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12:28 AM
Q: Squads attacking everyone after kill order on werebeast

fromGiantsA wereape entered the map and tried to attack my fortress but was caught in a cage trap. At this point, it shape shifted into a dwarf. I put the cage in my target practice pit, then ordered my archer squads to kill the dwarf. After it was killed, they proceeded to attack eachother and anyone in i...

12:47 AM
Q: Can i have mods on LAN and realms servers

user228965so me and my friend want to do a play through and we cant play LAN but maybe but if we have the same exact stuff can we use mods on realms servers

1:20 AM
@BunsGlazing So far of the ones I've seen, Three Robots and When the Yogurt Took Over. It's funny because I thought the third story I watched was weaker than the first two and thought they lead with their better stories, but that's probably not the case if it's semi-random
1:38 AM
Foddy: When players finished Getting Over It, players could join a chat room where Bennet would congratulate them IN REAL-TIME. (He got a notification on his phone every time someone finished the game so he could log on.) Some examples: #GDC19
I have always wondered what was at the top of the mountain and apparently it's this which is extremely cool
Q: Can I make Apex Legends run on DirectX 10?

Nightslash360I have a bad computer but I want to play Apex. I tried putting "-dxlevel 10" in the launch properties box, but it didn't start. It's a Source Engine game, so shouldn't it use the same Source commands? Is there a way to make this work or is it a lost cause?

@Unionhawk oh goodness this is magical
@Ash this ending is hidden behind a "check this box and click ok to certify that you're not recording or streaming" (it probably also looks for if you're running obs) so I've always wondered
@Lazers2.0 wait what the fuck apex is source engine?
1:54 AM
Yeah I looked it up before commenting like a moron
I still absolutely don't believe it
Oh Titanfall is also source
I legitimately didn't know source was used by not valve
Q: 90's PC game about being a witch

user18412There's a game I remember playing when I was younger that I'd like to find again. I'll do my best to describe what I recall about it. Released on PC sometime around early to mid 90's. You play the role of a young witch in a town that resembles Salem, Massachusetts. When moving around town or wa...

2:23 AM
Q: Can I get Shadowmere and save Cicero?

RaeburnSo, I love Skyrim. I especially love the horses. And I want Shadowmere to be my horse. I was just wondering if it is possible to have Shadowmere, and spare Cicero while also destroying the 'dark brotherhood'. (we all know Astrid ruined it)

3:02 AM
though you can probably discount Black Mesa from that since it's a third party remake of Half-Life
Yeah I saw that list lol
I also didn't know Garry's mod wasn't valve
3:19 AM
So what's the go to torrent software now-a-days? on a Discord Server i'm told uTorrent is dead and BitTorrent has a Remote Code Execution Security Flaw in it that the devs will not fix. one user says qBittorrent or Deluge are the go to ones now
want to know because i have alot of ebooks on Humble to download and doing it through the browser isa real pain because they don't all start downloading
3:32 AM
Hmm... I need to pick a new phone.
I think I want one that's Google Fi-capable.
I don't really want the Pixel since no 3.5mm jack.
Maybe the G7 since it runs Android 9.0.
3:57 AM
I haven't minded no 3.5 on my pixel 2 but maybe I'm just used to it
it is annoying to have to contend with it on low battery
Q: Having problems with the distance= command of minecraft 1.13.2

AnnonSo, as the title says I'm having some problems, a problem that seems simple, but keeps seeming to elude me. The command I'm using as a test is this- /gamemode adventure @a[gamemode=creative,distance=..2] above that, I have this- /gamemode creative @a[gamemode=adventure,distance=3..5] however,...

4:32 AM
I don't know if I would be happy without a 3.5 jack
1 hour later…
5:36 AM
Q: Civilization 6 is stuck between turns

chxThe city names no longer show, I can scroll but can't click on anything. I tried pressing every key to no avail. What's this...?

5:55 AM
Q: I Married Farkas, and I thought he was supposed to live with me. How do I make that happen?

KatarinaI married Farkas in Skyrim but everything is still the same, he talks the same and he’s not living with me. Was that supposed to change and can I make him live with me?

6:48 AM
@Yuuki I distrust LG phones since I had a G4 and it was rubbish. The screen had bad burn ins, the battery life was atrocious and the phone bootlooped months after warranty expired (though thankfully they fixed it free of charge)
I'm using a Nokia 7 Plus purchased May last year and have been quite happy with it. It's (relatively) cheap, has very fast updates and performs well all round while been very affordable
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7:56 AM
I think a case could be made for suing the Phoenix Point developers for breach of contract now that they release on Epic Games Spyware instead of Steam
8:56 AM
Q: Is it considered breach of contract or advertising laws if a developer markets their game as releasing on digital store A, but then chooses store B?

NzallRecently, there's a lot of commotion in the PC gaming market over the Epic Game Store, a new digital-only PC games store and platform which is trying to break into the market. A lot of PC gamers are criticising Epic, the store owner, for being anti-consumer, because instead of providing some kind...

1 hour later…
10:19 AM
Uuugh. It hasn't rained for an entire week here, then suddenly we get a huge thunderstorm that starts just when I'm going home, and I'm now soaked
One neat thing here is that some of the drains have sensors with the data available via open APIs, so you can watch the island flood in real time
10:55 AM
@Nzall problem is that its a 1 year exclusive release. after that year it they are "supposedly" releasing it on the other platforms
though yeh it's still a dick thing to do even after when it's been found out that they knew there was a backlash and that even if everyone pulled their pre-orders, they can still release the game
and is telling of Epic's business practice. yes devs/publishers are to blame for accepting the deals but Epic is trying to artificially inflate their library by bribing publishers/devs for limited exclusives rather than the big selling point they made when they announced their store
Q: Inferno Adze not used when mining (Wielded)

Jonas PraemI am trying to use the Inferno Adze as a pickaxe. However every time my character pulls up a bronze pickaxe (from my toolbelt) instead. It should work as a rune pickaxe. I have searched all over the forums for this bug, but no luck. Anyone has any idea why my toolbelt is being prioritised, even...

11:40 AM
I'm 25 now. I think that means I'm officially older than @Wipqozn.
Sterno ("canned heat") is a fuel made from denatured and jellied alcohol. It is designed to be burned directly from its can. Its primary uses are in the food service industry for buffet heating and in the home for fondue and as a chafing fuel for heating chafing dishes. Other uses are for camp stoves and as an emergency heat source. It is also a popular fuel for use with toy and model steam and other external combustion engines. Sterno cans were sometimes taken on trips and used to heat curling irons and hot combs for hairstyling, for use when travelers were not near salons providing these services...
@Unionhawk Accurate
I often forget just how young you are
You're almost as young as Forever 16 @Ronan
@Wipqozn I realised in 32 days I'll be 1.5 times as old as I was when that started
Yeah I was going to say, I'm pretty sure that's actually literally right
Yeah I'm 24 next month
@Ronan It's a shame this isn't RL so I could pinch your cheeks like an annoying grandmother
12:04 PM
@Wipqozn classic burn
12:32 PM
@Wipqozn You would, too.
Yeaaah, @Wipqozn might be only 30 but in his cold black, sock-wrapped, heart he's always been 90
Q: Black ops 3 Xbox 360

VaIdIk47I am going to buy a game call of duty black ops 3 for Xbox 360.so my question is can I download black ops 3 content on external devices.And is there any campaig mode for Xbox 360 black ops 3.

Mar 13 at 13:07, by Unionhawk
I can't wait to have to maintain this project that was just presented to us
I think Cthulhu ate my visa
12:44 PM
I am pleased to inform you that this effort has been forcibly cancelled and reassigned to our team to implement how we want
so we can stop screaming "THIS IS A BAD IDEA PLEASE STOP"
@Unionhawk That's a good thing, right?
now we can implement it in a way other than by copy pasting the wheel
@Unionhawk Err, isn't the core principle of programming that you SHOULDN'T reinvent the wheel and instead reuse other people's wheel designs?
@Nzall in this case they were reinventing the wheel, by copying an entire class into their own OurVersionOfThing
when they should have been using Thing
ah, like that
12:56 PM
like I would have bought it if it was OurThing extends Thing, maybe, but
this was just a recipe for us having to change code in 2 places in the future
and have to fix bad usability down the line too
It's official: The vote on the #copyright directive will take place Tuesday, March 26 at noon! This is the earliest possible time to vote, supporters of #Article11 and #Article13 are getting nervous. Time to turn out in droves for the protests on Saturday! https://savetheinternet.info/demos
Let's hope the EU listens to their constituents rather than to big media
Is this the one that wil ban memes?
@Moacir gif memes in particular, yes. But also would allow newspapers to force Google to pay them for showing up in search results.
1:14 PM
1:29 PM
"we live in a society" - @excellence.attitude
So for the past few days, I've been waking up with a headache.
Not like a migraine but more like "that kinda smarts and is really annoying".
1:46 PM
@Kevin Its true
2:21 PM
@Yuuki What part of your head?
@Ash Bit around the temples and between the eyes.
Sinus headache maybe? I've been getting a loooot of those lately due to the stupid variations in weather
Maybe, I'll have to see my doctor.
2:44 PM
@Unionhawk im kind of surprised to see people dont know about this, i have never played the game and i was spoiled on what was at the top of the mountain pretty quick
what i didnt know is that he got notifications
that must have been hell
Anyone here have thoughts on Mages of Mystralia?
I like the concept but "story by Ed Greenwood" is a pretty big red flag
isnt that the forgotten realms guy
Aka The Most Boring Fantasy Setting Ever Written
but drizzt!!!!1
Q: Will number of steps recorded on FitBit/any fitness tracker add up distance in PokemonGo?

DashamlavI have a FitBit Inspire HR fitness tracker. I play Pokemon Go on my phone. Will the steps that the FitBit detects, get added to towards the distance covered to hatch eggs in the game, if I do not have my phone with me when I am walking? I have enabled Adventure Sync feature on my phone. I kno...

Q: Problem with keyboard controls in FlatOut 2

EthanSometimes when I'm pressing the accelerate key the car goes to the left or the right instead. I must press the reverse key for a few seconds and then the car goes straight again. I play on PC and I changed my keys to 8 (accelerate), 4 (left), 6 (right) and 2 (reverse) in the Numbers section (wher...

2:51 PM
Drizzt was written by R.A. Salvatore.
i know lol
3:13 PM
Oh wonderful, Control is going to be an Epic exclusive as well.
as long as epic doesn't somehow eat a very complex simulation game, i'll be happy because none of their games i really care about
i've practically been boycotting epic simply by not even wanting any of their offerings (Besides UE4, but thats mostly because i need it for a class i'm in. Plus UE4's free)
I don't get it, I set the youtube volume to about 50% and the windows volume to 2, and that's loud enough for me with this headset. Hooooooooooow is that supposed to work?
@Unionhawk im not 25 if that makes you feel better
3:31 PM
@Dragonrage that only leaves ~85 age options
@Kevin im also not 30
Not narrowing it down much
id hate to ruin everyone's headcanon by telling them how old I am
@Wipqozn How did this take you this long
Especially given that this has already been discussed on the bridge before
3:35 PM
it wont help you guess my age at all, but i did grow up listening to radio shows like Gunsmoke, Lone Ranger, and Have Gun, Will Travel
@fredley @Wipqozn is a turtle, of course he is going to be slow
@Dragonrage sets up an upper bound
ah! so you're old enough to know what a radio show is
I don't know what that upper bound is because I have no idea what those shows are
@Sterno clearly remembers listening to programmes on the wireless
@Wipqozn I feel like I've made this reference before while you were present.
3:37 PM
Most likely
@Ronan grew up streaming shows over the wireless
Your age is defined by what doesn't have wires
oh, since you are here @fredley, how is #brexit going?
@quartata I saw someone in the replies say that they get notified if there is only one person playing their game so they can log in to play with that person which is also cool
@fredley I'm pretty sure broadcast TV has been wireless for a while
3:38 PM
Gunsmoke is an American radio and television Western drama series created by director Norman Macdonnell and writer John Meston. The stories take place in and around Dodge City, Kansas, during the settlement of the American West. The central character is lawman Marshal Matt Dillon, played by William Conrad on radio and James Arness on television. When aired in the UK, the television series was initially titled Gun Law, later reverting to Gunsmoke.The radio series ran from 1952 to 1961. John Dunning wrote that among radio drama enthusiasts, "Gunsmoke is routinely placed among the best shows of any...
@Ronan @Ronan but you're still clearly 18 years old and will be forever
@fredley *16
@Dragonrage inb4*
@Kevin *inb4
@fredley's so old he doesn't know how young @Ronan is.
@fredley but he did not, in fact, inb4 anyone
@fredley Because I've literally never heard of this product before today
You've been talking with a sentient can of it for ages!
3:44 PM
@Wipqozn But it's been posted in here so many times before!
@fredley Yeah but I ignore most of what you people say
The wikipedia has been linked 4 times so far chat.stackexchange.com/… (yes, once by the turtle)
Definitely once where he's been in the room
@Kevin And also the message right after it was starred so clicking through to the star would shown the Wikipedia article as well.
In conclusion, @Wipqozn is a hothouse of lies and deception.
@Kevin Yeah but I probably left before that.
Or you may have had Ave on the ignore list
3:48 PM
@Yuuki I mean, I can't disagree with that
@Yuuki No doubt heated by @Sterno
@Kevin I actually have all of you on the ignore list
> The practice is said to have become popular during Prohibition[8] and during the Great Depression in hobo camps, or "jungles", when the Sterno would be squeezed through cheesecloth or a sock and the resulting liquid mixed with fruit juice to make "jungle juice," "sock wine," or "squeeze".[9]
Ewwwwwwww @Wipqozn is that what happened to your socks?
@Kevin Yes
@Sterno is the reason my socks are dirty
Something something incredibly disgusting reddit meme
3:53 PM
Bah I give up
4:27 PM
4:39 PM
I wanna go hooooomeeeee
And not be at work
Boy do I ever know that feeling.
I've got to start getting into work earlier, no one's around towards the end of the day here so I just lose steam
I actually didn't go to work today.\
be careful in kitchen folks, don't accidentally hurt yourself.
I mean, that counts for everywhere really
I cut myself with a knife in the kitchen once (not too badly, but it did bleed) and for the next like 6 months every time I touched a knife my daughter would yell, "DADDY DON'T CUT YOURSELF"
Solid advice, though.
4:44 PM
@Ave Are you getting better?
Q: Can the Windows 10 Xbox App save Xbox One video?

edmzI noticed that the Xbox App on Windows can connect to the Xbox One and even stream-play whatever is on the Xbox. But, can the App save video and audio of what I'm playing on the Xbox? (I don't want to play streamed games on Windows, I want to keep playing on the Xbox.)

Q: Finding bed on server

EmmanuelI had /sethome set but removed it after putting a bed there. I died but had not respawned at the bed and /home wont take me there either. Server admin is willing to help so are there any commands to locate my bed? Even a command to locate all beds will be useful as it is a small server. Or is the...

A friend of mine cut his finger (pretty deeply but just short of requiring stitches, right next to his fingernail) a while ago. So that healed up till the point that you can clearly see the dark line of where it's healing but it's mostly whole... and he proceeds to cut himself half a centimeter above of the earlier cut...
@Kevin oh no :(
Yeah, that was not very smart of him
I've got a scar across my index finger from where I badly cut myself a few years back
4:46 PM
Still no stitches or anything required but pain and being a dumbass that didn't learn =p
I have a scar on my hand from a spoon.
A.. spoon?
How did you manage that?!
Fell while drying spoon, managed to slam my hand against the ground and the spoon enough I scooped a bit of my hand out
@Ash aaaaa
That's not good
4:48 PM
@Wrigglenite That was my reaction.
It took forever to heal.
Still pretty good story though... "And this is my spoon-scar"
@Moacir yeah
i mean it's not a massive scar but I can't easily type and I had to replace the bandaid and re-sanitize ~4 times
Probably meant wound not scar, scars generally don't require cleaning anymore =p
yeah wound
Since we're talking about cutting our own fingers: I once managed to cut my finger on a baguette
4:54 PM
On the baguette? Iiinteresting
Yeah, one of those ridges that sticks out of a well-baked baguette
Heh, oh yeah my parents bought new knives one time, I had a baguette in my hand and moved the knife over it once... the knife was pretty sharp, cut through the bread and still took a few seconds to start hurting!
@Dragonrage 3/10
Q: Do supplies matter between Banner Saga volumes?

DacioI'm at the end of a replay of the first Banner Saga game. I came out in a far better position than previous play throughs and I have an opportunity to buy a bunch more supplies. This is the first time I've felt like I might be over-buying. So my question is, do supplies carry between the Banner ...

Q: What is special about the 73-88% Barrows reward potential range?

UnionhawkSomething I've noticed about RuneLite is that the reward potential percentage color for the Barrows plugin changes at certain thresholds. Digging into the source code, the line that does this is this one: .rightColor(rewardPercent >= 73.0f && rewardPercent <= 88.0f ? Color.GREEN : rewardPercent <...

5:15 PM
@Ave Good vibes your way
You might think "a new far cry game on sale already at -60%? awesome"
The bundle with Far Cry 5 is 60% off
The Far Cry New Dawn Standalone itself isn't discounted (though weirdly enough buying both games together is still cheaper than just new dawn)
but yeah fwiw I was cutting the roots (is this the right word?) off scallions (to prepare them for use in a salad) under tap water (because I wanted to keep the cutting board clean) and had my finger on the other side holding things in place
@Ave yeah, roots is the right word
@Ave Yeah, don't do that
I moved too swiftly and actually managed to actually hurt myself in probably one of the worst spots (right at the point where the upper and middle part of the finger connects) as it just is taking a looong time to heal (as it's a part that moves a ton)
@Nzall yeah, I won't.
5:24 PM
There's a reason why the very first thing they teach any new chef is proper knife techniques
Like, it was literally the first thing I was taught in my cooking class, even before how to boil water
@Ave yeah, the joints are the worst for cuts because you can't really keep them from moving
@Ash Yeah, alongside the lips. Though the lips deserve special mention because they seem to cut themselves during the winter
and if you're not careful those cuts heal wrong and you can't even grin anymore without your lips feeling pain
@fredley still better than #brexit
> Squirrel attacks Florida man, rodent was raised by neighbor
5:39 PM
> Florida​​​​​​: Man offered $200K to buy 8-year-old girl from mother at Walmart, police say.
Because my birthday is the one mentioned in the tweet I just get mentions of the tweet :P
> Thrown pancake batter leads to battery charges for Florida man
Q: 2x1 Piston Door (replaces top block)?

Dylan HutchingI've been looking all over youtube, I know how to make a 2 by 1 vertical door at this point, but for this build I'd like to have 2 iron bars be the door but when it opens for the bottom block of the door be replaced to a stone block. I feel like ive seen this technique of replacing the blocks u...

@Ash since my birthday is today same
The charges were indeed…battery
5:43 PM
> Florida man throws bicycle, then other man off bridge
@TimStone hue
> Police: Florida man commits murder over imaginary girlfriend
I've read somewhere that the reason that there are lots of "Florida man" headlines is because the police info is public on Florida
@TimStone I mean of course they had to be, but still
5:49 PM
@Lazers2.0 I have done something like this in the past but oh boy it was a wild ride
It was a staircase that opened on the ground but it had no indicator or anything. You had to know where to put a lever and pull
I also remember I had to time it right, so the first piston that pushed out had to be the last piston to pulled in
yeah the logistics of that kind of build would be... complex
It had something similar with this
This video is 7 years old
This brings so many memories
It used to matter how many bookshelves were around the enchanting table to get the enchantments
6:35 PM
Ugh I restarted my computer and now PorkChat is broken.
This default chat color scheme is hurting my eyes.
Oh phew it finally loaded.
@InvaderSkoodge this is the reason i have a dark mode for almost every page i use frequently, and for all ides that i use that support it
the black text on white background default for most things is way too bright and hurts my eyes
@Dragonrage What about the ides of march?
I just use The Dark Reader.
7:01 PM
@Moacir Wait, does it not anymore?
Also that's really cool
Ugh, new phone cannot get here soon enough.
@SaintWacko I think you now do not even need the bookshelves. Enchanting changed a lot
> People all over the world are picking up their free game right now
> <The map is empty>
Oh, there's some dots.
@Moacir I mean, a lot of people already have their email in this particular spam list.
7:18 PM
oxenfree OST is so so good
I got Oxenfree free from Twitch, I think.
Well, "free".
and it's 5usd on switch I think, which is where I grabbed it
@Ave Might as well have said "Oxenfree is free on Mars"
But it's not like I get Amazon Prime for Twitch stuff.
because right now there's no way I'm going to ever use the Epic Game Spyware Platform
7:21 PM
@Yuuki Same here
I still haven't used my free sub
gamers: "steam's storefront is bad"
also gamers: "I will never use any platform other than steam"
@Unionhawk accurate
what we need is a proper, open source, non-intrusive storefront.
is itch open source and that's where this is leading to or
(itch is cool because devs set their own split)
yeah itch is good, dunno if it's open source tho
7:24 PM
@Unionhawk I use Origin and uPlay (Anthem and The Division 2) on occasion as well B.net.
Although I've mostly dropped Anthem now.
7:41 PM
I think my main problem with epic store is the same why I took so long to join steam
I think that if this somehow fails I lose whatever I bought there
Its not like this never happened before. Remember Desura?
@Ave why does it need to be open source?
@Moacir I really liked desura's browser experience
The client not so much but you didn't even need it
@BunsGlazing I never got even tempted to create an account there
I have tons of unclaimed desura keys on humblebundle
@Moacir I mean, they also literally have fortnite money
@Moacir worthless now
I was really into desura for a while
But it failed under like four different companies
GOG Galaxy I think you own your games but.. idk
I don't want yet another fragmentation
@BunsGlazing If you download them and store them yourself. I don't bother.
7:48 PM
I have my epic account from Paragon
@JasonBerkan but you could if it ever shut down
@Unionhawk it's the biggest
@BunsGlazing Yeah, assuming they gave me the time to before shutting down. But Steam (or any store) could also do something similar to move my product licenses.
Or the games could just go away.
@BunsGlazing I mean more in the "wow I can't believe that this dev is selling exclusively on a storefront that offers a better split I guess I won't buy it ever" sense
I think steam said they would do that too
@Unionhawk some people just don't want to be fragmented
I have games from all over the place though
I have games on Orign, but my games on uplay all come from steam
i also have blizz
But the problem is these are actually exclusives
Not time-exclusives
By the way
Nitrome has a game coming or out for PS4, switch, etc. LimitedRunGames doing a physical copy..
Kinda want
7:52 PM
whats the game?
@BunsGlazing for extensibility and more. Also IMO ppen source code encourages having a clean codebase, which is something I've noticed that all major storefronts lack (why does steam need to be 250mb, for example?). Why shouldn't it be open source?
Does open source mean anyone can contribute or am I thinking of something else
@BunsGlazing It does mean that, sort of
It's a whole thing, but yeah
That seems like the opposite of encouraging a clean codebase then lol
But I'm not a developer
7:55 PM
It doesn't mean everyone does contribute
You don't have to accept all alterations to your codebase
yeah it's not like your code just suddenly becomes wikipedia
My dad tried to explain to me once why open source is shite but I wasn't really listening
It's really not, we're moving to an inner source (like open source but within a company) model at work and it's really interesting
@BunsGlazing That looks like it has the potential to be fun but also frustrating. :)
7:57 PM
I just am a big fan of nitrome
They should do a collection of a bunch of their old web games
I'd buy that
I like a lot of their stuff, yeah. I'd buy that too I think :)
@Ronan What does that mean? Is it normal to not be able to view your own codebase?
@BunsGlazing it's like uh, when you're working on smth that only a handful of people (who you know and who know you) will see you can mostly get away with hacky stuff or get away with stuff without documenting it thoroughly (in my own experience that is), but when the whole world can see it you kind of refrain from that because then people may and will criticize.
@Yuuki It's all the other open source stuff, like contributor models, documentation, and CI that you need to make open source stuff work, but internally
Also other teams can make changes to your code so they don't need to wait for you to fix that bug that's only affecting them.
@BunsGlazing You suppose you could argue that if your codebase is open, it might be easier for other people, including malicious actors, to find and exploit bugs and glitches.
But security through obscurity is kinda dumb.
8:03 PM
(and if you're open source, more people can notice issues and report it to you, when it's hidden IMO there's a higher risk of an evil party finding an exploit and not disclosing it)
Oh also my company has over 10,000 repositories
oh yikes
Not all active, but still
we only have ~80
idk how many we have, it's probably at least
8:06 PM
We're not a normal company no
@Ronan Parallel computing?
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
Oh, geometry
We're not a tangent company either
@Ronan We're moving that way here. On the new projects, I can submit a pull request for a bug/feature. We're using conan packages for integration so that the features can be in separate repos.
A project I was briefly working on at my last job was doing that with micro-services and docker containers.
Q: item name/Can Destroy not working

EvgenyI am on Java edition 1.13 I tried to make shears called Iron Cutters and make it destroy iron_bars but it only gives the name. It doesn't make me destroy iron_bars in adventure mode. /give @p shears{display:{Name:"\"Iron Cutters\":\"Iron\""},Candestroy:["minecraft:iron_bars"]} can someone help ...

8:25 PM
I just showered and came up with the craziest way of potentially avoiding having to implement upload filters in case Article 13 goes through: Provide an easy and mostly automated way for creators to create one or more small companies including websites that stay well below the limits that A13 imposes for non-filtered sites. So every 5 years companies get recreated, companies get split if they get more than 5M members, etc
So creators don't have to implement upload filters because each of their companies stays below the limits, your company exists longer but doesn't have any content itself so doesn't have anything to filter
So essentially a mix of kubernetes, Reddit and Youtube
Upload an encrypted/blurred image that requires a plugin to unblurry it
So, um, Visual Studio just froze on me.
8:45 PM
How long since you saved?
Q: What UI elements can be changed in The Division 2

PausePauseFrom the Division 2 graphical settings menu it appears that the radar and some Conflict-related UI elements (eg: scoreboard) can be moved, scaled, and saved. Tooltips, tutorials, pickups and notifications don't appear to be movable from the UI settings menu. Is there a way to adjust these elemen...

9:05 PM
fun fun fun
Managed to blunder my way into the secret Patreon-only discord for a Twitch streamer I'm subbed to
without actually being a top tier patreon, to be clear
oops, but yay? :P
Yeah, so apparently, he linked his Patreon only discord to his Twitch channel too, but you can actually see a list of all discords connected to a Twitch channel. And since Discord doesn't have Patreon integration...
45 more min of work today before I get to go to a Baha'i new year celebration thingie and I swear the time is sloooowing dooooown
Discord definitely has Patreon integration
@Nzall oops.
9:14 PM
@murgatroid99 Really? Weird, then it must have been a misconfiguration
@Nzall I have a whole bunch of discord servers that I was automatically added to because of Patreon subscriptions
@murgatroid99 I don't even have a patreon account, so...
Or at least not that I know of
and I don't see a Patreon icon in the Connections settings page on Discord
Or is it supposed to go the other way around? link your Discord account to your Patreon profile?
I think it is the other way around. At least, I think I initiated the connection on the Patreon side
9:32 PM
Q: Will The Fanatic encounter stay in the same place?

mario87If the Fanatic is encountered in a dungeon and you retreat from combat, will the Fanatic be encountered if you return to that same tile? The specific use case here is: Start dungeon Encounter Fanatic Retreat. At this point, after the retreat: The game threw me back to the room before the...

9:43 PM
Q: Close reason for "cannot reproduce"

Fabian Röling(originally asked here) How should questions be closed where the problem described cannot be reproduced? One example is this question. The exact same thing that the asker describes as not working works perfectly fine for me. Of course the question can stay open for now, while waiting for the ask...

10:30 PM
Q: Differences between Darkest Dungeon on PC vs Nintendo Switch

mario87What are the significant differences between Darkest Dungeon's PC version and switch version?

11:22 PM
I propose an extension to the Standard Model. What if science is simply yet to discover all of the marionic and warionic particles?

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