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12:00 AM
@jin I put up a Bounty. Insta-gem!
@fbueckert That's a fair point. Think I should try to narrow it down?
@Sterno Yes. I normally just switch to another server.
@Mana Honestly, according to other posts, the "best" build will be, at most, 5% better than any other. I can dump data up to level 30 without issue, but choices start getting exponential past that.
@James Question about your sustainable DPS equipment question; how does mana/power apply to normal attacks? As far as I was aware it doesn't.
12:05 AM
@Mana I am not asking about normal attacks only
I want to be able to constantly cycle through my skills at a sustainable level
@James In that case though don't you need to specify what your specific skillset(s) are?
Which is what I meant by not having to stop and recharge between each engagament
Ya know, I think Ill just take down my question man
@fbueckert I wonder if it would be possible to run through all the possibilities automatically using a computer program...
@James Sorry man.
Someone can ask for data dump lists of things and I cant just get a Left or Right answer on where should I be looking at gear when I am looking at this statistics
@Mana Possible yes. But you've got just as much a headache programming the thing.
12:07 AM
@Mana There's not enough data provided; the main thing missing is attack speed for each skill.
@fbueckert ah, right.
I can't guarantee that it's smooth sailing from there; I can almost guarantee I'm missing something else.
Will that data become available in time, or is it reliant upon the equipment your character is using?
You'd assume Steam numbers would crumbling by now, perhaps they will in a few hours store.steampowered.com/stats
@Mana I don't think weaponry plays a part, beyond damage.
Whether or not Blizzard includes attack speed later...no idea. I can guarantee that SOMEBODY, somewhere will, though.
12:10 AM
@AshleyNunn! Catan in a little while?
If I ask 'Can crafted gear compete with top tier loot drops?' is that a better question to get my Yes or No answer?
@Mana It is reliant upon equipment. Faster weapon = faster animation. @fbueckert
@James I think the problem is that you're not being specific enough for anyone to do the math, and the game hasn't been out long enough for any sort of consensus to emerge.
So you have two choices, you can wait for a consensus to show up in a few weeks, or you can be a whole lot more specific so we can hit the databases and run some numbers.
@LessPop_MoreFizz And because there isnt enough community generated information yet my question is bad?
12:12 AM
@Mana Do you want me to add in level 30 info just based off of what I can find?
Looking at the costs it takes to get the smith to create items, its fairly costly
@James I think it's too general to be useful.
And apparently it does not expand across difficulty levels
So I just want to know if I should even bother raising the smith's level
I think that is a very helpful answer
Like a warlock asking what professions to get
@James Given the game hasn't come out yet, it's hard to see what problem, exactly, you have right now that you're trying to solve
It seems more like seeding
12:14 AM
@fbueckert Sure, if you have it available. I'll think of ways to revise the question to make it less broad/more easily answerable.
@MarkTrapp Do I save up 1000000gold to raise my smith's skill
Do I spend my time farming for items to keep them or components to craft the gear I want
Where will I get the best bang for my buck
The game hasn't even come out yet, much less an optimal play through style. Why not just play the game?
There's a certain breed of questions which just feel like they're written by someone who hasn't actually played the game and just wants to know what to do before they ever push a button. "What's the best build for general use", "Where are the best weapons from", etc.
@LessPop_MoreFizz exactly, the "play the game for me" questions
Soo, A month from now I can ask my question but right now its invalid?
12:15 AM
@James A month from now you'll have a lot more knowledge to be able to ask a much more specific question
ONe second
@James I think that if you spent a few hours playing the game, your question would change dramatically, simply based on having a bit of actual experience with the game.
Q: Is there a definitive 'Best Weapon' for each weapon type in Skyrim?

GenericTypeTeaSo I was wandering up to the forge in Whiterun with my Ebony Ingots, Daedra Heart and other assorted bits and pieces in hand. I started to go through the process of smithing out my lovely new one-handed Daedric sword, but then I got thinking; is there even any point to me making this? Is there al...

Should we go vote to close that question?
Cause that is what you guys are telling me
@James Yes. Just got the "you have already voted to close the question" dialog.
16,000 views, I have personally voted half a dozen other questions as duplicates of that one. 24 + votes and 25+ on the answer, and that is a question that does not belong on this site.
12:17 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yeah, I guess my question falls under here. Debating what I should do with it.
Close it? I mean, the info that @fbueckert has compiled is really useful so I don't want to just get rid of it.
@James Views and votes are irrelevant if the question isn't quality. We're not trying to be Yahoo! Answers.
@MarkTrapp I am just wondering why @LessPopMoreFizz answered that question instead of voting to close a question where clearly the person could go play the game and figure it out
Oh! Oh! What are we closing and why?
@James Take a look at the answers he got. They mostly amount to "This is a shitty question, but this information is going to help you figure it out for yourself," mine included.
Which ya know.. kind of sounds like every question on here now that I think about it.
12:19 AM
That said, the Skyrim question is saved by the ridiculously comprehensive, not at all representative of the type of answers those questions get, answer
I mean let me see.
Q: How much gold does it take to unlock all crafting recipes?

BeofettHow much gold does it take to level up each crafting NPC? If I want to unlock all recipes, how much gold will it cost me?

Lets go close that one, cause if they just give the guy the money they will figure it out
@James Now you're reaching.
Q: What are the special abilities the unique/champion monsters can have?

BeofettUnique and champion monsters will have a combination of randomly determined affixes/abilities, such as "nightmarish" or "waller". What are all of the possible abilities?

@James Hey, if you want to be snarky about it, it's your question that's closed.
Ah, there is another one.. just keep playing and you can see what they all are able to do
I am just wondering why some questions are held to a different set of guidelines.. CAuse I do not want to keep posting questions that people will come looking for if the response is play the game to figure it out yourself.
My initial question was should I look for loot drops or focus on raising the player crafting (smith's skill)
12:22 AM
FWIW, I thought the question was fine.
@James Avoid overly broad questions before playing the game. Ask about specific things you have trouble with while playing. You can't go wrong that way.
@MarkTrapp And why is asking about the validity of the crafting system not specific enough?
Q: How can I avoid clicking quite so much?

agent86Diablo games tend to be very click heavy - click to move, click to attack, click to loot. Diablo 3 appears to be continuing this tradition. I find this problematic for a couple of reasons: Clicking is overloaded - I might move when I want to attack, for instance. Clicking hurts - I have a RSI...

Q: Do I need to do anything special to get a Stone of Jordan to drop?

BeofettWhen Diablo 2 was first released, there was a sequence you had to go through in order to get the unique rings. In order to get the Stone of Jordan, you needed to first get the Manald Heal and Nagelrings. All three rings are back in Diablo 3 (plus a bunch more). Do you need to do anything speci...

Q: How does the Restless Giant rune work?

BeofettThe description on Blizzard's site is a bit vague: Restless Giant 20% movement speed 35% attack speed 200% Physical damage This effect cannot occur more than once every 120 seconds. Elite enemies include champions, rares, bosses, and other players. This seems to be saying that the Gargantua...

Q: Tools to progress in WoW PvP skills

imaginativeI am playing a rogue and am thoroughly enjoying it. I've recently started picking up resilience gear so I can attend to PvP more often when I'm done doing my PvE routine for the week. The issue is, I'm fairly terrible at PvP and want to get better. I do understand that it will take time and lots ...

@James That isn't how your question read at all for one thing.
I completed Act I while I was eating dinner.
12:24 AM
So, perhaps before you rage, you might want to improve the clarity of your writing.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's rude.
Soo not raging here.. Just very very questioning how things are ok based on time.
CAuse this is the second question I have had marked like this
@Mana I didn't throw down the gauntlet of rudeness here.
@James If we're still talking about this question, it's because you're asking people to tell you how to play the game before at least attempting it yourself. It's missing the "what have you tried?" part
The main problem I have with James in general, the reason that I have him ignored, is because he is generally utterly incomprehensible.
12:25 AM
This crappy answer still needs more downvotes
@MarkTrapp I played the beta Mark, and I am told in the beta crafting was the best weapons you could get
A: How does the massacre bonus work?

WikwocketRight now in the D3 beta, Massacre is when you get a bonus for killing many monsters in one blow or in a quick time frame, while a Killing Spree is a bonus from getting a bunch of kills in a row. Currently, you need to kill at least 5 monsters within a few seconds to get a Massacre bonus. The ex...

@James Can you expand your question to explain what you've tried in the game now, and focus on the specific parts that have you tripped up?
@MarkTrapp That is counter to traditional Blizzard design however
Yeah I give up
Blizzard design needs to conform to SE design
12:26 AM
No, I don't approve of this at all. @Strix, @LessPop, @James, I understand that emotions are running high but let's have some respect for each other, okay?
Not to be contrary, but I don't have any respect for James.
@Mana They are fine man, so do not worry about it. I wont flag em or anything.
Except for @StrixVaria
For him to not partake at all in the discussion at hand and instead just comment on his opinion of me is a bit over the line.
well, to be fair, he's kinda missing half of the discussion.
@James Ignore him back :P
Hey, guys? You wanna argue like this, take it elsewhere. Don't flood the Bridge with it, please.
12:28 AM
@OrigamiRobot BEST IDEA
@OrigamiRobot Haha, The funny thing is I like half the topics he brings up :)
Anyway I'll make an attempt to avoid mentioning James in future chat messages.
Can we have a group hug now?
@Wipqozn Only if you are wearing your shades.
Lets talk about another question:
Q: Do I need to do anything special to get a Stone of Jordan to drop?

BeofettWhen Diablo 2 was first released, there was a sequence you had to go through in order to get the unique rings. In order to get the Stone of Jordan, you needed to first get the Manald Heal and Nagelrings. All three rings are back in Diablo 3 (plus a bunch more). Do you need to do anything speci...

I don't think this is a very good one
12:30 AM
@OrigamiRobot Are they even in the game?
Diablo is already sowing strife and discord!
@Wipqozn Yes
@Wipqozn Yes, but that's not the point.
@Sterno Hail Eris!
@OrigamiRobot Did an SOJ require anything special in D2?
Hail Caesar!
12:31 AM
@Sterno Yes. " In order to get the Stone of Jordan, you needed to first get the Manald Heal and Nagelrings. "
@Sterno Early on it did, but they removed that limitation fairly quickly.
I don't really see much problem with the question. Certainly not anything worthy of closure.
@OrigamiRobot Probably going to end up with a "duh" answer, but there's going to be tons of those questions.
Disregarding all that, one could ask a million questions just like it and they would be just as speculative.
@Mana Yeah, that's a dumb question, but it's not a closable question.
12:32 AM
Cool. I'd say given that it was "special" in D2, it's not an unreasonable question. If it had been any old drop in D2, then it's a kind of lame
(and I was talking about downvotes anyway, not closure)
The Harlequin Crest was a quest reward in Diablo 1. Is "What quest do I get the Harlequin crest in for Diablo II?" a very good question?
@Sterno I agree with this. If it was just a normal drop (rare or otherwise), I'd say it should be closed.
I don't think so
"Carter, is it just me or did the sky website just turn red?" "It's not just you, sir" "Good, I thought I was having a stroke"
@Sterno It is just any old drop
12:33 AM
@OrigamiRobot That's not what the question asks. It asks if the Stone of Jordan, a staple of the Diablo series, has deep magic involved in getting it like it did in Diablo 2. It's like asking "Where do I get the chocobos in <insert FF here>?"
@OrigamiRobot For me, it was the difference between me giving it a -1 or a +0 :P
I threw a bounty on my question before seeing there was a contest thing for that
Now I'm afraid my question will just end up drowned out in a sea of bounties
@MarkTrapp I can ask "Is X item special in the sequel?" about a million things.
@Sterno Sea? There are three.
@MarkTrapp Mark my words. There will be bounties!
People love their cheevos
Oi! Season 6 of Ultra Hardcore is being posted, and I have not even finished season 5 yet! :(
12:36 AM
@OrigamiRobot You could, but those would be crap questions if X wasn't something that's almost universally recognized as significant to the series
@Wipqozn Ill take one, and a gallon of milk :D
@MarkTrapp I stand by what I said.
@Wipqozn I'm getting a cavity just looking at that.
There should be a contest "gem" for finding and closing dupe posts :)
12:37 AM
@Fluttershy It's too big to fit in your mouth anyways.
that's what SHE HE said! lolololol
Who posted the Steam online user graph earlier?
@Wipqozn You do remember the Grand Galloping Gala, right?
Just because the SoJ (along with the other two unique rings at the time) had special drop properties for a short period of time doesn't mean you should assume they do in the next game.
@Wipqozn It's conveniently sized because it would match a glass of milk
@OrigamiRobot He's not assuming. He's asking! :)
12:38 AM
@OrigamiRobot But it doesn't hurt to ask.
Q: How do you breed a Butterfly dragon?

JamesSo a new limited time dragon has been added to DragonVale, namely the Butterfly dragon. I see this is a tri-combination dragon using Air, Lightning and Fire. With the last few dragons however simply matching these elements has proven to not be effective. What is a good combination of dragons to p...

What should I do with that question. I have two answers that combined have all of the information
I am not gunning for it's closure here.
But each one on its own is missing key information?
I am just saying it is a borderline baseless question.
No vote activity in over 24hrs it would see (or it keeps balancing each other).
12:39 AM
@James Be a huge dick and create a new answer, which is just a huge block quote of the other two answers.
@Wipqozn Haha, That is exactly what I am trying to avoid doing. I hate answering my own questions
Serious suggestion though.
The SoJ stopped being a special drop in 2001 with patch 1.07
@James really, though, the best solution in this case is to combine both of the answers so that there's one complete answer.
1) Make a new answer which combines both of the answers, and then make that answer community wiki.
2) Make a post on each answer asking them to include more information.
12:42 AM
@Wipqozn Ah, Wiki means no votes right?
@James Exactly.
well no rep from votes.
the second solution is arguably more "honorable", but doesn't guarantee a reply back and takes time.
@Wipqozn Kewl, Sold.. Thanks man (And @Mana as well :))
you have no clue how much that smiley face before a closed parenthesis is bugging me right now.
oh god.
12:44 AM
@Mana If he didn't make it community wiki I would agree, but by making it community wiki he's not actually getting any benefit out of it. He's just organizing the answers for the sake of the community.
@Wipqozn that's true
@JuanManuel Who's that?
If a question I asked prior to the start of the contest gets 1k views during the contest, do I get the gem?
@Wipqozn Max Payne man
12:46 AM
Done, thanks guys :)
@Mana ah, I've never played those games.
They are similiar to GTA, correct?
not really.
the original was a hallmark of the third-person shooter genre, and popularized the idea of bullet-time within video games.
They're generally pretty well written, and entertaining.
Ah I see.
@RavenDreamer I meant "more" as in quantity.
I always thought it was just a GTA clone (a series I dislike).
12:49 AM
@Mana Definitely entertaining. Kind of comic book noire-ish
they were cheesy and I love that.
Apparently ticks will be very active this season. Luckily I'll be safe due to never going outside.
@Mana Yes! Cheesy! precisely
12:50 AM
Yeah, it was gloriously cheesy, I liked that too… I guess you could say it was well-written in that sense.
The smith can craft legendary weapons
Q: How do I get rarer crafting ingredients?

OrigamiRobotWhen I salvage a magic item, sometimes I get a rare crafting ingredient. What are the chances that this will happen? Are there certain items which have an increased chance of this? How can I maximize my rare ingredient yields?

Q: Does Thunderclap teleport on all Fists of Thunder attacks, or only the first in the sequence?

OakThe Thunderclap rune of Fists of Thunder adds the ability to teleport to the target when striking it. Does this teleportation happen on any hit of the skills 3-hit sequence, or only on specific hits in the sequence?

Q: Diablo III Acts and User Page disagree with each other on Acts 2-4

Raven DreamerThe Diablo III Acts page lists 3 requirements for the latter 3 acts: 1+ voted questions, 5+ voted questions, and 10+ voted questions. Our individual user pages, however, list 1+, 5+, and 8+. I think that's just a typo in copy+pasting the ME3 mission code, and I don't know if it's visual (ie., i...

Q: What skills from other party members affect witch doctor summons?

bwarnerThere are a number of skills that provide benefits to a player "and their allies". Do any of these include creatures summoned by a witch doctor? Examples: Does a Monk heal affect summons? Do non-witch doctor abilities buff them? If you have two witch doctors in a party, can they buff each o...

Q: What factors should I use to price an item in the auction house?

bwarnerI was always a big fan of playing the auction house in the early days of WoW, and you could make some money if you knew what you were doing. Then a bunch of mods came along and made it pretty easy to use, but also took away a lot of the opportunities for significant profits. Since Diablo 3 does...

I need to go check on that grant thing and see if answering questions will fulfill it :)
@James I mean really, all of the info you want can be found within the game guide, since it has all the weapons stats.
12:51 AM
@James It doesn't. Only asking.
@Fluttershy Yeah I just saw that.. Man I suck at asking questions.
@JamesCW dialogue of the year. who says that isn't well-written.
@Mana Thanks for the link :)
I wonder if you can stash an item and then salvage it in a different difficulty
@James since your stash is shared between characters I would assume so
12:55 AM
@Mana Seems like cheating though, just having to go through the intro on inferno to get those items... I hope maybe the items are typed for the difficulty level and only give the appropriate materials.. I just can not find anything that says that is the case yet.
@James Each weapon has an equip level, though
most of the powerful legendaries can't be equipped until your character is max level.
Yeah, I'd be very surprised if it wasn't tied to equip level
@Sterno: Every time I kill someone in DayZ I should play this over voice chat.
@Wipqozn That would induce so much rage.
So much impotent rage.
@Sterno I know, the pay-off would be great!
I'd probably get banned from servers for mic spamming though.
12:59 AM
I find the game-joining interface to be horrible. I think I only manage to connect to about 1 in 4 servers that I try.
@Sterno I agree.
@Sterno Oh quit complaining. Try Dino Beatdown, and then complain.
The seem to lack any method to filter out games based on the Arma 2 version, which is annoying because they have the beta servers up there.
If you've ever noticed what those 1.60.11324234 versions were, it was beta.
@GnomeSlice Buggy isnt it?
How much does DayZ cost?
1:01 AM
@Wipqozn Huh. I didn't even know there were two versions
I know it's a mod for Arma2, but is it a free mod?
The mod itself is free
ah okay
Damn, I really want it.
It would cost you $30 to be able to play the mod.
But Diablo...
1:02 AM
yeah, if you bought it tonight, you'd just spend 4 hours downloading and installing, another 2 trying to connect to a server, and then it'd be Diablo time
I hate you, Waiting for server response
6 hours to D3 !! :)
@Sterno How big is it? I guarantee it would take me more than four hours.
@Sterno They release small patches for the game via official Arma 2 forms, which is just meant to be testing for the next major patch.
@GnomeSlice Smaller than a breadbox
@GnomeSlice ~15GB
1:04 AM
@GnomeSlice If you're talking about D3, it's 8GB.
It's not 15.
@StrixVaria OH IS THAT ALL
@GnomeSlice lol
@GnomeSlice L2StealWirelessInternetFromNeighbors
@Sterno ...Why would my neighbors have faster internet than me.
1:06 AM
Because they're covert spies
@GnomeSlice Knowing nothing in particular about your situation, I can think of many reasons that might be the case.
@mana The servers are actually really overloaded right now, so you'd be better off waiting a few weeks anyways.
@Sterno It's not, trust me. I live in Bumfuck Egypt, there's like one provider out here.
@Sterno You don't understand Ottawa internet.
Believe me, it is bad. I had dial-up until Grade 11.
You live in the capital of Canada. How can you have shitty internet?
1:07 AM
Well, if you live in Canada, you deserve what you get!
I turned off P2P and I'm maxing out my connection. Blizzard's CDN is crazy fast right now.
@Wipqozn I live outside the capital of Canada.
@OrigamiRobot I can't help but feel you're trying to make some sort of point with this question. :)
@GnomeSlice I more so meant how can Ottawa be so terrible, with regards to @mana's comment.
@Sterno No?
1:08 AM
@Wipqozn I'm not really in Ottawa.
@OrigamiRobot Really? I saw that as you making a question of the same type as the SOJ one
"It was like this in Game X, so what is it like in this one?"
@Sterno My problem with the SoJ question was it was based on a short lived and outdated mechanic.
Okay, I'm going to bed. Good night everyone! I'm sure this will be the last time I'll see most of you for the next few weeks, what with Diablo 3 and all :P
I agree with your point that if it is a reasonable assumption, it is a valid question. I just don't think the SoJ thing was reasonable.
Something tells me I'll be spending most of my time playing DayZ haha
1:12 AM
@Wipqozn Based on my experience tonight, something tells me you'll spend most of your time waiting to play DayZ
Ah fuck... I copied over all of my steam games, and when I try to run Metal drift, it crashes
Now if the SoJ question was broadened to something like "Does the SoJ have any special significance in Diablo II?" I think that would be a far more reasonable question.
Because the SoJ has been consistently significant throughout the Diablo II's life
does anyone wanna play Catan with me and @OrigamiRobot?
@spugsley sure. Where at?
1:16 AM
Oh wait, Frozen Synapse appears to work...
@Fluttershy ellet pls
@Sterno do you get what I'm saying?
@Fluttershy Thanks for reminding me about dolan again.
@OrigamiRobot yes
1:18 AM
@GnomeSlice Would you rather I remind you of something else?
@Fluttershy No, it was sincere, I'm going to go read some more of them.
In fact....
@OrigamiRobot @Beofett
@spugsley Not sure how to join you
wipes tear from eye Bridge, I am so proud of you.
But I'm on the "loading, this will take 10 seconds to 1 minute" screen
1:20 AM
@Sterno oh sorry. I haven't created a game yet. Did you sign up?
@spugsley Signed up, logged in, found out it wouldn't work with firefox, logged in on IE, and am at the "play with people" screen
Q: What are the ways to cash out my earnings in the auction house?

Juan ManuelI read that Blizzard allows to cash out the earnings from the auction house, instead of just allowing you to fund your Battle.net wallet with them (or get in-game gold). I'm assuming you can do it with PayPal, but I may be wrong. What are all the ways to cash out to real life? If there are regi...

Q: What areas of the game feature randomly generated terrain?

Raven DreamerBack in Diablo II, the second you stepped foot outside the Rogue's Encampment, you were in the randomly generated marshes of the Blood Moor. But my experience in Diablo III has been different - New Tristram, and indeed, the areas surrounding new Tristram seem to be identical for every character ...

Q: How can I change regions?

Juan ManuelWhere in the interface is the option to switch regions in Diablo 3? As I understand it, you have to start with fresh characters. Does this mean you log in to a region or can you switch while in-game?

Q: Why are numbers in skill descriptions green?

OrigamiRobotIn all the skill descriptions, the numbers are green. In other games, I have seen this used to indicate values which can change, but the skills pages don't seem to have any info on this. In Diablo 3, is this just to make them stand out or does it indicate values that can change? If they can ch...

Q: Auction house fees

DrakeI have some questions on auction houses fees. If you think it is better, I can split my questions in three but I think they are all related. Which are the fees for the two different auction houses, that one based on in-game golds and the one uses real money? Are there any hidden costs that I s...

@Sterno okay. I'll start a game.
@spugsley Username is Sterno. And I keep hearing really annoying sounds
@Sterno yep, they will stop
1:21 AM
@Sterno alright. Password is gamingse
Whoa new style.
anyone else wanna play Catan? Room for one more
@Fluttershy youuuuu?
@spugsley Perhaps later
@spugsley How long does this game take?
1:23 AM
@John An hour?
@John usually about 45 mins to an hour?
I'm open for it, but I'm not sure how much time I have.
Is anyone else mumbling?
I'm too lazy to plug my mic in
I don't think we are gonna be able to play :( everyone hates us
1:25 AM
@spugsley I'm comminnngggg.....
@John yaaaaaaaaaay!
@OrigamiRobot y u so dumb?
@spugsley JohnGreen
@John join our game. Password is gamingse
1:26 AM
Seriously, that noise is annoying. Whatever developer added it should be punched.
@spugsley Hey, @Fluttershy, tell everyone about the songs she was singing.
@OrigamiRobot I WAS NOT
@spugsley You totally were.
Something about a cricket and some rain or something.
@Fluttershy It was super later. I was delirious!
@spugsley Er, how do I find it?
1:27 AM
@John Find our names.
@Sterno @John now hit start
mumble? anyone? anyone?
@spugsley flag, suspend.
is that group of 3 dudes the robber?
@GnomeSlice why? :(
1:29 AM
@spugsley Lol, nevermind...
@spugsley I DID IT!
@RavenDreamer what? O_O
The silence is deafening.
I was wondering why I still had spotty internet. And then I remembered I opened 17 youtube videos simultaneously on my laptop.
1:34 AM
@RavenDreamer bahaha
you should have come to play Catan with us :(
@spugsley I was screwing things.
@RavenDreamer ...
@RavenDreamer oh la la ;)
I was screwing things so they'd shut up. :P
@RavenDreamer works for me
@RavenDreamer I like how chat just died after you said this
1:39 AM
@spugsley I quit talking here because of the nail-biting intensity.
@spugsley They can't handle the truth.
Then I remembered it's a turn-based game.
@BenBrocka this is terrifying.
1:45 AM
Has not loaded for me.
It's the stupidest thing I've seen on reddit for a while
@BenBrocka It's from AFV.
@DaveMcClelland I don't not love ya, but steam was auto-updating, and @#$* that.
@RavenDreamer Wait, what?
@RavenDreamer Oh, I see. I just assumed it was because of both
I just rudely closed our steam chat.
1:47 AM
I'm too busy playing portal to pay attention to you anyway
@spugsley Oh, my.
@DaveMcClelland Good!
@RavenDreamer oh my?
Q: Is Salvaging shortcut available?

DrakeI expect that using right-mouse button in Salvaging tab perform the action, but instead it equips the item I press. Am I missing something? Do exists a faster way to salvaging magical items to blacksmith without drag & drop them one by one?

Q: Is Magic Weapon associated with a weapon or with the hero?

OakThe Wizard’s Magic Weapon skill description reads: Imbue your weapon with magical energy, granting it 10% increased damage. Lasts 5 minutes. What does it mean, imbue the weapon? If I switch weapons, do I lose the enchantment? And if I cast the spell and then give my weapon to another player...

Q: How long does Spike Trap last?

OakHow long does an un-activated Spike Trap remain on the ground ready to be triggered, and does it depand on anything other than just duration?

@spugsley Oh, my. The gif finally loaded, and I see why you said that thing you said.
1:48 AM
@RavenDreamer yes, it's awful
@Ullallulloo What's an AFV
@RavenDreamer for some reason I thought it was a sexy 'oh my'.
Why the frack can't I CAPTCHA tonight?
@spugsley Hey, I'm totally willing to drive down and meet you guys for lunch next week. ;P
@BenBrocka Daphne was showing me this a few weeks ago, or rather showing me clips from Sesame Street, which had a similar thing
it's really unsettling.
@Mana I don't like this topic!!!
1:50 AM
And now, I leave my PC!
hmm, completing these acts seems rather not worth it
70 q's at +1 (and etc) to get a 25% chance at a prize seems kinda lame
@agent86 agree. I do not plan on competing. I will ask and answer questions as usual but not with that as my end goal
@spugsley highfive
@agent86 Is it that low for acts? Don't the easy gems like "accept an answer" get you that chance?
@BenBrocka Quoth the rules: Awarding prizes for the Acts: Multiple prizes will be awarded for each act. Completing each Act earns you one entry into the raffle for that Act, and 25% of the people who complete each Act will be chosen.
you are correct in your observation that the percentages are similar for the gems
1:56 AM
@Mana gooby pls
@agent86 I'll answer questions for fun and rep. If I happen to get a prize, so be it.
That's how I'm approaching this contest.
@StrixVaria no argument from me - this is my normal modus operandi
just a weird way to run a contest/award prizes, imho
@spugsley y u no leik dolan? spugly plz
@Wipqozn Since you're missing our game of Catan, I'll sum up the chat for you: ":( :( :( :( :( :( :( :("

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