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12:03 AM
I don't find the meme particularly funny, but this is fitting.
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3:25 AM
Q: WoW: Post-Cataclysm zone levels?

Erik RobsonI have WoW alts of all levels, and I have no idea where each of them should be leveling now. I've found two resources that help, but are far from complete: http://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2010/november/levelflow.jpg http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1126992742 Does anyone know ...

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7:04 AM
New Lonely Island!
7:17 AM
Q: Detailed instructions for iPhone version of C&C - Red Alert?

Kendall Helmstetter GelnerI'm playing through the iPhone version of "Command And Conquer - Red Alert". I've played older variants of C&C on other platforms so I know generally how RTS games work. But what I cannot seem to figure out is some specific controls for some units - in particular, I'm on a level that asks m...

7:45 AM
Q: Handling Mass Sentry as a Zerg

YgamI have once again battled with a Protoss. This time the build was a lot of sentries, a handful of stalkers and some Immortals. I want Roaches, Hydras, and Lings. The map was Lost Temple. Any clash just went with him dishing out a lot of Force Fields, outranging my roaches with Stalkers and trappi...

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11:40 AM
Q: What is the best strategy for 360 begineer in fps - Shooting at the leg followed by body or head shot?

AvatarI'm recently started playing fps in xbox 360. In PC I always used to go for heads. But, in 360 controller I find it very difficult to aim for heads. So, I give near random shots focusing on enemy bot's leg then shots in body or head. This is savvy, but will it help in multiplayer? because in mult...

11:58 AM
Q: Is flying yourself faster than using flying routes?

BeemerGuyI can't tell myself, but does anyone know if it's faster to fly yourself than using a flying route? Consider the speeds of the mounts as well as the straight-line path that you take as opposed to the scenic route the npc's do.

12:31 PM
Q: Itching Plantation of Shadows

badp Arda and I say "Hi" from the top of Hoah's Die2Nite leaderboard! In those 18 days, we killed more than 728 zombies, erected defenses capable of keeping 2,000 zombies at a bay and built 3 out of the four epic projects... so far. The fourth's a WIP :) ...and yet we'll have a tough time get...

1:11 PM
man seeing the review on Gametrailers makes me itch for WoW even more :P
1:32 PM
@IvoFlipse you know you must resist!
1:43 PM
Noooo! Thrice accursed elections! Gaming is no longer the lead in # of Meta questions!
We had a 7 question lead on Maths (and in concert we both roughly 100 lead on everyone else) prior to the election. Now we're behind by 2
...honestly, I'd rather have the lead in chat use.
But... but... I have more discussion answers than some sites have questions!
Having many meta questions means you need many per problem
So there are sites with less than 75 questions? Atheism maybe?
(394 is your score in the tag, not your answer count.)
My answer count is 75, I know that
If I was silly enough to use score, then all meta sites would have a lower number
Hm, 394 means you're this close to getting the silver discussion badge.
1:47 PM
I still need 5 answers
That Myst question helped, though. Also put me 4 steps closer to Sportsmanship!
It disturbs me slightly that I passed Oak
That must be because of the "poll" however, for which I have no other merit other than being FRIST.
Q: How to downgrade Xbox 360 dashboard

Mehper C. PalavuzlarI have an Xbox 360 Elite and I want to downgrade the dashboard version from 2.x to 9199. I tried putting $SystemUpdate (from the official $SystemUpdate9199.zip) folder into a FAT32 formatted USB and restarting the console with the USB stick inserted, but it didn't work. What else can I do?

2:03 PM
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4:29 PM
I'm still trying to resist @badp
5:11 PM
Q: Origin of the Qin Shi Huang music theme in Civilization 4?

oKtosiTeI've been trying to identify the music that is heard while one talks diplomacy with Qin Shi Huang in Civilization 4. The melody has been stuck in my head for a while now, and I'd like to know what it is I keep whistling. Sadly, it's not listed on the Wikipedia article about music in Civilization...

that log is awesome @badp
6:08 PM
@Ivo mind pinning this message for a moment? Doing a bug report.
keep getting logged out
Thank you
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7:28 PM
I realise it's rather old, but it's given me quite a nice discussion with a shop owner.
So how is one supposed to get one of these objectives without a purchase?
* It's Better to Give. Send a gift to a friend
* Take One for the Team. Make a Sacrifice in Call of Duty: Black Ops
* Breaker, Breaker. Set a leaderboard score of at least 11,200,000 for 'Bonus Mode' in Shatter
* Zombie Zoo. Create a Crass Menagerie in Left 4 Dead 2
Impossible. Although, I already had the first and last ones.
@ArdaXi I've never seen that screen.
the closest page I know of is store.steampowered.com/account
$211.80 USD... and I paid none of that :S
I don't even know why that's in dollars.
7:44 PM
Because you didn't click Euro
where did you get all the games then?
Portal during the free week, a few games I was gifted through the Humble Indie Bundle, a few games I was gifted through Steam, then I won the steam lottery and got 5 games from there.
@badp You're very good at stimulating the Steamconomy.
The powers of whining, you'd be surprised.
Although obviously as soon as I get a sane way of paying online I must pay back to those individuals :)
8:05 PM
14 messages moved to Die2Nite
Q: How are players matched when creating a new town?

Stuart PeggI ask because in my first town there were a couple of people with experience, and the rest were almost entirely new. My second town again had a couple of people with experience, and the rest had been in 1-3 towns before. Is there some mysterious skill assessment going on that ensures the people ...

Q: Why has the game "Oregon Trail" remained nostalgically popular for so many in the US?

Tim HoltI am somewhat in awe of the nostalgic popularity of the game Oregon Trail. Why did this game become so embedded in the cultural psyche of several generations in the US? If you'd like to play a copy of it online, here's an Apple ][ emulator version... http://www.virtualapple.org/oregontraildi...

8:49 PM
Q: When does the Steam Christmas Sale take place?

OakLike many others stores, Steam is offering significant discounts annually during Christmas. On what days of the year does this sale usually take place? I'm looking for answers such as "December 25-29", not something specific to any year. Of course information about future sales is speculative in...

@Feeds that's waaay too localized :(
@badp yea but I remember the previous sale as something massive
Or at least having a large number of products on sale, compared with the current sales
And the problem is, I'm on a no-internet vacation some of the time and I don't want to miss stuff
So asking in advance
@Oak Your best bet is paying some nerd staying home to gift you awesome stuff while it's hot :P
(no that isn't me volounteering, unfortunately I have a famliy too :P)
9:25 PM
also badp, isn't your answer there more of a comment?
2 hours later…
11:12 PM
@badp Hrm. I still beat you at upvotes.
Despite your blatant plagiarism, you took the check. :(
@ArdaXi You can only delay the inevitable

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