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12:22 PM
So I just got back from bathroom
And the employee there got REALLY mad at me at first, for using the wrong bathroom
Wrong bathroom in question is men's room
Aaaaand I got rejected by a girl again... meh...
I'm apparently the only single person in this company =p
@KevinvanderVelden I'm not! Mostly because I'm not single.
12:36 PM
@Arperum Why would you deny JavaScript its only purpose in life? :(
@Avery Hang on. You're a woman, right? why did you then go into the men's room? Or are you supposed to use the bathroom for the gender you are born as in Turkey?
I'm not even going to try to explain my issue, since it requires very specific knowledge of our framework.
Just copy paste the code to pastebin
12:40 PM
@KevinvanderVelden The entire framework? since I call one line and then the framework breaks horribly.
Which is unfun. Since I don't know why it breaks.
@Fluttershy Yep, it was I
Please select the way it is making your life hell
[ ] Prototypal inheritance
[ ] this
[ ] Bad type coersion
[ ] undefined is not a function
[ ] Poor stdlib
[ ] Poor cross browser compatibility
[ ] Poor performance
[ ] Date
[ ] No standardized module system
[ ] NaN
And this thing needs to be live ASAP since the bug I'm fixing blocks clients from using a big part of the functionality.
Yes, tar c .|gzip -9|base64, just paste the output off that
@PrivatePansy I have no clue. Something is null and then it tries to call some function on it, I'm mystified on why the thing is null though.
12:44 PM
@Nzall I am not sure if there's a law like that but as it's on school and a notable amount of people recognise me as male due to teachers and such referring to me as such due to legalese, and I don't want trouble.
Also men's room is closer.
Hmm, null is interesting, because it has to be deliberately introduced somewhere. This is better than undefined is not a function because that could come from literally anywhere
It's somewhere deep inside a trigger/bind hellscape.
Time to use breakpoints then
Do you not think I've tried that?
Ah, that probably means someone forgot to var that = this
12:45 PM
that's possible
Please select the way it is making your life hell
[ ] Prototypal inheritance
[X] this
[ ] Bad type coersion
[ ] undefined is not a function
[ ] Poor stdlib
[ ] Poor cross browser compatibility
[ ] Poor performance
[ ] Date
[ ] No standardized module system
[ ] NaN
that.table is null
that is an object (that = this) is literally the line above.
@Arperum check whether the contents of that is what you expect
It could be that at some point (possibly during the object's lifecycle when it's not needed anymore) some smartarse decided to set that.table = null to help the gc out
also aaaaaaghhhhh
turkish post is so slow
apparently my package arrived to turkey around 2 weeks ago
and it has no data after that
12:49 PM
But the object is still around because it is captured by an event handler, which then tries to use that.table
Good extra early morning, Bridge.
@Nzall well, no, some of it's properties are null... And they definitely should not be null
@PrivatePansy This is during the creation of an object.
tbf, this is actually during the re creation of an object, so improperly cleaned up is possible.
@Arperum Oh dear. Presumably that.table has to be set from somewhere, which means someone passed in null.
So you just have to trace table as it gets passed around the code. What fun!
@Arperum May be relevant: document.querySelector returns null if the element cannot be found
If the this is called when the DOM is not ready, then you can get a null
I mean, any of the element select methods return null
I found something Some widget that is undefined, but is should contain that table.
so now to figure out why it is undefined.
1:11 PM
@Arperum progress, yay!
Q: Minecraft: /testfor problem

scriptmastere02So I was doing a command creation of an Explosive Bow. I was trying to use /testfor to test arrows near me in order to detect them if they are from a different type of bow. Arrows with score of 1 on score telar is a teleportation arrow Arrows with score of 1 on score lhar is a lightning arrow S...

@Lazers2.0 Don't use testfor
1:43 PM
We've gotten a number of "how do I make a bow do a thing" and unfortunately the answer is basically "it's really hard to figure out which bow an arrow was shot from"
Solution: All bows now fire constantly.
@Unionhawk Solution: All arrows have the effects of all bows.
Technically it's probably possible, and once you give that @e[type=Arrow] a tag of some sort to latch onto, making it blow up is fairly easy
Heck, I did it with snowballs which is a harder problem because they're destroyed on impact, arrows stick around
Though only on impact with a wall, you couldn't direct hit a player without my snowball explosion method
This talk of modding snowballs/arrows vaguely makes me want to download Minecraft again and mess around with that stuff.
I won't, though.
I think I built the snowball explosion thing back when fill clocks were still required
I should go back and make that a repeat/chain deal
1:48 PM
I am reminded of how easy it was to make simple weapon mods on Halo PC. I changed the shotgun to shoot rockets so every pull of the trigger was like 10 rockets in a random pattern.
It was possibly the most fun weapon I've ever used.
The rocket-launching machine gun on the warthog wasn't bad either, though.
Everything is rockets.
Oh I kind of did it but I did it in a comment?
At the age I was at the time, yes, everything was rockets.
The only way to make the magnum even more broken.
Q: Are the recent Wolfenstein and Doom reboots set in the same universe?

RexI've just played Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and noticed a number of strangely familiar elements from Doom (2016). Which makes me wonder, is the Doom reboot universe actually the Wolfenstein reboot universe 200 years in the future? Below are some of the elements I've noticed so far: 1) Ub...

Q: Does Mowing the Grass have benefits beyond aesthetics in RollerCoaster Tycoon?

KozakyIn the original PC release of RollerCoaster Tycoon, if playing in a scenario with a lot of grassland, I would ensure my handymen did not mow the grass as their other services seemed more beneficial to keeping the park tidy, as well as making sure the handymen did not wander off the paths. In the ...

1:49 PM
I don't remember modding any of the Covenant weapons, maybe they had a different system.
@MBraedley, sanity check: first command block in a line repeat, rest chain unconditional redstone off for all of them is the same as a fill clock except like using the mechanisms the game provides for 20Hz processing right?
@Unionhawk Yes
I can probably redo that answer with some conditional chain command blocks but
I'd have to think about it
@Lazers2.0 Actually hold on I have a related answer to this lol
A: How To Make Bow / Snowball that shoots Custom Named Arrows / Snowballs

UnionhawkSnowballs are a lot of fun aren't they? Well, this is simpler, since your requirements are that a particular sort of snowball will have an arc of lightning bolts across its trajectory, but the principal is the same. For this, I used a series of 4 commands and 1 setup command. (well, and also /ga...

Oh lol that question was an undelete by me xd
I remember that lol
1:58 PM
@PrivatePansy I solved by forcing to unbind all the things first. But now there is the part where it is horrendously slow now.
@Unionhawk There should be a way around the issue that was raised in the comments of this.
Maybe with some sort of age of entity type testing?
Q: Steam game launch automatic identification & recording

Tapan RawalI am building a desktop app for screen recording of my user's desktop but especially only when user is playing a video game and not watching other videos or anything. I wanted my launcher to detect the games downloaded from Steam (store.steampowered.com/) Automatically. The path for steam game...

You should be able to tag it as soon as it's fired. This will become easier in 1.13 as well.
@Yuuki cc @Ash
2:04 PM
I might reexamine some of my more complex command answers
Also wait isn't 1.13 out?
I could have sworn I've seen 1.14 snapshots
Oh hmm
ah 14 is announced
I see
Oh yeah, within temptation did a christmas song didn't they
2:21 PM
Y'know, speaking of things Northmen say that don't really work out, "the lone wolf dies but the pack survives" is another one.
I watched the first... three? episodes of got yesterday :o
3:04 PM
The race for world 1st has started :D
Well at least on NA/OC
Okay, the Switch ports need to slow down or else I'm just going to be playing my entire Steam library on my Switch (Darkest Dungeon is announced for mid-January).
@jt0023 We put some details in that blog post. TL;DR Hopefully will be mid Jan.
I am very extremely here for games getting switch ports and I think darkest dungeon would work fantastically
3:18 PM
Also, Dark Souls 1 Remaster confirmed for Switch.
Never mind, tweet was deleted.
Oh lol the first boss already got oneshot by 2 guilds lol.
Ah so still rumored then
that doesn't look like a real word
3:18 PM
@Yuuki pls be real
@Unionhawk Because it's spelt rumoured
I wish I could transfer my stardew valley PC save to the switch
Get some cross-sync action going on
But nope
@Jutschge blighttown tho
@Ronan ruomoured
@Jutschge IIRC, first boss is usually pretty easy.
3:20 PM
@SaintWacko ruomourued you mean
@KevinvanderVelden Yes, I dou
Youu couuld have stoupped this
Oh man don't even tease Dark Souls Switch.
I don't need motion controls for that.
3:22 PM
@Ronan also spelt?
@Yuuki Meh we're probably still gonna wipe 10 times :(
@KevinvanderVelden Spelt is British
Tbh I'm pretty happy if we kill the first two tomorrow... Portal Keeper and High Command don't look too easy.
Spelled also is though
@Ronan yes, it is a type of grain =p
3:25 PM
First boss is meant to be easier than the previous boss on heroic so that guilds who are usually only raiding heroics can get a foot in the door
@KevinvanderVelden Words can mean multiple things
@Nzall Definitely wasn't the case with EN...
@Ronan never
@KevinvanderVelden ok
@Jutschge That was because Xavius was hugely undertuned
3:26 PM
And honestly I thought the dmg was pretty high on HC on the first boss.
Like the whole raid was dropping to 20% after the green explosion thingy.
Blizzard already said as much that Xavius was badly tuned on all difficultties
I'm thinking about resubbing to WoW, but I just can't do a dedicated raiding schedule anymore. DPS is probably the best role for "I might raid this week, I might not raid for the next two weeks" right?
Hmm kinda true... The main challenge was getting past Evil Tree and Cenarius
hang on, you're talking about nythendra mythic or Skorpyron?
@Yuuki Dps is probably the best but having a heal off-spec will definitely help
Especially for M+
@Nzall Xavius HC->Nyth Mythic
Nyth Mythic was a looot harder than Xavius IMO
3:30 PM
@Jutschge So... Priest or Shaman?
And xavius was about as difficult as the spider-bird thing.
@Yuuki Yeah, but as a DPS, you probably want to be a class/spec with a really clear niche.
because good DPS are a dime a dozen, you need to bring more to the raid now that everyone can pretty much do the same single target
@Yuuki Priest is looking pretty strong atm (Ok gotta say I'm biased here since I'm a Disc) but IIRC Elemental is pretty strong aswell and Resto will always have a spot simply because of HTT and SLT
Is WoW a thing again?
@Nzall "good DPS are a dime a dozen" Speaking as a former main tank, this is categorically false.
Provided that "don't step in fire, you idiot" is a criterion for "good DPS".
3:32 PM
Priest kinda sucks in m+ tho. With the exception of disc but it's weird to play.
@Yuuki No, I mean DPS that can perform well while avoiding the fire
I feel like dps is definitely the hardest thing to play in a raid.
once you get to a certain level, you need to bring more than just DPS and good dance skills
Parsing 95+ as a dps is a lot harder than as a healer/tank
@Jutschge It's also the easiest to get away with being mediocre.
3:33 PM
@Yuuki That's true
and unfortunately there are way more groups who think they're at that level than actually are
@Yuuki high skill floor runs away
So you're saying I shouldn't be using Arcane Missiles on every new target I see.....
I mean you can play BM hunter and just spam 123
Maybe hit 4 every minute or so
I'm far more tolerant of run-of-the-mill DPS than I am of average healers and other tanks.
3:35 PM
I main enhancement shaman and killed Argus normal yesterday evening. Enhancement is definitely a fun spec, and right now it's one of the best DPS specs in the game
I mean the thing I hate the most are bad tanks. Not mediocre but actually bad. It's impossible to do anything. Like you can carry a bad healer or a bad dps but if your tank sucks it's over
as in second best spec in the game according to simcraft stacks
@Nzall eh simcraft isn't too great tho...
I mean on certain fights (looking at you Eonar) Ele is miles better
@Jutschge To be fair, every time I play in a raid, I consistently am among the top DPS in the group
The thing is, you can half-ass your way through most encounters as DPS or heals if you know basic guidelines.
But as tank, you absolutely need to know the encounter mechanics or you're screwed.
3:37 PM
@Yuuki Not in TOS... but yeah in this raid it's the case
Maiden of Vigilance....
It's pretty horrible editing but our guild did a montage of what happens when a single person fucks up in the maiden fight
And well the actual kill
Also the worst boss in farm. Your gear doesn't matter. If someone crosses colors it's just instawipe
And the worst part: it can happen during any part of the 5 minute fight... You play perfectly for 4:50? Oh too bad now you're all dead
Pyrus pyrifolia is a species of pear tree native to East Asia. The tree's edible fruit is known by many names, including: Asian pear, Chinese pear, Korean pear, Japanese pear, Taiwanese pear, and sand pear. Along with cultivars of P. × bretschneideri and P. ussuriensis, the fruit is also called the nashi pear. Cultivars derived from Pyrus pyrifolia are grown throughout East Asia, and in other countries such as India, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States (e.g., California). Traditionally in East Asia the tree's flowers are a popular symbol of early spring, and it is a common sight in gardens...
> In Korea, the fruit is known as bae
And KJ is even worse in that regard. You messed up on Armaggedon? BOOM! a player didn't move with the debuff? BOOM! messed up positioning on one of the 3 adds by a single yard? BOOM! Healer dispelled too soon? BOOM! Healer dispelled too late? BOOM! missed the stun in dark phase? BOOM! Not standing in the right location on bombs? BOOM! orb kiter runs into obelisk beam? BOOM!
Every single player needs to know what to do, and that's what caused so many issues on Maiden and later bosses. you simply can't carry the mediocre players like you can in earlier bosses
Limit is now at 3/11M
@Nzall Yeah... It's mostly maiden, Avatar and KJ who are that terrible... I mean most world first raiders said KJ was the hardest boss ever made
And you also see it in the pulls. It took the average top 20 guild about 700 pulls to kill avatar and close to 1000 for KJ... and KJ is a 15 minute fight
@Jutschge It's mainly the hardest because it's unforgiving. Hell, even on LFR, missing 2 soaks in the same armaggedon is a wipe
@Nzall Eeeh that depends on your healers
3:49 PM
I was planning to make something dumb with FUSE
but I underestimated the level of dumbness in the world. Someone already made DiscordFS, apparently.
We've healed 2 unsoaked armageddons on normal. I mean you're definitely going to need multiple CDs but it's not impossible. (also makes the fight not as boring to heal lol)
@Jutschge I've been there in LFR. Remember, people in LFR tend to have less HP and won't coordinate CDs as well
True... I don't really run LFR anymore... It's pretty toxic and I got the Legendaries I need
every missed soak is 1M damage to every player and a 300K/2 DoT
@Avery of course someone did
3:51 PM
According to my email, Dauntless has an expansion?
and that's on top of the players who soaking who are taking the bonus damage from THEIR soak
Is it even publicly available yet?
That does remind me I should finish dumb-darknet
Or dumbnet
Believe me, I do LFR KJ regularly on a number of alts. A single missed soak is not the end of the world, but it's pretty tough on the healers. 2 missed soaks means at least 2-3 dead soakers and a bunch of DPS at low HP with a nasty DoT
@Nzall Hmm we need more discs in LFR :P
3:54 PM
however, LFR does have that saving grace where the soak DoT doesn't stack, so the same person can soak multiple times.
Q: What is the exact spawning area of an iron golem within a village?

ProxxoI have created an artificial village and I know its center point. In the minecraft wiki, I find this information about the spawing area of iron golems within a village: The golem spawning zone is a 16×16×6 area centered around the center point of the village. Village mechanics wiki article ...

Ugh... So apparently you go High Command after Felhounds... I already hate this boss :(
4:32 PM
Q: Tundra Express Fast Travel Not Working

Yusuf ManjraI recently did all the tundra express missions but when I wanted to go back there, I couldn't use the fast travel there, instead I had to go through Three Horns Valley. Is there anyway to fix this?

Some guy keeps yelling at me to "miss! Miss Watch this! I will converse with a tree and it will hear me and respond" and claims the wind shaking the tree is its response
Like, this is a real thing that is happening outside, or? >_>;
Yep. I am waiting for my bus to work
Oh dear
@Avery Why would anybody ever make that a thing?
4:46 PM
Q: Preventing a player from tossing out an item

TheDerpyRedstoneHow do you prevent a player from throwing out an item, I tried curse of binding but all that does is prevent armor from being taken off once put on, I need this because I have a class system on my server and I don't want players giving each other stuff.

5:01 PM
Q: Can I inbreed my family with another family?

NemgathosI know that inbreeding within a family can cause the characters to have bad traits so that the descendants can get mad or something like this. But is it also possible to inbreed with another family? That is: If I am, for example, Byzantium and I always marry my heir off to Hungarian princesses, ...

Q: How do you unlock Poppi's Final Form?

SeiyriaI'm in Chapter 9 and still don't have Poppi's Final Form? How do I get it?

5:38 PM
Q: How do I upgrade my booster storage?

Seiyria5 slots per booster is simply not enough, especially when turning in lots of salvage. How do I hold more?

Finals tomorrow, so of course I'm spending the night watching lesbian fox anime
> The function was changed to return FALSE when it can't use an SSL connection, instead of fallbacking to a non-SSL one as previously.
why would that have ever been a thing
Jesus christ PHP
you're so terrible
So happy I work mostly in Python now
cc @fredley @murgatroid99
> PHP is built to keep chugging along at all costs. When faced with either doing something nonsensical or aborting with an error, it will do something nonsensical. Anything is better than nothing.
5:53 PM
that's like saying murdering somebody you don't like is better than ignoring the,
php is never a good option
from PHP: a fractal of bad design
Oh it just counts how much you say swears
Incidentally, the answer to "how much does @Uni say swears" is "literally all of the time" lol
@Unionhawk looool
You got a hundo too?
6:02 PM
if someone did that in form of a discord bot I'd probably get 100% naughty.
@Avery that's barely nice though :p
Like, half of my non-RT tweets are contributing to ratioing someone, and the other half is replies like "holy shit are you serious what is happening"
well one of my tweets involved is basically "<word> is generally not considered an acceptable term"
@Avery btw, did you make your avatar? or somebody else
6:04 PM
I think they commissioned that, if I recall past chats.
@Riker it's uh
I vaguely remember one of your old ones being made by a friend (or something)
the happy face I think
I got it commissioned, by this really nice person
also *she but eh
@Avery hahhahahaha I am 95% naughty
Based on 36 swears? O.o
@Ash be satisfied it could be worse
6:06 PM
@Riker Not much worse :P
@Unionhawk Ratioing?
retweeting I think
Q: Minecraft 1.13 execute command on all endermen on the outer end islands

D-InventorLet me first explain what I want to achieve: I want to randomly spawn shulkers on the outer end islands, whilst obeying the mobcap. My idea to do this, was to convert random endermen into shulkers, using some form of chance and randomisation. after each cycle, all endermen would get a tag, indica...

@Ash A decent metric for whether a post is considered to be good or bad is whether or not the number of replies exceeds the number of likes, so a couple of the posts that show up on the santa thing are me replying to @SenOrrinHatch and @ICEGov
Blue checks have special notification features such that those won't ever show up in their mentions, but it's cathartic
@Unionhawk oh, okay, I get it :) I am not as wise in the ways of Twitter as you. I mostly use it to retweet stuff or yell a lot about lovely romance novels I like.
@Ash Oh my...
6:11 PM
@Yuuki And here y'all thought I was just all cute animals and fluffy romances (oh and trains) ;)
@Ash Better watch out or the naughty police will getcha!
@Yuuki oh my gosh. oh my gosh. I can't. That was amazing.
I'd be okay with that.
@Yuuki haha this is good too :)
Sushi taco is an interesting concept.
I think they need bigger nori wrappers though.
6:27 PM
I just had a horrific thought and now I must share it with all of you:
You know how taco bell does weird experiments with stuff?
Introducing, the $5 sushi taco box
Get out
Featuring an amalgamation of whatever the fuck taco bell would do with that concept, a dorritos locos taco, crispy taco, and a baja blast
@Unionhawk That is a horrifying concept
@Yuuki See my biggest issue with sushi is when I can taste the nori
6:34 PM
@Ash It's more that the nori isn't big enough to hold the filling as a taco shell.
@Yuuki Also, how do you make it strong enough? Like it feels like it wouldn't be...idk, stiff enough to hold together very long
As you can see, it's not big enough to hold everything.
@Ash They use two wrappers.
@Yuuki Oh, most definitely not, I wouldn't call that a taco at all
More like open faced sushi yeah
Except like
@Unionhawk With no crust.
6:52 PM
Deconstructed sushi?
@Yuuki Why are there jalapenos on this? D:
Because spicy
7:09 PM
All I Want For Christmas is for my Dad’s hotel carpet instagram to go viral, please help this happen
Spoiler alert, it happened
@cazc_941 Not surprised, that's great
7:26 PM
looking at some of the bugs coming in bahhh
7:49 PM
Dammit application, I need you to crash again! (Race condition during thread shutdown causing a null pointer exception.)
Well, made it crash, but can't get any useful info out of it.
Q: 2 Miis had a fight, how do i get them to be friends again?

Asriel2 of my Miis had a fight, and now they are not friends anymore, they even made up, but I checked and it says they still not friends, HELP!

Q: Is there any missable/locked out content at any point?

SeiyriaIs there any content in this game that is easy to miss, or locked out at any point in time? It's a fairly long game, with no new game+ (yet), so knowing what might be missed would help a lot going through the game the first time.

8:13 PM
y r ppl rage quitting rocket league in solo xD
@Yuuki I take it very limited combat shouts?
Q: is there any way to record minecraft without lag for free?

the red creeper engineerwhen I tryied to record minecraft there was very much lag even if I am recoring on a 10 GB ram pc I tryied record with bandicam and it was better than OBS but it costs 39$ so I dont want to waste money anyone have some ideas?

Q: Why did I lose the game?

DonQuiKongSo I have a saved game on 1.1.1453. If I unpause the game, I lose a day later. As far as I can tell I didn't die. I have 3 sons, one of them is my heir. No losing wars that could suddenly claim all my land or anything. Any ideas? Is the game simply over on 2.1.1453? (It's in german, I can tran...

@Lazers2.0 I almost want to provide real life answers to this one.
Sometimes after a dispute, you never really go back to being friends. Sometimes you just tolerate the other.
8:30 PM
@Maximillian And sometimes, you just drift apart
And sometimes it turns out they were never your friend at all, GARY, you dirty backstabber.
If only it were as simple as having a pokemon rival.
In my case it's more EXTERNAL VENDOR WITH SHODDY API DOCUMENTATION wants to fight! ~Pokemon battle music~
Thinkpad used Support Ticket! It's somewhat effective!
Q: Crate exploit in Spelunky HTML5

ParzivalI've recently been playing Spelunky HTML5, on a chromebook downloaded from the chrome web store. I've heard that there is an exploit that allows you to open up an item crate an infinite amount of times. Apparently it involves starting near a crate, and will not work if you jump or collect any mon...

8:53 PM
@Maximillian Apparently it seems to be limited to the localization.
Either that or people don't understand Japanese and thus can't recognize repeated lines.
From what my discord has been showing, they seem to be more concerned with the attributes on one particular party member...
Yeah, Pyra's outfit is kinda stripperiffic. Although to be fair, Rex's kinda is too.
Q: Is there a reason to send money home?

SeiyriaAfter you get through the tutorial, the courier, Max, will offer to let you send additional money home to Leftheria. Is there any real reason to do so?

There's a simple joy in watching a holiday gift box travel through UPS tracking, so you can try to call the recipient soon after 'Delivered' triggers.
better joy: having none of your packages arrive, even the ones ordered a month ago
gotta love the Holiday Season
9:05 PM
@Lazers2.0 Wait. Spelunky can be played in Chrome?
The full version?
39 days. joy.
@SaintWacko There's an HTML5 version apparently. There's been a couple questions on it.
9:30 PM
> As many have already noticed, the Joy-Con controllers (yes, we know that's redundant) for the new Nintendo Switch console look like derpy dog faces.
got Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Limited Edition. mum complained box was really heavy (almost as bad as my birthday manga order but don't see how). looks like someone punched a hole in the bottom of the postage box with their first but actual item was ok
@Yuuki That's by Anna the Red, if I recall right. She used to make awesome plush and awesome bento posts in her blog but she's mostly stopped now :(
9:36 PM
@Memor-X I decided to pick up the regular edition. Limited just has art cards and a soundtrack, right?
@Maximillian I have been very sad that I couldn't play Spelunky on my Linux machine
test results are old though
time to test with wine 2.21~
@Yuuki EB's came with the Sound Selection (Smaller version of the OST), Metal Game Case and 220-page hardbound art book. not sure which place gave away cards
actual item's been taken off the store so i can't get the image there
i should really set up my Switch, i now have 3 games for it
should also set up my Wii U so i can play Xenoblade Chronicles X
....and test that the Wii actually works with that HDMI Upscaler
(that image is not at 60 bc image taking software slows everything down for some reason)
9:53 PM
@Avery Yeah, it's weird, but they always slow the recording down to 0 fps
yeah, I can't stream TGM and stuff due to that
with gpu it runs at 99% speed, without gpu at 99.5%
with obs running, gets down to 75% without gpu and 85% with gpu
both are unacceptable
@SaintWacko it makes a flower
> i punch in those numbers, it makes a smiley face

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