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12:32 AM
Q: Fez Tetris Block Code

Confused PersonI can’t seem to find the right code for the Tetris Block pillar on pocket edition. So far, none of the codes have been different between pocket edition and regular. I don’t know if I should tilt my head to the right or left... can you help?

12:52 AM
Interesting, videos on YouTube can specify localized titles based on the viewer's language settings
But not on the video page, just the channel page
1:18 AM
Another Baha'i month, another newsletter sent off for printing. I am starting to get the hang of this. Third time must be the charm because this time there were ZERO frustration tears. LibreOffice Draw and I are starting to understand each other.
(This was kinda one of those "I thiiiiink I can figure it out, sure okay we need someone and no one else has stepped up" sort of tasks, but I'm getting there.)
1:33 AM
Q: Can I Join Minecraft Servers with a Renamed Minecraft Client?

Aperre1234So I wanna Join A Minecraft server that Requires a Client Named "Travertine 6.0" And i Renamed my client forge Client (Because i need mods for it) "Travertine 6.0" But I can Still Not Join Can You Help Me Please?

1 hour later…
2:37 AM
@Ash using MailChimp?
You should check it out
I thiiiiiink it has a free service
Question mark
I used it in college it was super easy
MailChimp is for emails, I don't think you usually send email newsletters to the printing press
It's also free only up to 2000 contacts, and 10k emails per month
2:54 AM
Q: How do I get the runes in Normal difficulty?

ThunderforgeIn Shadowgate (2014), I'm in the Shadowgate castle on Normal difficulty, and I'm afraid I'm stuck. When I ask Yorick for hints, he says this: The wizards would not have placed so many powerful runes in the castle if they did not have some greater purpose. Perhaps you should take them for your...

@GnomeSlice no, like physically printed thing. :) very low tech.
(most of my community is not so tech savvy so that's part of the reason I am making this thing.)
(okay maybe not most, but odd pockets of it)
3:35 AM
Q: minecraft new 1.14.2 tag display name detection command

D3T0NAthis is my code , it is not working (the item tag display name dont work , if i remove it the thing Works but i need it to work with the name to my map) if anyone know what im doing wrong pls tell me it´s 1.14.2 version and im playing in java /execute if entity @a[team=camera,nbt={SelectedItem:...

4:17 AM
Q: What are MOO2 ship designs good for defending planets?

AnonymousLurkerMost Master of Orion 2 guides I have seen focus on just a few typical ship designs like: classic beam ship classic hit and run missile carrier classic assault ship with much defense and star troopers that is used to capture enemy ships What are some ship designs good for defending planets tog...

5:10 AM
listening to the Jim Sterling video on Randy Pitchford and that money siphoning thing and every time i hear about that Porn USB he left behind it always has something added to it.....and more weird
5:48 AM
When questions get put into the review queues, does more than 1 person review it?
Additionally, is there any auditing of reviews?
6:23 AM
@RoijanEskor yes
6:39 AM
Q: 1.7.10 Crashing upon entering Multiplayer (no forge, normal mc)

Whitcheefwhen I try to join a Minecraft server running on 1.7.10, it just crashes when I join it. I'm trying to join invadedlands. The IP is right, but it crashes me after "Logging in..." Crash log: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // My bad. Time: 6/24/19 10:22 AM Description: Ticking screen java.lan...

Q: Is it ever explicitly said that the Masked Royal is Professor Kukui?

SJRThis is not a spoiler because it's clear from the start - they look exactly the same, your player character can even say "Professor?" when s/he sees him as the Masked Royal, and it's all a big joke anyway. However, is it ever explicitly said in-game that the Masked Royal is Kukui? Yes, it is str...

6:49 AM
Turkey: if you man spread on public transport, children will come and close your legs for you
public messages are strange
This sucks, I only bought this book a week ago
@Nzall but on the plus side it happened while you had it so you wont loose the page
would be worse if it happened to someone else, lost the page and then sold it
but also weird it happened only after a week
you buy it brand new?
could be second hand and thus older
7:12 AM
@Memor-X Yeah, brand new from a import partner of Bol.com
5 hours later…
12:11 PM
The GDQ website seems to be struggling.
It needs a Leppa Berry
Wouldn't be surprised if it's getting a DDOS attack. There's some folks in the past few years that really hate GDQ since they said you can't be a bigot.
And also upset they read too many "sad donations", aka people impacted by cancer.
So like
people suck, bascially.
Everything that gets too big attracts vocal bad people
I wish people knew how to be nice and kind
12:25 PM
Discord is struggling too
@Nzall can verify
It's dead for me
got it to show me the page for me to get the server status link
> Global Unavailability
Investigating - Discord is affected by the general internet outage. Hang tight. Pet your cats.
Jun 24, 05:25 PDT
So it seems like everywhere is having problems, not just GDQ and Discord?
@Yuuki I am also having problems so yea, its general
12:30 PM
SE seems fine for the most part
@Nzall How am I supposed to read those line graphs?
Oh, I can click through on each one.
@Yuuki They're the error rate for the respective service over time
I mean I am. Not as an internet thing. As a life thing
Ah, the outage is at Cloudflare
It's a route leak
12:44 PM
Yeah I figured. It's always cloudflare when there's this internet wide error spike.
Also, mario maker 2 this week. I'll have it for the long weekend, so I'm hyped.
Q: how do I open my Minecraft server on a different network?

sidI created a Minecraft server at my friends house but I my house on my wifi I can't open the server. What do I do?

@Wipqozn so very useful. lots of sites use cloudflare to avoid going down but when cloudflare goes down it takes half the internet with it
Glad I'm not at work today.
So I finished Flash season 3 this weekend. I honestly have to say I did not expect the plot twists in the final 3 episodes: Savitar's true identity, what happened on Infantino street, and the cliffhanger towards season 4.
Cloudflare status is showing green or yellow (re-routed) across the board now and the incident is marked resolved so hopefully things start coming back online
Q: Why did the Matthias character on Wasteland 2 have a portrait of Pope Clement V

S3lokI was reading about history, then I realized that the portrait of the Matthias character is the same that a painting of the pope Clement V. There is a reason for that? Its a wink or something like that?

1:15 PM
Avatars are failing to load on gaming
I think it is also a cloudflare issue?
Or maybe is it localized here
@Yuuki Meanwhile, I struggled to even make it past that section forward while killing all the targets and having a time that wasn't horrible
1:36 PM
@Yuuki what the hell was that
11 seconds forward...???
@GnomeSlice yup, they don't even do the wallrunning bit mostly, it's about Frag Boosting (riding the explosion wave of frag grenades)
@Nzall the fuck man
@GnomeSlice yeah, that's what you get when you get a game that's designed around fast map traversal
I mean yeah I loved Titanfall 2 but I was definitely not that good at getting around that quickly
Q: How to make a move trigger move with player's X using a move trigger in Geometry Dash Editor?

GamerMSo in the GD editor, I have a move trigger (First Move Trigger), another move trigger (Second Move Trigger), and another object for testing purposes, a block. My goal is to make the the second move trigger move with the player. I have assigned the ID of 1 to the second move trigger and the block...

2:07 PM
Q: Why can't I see my hotbar in minecraft?

BellI was playing yesterday and I might have pressed a button but my hotbar, hand and crosshair was gone. I pressed almost every button Imaginable and fixed nothing. I pressed F1 and it only opens up windows explorer. I play on windows 10 edition and never had this problem. I waited a day to see if i...

2:20 PM
Whoops I didn't realize SGDQ started yesterday
2:51 PM
looks like someone didn't escape their ad code properly:
This is on SO
They stated in the meta that they wont be curating ads
If I read that right
@Yuuki all that with a controller? :o
ooo bloodstained physical arrives tomorrow
3:12 PM
there are some cool games o SGDQ that I want to see, but most are at inopportune times for me to watch. looks like ill be watching the vods to see those runs
I can't wait for the AGDQ skyward sword run lol
There's a 100% MM run I'm looking forward to
that game had like 50 christmases at the same time so it'll be fun to watch that go to a marathon
it's not every day when a speedrun becomes 50% shorter due to new discoveries
It's going to be so optimised by January too
i most enjoy speed runs of games i have heavily played, unfortunately a lot of games i play dont really have a major following for speed runs
3:16 PM
Yeah they're way better to watch when you actually know how it's supposed to go
3:28 PM
Q: How does someone repel an attack in Dota Underlords?

threeFatCatI've been playing this game for a while now, and when there are two of us left, me having 30 hp and the enemy having 32hp, I won the attack thrice but instead of getting the victory the status keep saying "XXX repelled your attack". Anyway I won the game me having 1hp vs the other player 2hp in ...

3:58 PM
Q: Where did the top bar menu go?

DragonrageWhen I look at the top bar when I'm not logged in on Stack Overflow, there is no top bar menu. I can't view the help center or the list of sites anywhere on it. All I have is this useless bar where I could view products, customers, or use cases. If I am logged in, or if I am on a different si...

Apparently earmarking it for dev bonuses, but not sure how that's going to work out.
@Frank "Turns out we have no cash left for bonuses after spending it on all on stock bonuses to give to the execs."
In my experience, map is used either array.map(args => lambda(args)) or array.map(function (args) { callback(args); });.
Also, ['1', '7', '11'].map(Number) does work the way you "expect" it to work.
@Yuuki I mean, it is a common FP usage of map
It's just that in this case you have to curry because the arity of the functions are wrong. In any other FP languages the type checker would immediately scream at you if you tried to do that, but JS doesn't have that
4:15 PM
I'm also seeing a lot of comments about how map should only provide the current value like it does in a lot of FP languages but I've gotten a lot of mileage out of having the current value, the current index, and the entire array as things to work with.
If map only returned the value, then I'd have to bind the array to get a reference and then also add an unnecessary var index = array.indexOf(value); to every map call.
@Yuuki Oh god no, please don't do that. You'll turn that from O(n) to O(n^2)
Wow, SGDQ used chrono.gg's new creator stores for their Official Charity Storefront
Just add a counter
Or you zip the array with an array of integers and map that
4:17 PM
This is a cool feature, I expect Chrono will see more success with it
@PrivatePansy Or map can just provide the current index!
I think it is kind of annoying that JS isn't as purely functional as it would seem at first, and not having types means doing FP for anything non-trivial is actually really brittle
Why is the problem that JS map provides the current index and a reference to the mapped array and not that other FP languages don't do that?
Granted, I don't know much about FP languages so maybe there's a philosophical reason for that.
It makes it very easy to bind the functions if they have the same arity, although FP langs also have easy facilities to curry if you need it
Yeah the issue is that a lot of the time you want to map using a function with a single parameter, and if you want the index you'd need to use a different map function, but because javascript allows you to ignore parameters you can just use the 3 param function and it'll work in the 1 param case. Unless the function you're using actually does take more than 1 param and you didn't realise
4:29 PM
Q: What's a good way to mine without having to deal with gettting lost in ravines, caves, mineshafts, etc?

naiveaiI've been trying to play it safe as a scaredy-cat in survival and branch mine my way to some diamonds, but when I branch mine (at y=11/12 as advised by the wiki), I always just go like 20 blocks and run into an absolutely enormous ravine or cave anyway. As such, my yields are still very low. Is t...

oh, there is a minecraft speed run :O
ooo random seed too
Set seed is fast but less interesting, aside from "we searched for this really good seed"
And then marveling at how good the seed is
"the seed is strong" - agdq probably
i assume commands are off limits :P
It's 20 minutes faster, but that's because you already know where lava, the end portal, and a nether stronghold are
4:41 PM
/tp to end -> /kill end dragon -> done
You can't tp across dimensions
Also yes
Bonus chests, cheats, and commands are not allowed
Come on, @Uni, I know you've made GoT references here before.
you can however setup warps to other dimensions iirc, though that requires actually having been there
And it requires mods afaik
Warp is a spigot command iirc
@Unionhawk you are probably right. i havent played mc in probably a year
5:04 PM
I've found this list on github of things that can be self hosted. I think @Ave may like a thing or two: github.com/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted
Q: What's the difference between green and blue inns?

RedRiderXWhen plotting my walks I'm noticing there are multiple types of inns. Some have blue roofs, and some have green. There's no visual variation in other building types, so does this mean I can get different things from different inns?

5:30 PM
Q: How to set piston's block direction with custom super flat preset in Minecraft 1.13?

spydragonI am trying to create a custom super flat preset in Minecraft and when I try to have a piston layer they all point north. In the code, how would I make them face up?

@Dragonrage happy belated birthday
5:47 PM
Q: What does it mean when Jakobs guns have lower or higher fire rates?

StormblessedIn Borderlands 2, Jakobs guns say that they fire “as fast as you can pull the trigger.” However, they don’t all have the same fire rate. What does this mean? Are the fire rates actually different, or are they effectively the same?

Q: I can't use execute facing

user233534I want to find a way to shoot a fireball in player looking direction,but i can't use execute command for it. Because I can't set the fireball direction at player looking direction.My version is 1.14.2. (I'm from a non-english language country.Sorry if I had any problem in grammer or words.)

Q: What does it mean when Jakobs guns have lower or higher fire rates?

StormblessedIn Borderlands 2, Jakobs guns say that they fire “as fast as you can pull the trigger.” However, they don’t all have the same fire rate. What does this mean? Are the fire rates actually different, or are they effectively the same?

6:01 PM
@Moacir I hate the concept of "x-awesome"
@Ave To be honest, I also dislike it. But either way it has a list of things that can be used to automations and etc.
@FoxMcCloud thanks :)
Q: How can i make a ridable mob?

GuestI'm trying to find some commands or data to find out how to make something ridable, for example, a ridable ravager. (I use Java)

Q: How does the release schedule for Switch games work?

GendoIkariWhen an upcoming game has a release date set, it is my understanding that you will be able to play that game (the digital copy) at midnight the night before; as soon as it actually becomes date of the release. How does this work with time zones? Do games release at midnight for a specific time z...

That's neat
@Ave The things I liked most on the list for now were Trigger Happy and Monica
Q: thanks for making me vampire

leonard benI'm leonard from USA Florida. I know there are real vampires out there but have little hopes in a possibility of actually finding any and knowing it, if i did lol. I've wanted to be a vampire for the past 7 years since the twilight and drac obsession started. Ohh well though prolly best i haven't...

@Lazers2.0 I want to be a Vampire!
Well you're in luck!
@Lazers2.0 My favorite thing here is that this "vampire lord" has an email address implying that they're only about 50 years old
6:32 PM
How do you know it's not just a vampire that stays current?
A real vampire would've invented the Internet a long time ago.
@Yuuki nonsense. everyone knows that the internet only functions for people under the age of 65
Much like how people living in Houston before the 30s is proof of aliens.
its the reason we dont see @Stern'old anymore
he can only chat when he has someone over who is young enough to use the internet for him :P
Wtf Thorecoin is at $1709
6:40 PM
I had friends that sold Golden Armor in Tibia for 50 bucks
6:55 PM
i think a transformer just blew at work
power went out :(
@Dragonrage We lost power for a couple hours yesterday morning when lightning hit a transformer
Also, anyone else here playing Wizards Unite?
@Unionhawk entirely possible. it was pretty loud
everyone just sort of looked around and waited for the lights to come back on
worst part was i had to login to all the sites i use again :(
@SaintWacko is it any good? i burned out on another eden and dokkan so i'm looking to pick up another phone game
I'm apparently getting calls from someone in jail?
That'd be kinda awkward, asking for your free call and then dialing the wrong number.
7:07 PM
@FoxMcCloud It's an AR game like Ingress or Pokemon Go. It feels like PoGo, but there's a little more depth
eeeeehhhhhhhh it looks alright, i'll give it a shot tonight i thin
7:30 PM
Q: Is there some way to request peer review on an edit?

Mr. BearI just edited this answer, I just reached 2000+ reputation and the edit got imidiately accepted. Is there some way to turn this off? I´m fairly sure this was a good edit, but I have done bad edits before, like the one for this answer, where I removed all incorrect information, which was most of ...

@SepiaLazers @Wrigglenite You also wanted a tool like this, right? For mods in case there is a doubt on the superclose vote
@Yuuki I've seen that they are not actually free, and the telephone company that has the rights for installing in the jail ask for like, $50 a minute. So it is pretty abusive if that was accurate
it depends on the state but that's roughly right for many
@Moacir I just never vote (b'.')b
@Wrigglenite So you are like that government people that just do things near election periods so they do not need to do anything while elected?
I guess I joined around the previous election so it checks out
7:50 PM
@SaintWacko Yeah my office is all over it
My boss even sent me his friend code over the weekend
I think our office is in a flagged block
@RedRiderX Ooh, nice
(idk what you call those, it's literally a flag that's been added to the block)
Q: I forgot my old email for my minecraft account

IHazNoNameI had forgotten my old email and have tried every possible thing I could think of but I still can't get through my old account. I don't have a Mojang acccount and still had my old minecraft premium account on since I hadn't migrated to the Mojang account ( Since I couldn't because I had forgotten...

There's been less server issues compared to Pokemon Go's launch so that's been nice.
But it's still got the energy meters of a f2p mobile game.
Woo, Yearling badge Mk. 7.
8:00 PM
Bridge! I was on a train! Soon I shall be on another train!
(brought my aunt to her bus on the LRT and now I am waiting for LRT back to my house, I am so happy we finally have LRT)
@Moacir giggles
Oh, isn't WorldEngineer arriving this week?
8:08 PM
Yes! Thursday!
I am much excite
8:57 PM
@Ash I am not getting on a bus for some time now after today
welt.de/img/vermischtes/mobile195829031/… since that happened today >.<
9:12 PM
@Ash Yay trains!
@dly oh yikes
9:34 PM
Q: Is a (Dedicated) 4mbps line good enough for PS4?

Matthew van ZylWhere I live, Internet services are very expensive and unfortunately I can't get the speeds people usually seem to have in America for a good price if at all they exist here. I've already tried using 4mbps and 10mbps lines (Shared) but I always seem to experience high packet loss during peak hour...

Enter to win a Nintendo switch and custom carrying case: playfulstudios.com/new-super-luckys-tale
9:52 PM
@GnomeSlice I should finish that game
But slay the spire is pulling me away
Q: (Minecraft Java 1.14) How are bossbars ordered, and can I make sure one of them always stays at the top?

Nik3141I want to write a datapack which has several different features which use bossbars. I need one of the bossbars to always be at the top of the list onscreen, so the one highest on the screen, while others come and go, possibly quickly or possibly slowly (they will show the health of mobs the playe...

10:15 PM
Q: What game is this character from?

QuestwalkerWhat is this arcade character from? (this is from the Pixels movie)

Q: What is a good MMO?

LindsayI used to play a MMO called Toram on my phone. It was great! I was able to build up my character's level to about 45 by fighting monsters. I got really good armor and a weapon I loved by grinding materials and going to the armory. I also had a great guild that helped me when I was struggling. My ...

@RedRiderX yes you should
Don't let it get stale in your memory
10:35 PM
Q: Fastest way to earn Wumpa Coins?

pinckermanCTR: Nitro Fueled introduced this currency that lets you buy and unlock new characters, skins and stickers from a store called Pit Stop. Since I get like 40-60 coins after every race this seems a very long job, cars and sets cost 3000+ coins each so here's the question... Is there a best wa...

11:22 PM
@Moacir BREAKING: Moacir found ran over by Train. Police baffled by how train ran for 50km without tracks

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