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12:00 AM
my backup of pc and server come to 9.9gb, and I didn't even try to do that.
Nicely done :)
12:25 AM
@Chippies Was it you who mentioned a site to view your exotic collection?
12:40 AM
Things I didn't know I wanted: a Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson/Terry Crews buddy (cop optional) movie.
12:54 AM
Q: XBOne controller driver issues. How to use Dolphin and Steam on the same driver

DrexlRecently I discovered that the current Xbox One controller drivers are bunk and you have to use much older drivers in order to get background window control. This is critical when doing link play with VBA-M and Dolphin with more than one player as the window you play in is not the same window rec...

1:08 AM
Q: Which position is more important in Paladins, Frontline or Support?

Baskakov_DmitriyWhen playing public matches in Paladins, I frequently find 4 others on my team instapicking their favourite DPS hero (that they cannot play properly anyway), and both frontline (tank) and support (healer) positions are not taken. Since I like to play to win, I feel like I have to fullfill at le...

1:30 AM
Your organization's threat model is never complete until you consider attackers who operate outside of the norm... https://t.co/JEYvcdLU5I
1:42 AM
> Mum: i heard you almost gave your father a heart attack when you had a panic attack yourself
Me: because there was a spider in the car
Mum: how are you going to deal with them when we're gone
Me: i get a wife who doesn't have arachnophobia and get her to deal with them
@Unionhawk i love these videos
all threat assessment should be based on "can a dog still get in"
crafty devils they are
One of my favorite samples from the Progressive GANs paper is this one from the "cat" category. Apparently some of the cat training photos were memes with text. The GAN doesn't know what text is so it has made up new text-like imagery in the right place for a meme caption.
1:59 AM
Q: SWBF2, would you be willing to help in a protest? (pls don't close :)

Josh CzLike most of you who also own SWBF2 I am upset and appalled at some of the practices going on at EA. I got locked into playing the game when I wanted to try the Beta and in doing so was coerced into pre-ordering it. after spending a month with the game all I can say is the worst part is that with...

@Lazers2.0 he's not wrong tbh
> The North Remembers. Well, not useful details like "use dragonglass against White Walkers", but they remember some things
just never gonna work
@Riker also off-topic
well yea that was kinda given
already flagged it, I don't have enough rep to VTC
2:02 AM
> Not even "Stand behind the Starks" or "The Boltons are dangerous" but yeah, some things.
> They should change it to "The North vaguely recalls".
@Yuuki hue
@Yuuki The North might not remember, but Pepperidge Farm Remembers
infact The North probably don't remember because Pepperidge Farm didn't remind them because they didn't go and buy stuff
Q: Puyo Puyo Tetris not tracking stats

CamiloAfter playing an Endless Match in Puyo Puyo Tetris for Nintendo Switch and going to the stats screen it says I haven't played any Endless game. Same for all modes, none of my gameplay stats are recorded. The console itself is connected to the internet. I noticed that after finishing a match it ...

2:19 AM
Oh that's why I was making sure to get hardwood daily in stardew
150 hardwood required for the next upgrade
And a lot of money then just a lot of money
@Unionhawk i thought it was because you were trying to romance someone
Guys I have a question
wich bord are u
user image
I'm Helen
@cazc_941 probably mark
though i pull my share of helen too
Lol Henry
@Unionhawk honestly I'm only about an in-game week into stardew but I have no idea how you're expected to make money
2:26 AM
I need way more kegs
@cazc_941 Wanda
pls I need to know which bord
So much fruit but I can't process it fast enough
yeah i mostly stick to my budget but then i get an email from isthereanydeal and it's like "wallet, u up?"
@cazc_941 Same.
2:31 AM
also y'know as soon as I get some recruits I would be completely fine with having the question removed. And the protest would be in game so not asking that much of ppl either. — Josh Cz 7 mins ago
so your protest fails because EA already got your money
also i think asking people to buy the game to protest is a whole lot to ask
> protesting game by buying it
are you for real rn
well, ~28 days until it's FINALLY 2017
@quartata well you can't protest in game unless you get the game first
@Memor-X I thought it's 2016: Episode Three: Revenge of the Trump
2:37 AM
@Memor-X 20k votes are best votes
protest battlefront how about DELETE BOAT CAST IMMEDIATELY
Protest question what protest question ;)
@PrivatePansy i should have guess since no one has re-sent that proposition for building the Death Star with the chicken mesh over the exhaust port
when you cast a delete vote and then a mod deletes it:
@cazc_941 I'm Paul
@Unionhawk No it's good because I was like "I kiiiiinda wanna delete...oh well someone voted to delete okay that justifies it" :)
2:41 AM
> censorship! you're all for EA in ripping us real gamers off. you're what's wrong with the AAA industry
@Memor-X hell yes I am
I am everything that is wrong and terrible in the universe, compactly arranged in a 300 lb enby meat casing
(I'm at that point where I have been in pain all day so like everything doesn't quite feel real anymore, so I get a little ridiculous)
My apologies
@Unionhawk delete boat cast? you mean deleting the nice boat?
@Ash :(
@GodEmperorDune It's okay! This happens sometimes
I see my RMT tomorrow so that will help and I am being gentle with myself so that will help too!
2:56 AM
@Ash if it makes you feel any better, my daughter's new favorite thing to do is imitate the noise a power drill makes (like the whirring up, high pitched whine, then trailing off)
it's hard to describe but we are not sure where she heard it to imitate
and it is also really cute
@GodEmperorDune I am imagining this in my head and it is cracking me up
Your kid sounds like they can be super cute
but then I think all kids can be sometimes
@Ash like 10-15 seconds bursts
This is one of those things where I just want to be like "hello child, tell me why this thing" and I nkow they can't but I just get curious
@Ash she would either babble something that sounds reasonable but actually isn't words or just laugh
she also finds sneezing and blowing noses hilarious
Q: Parallel orbits around the Earth - effectively?

uhohedit: For the purposes of this exercise, one could consider using three or four identical spacecraft, and using the "best two out of three (or four)" for interferometry at any given moment. In 1994, STS-59 and STS-68 flew Spaceborne Imaging Radar, a type of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). SAR ...

Has a +100 bounty - any KSP users here?
3:05 AM
@GodEmperorDune I love baby laughs
like so much
because unlike older humans they just...their whole SELF is part of it
@Ash she is literally a joy elemental
it's like a pure joy attack
i dunno how else to explain it
I get it :)
I do not own a small human but I have spent a lot of time with them
(soon being any time from now til end of February, so it's a nebulous value of soon)
This is good
it will also make the 100% faces (because babies are never like 50% one thing and 50% another, they are 100% whatever it is)
3:08 AM
@GodEmperorDune babies just put their whole selves into a thing
and like...I think we could learn from that sometimes
like the way they can get insane happies from like...a tiny thing is super great
it really is
Q: What are the total number of hats/outfits that Mario can get in Super Mario Odyssey?

GreenAs the title says, I just want to know the total number achievable, and don't care about the names. Also, are there any outfits you can only get with amiibo?

Q: Obtainable chests?

user201069So I read somewhere that there were chests that you could pick up and add to your inventory, I read that you can access them by clutching through certain shops walls so I was wondering where I could find these chests, I have already tried looking them up but can't find anything, I am playing on p...

3:57 AM
more cute baby stories
so my wife's friend's toddler has started a thing where she runs and spins around to make herself dizzy. but the talking isn't fully there yet, so she does the spinning then yells "i'm busy, i'm busy!"
@GodEmperorDune I like this
4:13 AM
"Oh man, I'm so hungry"
"Here, have some bugs"
@GodEmperorDune IN A MEETING spinning in chair at office
@Unionhawk you're so busy, @uni
@PrivatePansy RIP @twobugs
@GodEmperorDune Well this was threebugs
@PrivatePansy good point
That looks painful
4:25 AM
There are some weird animations that happen if a player is holding a rod or net and commences a clapping animation
Half clapping half not
Yes, but for the player at least there's hair, so at most it looks like the rod is just passing through the hair
On the animals though...
There's also a weird animation bug when animals take stuff out of pocket. Somethings the animation will get stuck, and instead of reaching around they just wiggle on the spot
The packet still moves as if they're holding it though, which makes it really weird
Fixed the apple root bug.
Q: Nexus mod manager the path is not of legal form

General Fochi moved my game from one drive to another. brought up mod manager clicked on settings button and changed the locations there. (note: also copied the mod manager (mod files ) to the same path on the new drive. ) when i changed the locations it looked like it was parsing everything just fine. the...

5:07 AM
Q: How do I stop my PS controller from powering off when I press the face buttons?

DevonMy controller turns off when I press "o" or "x", then it goes to a screen that says "press the PS button to use the controller", then it comes back on after a couple of seconds. Is there any way to stop this from happening?

5:44 AM
who's played .hack//G.U
doesn't matter which version
my memory is fuzzy and i can't remember if Saku was online all the time with Bo when you discover who she is
@PrivatePansy you know my hair
Brain is ded sorry
You know my hair. EVERYTHING goes theough my hair
Rod, net, anything
Seems like devs didn't think of that tbh
Or simlly didn't care
6:07 AM
7:03 AM
Thanks, youtube, that's a perfectly sfw notification (mildly nsfw, "<character> kisses <character>" video, and no I don't watch the show that's from or videos like that, it's location based)
7:52 AM
Q: Which game features Beethoven's 3rd symphony funeral march?

Leonidas KI vaguely remember when losing/dying in a PC game, the 2nd movement of Beethoven's 3rd symphony is played, probably just the first few seconds. Which game was that?

8:21 AM
I am having more fun than I expected with grading tests
@Avery That is still a pretty SFW thumbnail. I've seen much worse. Like one of the Hat Films videos
I'm going to link it, and edit it a couple seconds later.
so yeah, that particular thumbnail is not even close to the worst
8:42 AM
That's some image I didn't need to see
So a friend has a bot called Jose that does many stuff, including posting random markov chained messages every hour or so, if enabled. Whatever I agree with the bot with this one:
user image
9:13 AM
Apparently I was the one to say "i love stackexchange"
And that was right after I posted an interpersonal.se link
@Avery I would be very disappointed if it was anyone else
@Avery You have to admit though, considering what we were talking about, I would be remiss not to share that monstrosity
9:23 AM
@Nzall well, yes
@PrivatePansy it's kinda funny that it seems to be the same as Steven Universe. Genderless Gems with powers with one Gem being identified as a "he" and fighting on the moon
@Memor-X Only from the description - it's really different when you see it
I mean, there's also thematic similarity - coming of age, a good mix of comedy and drama, fills you with existential dread...
@PrivatePansy yeh i suspect so. someone would be so blatant as to steal Steven Universe and animefy it
@Memor-X It was adapted from manga, and the first book came out before SU premiered
So it's probably a coincidence more than anything else
1 hour later…
10:53 AM
Oh my, someone on my Twitter feed just shared a drawing they're working on from their Draenei priestess with more exposed than I really want at work
As in fully visible nipples
11:12 AM
Did someone notice
Doesn't Twitter hide 'sensitive content' so you have to click to see them?
If not, try zooming on the nipples
I see nothing objectionable here
You need to ENHANCE
11:22 AM
Oh. Now I see. Bans @PrivatePansy for posting this sICK FILTH
11:34 AM
Q: contra code 30 lives

Jeff EzerskiI got the bed classic mini and downloaded contra. my konomi code isn't working. up up down down left right left right ba start.Is it my download? is there a specific download I need?

11:53 AM
lol, a small town that had a lot of pokemon spawns in pokemon go, and had half a war against the thousands of people who came to catch pokemon 24/7 on the main street, is now sad that there is noone there anymore, since the pokemon hunters have left.
Their "only hope" is the harry potter game that is in the making.
Part of how they killed of the pokemon hype was having niantic cause less pokemon spawns and less rare pokemon spawns over there. If the harry potter game is also made by niantic, they are majorly screwed, and it's kinda hilarious how hard it backfired.
The town of 35 people kicked in their own single value point.
I mean, some people might not appreciate having a thousand people swarm a town of 35
Blahg, I cannot English right now
@PrivatePansy I can agree with that, but the current "we're missing the people, our only hope is the new harry potter game that is in the making" is just ridiculous.
The small town of 35 also has three bars/cafes/whatever they are called. And those are now practically without visitors. While during the height of the hype they at some point ran out of cola and other fresh drinks.
12:24 PM
@PrivatePansy Twitter does not automatically notice sensitive content. Either the account needs to be marked as "sends sensitive content" by the account owner, the account needs to be autoflagged as such, or the tweet needs to have been reported for sensitive content by enough people.
12:45 PM
I need to refile my w8
@badp pls
@Avery @PrivatePansy has shown the success of this technique
switches back to usq
Unfortunately, the Turkish keyboard is not good either to write Turkish, to write English or to program.
@Avery What is the best way to write Turkish if not the Turkish keyboard?
arguably TRF is best way to write Turkish
But it's really unpopular outside govt.
and there's no way I'm learning F keyboard.
This version of Trivial Pursuit is from 2008 and I’ve never been madder at a question in my life.
12:59 PM
I really like USQ, even to write turkish.
I usually use a US international layout but I'm like 99% sure that can't do Turkish at all.
It can't do ğüşıçö
and İ because of course that's a thing
I turn that off when coding, though, because having to press 2 keys for characters like ' and " is no good.
@StrixVaria what do you use when coding?
@StrixVaria Jokes about this TP card have been going around since the first time Ben Affleck was announced as a Batman
1:00 PM
@Avery Standard QWERTY.
that's a thing? huh
Maybe it's like a US standard, but it's the default layout on every OS/keyboard I've ever used.
I think that all devices I used defaulted to USQ
excluding the turkish windows setups, ofc
Wolfram Alpha's dev site uses a serif font and just no please no
1:22 PM
lol we have an address dedicated to taking phishing reports
I'm going to start forwarding infosec's audits to them
all right, training complete
1:39 PM
@Avery What is this, a website for ants?
yes there's that too
1:53 PM
@Yuuki aww yay
Coral reefs are cool as hell
Bridge, if you could think good thoughts for me for the next hour or so that would be SUPER APPRECIATED
(Interview, whee)
> "Let me tell you something. When I was a boy I wanted to be a soldier. I played army with the other boys, but my parents worried that 'career path' would get me killed and had the local holy man speak to me. I will always remember what he said. 'He who lives by the sword shall surely also die.' That's why I use a hammer. It's not gonna be confused for a sword, doesn't even have a sharp edge. So I aint got nothing to fear."
@Ash Go ace the thing!
@Yuuki I saw that one on r/dnd
2:00 PM
Good luck @Ash!
Thank you :)
@Ash you can do the thing!
@fredley I don't know how you binge watched an entire season of Bojack Horseman.
After each episode I need a break to do something un-depressing.
He's british, misery is his default state of mind
2:11 PM
heyy I didn't notice that blobs did that
@Avery that's too many body sections
they have 4 servers
so they kinda had to do that
2:41 PM
@StrixVaria Clearly your base levels of depression are not high enough
Or low enough
@fredley tbf, you only have to think of the housing market in London or Brexit and suddenly anything is an improvement.
And now, we waiiiit
@Ash yay!
(I have not seen Bojack, nor do I have that intention)
(They better want me i hope they want me oh god this is so stressful I hate the waiting)
@KevinvanderVelden Oh my god this is the best
2:47 PM
I'm surprised the tiny potato doesn't seem to have been mentioned in the bridge before
@Arperum It's way better than a show with its aesthetic style has any right to be.
@StrixVaria I barely even watch anything, especially not series.
@KevinvanderVelden Hasn't it? I think I've seen it in here before.
Well the words tiny potato haven't been and that's as far as I went searching
@KevinvanderVelden I love the tiny potato
Guys, I am all worried face noiw
like what if they don't love me
Did I not already mention the thing and it's you can do-ness?
2:53 PM
I will trust the Bridge <3
Believe in the us who believes in you
I can do that
(For some reason that's easier than believing in myself)
(Also I mentioned you lot in my interview :P)
Brains are weird
You can just blame @Wipqozn us if it goes wrong that way
2:54 PM
@Ronan Perfect :P
@StrixVaria ikr
@Arperum Oh I love Powerglove. I saw them live once, it was FANTASTIC
@Ash I need to see them live at some point.
@Arperum Oh my gosh, I highly recommend it.
@Ronan I like that you edited in the crossed out section
2:57 PM
@Arperum Saw a stand-up comedian on Friday night, who is from Birmingham. Opened his set by saying he'd just bought a nice house for £280k in Birmingham, and spend a good minute just flipping off the crowd. I laughed. I cried.
@KevinvanderVelden No you don't know how corrections work
@fredley I bought my house for significantly less money.
@Arperum 4-bed, in a nice suburb iirc
@fredley I have 3 bedrooms, no shared walls, garden, garage, place for at least three more cars outside And generally loads more space.
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