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10:00 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz He was on Meta.Gaming earlier today, or so it said when I checked his profile.
@Powerlord Exactly.
Of course, that doesn't mean he'll garner enough votes to keep us from voting in, say, Arda in his place.
@LessPopMoreFizz dunno... but I think we'll all know in a week. I do know Juan is involved in other area51 proposals as well
Yeah, he's not like... Where did he go let's form a search party levels of missing.
He's just been less than active.
Still have a lot of rep
10:02 PM
@Oak Since one of them is engaged to another player, I can vouch for that one. At least I choose not to think otherwise
Yo @YiJiang.
@YiJiang it's election time!
@CRoss how close-minded of you :)
@Oak Yes, and there's a reason that the StackExchange sites tend to discourage being a mod on multiple sites at once.
we need to see Arda's badges
@Oak just now picking up on this?
10:02 PM
@CRoss Badges? BADGES? We don't need no stinking badges!
Yay, I got my voice back.
@ArdaXi I's sorry. I meant to click No!
yeah, yeah
Sporting a 5/7 k/d. It truly has been a long time, TF2.
10:04 PM
Any other requests?
@ArdaXi You have ammunition in your tags, so that's your plan B if you're not elected?
Funny how that doesn't show my age. I would imagine that to be a dealbreaker.
@ThomasMcDonald Ouch... as Spy? Spy didn't get any new toys this time around. Heavy and Demoman got way too many new toys this time around. Medic just got his set. Scout got a new melee, but that's it. Oh, and new hats all around.
@Arda 16 | The Netherlands
I'm not sure why it shows those tags. My top tags are steam, die2nite, drm, pc
@Mana Oh yeah, you're right. (Sorry to confront you with it again)
10:07 PM
@Powerlord Nah, playing Soldier. I got to 5/2 as spy, now playing the only medic on my team
@Arda it's cool.
Why doesn't @YiJiang's election watcher list Gaming yet? D:
@ThomasMcDonald Oh, also this update introduced a first with one of its weapons: The Amputator has... no downside. There's literally no reason not to use it over the Bonesaw.
Holy crap, too many sites. Erhrm...
5 mins ago, by Arda Xi
user image
10:09 PM
@Brant Done now. Go!
That's all that's on there, really.
Of course, why would you trust me.
Wow, that was fast.
@Powerlord Well I played scout in the highlander tourney, I'll give that a go
Even with the Shovel versus the Equalizer, the Shovel does more damage unless you're below like half health.
also -- yay, 3 positions now!
10:10 PM
@YiJiang =D
12 mins ago, by Oak
**moderator positions available** :

@badp I'm hoping you will nominate yourself
@YiJiang Might like to add anchors to it for semipermalinkage.
@Oak I said I'd only do that if somebody I didn't like nominated, I have to uphold it now.
@ThomasMcDonald Might want to avoid the new Scout Melee weapons. One makes enemies you kill drop small health kits but you take like 40% more damage from explosives. The other does bleed damage, but if you miss you hit yourself... dummy.
10:10 PM
Q: Other than by firing, are there any visuals cues that tell if a UAV has reloaded its hellfire missile?

Mark RogersThe UAV control screen has a lot of meaningless data and numbers on the screen, so it's hard to tell if any of that information is useful. After I fire a hellfire missile, I can't figure out how to tell if the missile has reloaded yet. Is there any way to tell if the UAV is reloaded other than ...

Sure, I could nominate right now, but I'd like to make it less obvious than that :P
@Powerlord I'll roll with the Polycount weapons then
@badp You can't be more obvious than me.
@Oak When are you nominating, anyway? ;-)
@ThomasMcDonald 40% might have been a bit of an exaggeration... I don't remember how much it is, but it's insane. You die to rocket splash damage with it equipped.
10:11 PM
@Oak Go figure, I even have an answer for some of that stuff like "what's your moderation philosophy"
Here it is
btw @YiJiang why does it list those tags for Arda? Those are clearly not his most common tags
Wow I'm impressed with the security of this thing
@badp That just made my day. Thanks bro.
Hmm, I'm not sure about that, it might be questions only or something
Stops immediately when the user lets go of the handle
(I'll link to it till you'll like it.)
10:13 PM
@Powerlord Christ, bring back vanilla.
@ArdaXi I'm still thinking about it
@Oak The stats page doesn't scale very well to only one candidate, sorry
@ThomasMcDonald Well, try cp_degrootkeep sometime... melee only except for bows. Of course, the Medic has a new bow as part of his set... Plus, the Spy set is SO overpowered on that map.
@YiJiang Well, I'M SORRY! ;-)
10:14 PM
@YiJiang no need to be sorry, it's a very nice app :) just pointing out an apparent bug
@Powerlord I'm sure the spy set is overpowered in almost any circumstance. Dead ringer w/almost no decloak noise? Count me in.
@Oak It is a bug alright, but I don't have time now, see ya in about... 12 hour's time
@ThomasMcDonald That depends. It's harder to get behind people with it equipped.
@ThomasMcDonald I do like using the set with the Cloak and Dagger on Payload defense, though.
I've gotten 12 backstabs with it on one life on pl_upward. :D
@YiJiang cya!
@YiJiang nite! or, er, day!
10:16 PM
Which tied my previous best. Makes me want to stab the Medic who turned around at the wrong moment then critted me for making me not surpass it.
@Powerlord Yeah, I set my backstab record on upward, 14 I think
Still, this 12 was something unique from my last one... I literally stabbed every member of their team once. :D
The cloak and dagger is by far the most boring item in the game
I find the Cloak and Dagger a lot more useful on servers that don't enable alltalk.
And now, a more proper and refined entrance into the bridge. ♪
10:18 PM
Really bugs me that it shows the talk icon when I'm cloaked.
@GraceNote Make it so.
Proper and refined are overrated adjectives.
Hey @Grace. Excited for elections?
I'm excited to see who all is going to nominate. So many good potential candidates from our community.
Yeah! That's exactly it.
10:20 PM
@GraceNote And me!
@Arda Stop putting yourself down so much, even if it's with humorous intent. You're a good candidate.
@Arda You're in the group of potential positives. Sure, you debatably have some downsides but so does everyone.
Details. (I wish I was still onto my de- streak.)
@GraceNote Except Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky!!!!!!111
Fewer downsides than me anyway.
10:21 PM
How do I get in the situation where I'm defending the fact I'm not a good person against other people? How does that even happen?
@badp DE-NIED!
@Powerlord -1, used already
@ArdaXi Arguably because you are like the midway point between two debaters I know, and thus will debate pretty much anything. Even yourself.
@GraceNote Most people will debate themselves. Most people do it to defend themselves, not to oppose themselves.
@Arda And then on the other five hands you're defending the fact that you're a good person on the nominations. Oh maaaaaaan.
10:22 PM
Also, why doesn't chat have the ability to reply to yourself? [†: Of course, it's not easy for this to happen, @Powerlord, but you're totally getting pinged for this.]
Well, you can technically reply to yourself.
@Mana That's for the people who don't read chat.
@lesspop sure it does!
I still think we should hack @LessPopMoreFizz's account and/or use the force to selfnominate him.
I know but there's just so many conflicting emotions @Arda!
10:23 PM
@Mana I'm a conflicted person.
@Mana "I want to do it, that's why I shouldn't"
@badp I'm in the same boat as you. I refuse to run unless the other options are demonstrably worse. And well... It would take a pretty bad candidate to convince me of that
@badp More like "I don't want to do it, hence I should."
I'd say I'm surprised that you won't nominate, @LessPop, but that's from a standpoint of just believing you'll do a good job - I wouldn't know what reasons you have for not running
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hi Less!
10:24 PM
Like for example, I know @tzenes won't run.
I wonder what nominations from non-chatters we'll get.
At least, it has been so strongly indicated as such for the past 6 months that it'd be surprising.
@GraceNote Fundamental reason for not wanting to run? I'm a lazy asshole, and so long as I'm confident another candidate will do a fine job, I'd rather contribute what efffort I do contribute in the form of answers.
Also, I wonder, how horrible is the job I did on my speech?
Fun fact, in the middle of writing it I got a BSoD. Literally before I started the summary.
Actually yeah, come to think of it @badp. I never really thought about those people.
10:25 PM
@ArdaXi To put it in perspective, my speech is shorter than yours.
@ArdaXi Fun fact: This is why you write it in a text document and save it.
@GraceNote That's because people know you're a good person.
We have a couple good non-chat users that I can think of.
In other words, the only way to convince me to run is to convince me that the other candidates would do a demonstrably worse job than I could. And, quite frankly, I think that is a tough argument to make.
@Powerlord Hell no. If I had it in a text document, I'd have lost work.
10:26 PM
That reminds me, I need to back up My Documents again soon.
@LessPop_MoreFizz How often do I have to point to myself before you realise my point?
@ArdaXi at least you tried, if I'm going to enter myself I'm just going to put up a list of links to posts, profiles and obviously my moderation philosophy. It's not like you'll vote for me anyway, at least I get to make less promises I won't (easily) keep.
@ArdaXi AND SAVE IT was the important part of that sentence.
Chrome saved the entire text, from the moment it crashed, and restored it upon restarting.
@ArdaXi And if 5 days pass, and there are 3 or fewer candidates, I'll worry about that fact.
10:27 PM
I understand, @Less. Well, good to have you amongst the 10kers. Also, sorry for ruining your 9999 screenshot.
Oh man, badp just sounds so dark and mysterious right now.
@Mana Oh, when I put myself down I'm wrong, and @badp is dark and mysterious?
I want to be dark and mysterious :(
I am old enough to be dark and mysterious.
I'm dorky and random... close enough?
(↑ not really)
10:28 PM
I was going to say that @Arda wasn't old enough... but...
@badp Discrimination!
And on that note, off to brooklyn! Later chat.
@Powerlord Yeah you'll do
@GraceNote cries
@LessPop_MoreFizz Bai.
10:28 PM
Later, @Less~
Pssh, you don't even know how old I am... oh wait, it says in my profile, doesn't it?
Only if you fill it out.
Where is @KevinY when you need him.
Which, since it was copied from SO, likely is filled out correctly.
is tempted to change his birthdate to 1985 for the elections
10:29 PM
Oh man, KevinY. Can't believe he's only like 14.
I love the bit in HL2 when the game trolls the player
@Mana I was programming in PHP when I was 11. Granted, I sucked, but I still do, so it's not really an age thing.
"We'll take you out of that haz-mat suit and put you in a lab coat, where you belong"
@ArdaXi PHP didn't exist when I was 11,
Although I think he acted a bit too quickly on one user's suggestion his redstone diagrams were awesome
10:30 PM
@badp When was that again?
@ArdaXi He said
@ArdaXi After the first vehicle section.
I'm playing it for the 3rd time, now dubbed in Italian and with achievements
Oh, right, Black Mesa East
You mean in posting the Redstone Golf question? Or a different incident, @Mana?
Yeah, on posting the Redstone Golf question. I had hoped he would wait for a mod's perspective in case...well yeah it basically went down as I figured it would.
10:32 PM
I still need to continue from where I stopped in city 17.
Well, you don't always need a mod to step in.
I also need to go home, since it's past 5:30p here.
That's true, but I felt as though in that particular instance it was something that might have been better to wait on, seeing as how it was a type of question we hadn't really even considered before then.
Yay, tomorrow is February... now when is Telltale going to release the next Back to the Future episode?
I'd say redstone golf is on topic on codegolf.SE :P
10:37 PM
You'll have to ask if non-standard languages count, but it sounds like something that would make sense there, honestly speaking. It's effectively a sort of code. Sorta. Sorta.
Hmm, before this whole nominations business started, I was going to try out Dungeons. I have got to work on my attention span.
@badp "Firefox can't find the server at www.codegolf.se." Oh wait, you meant .stackexchange.com, not a swedish site.
Oh, speaking of Dungeons, is Magicka Steam-only?
@badp Sorry, .SE is one of my pet peeves. :P
10:38 PM
@Powerlord Jeff & Joel should just buy sweden
@GraceNote From the references I can find on Google, yes.
@GraceNote No.
I don't get why .SE bugs some people.
@Grace nope. It's available through Direct2Drive as well.
10:39 PM
Amazon DE
PC Game Store
@Mana Because .se is a real top-level domain.
Yes! Good! That means I can get it!
And only need to get it once!
@GraceNote Wait, you have a problem with Steam?
You can use the code WETKITTY to get 20% off on it as well.
shrug Does it matter if you get what we're talking about?
10:39 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Erm... err... hrm...
@Powerlord It's complicated, let's leave it at that. It's part overcautiousness for the most part.
and now... grocery store, then home
@GraceNote You mentioned it before, loooong ago.
@GraceNote Oh... keep in mind that I have something like 140 games on my Steam account.
10:41 PM
@Grace I know what you mean. My dad's hyper-paranoid about Steam.
Oh, right, home. I should go.
@Mana I'm not paranoid. I just don't like the licensing concept when applied to a scenario where I live in the same house as my brother.
Yeah that makes sense.
From my understanding of the actual licensing, we literally need to purchase two separate copies to "share" it.
Oh man.
10:43 PM
So like...out of curiosity @Oak, @Grace, are you two planning on self-nominating?
Now, for multiplayer scenarios like Etrian Odyssey 3, I'm fine purchasing two cartridges.
But single player is just uf
@GraceNote said she was working on a speech.
No, I'm not working on a speech. I said my speech is shorter than yours.
Then... huh?
10:45 PM
Come on Arda, you can work this one through.
@GraceNote Why do you always confuse me like that?
There's two possible conclusions here.
You already wrote your speech and are not (yet) posting it.
I have a feeling more people are drawing on the "0 < RIDIQUEUEHUEG ARDA WALL OF TEXT" conclusion.
Oh, right. Wait... No. You're not leaving us?
10:47 PM
Even the latter conclusion doesn't necessarily mean that. It could just mean that I haven't written my speech yet.
Grace will throw in a note by dagger at the last minute.
"My speech" does imply definitiveness.
@Mana I'm not sure. I think so, though.
@Oak Maaaaaaaan, I love how direct you are. With Grace we have to put on like ten thinking caps just to puzzle out some vague possible meanings.
But that's cool! I hope you do.
@Mana Technically, I just haven't answered your question yet.
Mostly because I haven't gotten around to actually writing my speech, so that's what's keeping me from submitting a nomination.
10:50 PM
Makes sense.
But the predicted length is still shorter than Arda's wall.
Forgive me for trying to be thorough...
And now, a moderator nomination speech from Grace... in haiku
@ArdaXi This has gone over everyone's heads by now, apparently.
That was my point though... Make everyone go tl;dr and not read all of it and just be impressed by the length.
10:53 PM
Also Grace, I expect no less than five daggers and musical notes in your speech.
Three-hour Psychology lecture time, peace gamebros.
I was trying to joke on the fact that typically I write the most, so I was trying to make fun of your length by self-deprecating comparison.
Why is everyone leaving after I got permission to talk again?
@GraceNote I do the self-deprecation around here.
Vote for Grace and Oak
You won't regret it once, really
Juan Manuel too, yes.
(I suck at haikus. Refrigerator.)
vote for me you must
because an oak tree alone
can save the forest
these are too good
10:54 PM
@badp I count 8 in the middle row
okay now actually going to class
Really is two syllables
Unless you really slur it
10:55 PM
Also, random poll - does Meta rhyme with Beta?
Yes, but my English accent sucks
So I say both the same way, but I assume most native speakers say "beta" like "bey-ta"
...really? In English it does? Do they do may-ta or be-tta?
anyway, now I have to do Ravenholm on melee stuff alone. Sigh.
Latter, I see
Aren't you a native speaker?
10:59 PM
Of US English, technically. But they don't rhyme in that.
I pronounce meta and beta me-ta and be-ta
Of course beta is technically pronounce we-ta
Honestly, @GraceNote, they're both Greek words
so the question is, do they rhyme in greek?
As far as I know? No.
I've added my nomination, let's see who is next
11:02 PM
No, they don't rhyme in Greek.
E is not a constant sound. See epsilon versus eta as a good example.
Yay @Fabian!
nobody yet nominated on Ask Ubuntu
It's also far shorter than Arda's ;-)
@Fabian typo: Brigdge -> Bridge
more question → more questions
11:03 PM
@Oak Thanks
I went over it to find typos, but there is always at least one left
@badp more question → more cowbell.
@GraceNote If you have more questions → You want more cowbell, so
I'm better editing other people's questions than my own
I should consider sending my speech draft to sjohnston or FallenAngelEyes just to make it correct the first time around, haha~
How could it not be?
If anything it'll be better than mine, anyway.
11:05 PM
@GraceNote I was inside the edit window, so my errors are not visible in the history ;-)
They are forever visible in the chat transcripts, though :)
@Fabian Yours is a quick read, though. Which is a positive note ♪
@Oak You mean until I am moderator (evil laugh)
Actually, as a moderator we... okay, what is up with the countdown?
11:07 PM
That's a count up technically.
I can flip my monitor upside down. Countdown it is.
Q: Can I run Baldur's Gate on my Windows 7 computer?

MattiksI have heard that there are some technical problems with running Baldur's Gate on a computer with Windows 7, but the Virtual Machine I have sucks, because the mouse pointer is always flickering. What I want to know is, if I install Baldur's Gate, will my computer have any problems?

YiJiang's election's page is going to ruin me. Other users are all posting real data, and then you're going to get an ageless entry apparently located in "Filgaia".
@GraceNote whatever, Grace, whatever.
how many people are going to check that on GMaps? :P
11:11 PM
My real name on Gaming is also listed as Puniyo, for what it's worth.
and now the electrified fence. Third time playing, third time wondering.
I guess it's the sign of a question worth asking!
What's the link to YiJang's election page again?
In the pinned list to the right, @Fabian
I should probably make a post like ChrisF did for the other sites, though
> status-bydesign ♬ this is hilarious – Jeff Atwood♦ 8 mins ago
hm, the "omg-physics" tag hasn't been created yet
11:15 PM
> status-bydesign ♬ – badp 2 hours ago
Yes, but Jeff actually marked it with the tag.
yeah, I noticed
It's kinda weird that the long dash is a long dash in the question title font
@GraceNote Thanks
That's because the question title font is not the same as the System Message font
yeah, well, if they wanted to put a custom glyph for the long dash they'd have replicated that along the entire family, right?
11:20 PM
Looking at the actual font set, it seems very arbitrary what gets replaced and what doesn't.
Q: How do you get past the electrified fence in Ravenholm?

badp Oh my god... physics! It's the third time I play Half Life 2 and for the third time I reach this fence and get stuck. Shame on me! So, how do you get past it?

that ceramic bit that is connected to the tank in the sceenshot
how's it called?
I do not see a tank
Or, at least, I'm not sure what you're referring to. Highlight it in some preferably non-memetic fashion
I can't tell if those are coils, solenoids, or any other manner of coiled electrical apparatus.
Could be spiralled vacuum tubes for all I know
11:29 PM
"coil" will do
tries to remember back that far
Ah, someone already answered :P
Q: Final Fantasy 7: Limit Break Damage

AardvarkWhich characters do the most damage with their limit breaks at maxed level?

Are you going to explain that counting yet?
11:36 PM
An achievement requires me to only use the gravity gun in a level. I'm counting the victims.
@badp Ha, I have that achievement. :D
The sucky part is that the mines after Ravenholm also count. :|
I'm kinda afraid I blew it because I switched to other weapons, although I didn't fire it
@Powerlord what? damn!
I already was thinking that the graveyard would be hell without a shotgun
@badp I tried to keep a sawblade as long as I possibly could.
@Powerlord that's my plan too, but those nasty things tend to get lost easily
Shaun has an interesting reputation graph.
11:41 PM
...there's a Keyboard Shortcuts proposal? Wow.
@ArdaXi That's not a surprise... the frequency of questions about certain games have dropped.
@Powerlord Nah. It's all because of StarCraft 2.
@ArdaXi That would be the game I'm was referring to, yes.
11:43 PM
Mine are a very rickety set of stairs
@Powerlord It's because of the increase of questions about SC2
It basically spikes up when someone asks a Nethack question, then dies off
I bet if you correlate my graph with that of SC2 questions you'll see a relation.
@GraceNote I'm gonna save my questions about nethack and make a pretty drawing in your graph :D
@ArdaXi I thought SC2 questions were on a downswing.
@ArdaXi Forget Nethack, ask Sora or Lethal Crisis.
11:44 PM
@Powerlord Maybe, but the release of SC2 cost me my #1 spot.
I just started writing a moderator nomination in the style of Troy McClure from The Simpsons. I must be bored.
All I'm saying is that the point where my rep's increase is declining is where SC2 questions start to rise.
oh. fuck. the achievement is grav gun only. I mauled a couple of zombies with the crowbar near the start.
fail badp is at it again!
@badp Whoops, I thought you knew it was Grav Gun only. :/
11:55 PM
I'm impressed by how smooth my rep curve is.
...uh oh. That's not a good sign.
I just had a question pop into mind about my office. So I immediately started heading towards Meta Stack Overflow to post a support question...

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