentinI'm trying to create a function that will generate a door, with random material, orientation and hinge placement. I have tackled the RNG part already, but cannot find a way to incrementally build the door so that I don't have to manually write down all of the possible combinations (aka 96 careful...

@Ronan bbc.co.uk was broken for a couple minutes
If I was at work I could probably find the write up
Yeah I found reference to it but I can't read it without my laptop
10:53 PM
Q: Ping high when streaming (Streamlabs OBS)

EdvinBoiI've tested to stream a couple times today and my ping is going up to 150 on discord, my internet speed is 10mb/s download and 1mb/s upload, I've watched youtube videos on people saying to start at 2500 bitrate, I decided to lower it. I've done that multiple times from 2500 so now its at 1000 bit...

Q: Is it possible to eat quietly in Minecraft?

PausePauseIn some multiplayer games it is necessary to hide from other players. On one occasion I had to eat food while hiding; the loud chewing sound alerted a player to my presence who then found and killed me. Is there a way to eat quietly? If not to maintain stealth, just to have good table manners.


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