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12:14 AM
It is colder in San Francisco than in Fairbanks, Alaska
12:40 AM
cc @Yuuki @badp PBE login queue op
Hello bridge
Q: How to make a wolf angry at a nearby player

HydraI am in 1.14 and I want to summon in wolves that are angry. summon wolf ~ ~ ~ {Angry:1} Doesn't work, since the wolf must have a specific player to be angry at, which is stored in UUID's I believe. This behavior is unlike Zombie Pigmen, which when set angry become agro at all players. I though...

Q: Command for detecting coordinates of a player then giving night vision

Trazmaball Gyster MysterI'm trying to figure out a command that detects if any player is on a certain coordinate, or in the vicinity of it, and if a player is detected, it gives them night vision. What do I do to get this to work?

hello kevin
My head is allllll kinds of weird
I have been up for uuh... 22 hours now
@Kevin Yep. Sleep deprivation does that.
12:48 AM
Also waking up at 5am to do the last things to catch a flight
It is now 3am dutch time and uuh almost 6pm local time
@PrivatePansy And it's uncomfortably hot in the south bay area
@Kevin so you are in my timezone?
I am in san diego
that would be in my timezone, and in the same state I am in
My brain isn't happy with me so I'm just going with "I'll let you do the work"
12:51 AM
you are roughly 110 miles away, so a little less than 2 hours away without traffic
1:03 AM
@Yuuki I saw the image starred and was going to make the same joke. I'm sleep deprived, what's your excuse?
Q: Space Engineers Automatic Jump Drive

MaRublFrom my understanding, there is no way to do an auto jump with the jump drive. Has anyone figured out a way to use vanilla Space Engineers to achieve this task? My reasoning for this is in case an enemy approaches the ship while I'm not present, sensors would detect it then jump to a designated ...

1:27 AM
Q: How can I reach the chest at the top of the Towers of Twin Dragons?

Jeff MercadoAt the top of the Towers of Twin Dragons, there's a pair of chests at the very top. at the marked spot After gaining Invert, I was able to get the first. But the second one I can't see a way to reach it. look to the far right underneath the spikes So far I haven't seen any breakable walls a...

1:58 AM
thank u to some random debt collector for buying me a beer lol
(this place has a "buy someone else a drink" board, and I claimed "debt collector to s/o with student loans")
Could be "shoutouts" but not here
Normally it's used for like, "anonymous to a first responder" or something but, I'll take it
Excluding individuals, this board has "cancer fighter", "marine vet", "current reds player", "city councilman", etc I'm afraid of the edit timer
Q: Skyrim. Potion/Enchanting glitch

DavidWent through 3 sets of attire getting higher foritify alchmey enchantment and it still kind of caps at a certian percentage. Like first time when alchemy and enchanting was maxed i created the 24% attire and eventually got it to like 122% and it wouldnt increase anymore so i had to make new attir...

2:15 AM
Makes sense
Wait why are you still awake
It is only 10:23
And @Kevin is currently on the west coast
It is 7pm
I've only been up about 23 hours
ooooh right I forgot you were doing an America for a while
Hugs with GF have been had, but she has work :(
2:30 AM
For 6 years I have had this abominably ugly couch in my apartment (it was here when I got here, its the most uncomfortable thing) and tonight friends helped me remove it and I HAVE SO MUCH SPACE.
Did you find any loot underneath? :o
Yes! I found my spinner ring that has been missing for moooonths
2:53 AM
Alcoholic brain (dumb): I could go to another bar that is open until midnight, child brain (enlightened, cool): local amusement park is a midnight close also
Guess which one was objectively the better decision
And therefore the one I made
(the second one)
Thank you to drop tower for, dropping, while in view, to indicate that you're open
3:09 AM
That was the much better plan
3:29 AM
Q: Why does this fireplace work?

Cestarian The back of that wall is entirely flat, the underside of it is dug out, now if you look closely you'll see that the birch logs are placed diagonally form the fire block. Fire spreads diagonally though, so why is it not doing it here? Is this really a safe setup or is it only a matter of time b...

4 hours later…
7:08 AM
@TimStone I was taught this at school
1 hour later…
8:36 AM
Q: GTA Crashing after getting muted

Adrian CornacI just got muted yesterday and oddly enough after leaving the online game and re-entering,I often crash. From my experience it often crashes as soon as any screens showing Franklin show up (that's..rather funny) does this have anything to do with the mute?

9:17 AM
Q: Minecraft: disappearing mobs

ForeyanSo I started some animal farms and got myself a very good horse with great speed. I went to a ice biome which is around 700 blocks away for ice without my horse and when I come back, I found that my horse was gone! I couldn't find it anywhere and I think soem of my pigs and cows were gone too. Is...

9:37 AM
Q: Why aren't the enemies scaling with my level in Borderlands 2?

MazayskiyBorderlands 2, Playthrough 2. I tried farming Mobley and Gettle, and even though I reached level 40, they remained at a low level. In all the videos I've seen, they were at the player's level. I understand that it's the level of the area, because in my vending machines sold items are level 34. Qu...

10:22 AM
God metro istanbul's edgy ads
"don't manspread or 3 kids will come and force you to not manspread"
1 hour later…
11:39 AM
Q: What determines the result of a light weapon's Clutch Claw attack?

WriggleniteWhen grappling to a monster using the Clutch Claw, it is possible to attack the monster using your weapon. This has two different effects depending on whether the weapon is light or heavy: with a heavy weapon the part hit by the attack will be tenderized, while with a light weapon the monster wil...

12:20 PM
Q: Can I run GTA V smoothly in my laptop My system specs are i7 intel core processor in 8GB ram and 2GB Nvidia geforce mx130 graphics card

Shibin 1234![enter image description here]I like to play GTA V in high graphics pls help me can I play it in my system requirements I have 8 GB ram intel core i7 processor 2 GB Nvidia geforce graphics card

@Ave That was, uh, weird.
1 hour later…
1:28 PM
funny though, but perhaps having signs opposite the seats would be more effective, like a no smoking sign type of thing, "no spreading" or something like that
@user7237069 there's signs like that
Q: Why won't the ground take my seed?

ReflexiveI'm playing a bit of hardcore and I'm building a farm. My problem is that sometimes when I go to plant one the ground refuses to take my seed. This is unacceptable! Resources are short. Sometimes walking a large distance away changes this though. So I'm wondering is this an in-game mechanic I am ...

2:18 PM
@Ash So I've played a bit of 2. It's really cool — reminds me of Fallout 4
Aesthetics are a lot like Nuka World, with all the insane people killing each other in a sparsely populated wasteland (but it'd be the other way around, really)
1 hour later…
3:43 PM
Q: Minecraft - Is there an ingame way to learn how to build a nether portal

TrebitotDoes the game ever teach/show you how to craft a nether portal? Or is it something you are just supposed to look up. I know the wither is "foreshadowed" by that one painting, so you could potentially learn how to summon it through that. However I cant find anything similar for the portal.

Q: Space Engineers Terminal Hacking

MaRublWith online play, is it easy to hack other players ships? To hack in single player is fairly easy: install a terminal access it within the control panel press ctrl + a then transfer to: "me". The list above can be tedious online and take hours to test, that's why I'm asking. My goal is to h...

Morning chat
Morning @Kevin
4:04 PM
Q: Sonic Team Racing - Online Modes

Ryan FletcherI'm considering purchasing Sonic Team Racing on steam. I'm curious what online modes it offers. Going through youtube, all I ever see are one-off casual races. Is there an online grand prix mode? Can someone who owns the game please make a list of the customization for the online mode? Thank yo...

what is the penalty for being afk in overwatch competitive?
is it a hundred of points or under a hundred?
i was queued for a game, then had to do something very important and when i finished doing that thing got back to find that i had a suspension and also noticed that my score was in the 1900 range, i'm pretty sure i was above 2100
supsension was at nine minutes when i got to see it so maybe it was a 10 or 15 minute suspension
not sure how many points i lost from the suspension
if any, do you even lose points when suspended, i know that you lose points when you lose a game
4:29 PM
@Ave what is this?
what is AA and CHP?
AA = anadolu ajansi
what does that mean?
CHP = Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi
please translate
4:30 PM
basically local elections for istanbul are being re-done today
because the party that ran istanbul for last 20 years complained
why did they complain? do they still run things now?
the diff in votes was only 10k or so
@user7237069 president is through this party so they still had power to force elections to be re-done
@TimStone what game is that?
@Ave did you vote? who did you vote for?
4:33 PM
@Ave they said that the 10k difference in votes was enough to re-do the elections, people were like "meh"
so it was redone and now the difference in votes is 742k
and they lost again
@user7237069 I couldn't vote because last time I voted in ankara, not istanbul
@TimStone whats strange is that after clicking on that and seeing the stuff that was going on there and then clicking on a streamer that i follow, the one that i follow had a message about mature audiences, but that one didn't
and the one i follow never had anything on her channel that i saw that was even close to what i witnessed on that link
@user7237069 I'm not sure but you get a suspension I know
Oh oops, you already said that
You should make a question on the site, I'd be interested in the answer as well
yeah, so what i'm not sure about are the consequences
i'm not so sure about how to ask
I want to play games on my computer, but the cat is sleeping in my computer chair.
stroke him
4:43 PM
@Wipqozn computer and the chair belong to the cat now, sorry
@Kevin Seems like it
To be fair, so do you and everything in the house already so
@Ave what is the syntax for linking like that where you dont show the url in the link? anyway her name is octavia_o and if not for her i would never have played that game that she plays, apex legends, i must admit that i was frightened when i first played that game and i still am
@Kevin Accurate
@user7237069 wdym
4:44 PM
@Ave what does wdym mean?
@user7237069 what do you mean
it means "what do you mean"
that's a justin beiber song
@Kevin i trying to figure out how to make a link to somthing on here that looks friendly
4:48 PM
@Ave oh, i think i know what you're asking, what i mean, is that when i play that game, i am afraid, because it's not familiar i suppose, i dont know what to do
I see what you're asking by this "what is the syntax for linking like that where you dont show the url in the link?"
thanks, i'll try that one day
maybe today, maybe not
5:04 PM
how can i link just the first 45 seconds of this video?
You can make it start at a specific spot but you can't link only a portion as far at I know
is it ? or & for that or more complex?
@user7237069 how to ask?
@user7237069 I'm not sure, it's a YouTube feature, not from us
@GnomeSlice yes, how to start really, and from there how to continue
There is a syntax from it, I believe under sharing options on any YouTube video you can find it
@user7237069 what you wrote in here is probably sufficient
5:20 PM
@GnomeSlice i will have to try it out some time
5:45 PM
Q: Disable a villager spawner?

Blake LeonardOn our Pocket Edition skygrid, we found a Monster Spawner that spawns villagers. Now that we have all the villagers we need, we can't seem to disable the spawner. We don't want to destroy it. However, it does not seem to be able to be disabled. Is there something I'm missing? How do I disable th...

@TimStone what does sgdq mean?
@user7237069 summer games done quick, a big charity speedrunning marathon benefitting Doctors Without Borders
Q: There’s only one hand on my Fez Clock

Confused PersonI’ve gotten 4 anti cubes, but only three of the are from the clock (I think). I know how to get the anti cubes, but now my clock only has ONE HAND... I don’t know what that means or what I should do...

Some pretty solid blocks here, dark souls all bosses into botw any no amiibo into mm 100?
Lttp and super Metroid combo randomizer is really cool to watch too
6:40 PM
Oh good somebody did the SGDQ thing so I don't have to do it
my dad just told me to make my money last
7:16 PM
@user7237069 how old are you?
@GnomeSlice It says that's because Ubuntu is dropping support for 32 bit packages, which Steam needs
Shocking headline, news at 11
7:45 PM
@GnomeSlice i'm 43
Q: How and where can I find the keys for the locked boss rooms?

murgatroid99I have found boss doors are locked that require the Carpenter's Key, the Millionaire's Key, and the Celestial Key, and maybe there are others. How and where can I find all of these keys, and any others I don't know about?

Q: Ending - Missing QR-codes of AI's

Victor HugoI've tried to make a title without spoilers, but my real question is: what happens to the other AIs in the ending? In the final level we saw the ending of Shepperd and Samsara, but what about D0G and Sheep? Did I missed some QR-codes? Did they manage to "get out" as well?

@user7237069 doubtful
@GnomeSlice thanks, one day you might appreciate that, to be honest i never thought i would ever care
but look, here i am
i remember when i was 21 i thought 25 year olds were old people
now i think they are young people
@GnomeSlice or did you think i was older? early or late 50s?
60s? really?
i wonder what you say if you knew what i look like
or do you know that already
8:08 PM
Q: How would I fix my locked door

Gangster8192I've made these commands to lock a door and make it only able to open if a user is holding an item called "Hotel Master Key". This summons an armor stand, and I have placed it in front of the door to stop rightclicking to open it. I've done this 2 more times for the corners of the door. /summo...

8:22 PM
Sorry we just don't have many people over 40 in here I think. Welcome.
Didn't mean to be rude
@GnomeSlice are you sure? you only know what they want you to know, you only see what they want you to see, i admit, every now and then you get a genuinely naive person who tells you everything, such as me, but i am rare
at least i like to think so
Q: What is the use of the courrier?

Fredy31In both DAC and TeamfightTactics, You have a courier, that can just move around the board. It doesn't attack, it doesn't interact with the fight in any way. So what is the point of the courier? Is there something obvious I'm missing?

8:42 PM
@user7237069 I've been here for the better part of a decade, I know most of the regular users pretty well
@GnomeSlice i was pretty old even back when you first appeared
i remember you
@user7237069 Are you a regular user that came back?
@Frank i'm one of the many people that would openly admit to not liking you, but i really dont know you, you are probably a nice person
@user7237069 That's not what I asked.
probably not
8:59 PM
I have been here since the site was in beta, I think I would remember you
You seem to have a very distinct approach to conversation
@GnomeSlice what do you mean, please describe it in simple terms
I just think I would remember you
Did you have another username back then?
Because I 'first appeared' about when the site was brand new, I'm chat user 56
you are a lot older than i thought you were
i guess i was wrong
it's ok to be wrong
I'm only 27
But I have been on this site longer than most
oh, well maybe i am wrong doubley
could i be "wronger"
@GnomeSlice are you searching for a long lost friend, i'm pretty sure, i am not the one you seek
@Frank i'm not the one you are looking for
9:14 PM
@user7237069 That's still not what I asked.
@Frank feel free to clarify what you are actually asking
or do not
it's ok
no one cares
i lie, i care, but what do you care about me?
As long as you're willing to adhere to chat standards, there's no issue.
@Frank ok, thanks, so umm, frank, what were you asking?
29 mins ago, by Frank
@user7237069 Are you a regular user that came back?
oh i thought i had already answered that one
you want a yes or no ?
9:21 PM
@user7237069 that kind of personal attack isn't appropriate for chat
@MadScientist it was an example. but i guess you can string me up for that, go ahead. i have larger problems, its not the worst thing
there is more to life than this
Enough. We have rules here that apply to all.
mercy i beg
Then follow the rules.
If you want to be disruptive, this isn't the place for you.
@Frank or you
9:32 PM
Dude just chill
You're the one disrupting
Can't tell if language barrier lol
Can we all try to be nice to each other?
tell me to go away, funny that isn't against the rules
lets be nice to each other, it's easier that way
No direct or indirect attacks at anyone else, please
reminds me of gollum
he was saying something like that
@user7237069 OKay you've disrupted chat long enough.
Anyways, that DKC2 run was pretty good. There's a Minish cap run tonight.
Don't think I've ever seen a minish cap run before.
9:41 PM
It's a tough decision when you want to play games but also watch someone play games really well, I haven't watched any runs yet
Yeah, true, but GDQ only comes twice a year.
Ooh, Minish Cap run sounds interesting... But I Probably won't be home until the last half-hour or so
There's a LEgend of Zelda Randomiser race on tuesday too
> Link to the Past + Super Metroid Combo Randomizer
They're doing that as the finisher this year
@Wrigglenite Do I what do. Both!
err no, it's chrono. but second to last.
@Wrigglenite I wasn't being mean?
See? He went away
I don't have to like everyone that comes in here
You don't, but everyone is expected to be nice
And you know I am usually the last people to give new people a hard time about anything
@Wrigglenite I wasn't being not nice
It didn't come across that way, maybe it was just a poor choice of words
I don't know the user or their history, but to me they seem to be here just to troll and cause drama
10:28 PM
@Wrigglenite sorry if I offended you 🤷‍♂️
Just wanted that guy to leave, he was annoying
@GnomeSlice uuh "went away"? points at profile of the person
And pretty rude
@Kevin yes I am aware
Obviously @Wipqozn agreed, lol
'went away' implies choice ;)
I just thought it was an amusing choice of words
Anyway I hope user72whatever comes back again and contributes to chat
Whatever happens, it's done now, so we can move on.
10:32 PM
@GnomeSlice I haven't seen any contribution from this user any of the times they've been here :)
maybe they can change, but I wouldn't hold my breath
so, on tuesday my mother is coming to visit us until end of july... should be fun...
Do you not get along with her?
Or is she going to give you a hard time about certain things
I mean, I haven't lived with her in over 7 years and there's a bit of a language barrier, considering I haven't really spoken latvian on a day to day basis in over 7 years and she doesn't speak english
and she doesn't know I'm trans and we're planning to keep it that way for now...
probably gonna be all fine, the language thing is the most stressful thing for me, because everyone will want me to translate and translating is not as simple as just knowing the two languages
and 5 weeks is a long time...
2 years ago we went to visit them for 3 weeks and it was super stressful for me
at least we have a relatively big house, unlike their tiny 2 room apartment, so it's possible to have some distance if needed, lol
10:50 PM
Q: What are the bosses of Dota autochess?

Fredy31Every five rounds, you play against some mobs. Is there a list of what mobs these are? Like Round X, Roshan or things like that.

Q: Can you stop and event mid-event?

RobbieI was playing Terraria and almost as soon as I got into Hardmdode I got a pirate invasion. The Pirates killed me over and over again because I didn't have any hardmode gear. I tried quitting and rejoining the server but the event kept going. Is there anyway to stop the event instead of fighting a...

11:02 PM
just wondering. with a Windows 10 Install on a new computer, i don't need the internet connection right away do i? like i can hold off until my Wireless USB is set up?
because just been thinking of a major issue with my up and coming build and that's access to the net, while i could do a cable connection it would mean i have to move my monitor out from my room......which isn't the most ideal situation *looks at all the cables winding around the stand*
@Memor-X I think you need the internet to activate windows and download obscure drivers.
11:31 PM
Q: How to get my dog back?

user233499I died in Minecraft and when I responded to my bed I went back to get my stuff and my dog was there but he didn't follow me or did not lison to my commands to stand. How do I get my dog back.

@RedRiderX however assume the Wireless USB Dongle doesn't use obscure drivers. could i skip activation until Windows has gone through it's set up and then activate once i have the wireless dongle set up?
like my experience with windows install was with Vista where i could defer the activation till later
You can definitely skip activation, and yeah a dongle will probably work with a generic driver.

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