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2:05 PM
Korea's going to be in the next Civ xpac.
@Arperum we should totally play a campaign in february when it comes out =p
@Nzall Ooooh Method just got 9/11. (in about 6 hrs less than Limit)
@Jutschge I noticed. The race is on
And Method still got like 8 hours left today
I mean, they can definitely raid until 11 PM
2:08 PM
They will
They raid about 18 hrs the first day
And about 15 hours on other days until it's clear
> 2/18
> SNOW CONDITIONS: Powder, Machine Groomed
(vast improvement from SNOW CONDITIONS: Spring)
2:32 PM
Netflix uses up to 1GB of RAM while playing video
@PrivatePansy Chrome uses up to 1GB 2GB of RAM while playing video doing anything.
@Yuuki Those cards look eerily (mechanically) similar.
@MBraedley Supposedly, the same person made both cards.
Or rather, the person who made the Hearthstone card worked on the MtG set that the MtG card came from.
@Jutschge I can't imagine doing that
It can't be fun at that point
A three-hour raid was plenty for me
@SaintWacko I mean it's pure competition. I get that's extremely satisfying to be the first to down the boss. For me it wouldn't be worth it though...
2:46 PM
I'm kinda happy with my 4 raids/week atm. And it'll go down to 3 next week. We can still compete for a top 500 ranking or DE top 50 while maintaining a real life. (Also i'm far from good enough to compete for top 10)
@KevinvanderVelden SNOW CONDITIONS: @badp
3:01 PM
Good morning Bridge.
> contibution
Meanwhile, in depressing TV, new Black Mirror is out on the 29th
3:04 PM
@Arperum 🔥
I don't need to watch Black Mirror because we live in Black Mirror lololololololololol I am banished to room 64176
@Unionhawk What a funny joke! (continues peddling bike)
Has WeWork hired you to power the building?
@SaintWacko It's not just for the bragging rights. Many of the players in these guilds later on stream their mythic farm kills and take their viewers on heroic raids, and having the reputation of being a top tier player really helps to get viewers
and subs, which bring in a nice chunk of money
@Unionhawk They get children from the nearby orphanage/coal mine to do that as "work experience"
3:07 PM
@Nzall Ahh, okay. So in a way, it is a job!
@Ronan Pretty much. WeWork runs on VC fumes, which are generated primarily by the enslavement of the third world.
@Nzall A lot of them aren't actually "professional" gamers though. At least half of them have a job/are students.
see as a citizen of a third world country i want to write a fun reply
but I'd get flagged.
it's not rude.
just memey.
@Jutschge Yeah, indeed, but the most prominent ones are professional gamers, complete with sponsors
@Nzall True but they aren't the majority. Ofc everyone (who follows the raiding scene) knows Sco or Fragnance but then there's the rest. It's usually 25-35 people involved in a world first raid and only 5 of them are popular
I just recently realized two people in my guild (and mainraid) participated in the M+ Invitational. I've never heard of them before lol. One is a Gardener and the other is a Student
And the majority of progression raiders are like that
3:13 PM
@Jutschge Yeah, but Method is more than just the WF Mythic race. They have teams in pretty much every major competitive esport: WoW PvP, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Rocket League, FIFA,...
@Jutschge True, and there isn't really a market for having hundreds of successful progression streamers
@Nzall True but their WoW team doesn't bring in that much money...
Like when I hear WoW streamer I think about Swifty, Preach, Sodapoppin or Quin. They're all great players sure, but they aren't as good as the world 1st
You gotta be good and entertaining to make money off streaming. And the latter is more important.
And it's pretty hard to find sponsors for WoW if you're not streaming successfully.
Indeed. You also need personality and style to make it as a streamer. Those 4 also make jokes with their viewers and goof about. Same with Asmongold, Towelliee,... Compared to these guys, Sco is just a grumpy old miser
Also I Method has a 1-day raiding schedule after the progress is over. Mostly because the people have jobs/university
To be fair, there are no guilds that continue day raiding after progress is over
or even after the race is over
Yeah but most guilds don't even raid more than 3 times per week after that.
And AFAIK there's like 5 guilds that daytime raid during progress. Maybe about 40-50 that play the first day
Also IIRC Blizzard said that they don't want to tune mythic for world first. (they did with ToS but meh)
3:26 PM
@Unionhawk I still haven't finished that series because I am told the next one in my queue contains spiders.
I read that as spoilers initially and spent like 30 seconds trying to process what that would even mean until I reread
ACCEPTED FACT: Spiders are now also spoilers.
Spiders keep whispering the plots to films I haven't seen to me as a sleep
I don't do well with spiders. Especially larger ones that are slowly moving.
3:35 PM
Q: New white space when viewing questions?

Timmy JimThere is some new white space on the sides of the page when viewing a question (it use to be the blue Arqade background). This also happens in the Meta site: Is this a bug or intended now? I was able to reproduce in Chrome and Edge.

Computer Aided Engineering

Proposed Q&A site for engineers with questions about software related to computer aided engineering, such as CAD, CAM and FEM.

Currently in definition.

@Maximillian I've googled the images. They frighten me
A recent episode of The Orville had big crawly spiders. I did not do well.
@Maximillian Is that show any good? Early reviews were not kind, so I never even started watching.
I've heard it's good enough for you to be kind of mad that it's a Seth MacFarlane show
3:43 PM
If you liked TNG there's things you will like about The Orville. Imagine if the TNG crew had a little more buddy/office humor going on. I haven't had any cringe humor yet, but it's really just Seth MacFarlane's Star Trek fanfic and in terms of Sci-Fi elements, it's watchable.
If you're horribly offended by the kind of humor he does, it's there, but not as heavily in his cartoons.
They touch on some interesting social/ethical concepts in this season. Plus their alien makeup team is pretty amazing.
They find a planet that has replaced laws with literally upvoting and downvoting people. 10 million downvotes and you're mentally blanked.
@Maximillian What cartoons hat Seth made?
@Nzall Family Guy, American Dad, etc?
Family Guy and American Dad
And maybe a couple more idk
But I think that's it
It doesn't do his overused cutaway gag inserts.
It's a slightly different spin on Sci-Fi stuff. I like it personally.
I'm amused they did not put any kind of transporter technology on the ship because they wanted the story challenge of having to do things with shuttles.
@Maximillian Transporter effects are heavier on the sci-fi budget
loads of particle effects and you don't want to reuse them that much because having the same particles the same time is noticeable
3:49 PM
@Maximillian I've heard some of the social/ethical takes were a little hamfisted.
Just about everything he does is hamfisted, but I still found stuff I liked. Just not the spiders.
He's got Norm Macdonald on the cast as a pungent green slime that works in engineering. Seems a fitting role for him.
Turns out having a morphic ooze that can use tools is awfully handy in engineering.
@Maximillian ahahahahaha
Ticketmaster: Because it's easier to sell a $75 dollar ticket than a $90 ticket. Even if they both cost $100.
A well watered tree vs a dry tree #holidayhazards https://t.co/SDDyoHjt92
God dammit I kicked the surge suppressor that my desktop is on
I knew that was going to happen eventually
I should probably move that somewhere else
@Unionhawk Hmm... that's not a time lapse, is it?
3:59 PM
@Yuuki no it isn't
Christmas tree fires escalate quickly.
All right, master power switch for my entire computer moved away from my foot
This thanksgiving I'm thankful for SSDs
@Unionhawk bad experience?
3 mins ago, by Unionhawk
God dammit I kicked the surge suppressor that my desktop is on
4:02 PM
I just accidentally cut power to my entire computer
My surge protector is hidden behind a board that I can't get my foot behind
I just moved it as much into the corner as I could
I put my surge protector in front of the Vermilion City gym.
@Unionhawk Ouch
Anyone else trying to use reddit and it is returning "Ow!"?
4:14 PM
good now though @Moacir
Its intermitent
Suddenly it works, then it's go back to the ow's
yes that's reddit
Reddit was getting a flu shot.
4:26 PM
reddit is basically extremely unreliable
You are what you eat after all.
I don't feel like a toast
@Avery At the risk of sounding incredibly racist, brown on the outside whilst bland and white on the inside?
4:44 PM
why is this absurd meme the most affirming thing i've seen all day
Pull him out and beat him, fam
@Yuuki thinking about it
I actually do feel like a toast
@GodEmperorDune how many jumper cables do I use
to beat him
white on outside and red on inside
@Avery I think that's poorly (under)cooked chicken.
chicken on toast?
what are you, a monster?
4:51 PM
@Avery what kind of bread are you using, fam?
@Riker as many as are required
Man, we need to do something about the brain goblin economy.
@GodEmperorDune 1 - 2
I don't love these but they have long shelf life
and I really don't feel like going out everyday to buy bread
But those aren’t red?
white outside
red inside
what kind of weird bread do you have
that bleeds
4:57 PM
oh, tha'ts meat (?)
.. on toast?
not just plain bread?
4 mins ago, by Avery
I don't love these but they have long shelf life
4 mins ago, by Avery
and I really don't feel like going out everyday to buy bread
5:02 PM
Possibly not
Likely not
But we'll find out
And the lunch special comes with naan and a drink so
You want butter chicken. All of it.
@Maximillian butter chicken is good as hell yeah this is truth
5:29 PM
thanks amazon
I'm kind of surprised how many of those "obscure" hangable ceilings I knew about
I didn't know about the one directly in front of the castle door but I did know about the underside of the bridge over the moat
Q: Which heroes get model upgrades at level 10?

BobsonIn HOTS, there are a lot of variant skins for all the heroes, but most of them are static throughout the battle. However Dehaka regrows his arm at level 10, and Varian gains a shield, second sword, or just improves his 2-hander, to indicate which heroic talent he took. Are there any other heroe...

Q: Game (steam) recommendations, multiplayer LAN

George HeroldI hope this question is OK. I'm a Dad with two kids, 16 and 18. I'm looking for a Xmas game for us all to play together. We have slow (satellite) internet at home so MMO games are not so good. But some local (LAN) game is fine. (We will sometimes play Minecraft together.) I was thinking of ...

@Lazers2.0 Off-topic
5:45 PM
It's already closed.
Not before I posted that
I really wish my project used git or hg so I could quickly branch locally and test out a feature I want implemented.
@MBraedley What VCS are you using?
6:01 PM
svn copy?
it's awful but
it does the job
Not with the size of my repo.
yeah it's pretty slow
Just the root of the source code folder is 27.5GB, but that includes non-versioned build artefacts and some other stuff that probably shouldn't be there.
Synonym for "loadout" in games? "Class" isn't exactly correct, because it means that the characters are different, loadout is a selection of equipment.
6:11 PM
I'm more than a little disappointed because we could have (and should have) made the switch to a DVCS 3 and a half years ago. Now it won't happen at least until new tool infrastructure is rolled out to the office.
@MBraedley what on earth
what kind of assets are in there
Heavily armored code.
@quartata Well, a copy of boost for starters...
@MBraedley that shouldn't be quite that bad
although gross
hopefully most of the size comes from SVN
6:13 PM
...and other third party libraries and utils, totalling 3.3GB
@quartata Nope, the .svn folder is one level higher.
Oh, I know where most of the excess size is coming from: test data (unversioned) for a simulator.
12.8GB of sidescan sonar data.
@KevinvanderVelden Do you want a contribution?
@KevinvanderVelden Maybe it was pointless to ask, but I know that SE posts are licensed under Creative Commons license "with contribution required", I wondered if some chat help should be as source as well. Feel free to ignore this comment if you have no interest.
6:21 PM
Ooh, contribution, not a contribution =p
Sure whatever
ooh neat
discord is redesigning the role list
memers always comes first
@Avery have you been ranting again?
it's not my role list~
I don't have nsfw role and such
But you do have the rant role right?
6:23 PM
I do
@KevinvanderVelden pretty sure that's exclusive to @badp
or at the very least the "foreign language rant" role
@KevinvanderVelden Should be formal: gaming.stackexchange.com/a/322580/148510
@KevinvanderVelden attribution
6:27 PM
Also a thing
I should make food
Food is good
Maybe it'll make my headache go away
I ordered food
because 9:30 and mom isn't here
spoiler: has fidget spinners
6:41 PM
Spoiler: extra credits
also jaidenanimatons and odd1sout
@Avery I was so surprised to see that
I expected jaiden/james after that though
and they did make an appearence
It was a generally okay rewind, I don't popular youtube really so I didn't get most of it though
Was the paint fighting a thing?
no idea
7:06 PM
Okay, I think I finally understand Xenoblade 2's combat system.
Took me awhile.
The issue is there's like two or three systems that are, for the most part, independent.
And the only time they interact is by chance or really, really careful planning.
Q: What USB wifi adapter should I buy for gaming?

Viktor Birk MunksgaardWhat USB wifi adapter should I buy for gaming? I have one now that's not great so which one is the best? I already tried a cheap one but which is the best for steady strong connection?

apparently Vine 2 is going to be a thing or something?
7:25 PM
@Unionhawk "Oh no, people are forgetting about Vine! Quick, reskin it and call it Vine 2!"
(it was sold to twitter and shut down)
I use facebook 4
I'm not even making things up
7:39 PM
I don't normally post cute stuff but this is too much
@DanmakuGrazer Not to scale, the single gen-2 pokemon is annoying, why Bulbasaur and Ivysaur?
Caterpie is bigger than Blastoise.
All that aside, I wouldn't mind owning all of those.
@DanmakuGrazer hey i think @ash has made things like those before
Make big things small for cuteness, make small things big for cuteness
Happy Independence Day, Finland.
@Maximillian more like happy findependence day
7:42 PM
Oh. That's a good one.
@StrixVaria because those were the ones the person making them wanted to make? =p
But Chikorita over Cyndaquil?
Come on.
I never said they had good taste
Cyndaquil is clearly better
@RedRiderX I know I am a little late in responding, but it was supposed to be a private chat room on Game Development (and i have no idea how it got onto Arqade), but alas, it wouldn't let me click the private option thing, so i just put it into the description.
Only mods can make private rooms
7:46 PM
I knew that. It told me when I clicked on "make private"
@TheMattbat999 We don't do private chats really unless needed for mod purposes
if you want a private chat here...go elsewhere.
@StrixVaria Cyndaquil is for people who want to be coddled through the first few gyms.
Real Pokémon players pick Chikorita.
@Ash tbf, the other participant in said "private" chat is a mod
Actually, Chikorita doesn't get a single type advantage in the Johto gyms, huh?
@Yuuki There is nothing hard about pokemon games no matter who you pick.
7:52 PM
Well, I guess technically against Chuck's Poliwrath.
Grass does look pretty garbage against the types of the 8 leaders in Johto, though.
Luckily, there's an overabundance of other pokemon to catch so you don't have to use Chikorita if you accidentally pick it.
Type disadvantage against half of them (Flying, Bug, Ice, Dragon) and given that a good percentage of Ghost types are also Poison...
Are there any untyped pokemon?
Plus Grass is ineffective vs Steel, although I think Grass resists Electric.
@Maximillian Nope.
@Maximillian No, at any given time every pokemon has a specific typing.
Some pokemon can have different types or changes types in various circumstances, though.
7:56 PM
@Ash I will try to find somewhere else then....
Well, does Arceus have a ??? Plate?
There are ways to have a typeless Pokémon
Pure Flying + Roost
Pure Fire + Burn Out
And there's a fan game that did nuclear pokemon, right?
@Yuuki Does ??? still exist? I thought they made struggle normal type. Or do I have it backwards.
??? no longer exists
7:57 PM
@DanmakuGrazer True, I forgot about this.
There's exactly one pure flying pokemon, though, and I don't think it can learn Roost.
@StrixVaria no, the only ??? move was turned into a gjost type move
@DanmakuGrazer Apparently that makes them Normal and thus weak to Fighting.
@Yuuki I think that was changed in gen 6
Nope, I'm wrong
Burn Up works though
Pokémon games must be powered by black magic
8:00 PM
I inexpicably want a sunny day/burn up Castform now.
@DanmakuGrazer nope by nuclear radiation and Pepsi
I doubt it can learn Burn Up though because Castform is garbage.
@DanmakuGrazer Nah, the Dark type was released in Gen II.
I mean Gen 1 is held together by duct tape and 1/255 RNG errors
Only 4 lines can learn Burn Up
Moltres, Cyndaquil, Growlithe, Tepig
8:01 PM
@StrixVaria Castform was pretty good
The 151 speedrun in gen 1 is pretty great
@DanmakuGrazer "We heard you were annoyed about Fire/Fighting starters, so we're giving you the option to remove the Fire part." - Game Freak, probably
Q: When playing an N64 game on Wii virtual console, what is happening when the spinning N logo appears?

Mikey T.K.This is more of a technical question It appears as if there's a significant loading delay on some N64 VC games. I recently purchased a used first gen Wii (the one with Gamecube controller ports), and a few VC titles were already installed. When starting, say, Mario Party 2, there is about a 10-...

Though Tepig only gets it in USUM, apparently
@Yuuki dark, physic, and fighting types
8:04 PM
@Yuuki Tepig was the last fire/fighting at least (unless you count Incineroar who is a fighting pokemon in everything but literal typing).
@TheMattbat999 Castform is nifty but its base stats means it can't take advantage of its ability.
I finally started Nier Automata
and apparently you can't even save your game for the first 30-60 minutes.
If you die, restart
@StrixVaria Incineroar is a cop-out, imo.
If you have to do something else on your computer, restart
That's not the "fun" kind of difficulty
It might as well be Fire/Fighting for all the reasons why people didn't like Fire-Fighting starters.
8:05 PM
@Yuuki Everyone knows wrestling isn't real fighting
I'd like a Serperior-style Fire starter line where the final stage isn't another humanoid-esque Pokemon.
Snivy-Servine-Serperior is actually probably my favorite starter line because it actually loses limbs.
Nov 30 at 23:44, by Ash
Ooh, the Winterbash countdown page is pretty.
@Avery HMMM
@Yuuki ah well. Still, magicarp is the best :)
8:24 PM
Q: A large number of my questions and answers require editing — how to approach?

user598527In the past I've used my private Imgur account to embed some images in higher quality (Stack Exchange's Imgur account stack.imgur.com compresses images above 1 MB in size). This can result in permanent of loss of data and bandwidth usage can also be relatively high (mobile users with low-speed co...


Proposed Q&A site for master falconers, falconer apprentices, those who keep and train birds of prey, those who hunt using birds of prey, experts in the history, lifestyle, and sport of falconry, experts in disaster response, health, and rehabilitation of birds of prey

Currently in definition.

Q: Divinity 2 - Aetera the eternal - without cheese tactics

deco801I'm level 16 and can't beat Aetera without losing a character. I managed to kill the boss but the wolves remain and by that time my part is on the brink of death, Using a tank, ranger/summoner, and 2 elementalists.

8:45 PM
Q: After Trump, how do you learn to love the internet again? A: Thomas The Tank Engine On Red Bull https://t.co/yhRix6irML
@Sterno That's dumb.
@Sterno Serves you right for having other things to do
@Unionhawk Like your mo... rtgage payments
*late stage
8:54 PM
@Unionhawk But you used capitalism to get indian food earlier?
I've done a significant edit, I hope you can agree: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/q/233684/148510
When I hadn't passed the reputation threshold to get my edits automatically approved I had more than five "g2a.com link removal" edits accepted. It seems that others users agree that Arqade is not a key reseller support website. The links weren't essential either.
@user598527 good edit, no worries
Also regarding ethics of G2A: reddit.com/r/GameDeals/comments/2yhlw4/…
*a product key marketplace support website to be accurate
@user598527 that seems like a good edit.
9:15 PM
@fredley My kids have one of these and it is not near powerful enough to make those jumps, or even go up some of the inclines. They must have supercharged that thing somehow
Like the jump over the 14 trains or whatever. Yeah. It would have landed on #1 or #2
@Sterno apparently it's filmed at 120fps
and then I think slowed down to 30?
I think that they're just throwing it by hand at the 17 trains one
@Avery (this is why some fall stuff etc appear slow.)
(or so I speculate)
@Sterno That's not actually the powered version. It's just going down a slope
it's definitely powered
maybe your'e right. I thought I saw the button on the back but it might not be
@Sterno The one in that video?
@Sterno Ah okay
If I recall correctly I flagged this question once in the past (though I didn't see the "your last flag was rejected note"): https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/184805/esea-for-a-lower-level-player-in-csgo
Looks like a clear (server) recommendation question to me.
9:26 PM
@Sterno It's a magnet.
Yeah, the powered one has the magnet too. I though I'd seen the square button above it but I was incorrect
@user598527 it has questions about ESEA
But in Trump-like fashion, after being given proof I'm wrong, I'll just stick with FAKE NEWS
1 user moved to etc too lazy to format this joke
this is android hell
9:29 PM
@Avery I may be wrong, I also wasn't aware that ESEA and ESL are the same organization now.
9:47 PM
Q: Is there anything additional known about the Hero ability stats?

ZaibisThe ability describtions are very short and lacking a lot of additonal information. for example when I use the "UNLEASHED" star card I know that my unleash damage will at maximum range will increase by up to 50 damage. That sounds prety nice, but having no idea how much damage which ability deal...

9:58 PM
@fredley i've got the laptop on mute but the entire time i had the Thomas The Tank Engine theme running in my head
Well, Nier: Automata might not respect my time, but one thing I will give it is that it lets you beat a boss to death with his own arm

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