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12:01 AM
input latency on display in the #stadia booth at #gdc19 doom and assassin’s creed odyssey, respectively (60 fps 1080p)
cc @murgatroid99 @InvaderSkoodge
I feel like that's gonna be a problem
it seems high to me
@SaintWacko i haven't seen this in mobile, i had forgotten about it and am sad now
i guess i'll have to go gmail, i checked other services a month or so ago and they all seemed bad
It looks like several frames of input latency, which can be fine or unplayably bad depending on the game
Yeah, I know I am jsut going to have to suffer with Gmail but Inbox had SO MANY things that helped with executive dysfunction
Gmail so far doesn't seem to cover the same gaps
i don't even know what app the reminders go in
12:19 AM
@GodEmperorDune ewwwwwwww
@GodEmperorDune like "remind me to do x at time y"? Google Now handles those, I think?
@Ash jeez how many apps am i going to have to get to replace inbox
I know Gmail has some of the features from Inbox. The main one I'm going to be missing is bundles
i liked breezing through all the stuff in a bundle and sending it all away with a single tap
@GodEmperorDune I'm just guessing, I don't actually know for sure because everything's so integrated in my phone that I don't know who does what
@murgatroid99 yeah I am super gonna miss that
1:03 AM
@BunsGlazing just played a game of Convoy... seemed easier than FTL, until I reached the final fight, which just like in FTL, was unnecessarily difficult and unfair. Needless to say I lost
@GodEmperorDune it's less than what you'd get on an older TV that's not in game mode
@Chippies PC master race says lol
@GodEmperorDune I imagine PC master race is not the target audience tho :P
Q: Apex Legends other players are jerky/laggy. Especially noticeable on initial launch from dropship

JonathanI'm certain it's not a framerate issue as I can still look around and it runs at a buttery 45 FPS at all times regardless, but all the other players jolt, it's like they freeze, then skip forward, then freeze, then skip forward. It makes it really hard to enjoy combat. It happens with enemies, an...

Q: Why is the ability red?

David YellThe following is a picture of my agent, looking at the mod inventory. It's clear that my Skill Power is 1335, yet the requirement for the mod is 352, and it's marked in red. Does this mean that I do not meet the minimum requirements to use this mod?

game streaming is for those who don't want to spend much on a gaming PC, so they can use their shitty laptop that barely runs facebook to play AAA titles
and lots of people don't know the technical know-how to even switch their tv to game mode, so I imagine there's quite a few people gaming on their consoles with well over a hundred ms input lag :P
Not sure if this is accurate, but a big wtf if so
1:28 AM
Q: Minecraft LAN "java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: no further information:"

IlleloriaGamingI am trying to play a map on LAN. But every time I try to log on, I get: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: no further information: This used to work, but for some reason has stopped all of a sudden. I looked it up online, and everything I found said the firewall just wasn't all...

@GodEmperorDune what the fuuuuuck
@GodEmperorDune yeh and as if ISPs are not going to jump all over that
1:47 AM
Q: Can a ps3 work with a chromebook?

John17I currently have my ps3 slim connected to my chromebook. I'm wondering if it will work, thanks.

2:09 AM
@Lazers2.0 Power them both on. does it work? there's your answer. (Likely, both ports are HDMI OUT, so: no.)
@GodEmperorDune That's a surprisingly small amount for continuous video streaming without time to do a lot of compression
That's only about 6MB per second, or less than 480p uncompressed at 60FPS
4 hours later…
6:29 AM
in line for trutrans stuff again
kinda nice as there's a lot of fellow trans comrades here
1 hour later…
7:29 AM
GitHub's notification icon is bugged so it's always there even when I've read everything
But I still click on it every time I open GitHub
This is hell
bleh finally
got my F64.0
8:24 AM
@Ave What happens next?
@Wrigglenite not much. Got referral for voice therapy, got next date of track etc
Voice therapy seems hard
I'll start court work after next track date, then get srs approval, then put it to side and not use it
You won't use it? Why not?
8:49 AM
Q: What do these 2 icons mean in Killzone 2?

Thom Blair IIIWhen a Skirmish match ends in Killzone 2, stats are shown. I’m pretty sure I know what most of the icons mean, but what do the 2 with ??? mean? And why does Tremethick have -1 for one of his stats?

@Wrigglenite I don't trust turkish doctors with srs, but I want to keep the option in my pocket
aaand I just helped my partner get her last 2 signatures
her process is going well, but my ev supplier told me that the levels I'm being forced and doctors are not good, and gave me a bunch of proof. And told me that no matter what I do I risk losing my tracked status, which is fun.
@Ave srs? Is that the genital surgery?
@Nzall yes
telling them that I'm on EV was a mistake
9:41 AM
@Ave why do you need voice therapy? if it's to do with the pitch of your voice isn't that what vocal cord training is for?
10:23 AM
now I need to decide for my lunch whether I go for this:
or this:
@Chippies it's not as bad as in FTL I didn't have nearly as much trouble with the final boss
Now you know what to bring!
First one is a Bento Sushi, the other one is a fried party mix
out of curiousity, what would you guys choose between those 2?
bleh we've concluded that I'm getting gatekept
I need a paper to not get arrested in a country that speaks a language I don't know, and was told that it's not necessary by doctors. My gf was given one as soon as she asked.
I'm being told that my levels are too high at 390 and that I should go down to 200, while my gf was told that 400-500 is great. You might say "but she's probably bigger/taller than you", which is incorrect, we got measured when we got to the first session and other than muscles our body is practically the same, and I only have slightly more muscles for carrying around bag and all for work.
and I'm being told to take EV monthly, while halflife of EV is 7 days afaik
10:41 AM
it sounds like they are trying to hetcon your relationship with your girlfriend by sabotaging you're efforts
Q: Is piranha plant top tier?

Imrik13I saw in some videos or forums (I don't remember where) that some people said that piranha plant is OP and a top tier character because of his UP-B attack. They said that piranha plant can recovery from anywhere and also said that its attacks has always priority instead other characters. And al...

@Nzall Bento is healthier, but personally I would go for the tempura mix (although it's a bit weird it doesn't come with rice)
I'm 30 now. I think that means I'm officially older than @Sterno.
@Wipqozn A finite number can never be larger than infinity
10:59 AM
@Wipqozn Happy Birthday!
That Bento was good for the most part, although the sriracha on part of that sushi has numbed my mouth
@PrivatePansy True!
or something like that, my lips sting and my palate feels numb
@Nzall Bento? Mate, it's 8am, that's not bento time!
@Wipqozn It's 12 PM here
11:06 AM
You kids and your craaaaazy timezones, I swear
@Wipqozn Breakfast is a state of mind
Mind is in a state of lunch
but yeah, it was good, but it didn't have like half the things on that image
Didn't have the surimi sushi or the one in a dough wrap, instead it had a prawn sushi and an extra piece of Salmon
and the middle row of the left one was missing entirely, instead it was just a sesame roll
And the middle column had a different filling
Though this is the 3rd time in 5 working days where I had asian food for lunch.
kinda gets expensive
to have every other lunch be 12-15 EUR
@Wipqozn well done for staying alive this long. What's your secret?
Happy birthday @Wipqozn!
Everyone is having birthdays in a short time spam
To be fair, its better than the alternative
Btw, Brazil now allows some people to come here without a Visa. I think US, Canada, Australia and Japan I guess?
11:31 AM
@MattE.Эллен Cowardice
Ah! The Rincewind method. Very good.
That remind me, I eventually need to read discworld
Indeed. Many gems in there
I started with Small Gods, that was good. Any book with Commander Vimes is enjoyable.
Guards, Guards, guards is the one I own and need to read
:D that's a good one
11:37 AM
@Wipqozn I've seen the stage play of that one. It was... unique
I started reading Discworld in order of release and I just couldn't get into it. I think it was because too many things happen between the lines, like spell effects or character events
@Nzall Pratchett himself said not to read the first ones first, he said they were written by a much worse author
@Ronan Did he also say where one SHOULD start?
@Nzall No, but Guards Guards is a good one
Or Mort
yeah! the series focussing on death and his family is good
11:43 AM
I've read Mort. and yes, I did like that one too. Last book I tried to read was I think the second book in the Witches series
Equal Rites is apparently a good starting place according to the internet
Yeah, I've read that one too
If you want to read the wizards books I think you're just going to have to slog through the first ones or accept missing some information
Maybe there's a wiki summary you can read
@Ronan I've actually seen the Discworld movies based on the first 2 books
I forgot that existed
11:52 AM
Was it bad or something?
I don't remember
The Going Postal and Hogfather movies were good though
@Nzall I am doing a "treatment" where it requires me to be without my contact lenses, so things are blurry to read. I've read that you seen discworld based on the first 2 boobs and got very confused for a moment
@BunsGlazing That's pretty amazing, however
> In its existing prototype state, Noveto's technology may not satiate audio-quality enthusiasts. But the sound quality is likely to dramatically improve as development progresses.
> Wallace said he believes Noveto could easily give its devices better sound quality than one of the most popular headphones you can buy today.
It sounds interesting, but you need to get your tech into the devices, and that's going to provide a massive cost
Like, I'm not paying 300 EUR extra for a device with Noveto
yeah. it seems like it would be good for tv, if it can track multiple people, and each can have their own volume
Considering the most popular headphones are BEATS BY DR SCAM, then headphones will still be around for a while. Also noise cancellation, also not sure how this would replace headphones while on the go.
All super cool, but I hate that headline, basically
Plus it would only work at .. home?
12:31 PM
there's also the question of how useful this is in noisy areas
Where you have space and I'm guessing line of sight
Waiting for brain implants we can stream to
@BunsGlazing I could maybe see this having some use on phones and small tablets aimed at children in a restaurant
@Wipqozn yeah me too I don't really care about headlines any more
@BunsGlazing like cochlear implants with wifi?
files patent
@MattE.Эллен something like that yeah
Although I'm sure you'd get ads beamed into your ears
12:33 PM
@MattE.Эллен I'd buy that for a dollar
@MattE.Эллен Can't wait for the first hacker that sends high-pitched tones to every cochlear implant in a city
Just imagine a D&D setup where the DM has a text to speech thing setup to send specific messages to users
@Nzall yeah another issue
Also, imagine you've been watching footage of your great-grandson and then your grandson goes to the toilet and accidentally streaming porn audio directly to your implant
12:35 PM
Schizophrenia Simulator 2020
@BunsGlazing It could be useful in the office, but again, noise cancellation. Not even special headphones really. Just putting headphones on reduces incoming sound.
This dinosaur comics are the same panels but with the text changed?
@Moacir AFAIK, yes
maybe one or more comics that are slightly different
1:08 PM
do cochlear implants even work
a friend had one and stated that his implants didn't work and that he regrets having them installed
Huh, that sounds cool
The only issue with it could also be a benefit
The whole being perpendicular to the source thing
Easier to talk to someone else if you can free up an ear by turning your head
@Nzall The article says it was tested in a noisy area and worked perfectly
@Ave yes, normally
Cochlear implants are a pretty interesting technology
1:32 PM
@Ave There are restrictions around what types of deafness they work for. If a person's cochlea is damaged, and that's what causes their deafness, then implants won't do a thing for them.
Q: Are units like Pikyuon ever useful?

BatophobiaI have quite a few of these Spirit-type units cluttering up my inventory and was wondering if I should just sell them or use them in some other way. Specifically it's the different elemental versions of the little alligator-looking thing: Pikyuon: Light Mikyuon: Water Mokyuon: Earth Rekyuon: F...

1:50 PM
> Much of the strongest objection to cochlear implants has come from the Deaf community. For some in the Deaf community, cochlear implants are an affront to their culture, which as some view it, is a minority threatened by the hearing majority.[7]
@BunsGlazing I used to have an autohotkey script I ran that would automatically convert any copied wikiwand link back into a wikipedia link, solely so they would onebox
@BunsGlazing Yeah, that's about how I feel about it
@SaintWacko yeah you sent it to me. I'm on my phone
I think it's pretty cool we invented a neural implant in the 70s
@BunsGlazing Ah, okay. I couldn't remember
The more I hear about this, the more I'm starting to get Edmond Kirsch' speech from Dan Brown's Origin novel
for those who haven't read the novel: Kirsch built an immensely powerful computer to figure out essentially the meaning of life (where do we come from? where do we go?), which found that A) rule 0 of the universe is maximize entropy and life is just a really good way to achieve that and B) a new dominant species is arising on Earth consisting of human/machine hybrid life
which I've found to agree with more and more: people are getting implanted with cybernetics and are getting more and more use out of their high-tech gadgets
Pfft. 42.
2:04 PM
Has anyone here ever sold a project to a company?
Like.. you build a prototype, and show for a company to use it
I think there was actually a question on this a couple weeks or months ago on the Workplace
About someone selling their product to a company
I'll see if I can find it
2:19 PM
if this rumor is true I will NOT be happy about it
According to pcgamesn, The Outer Worlds might be an Epic Store exclusive
I hate how Epic is bringing the whole console-exclusivity thing to PC
We're supposed to be better than that
Yeah. I really hope this whole Epic Store will be huge failure
Though the console exclusivity thing is not fully merited. Like, you can't play an Xbox game on a PS4, but a game that releases on Epic doesn't require you to buy a different PC than the one you play Steam games on
And EA games are already exclusive to the Origin store
Like, you can't buy EA games on Steam
That is true
But there's nothing preventing EA from releasing their games on other services
so in a sense we already have parts of that console exclusivity on the PC market
As opposed to exclusivity agreements with Epic
2:25 PM
AFAIK every exclusivity agreement so far is timed exclusivity
Back in the day, every game was exclusive.
The problem is the crap Ubisoft pulled where you can't buy the game anymore from 3rd party resellers after the release date
Because of their TiMeD ExClUsIvItY deal
@Nzall Yeah but the difference is that EA itself publishes all of the games that are Origin-exclusive.
Metro Exodus was published by Deep Silver.
God, I hope that if I buy the game in the store when it goes on Sale it comes with a Uplay key and not an Epic key, otherwise I'm asking a refund
And excuse me while I throw up for defending EA.
2:31 PM
@Yuuki Yeah, I felt the same way
As far as PC platform exclusivity has gone, it's mostly happened if the publisher has their own platform.
The thing with Metro Exodus is somewhat new (although maybe not unprecedented) in that the publisher doesn't have their own platform but was essentially paid off to become platform-exclusive.
My main issue is not exactly the platform exclusivity, but rather the fact that Epic Games doesn't allow 3rd party resellers to sell keys for their platform, so you can't even shop around for better deals
Hell, even The Division 2, which is a Ubisoft title and as such would give you a Uplay key, can't be bought anymore from 3rd party stores
It can't? I got my key from Humble Bundle a day or two before release.
Huh, yeah.
It's gone from the store, I can't find any search results.
yeah, it was only sold on 3rd party platforms until March 15th, and now it's only available on GreenManGaming and Uplay
Oh wait, not even on GMG, it's out of stock there
And it's extra awkward given that Humble Store is doing a Ubisoft week sale.
2:42 PM
Neat, a wing place nearby now has Quorn wings
I wonder if it's any good
3:26 PM
@Frank congratz!!
Q: How should I practice for a specific match-up in SSB: Ultimate

RobotexSince getting a Switch and SSBU, my brother and I have gotten relatively competitive. I main Samus while he mains Dark Pit. Since I will be playing the same match up all the time, how should I practice differently from someone looking to improve at the game as whole? The following is an inqu...

@Wipqozn @Wipqoldzn
I've been playing trimps, and i successfully failed to realise i had completed the challenge i was on
until about 10 minutes later when i noticed "Wait, i'm not as far into this map as i was"
Announcement: I do not like Brazil nuts.
3:43 PM
Netflix’s Witcher Series Delayed as Method Acting Henry Cavill Won’t Stop Accepting Side-Gigs https://thehardtimes.net/harddrive/netflixs-witcher-series-delayed-as-method-acting-henry-cavill-wont-stop-accepting-side-gigs/
@Yuuki they're low on my list of nuts as well
glad i have no reason to watch the witcher series (I don't play the games)
Preeeeetty sure that's satire.
It is funny though.
3:47 PM
i'm at school, can't actually check if it's real :p
As a general rule of thumb, production delays will rarely if ever be blamed on the main star actor.
At the very least, not until way after release.
how would i know they're the main star actor? I know nothing about the witcher series :D
As a somewhat less stringent rule of thumb, production delays will rarely be blamed on a single person.
Unless you have a really, really troubled production.
@Yuuki As a stringent rule: Hard Drive Mag is satire
@Ash They're just so big and yet have no flavor and the texture is also ugh.
Something about the way it crunches/crumbles when you bite into a Brazil nut bothers me.
4:00 PM
@Dragonrage It doesn't have quite the same ring to it as @Sterno
@Dragonrage It doesn't have quite the same ring to it as @Sternold
@Dragonrage It doesn't have quite the same ring to it as @Stern-
@Unionhawk This reads like an Onion article.
@Yuuki Yeah, they're so weird.
Ok, looking at other articles on the site, it's definitely a satire site.
@InvaderSkoodge Yeah, as I said, Hard Drive Mag is full-on satire
Generally speaking, the easiest way to know if something is satire is to check if the domain name is banned on /r/nottheonion
4:10 PM
@Unionhawk hue
looks at starlist is it just me, or have I aged faster than anyone else on Bridge?
how the hell is everyone 30 now, when I was certain most of you were 30+ like 5 years ago
@Chippies Probably something akin to Logan's run
@Wipqozn huh, never heard of it, seems fun. Kinda reminds me of the movie In Time
I'll be 30 in less than 2 years and I bet you're all still going to be 30
@Wipqozn thats okay. ill still make fun of you for being old
@Chippies I am having this same confusion
4:21 PM
@Chippies You've never heard of Logan's run? KIDS THESE DAYS
(I mean I'm going to be 32 in August, so.)
@Ash well this confirms it - everyone here is a figment of our collaborative imagination
and the fact that our imagination is collaborative means that I'm probably a figment of it as well
@Chippies i am not 30 if that makes you feel any better
Also not 30. But probably on the other side.
@Dragonrage it doesn't, because I have no headcanon of your age. You're just a dragon in my mind
@Wipqozn I have a vague feeling I have seen the two word combination before, but I did not know what it was. I kinda figured it was one of those theories, until I googled it
4:25 PM
@Chippies i am ok with this headcannon
@InvaderSkoodge thats a head canon.
@Dragonrage canon vs cannon
Love, Death and Robots have been pretty good so far. First two stories were written by Peter F Hamilton and John Scalzi
5:10 PM
Boo. Offer is far lower than current salary. This may now be a non starter.
@Frank :fail-horns:
lol, runescape allows email addresses with + codes, so I can use my current email for a new ironman
Didn't you state a desired salary range?
(Or expected salary?)
Keep the beat and keep Hyrule from meeting certain doom when Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring the Legend of #Zelda from @BYG_Vancouver comes to #NintendoSwitch this spring! https://t.co/Cvc622QuzX
@MBraedley Nope. Specifically because that's a good way to undervalue yourself
5:16 PM
@Frank sad trombone
@ToxicFrog What even what
@Frank But now you have basically no chance of negotiating up to something reasonable, not to mention what you want.
@Ash it's a Zelda-themed Crypt of the Necrodancer spinoff made by the same devs as Necrodancer (Brace Yourself Games)
@ToxicFrog That's pretty awesome. It's a game I struggle with immensely but I know a few people who would be super excited about this.
Necrodancer but you play as Zelda or Link, all the enemies/items/generators/tilesets are Hyrule-themed and all the music is remixes of LoZ tracks
@MBraedley I've still got some chance. And, well, if I can't, I can still be a super overpaid Access dev.
5:19 PM
@ToxicFrog That's pretty cool
If I hadn't set a range, my offer probably would have been at or below what I was earning before I started here.
(and it looks like it's a new game in its own right and not just a Zelda-styled reskin of Necrodancer)
I had told the second interviewer that I was at the top of the range he presented
This offer is nowhere near the top of the range.
5:41 PM
So my phone is now intermittently not responding to touch.
@Yuuki Android?
iPhone 6S.
Hmm I'm having some problems on android since the latest update... pretty annoying
Q: Killzone 2: Objective Points vs. Mission Points?

Thom Blair IIIIn Killzone 2 Skirmishes, there are Objective Points and Mission Points. What is the difference between the two? Or, what is the definition of each?

Q: How do I deal with Dark Pit players as Samus/D. Samus?

RobotexThe following is an inquiry about the Samus vs D. Pit match up specifically. The problems I face in this match up specifically are: The speed of Pit's arrows makes them better for spamming than my rockets Pit's side special has more range than Samus' grapple hook (z-air or grab) and dash att...

I've voted to re-open the question as the OP has shifted the focus to a more specific tone
5:50 PM
@MBraedley Eh, don't think so. You just reply with an actual much higher number now.
And if they don't like it then well, not luck @Frank was going to accept the lower offer anyways, so no loss
@Wipqozn Most companies will be willing to move only so much on an offer.
@MBraedley Yeah but nothing to loss at this point, since he's already employed. Best position to be in when job hunting.
Fair. My position has always been that it's hard to undervalue yourself if you currently have a job and you're looking for a new job that's similar/related, so there's no point letting a potential employer undervalue you with an offer.
I also know when I was first looking for a job after university, my expected salary was right where it should have been.
@MBraedley Oh yeah don't mean to suggest otherwise, just that I think he's still got a good chance to counter with a much higher number
6:14 PM
@yuritsuki I feel compelled to point out here that the OP didn't edit anything, you edited the question.
It's a fairly substantial edit, so it kind of matters whether it was made by OP
And it doesn't help that you have a history with this site and this room
Q: How do I fix a ticking-tile entity?

JohnI tried to boot up my Minecraft test world in the snapshots, and I got a ticking-tile entity error. Here is the crash report: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // I'm sorry, Dave. Time: 20/03/19 17:29 Description: Ticking block entity java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking block entity at ev.

@Wipqozn BATNAs are great things.
It makes you much more confident when your circumstances don't hinge on it being make or break.
My minimum is three times the difference between their offer and my current salary.
6:31 PM
Today's "customer brought me cake" flavour is lemon yogurt cake. :D
Back to the discussion about the Disney acquisition from yesterday.
> The website for The Walt Disney Company updated its banner. It now includes The Shape of Water, Avatar, Deadpool, The Simpsons and Atlanta.
So... given that they split off the Fox TV network, does that mean the Simpsons are going to move to ABC?
Q: GPU usage is less, I cannot utilize its full potential

Tushar MehraI play assassin's creed syndicate on my new hp gaming laptop. It runs smooth on medium (recommended) settings but it consumes only half of my graphics memory(and my task manager says it is consuming 100% usage of my GPU). When I use HIGH settings it consumes almost up to my maximum graphics memor...

Damn, inb4d
@PrivatePansy stories aren't in the same order for everyone. There are four different random orders you could have gotten
Which one did John Scalzi write?
6:47 PM
@BunsGlazing Huh, that's interesting.
@LukasThoms We've never had a show like Love, Death & Robots before so we're trying something completely new: presenting four different episode orders. The version you're shown has nothing to do with gender, ethnicity, or sexual identity — info we don't even have in the first place.
Some guy made a claim that you got them in a different order if Netflix thought you were gay, lol
Turns out it's just a random selection
welp, I hate kitchen accidenrs
@Ave What happened?
@Ave you okay?
7:21 PM
guys, small announcement: since WoW is too frustrating to play for me right now with the way the community handles M+, I've decided, along with my auticoach, that I'm putting it aside for a couple months
7:37 PM
Well, it's good to put aside things that frustrate you.
/r/MenWritingWomen is both a deeply disturbing and hilarious subreddit.
@Yuuki Uh, yeah
Yay! Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain come to PC. BOOOH! Epic exclusives...
Are you claiming they will be epic exclusive or is it confirmed?
It's been confirmed
@Nzall JASON
7:46 PM
You see, I would not be mad if epic would be able to bring PS exclusives to pc
Also, Heavy Rain wasn't that good.
Or rather any console exclusives
But it makes me sad that they tried to undermine steam
@Yuuki SHAUN
7:50 PM
@Yuuki "Mark my words: we will make brexit--breakfast a success."
Hmm... I could make that edit, I think...
Eh, I'll leave it alone.
8:06 PM
You should check CarlSagan42 videos on mario maker
@Yuuki Looks like a corrupted flesh beast from a video game
So it looks I either have to replace the touch controller for my phone or get a new one.
I'm more than tempted to get a new one.
that's not how you venn diagram, I think.
I mean, you can do the venn diagram with a middle intersection of all 3 and remove the arrow
Right, but the way they did it is completely wrong
8:35 PM
the data caps stuff is a US thing, or? I haven't seen those here for non-mobile internet
ISPs are starting offer data-capped plans in the US.
and I'm pretty sure the quality of the router doesn't matter unless it's entirely shit. And this doesn't mention the quality of your connection itself and your distance from the relevant datacenter
Is Stadia focused on data caps?
I dont get this graph
At all
The graph is kinda dumb.
no, but it uses considerable amounts of bandwith, so if you had a data cap, it wouldn't make sense to use it
8:37 PM
@MadScientist my friend hit a data cap on an internet service he didnt realize was capped. though he was using multiple terabytes of data per month
Also, given that Google is shutting down Inbox at the end of the month, I'm not going to invest too heavily into a Google game streaming service.
It has a lot of hurdles in its path and Google has a tendency to "trim the fat".
I don't see this going anywhere fast, not just because of the inherent limitations, but also because I don't see the prices to become low enough. Even for Google it's not that cheap to provide the amount of CPU and GPU power modern games require
@Yuuki That was a thought I had as well
8:52 PM
@MadScientist I mean, the graph doesnt include Stadia on people with no data caps, while it should
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