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1:53 AM
Q: How to see "Workers Killed" window in Starcraft 2 replays?

Paul ErlenmeyerYou can see in many Starcraft 2 casts that there is a possibility to open a little window to see how many workers have been killed during the last attack. I checked most of the settings but couldn't find it. Anyone has an idea?

2:11 AM
My god, my Drobos are noisy.
Well, specifically, my newest Drobo (a 5N2) is noisy. My old FS isn't doing much of anything at the moment.
new pc, who's dis?
2:31 AM
Ryzen 2600X, Radeon 580, 16GB RAM, and holy crap 1TB of SSD
I didn't realize how fast storage prices were dropping
@PrivatePansy Sexy
I think I paid more for a paltry 128GB SSD just a few years ago
3:33 AM
Q: On Minecraft, is it possible to breed my wolf with my friends wolf? they're both already tamed

coneBoth my friend and I have one wolf on a realm and we want to breed them but are unsure if it will work.

4:10 AM
Bridge! I have finally watched The Matrix!
1 hour later…
5:34 AM
Q: i need a 1.14 kill command for a minecraft map!

StillOutOfOrderSo I have tried 30 or so command outputs to see if they could kill you if you step on red concrete, and i think its stupid to have pressure plates on every block. I have also looked at 1.13 feeds, and they are not working. I suspect they changed the command output again. Please help!

5:47 AM
@Ash wait, for the first time?
how have you been able to avoid it for so long?
Morning bridge!
@Ave Morning
i keep seeing you avatar and wanting that Snorlax to cuddle myself
6:03 AM
This is actually cheaper than expected
@PrivatePansy thank you. hopefully it's still available after i build my PC
2 hours later…
7:47 AM
@Ash Holy crap the Matrix came out 20 years ago
I feel very very old
Maybe it's because I am
@PrivatePansy They're still smaller than the actual pokemons themselves
8:51 AM
Q: Is it possible to trade from an emulator into a nintendo device?

user231389want to know, if it is worth shiny hunting on pokemon crystal, so if I get a shiny, I can trade it to not an emulator, and not be afraid of losing a shiny ,if my phone loses all of it's info.

9:04 AM
@PrivatePansy that's a lot more than what we paid
I think I paid smth like 350 baht for one? that's like 1/5 that I think
(and yes, they're licensed)
9:25 AM
10:11 AM
Last night I dreamed that @TimStone and @Unionhawk stopped by my place early in the morning looking for someone to play D&D with them. I woke up before I could verify if @TimStone was a good DM.
@fredley Holy crap you're right. I also feel old. I blame @Ash.
1 hour later…
11:28 AM
I think I left my earplugs in the Uber on Friday night... Fucking hell
Why does this always happen to me
I think I'll feel too guilty about buying another pair
Fuck that like ruins my week
At least comiccon was fun yesterday
cc @Yuuki
11:54 AM
This is just to say I have said no To the thing You wanted me To do for free and which you were probably hoping I’d think was an opportunity Forgive me I am too busy And it is Not a good use of my time
12:11 PM
@fredley ah yes, I remember trying to freelance as an animator
12:24 PM
@fredley i've no idea about the context of this so i am going to give a generic nod because it sorta sound like a reply to one of those arguments made after someone tries to convince someone to do something for free
Q: What are the QTE sequence on Baihu fight [PS4]?

celsowmI am suffering a lot to beat master Baihu on PS4. I forgot to buy the machine gun move so what are the QTE sequence for this fight?

Q: Minecraft /replaceitem command

Cosm07/replaceitem entity slot.weapon.mainhand minecraft:lever 1 0 {CanBePlace:["minecraft:gold_block"]} but the tag (CanBePlace) is not apply on the item wath is wrong? I am on 1.12.2 minecraft java version

12:53 PM
Just unsubscribed from an email and there was a survey thing asking why am I unsubscribing and I checked "I don't want to receive any more of these emails", so they sent me another email saying that I have unsubscribed, lol
@Chippies yeh but that last one is forgivable
it's not like they sent you an email survey on why you didn't like the emails
1:08 PM
Q: People can’t join my Minecraft world’s!

FreeAgentI play Minecraft on my Xbox one and I have a problem, now I don’t play Minecraft Xbox One edition. I play the universal Minecraft that has servers and realms, and can connect with pc and mobile. Now my problem is that I can join people’s worlds but they can’t join mine. Now I’ve tried to search u...

@Memor-X I don't watch a lot of movies!
@fredley yep it did!
@Wipqozn does this make me the worst?
1:29 PM
@Memor-X I just think it's kinda ironic
usually when I unsubscribe from email lists, they just tell me on the unsubscribe page that I have unsubscribed (this one did too) and don't send me an email
1:55 PM
@HalfEmpty go to help tab
pick your commute, "I lost an item", "Contact driver about a lost item"
2:11 PM
@HalfEmpty What kind of earplugs do you have?
2:47 PM
Q: Skryim crashes on startup

SteptimusHeapSo when I start skyrim, it loads up to the point of the actual world being there for a split second, then the game closes. I can see my weapon, the room I'm in, and everything else that would be there when the game loads. But then immediately afterwards, the game just closes. no warning, alert an...

3:28 PM
@SaintWacko knops. They were $160
@Ave I'm not 100% sure but I can try
Currently in Canada, your airport is pretty nice.
@HalfEmpty Oh, that's a neat idea
Do they work pretty well?
@Yuuki Hey, that's not fair, Canada has two airports, otherwise they wouldn't be able to get across the Prairies without actually having to enter them
Yeah I like them. There is not a lot of difference between the middle two settings, but noticeable difference across the range
Toronto, to be specific.
3:36 PM
Waiting on a connection to Shanghai in 2 hours.
I go to venues where I am in and out a lot and it's nice to not have to take them out
They can get a little uncomfortable after a while though which is why I think I took them out in the Uber.. not sure.
I'm hoping they're just at home somewhere
But they really do let you just dial the level of blocking?
Yeah you just turn it
No electronics
Do you know what the attenuation curve is like?
Pretty flat?
3:38 PM
Has four steps, but in practice feels more like three
@SaintWacko they have that info on their site, you mean how much is blocked at each level?
@HalfEmpty Well that, and is the sound transmission pretty accurate?
They claimed a pretty flat response curve too. When it's on the most open setting it does still feel slightly blocked but you can easily hear speaking and stuff
@SaintWacko yeah things sound pretty good to me, I don't have a trained ear though and I go to like dance clubs where it's really loud
I have a pair of Earasers and a pair of Isolate. It'd be cool to replace them with just a single set
It took me a loooong time to get mine but I preordered. The company had some issues I think in production
I believe they're doing okay now
This is a good review
It convinced me to get them
So it's 10-20-30 db attenuation
Thought so
Build quality is amazing too
Fuck I hope I can find them
The website still says preorder but also says same day shipping. I've seen complaints online about not getting them
Yeah, I might have to pick up a pair of those
I hope you find yours!
#FrameFatales, an all-women speedrunning event is now LIVE! This online marathon, organized by women, will feature over 50 hours of amazing speedruns, starting with an action-packed day 1 schedule! http://twitch.tv/gamesdonequick
Gah, inb4d by @fredley
@Ash so what did you think of it?
4:43 PM
And now for the flight from hell.
5:14 PM
Where are you flying from?
5:25 PM
Q: Fallout 4 VR's graphical nightmare just won't be fixed

Johannes McQuearyFallout 4 VR's graphical errors are astonishing. Here's a link to a youtube video showing my issue Machine specs: Intel i7 8700 32 GB RAM Nvidia RTX2070 GPU Windows 10 Pro 1803 HTC Vive Things I've tried: 1.) Remove all mods 2.) Complete uninstall/reinstall 3.) Start whole new game 4.) Get new...

@PrivatePansy Hell
Ah, but of course.
5:45 PM
Q: Lost my workshop on island 4, can I make a new one?

smuggledPancakesIs it possible to make a workshop from scratch? I am stumped.

6:23 PM
@GodEmperorDune it was decent. I read a very queer/trans lens into it, but I can see how you'd get a white dude power fantasy out of it too
@Yuuki hey you should have waved at me when you went by gosh
@TimStone A fate worse than death.
6:39 PM
@Ash That's an interesting take. I read an essay recently describing the Matrix as the original white male nerd power fantasy
@PrivatePansy I can see how you can read it that way, yeah. I tend to see it as a reflection of the trans experience (and the internet has reassured me I am not alone there so that's cool). It fascinates me that you can easily see both, because they're such opposites of identity
Q: How to execute an effect through a specific item in minecraft

ImTemperI would like to create a system where I can give a player, for example, a weapon named the "Special Bow". When they hold this bow it turns them invisible. I do not want ALL types of bows to turn the player invisible when held nor do I want all players to turn invisible when a singular player hold...

7:12 PM
To the Moon and Finding Paradise got a bonus comic steamcommunity.com/games/206440/announcements/detail/… (you also have this if you subscribe to Humble Monthly)
It's about ~50 full color pages between two main stories set in each of the games, a small crossover comic and some shenanigans from the doctors at SigCorp
Oh, and there's a music track for each of the comics
7:24 PM
Q: i went to far back in my ksp world

Enpockelistekplease can someone help me im having a panic attack because i failed a Kerbal Space Program mission pressed f9 and went back really far the game like 3 thing unlocked in the tree all the other results for this question are really confused

1 hour later…
8:43 PM
Q: For Quake 1 and Quake 2, how many people can play in co-op mode together?

Treebark88I was thinking of buying a lot of these games for my family, but I'm not sure if there is a player limit for both of these games.

9:05 PM
Oh yeah, chat! I got to buy a cape of accomplishment yesterday:
we did it chat
The quest grind is over except for preparing for upcoming quests in order to keep my cape
Which, not looking forward to 70 hunter lol
Or paying for the rest of 70 herblore
Then again I'll be able to do money dragon soon so
9:26 PM
This is my step ladder. I never knew my real ladder
9:45 PM
@HalfEmpty That took me waaaaay too long and then I giggled
@Unionhawk Hey, nice!
10:01 PM
Q: 4x why would I want play a faction other than that which has an advantage in knowledge?

MawgWhen playing 4x, I only ever play the faction which has an advantage in knowledge. Why would I want to lay any other faction? I understand that fame designers have to include multiple factions, some with advantages in money, population, etc, but I can't see why I would ever want to play one - o...

Q: Why would I want to plant fungus in SMAC (Sid Maiers' Alpha Centauri)?

MawgThe answer to this question got me to thinking. When playing 4x, I only ever play the faction which has an advantage in knowledge - which got me to thinking and asking this question For a decade or so, I use boreholes extensively and was overrun by mindworms. Now, and I could still be wrong, ...


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