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12:13 AM
Q: Call of Duty: Black Ops vs Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - CoDPoints vs Unlocking

GunnarJFrom what I understand, all unlocks are obtained in Black Ops through purchasing with CoD Points, which are obtained from leveling. In Modern Warfare 2, unlocks are available by getting certain amounts of kills with certain weapons. Which is a better system for a completionist? Will the CoD Point...

12:25 AM
Q: How to exclude a MW2 Map Pack to a PS3 account ?

Luc MMy son downloaded a Map Pack for Modern Warfare II on PS3 with his account. When I play to MW2 with my account, I don't want to play into these maps. Is it possible to exclude these maps from my account and not to my son's account ? We have two different PSN identifiers.

12:39 AM
@LessPopMoreFizz LOL
> 3. Catherine’s genteel family tree
> [18] Larry gave evidence that, less than one month later, Catherine, “Tried to run me over with her van.”[6]
> [6] This is always a telltale sign that a husband and wife are drifting apart.
1:07 AM
> [21] A finger is worth a thousand words and, therefore, is particularly useful should one have a vocabulary of less than a thousand words.
> [22] When the operator of a motor vehicle yells “jackass” at a pedestrian, the jackassedness of the former has been proved, but, at that point, it is only an allegation as against the latter.
@badp Isn't it amazing?
> [26] The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines “dickhead” as “a stupid person.” That would not have been my first guess.
@LessPop_MoreFizz It's 0211 and I'm not even halfway.
Fuck you.
> 7. Conduct of the parties and their common-law spouses
> (c) Catherine
> [82] Sandra testified that Catherine “gave me the finger while driving on Bunting Road.”[28]
> [28] I am uncertain whether this would be considered a hand-held communication device, now illegal while operating a motor vehicle, under recent amendments to the Highway Traffic Act.
Q: how to get from valsh'jr back to ogrimar ?

Belunhow to get from the zone that is underwater back to ogrimar ?

stops at III
1:38 AM
Oh man, so close to 8k
1:55 AM
Q: What are the best objects to put in a dwarf's room?

aslumSo, obviously a bed is required. Assuming small rooms (~3 squares), what are the best objects to place in the rooms? I've always assumed a Table and Chair would be tops, but if I manually assign rooms that ends up being a pain in the ass. I saw a video on youtube where the guy said he liked to pu...

@LessPopMoreFizz -- you about? I haz a question for you.
I'm around yeah
I was hoping you could give me some WoW addon advice
I'm looking for something that will display cooldown timers, wondered if you had any reccomenations
How do you want them displayed?
there's dozens, it really just depends on what sort of visual you like.
As numbers.
2:06 AM
On Action Bar? OmniCC
I thought there was an option within the base UI, but I haven't found it if there is.
Mkay I'll check that out, thanks.
Yea, OmniCC is one of those addons that's so common people tend to forget it's not in the base UI
Well, it's worse for me, 'cause I've been playing a lot of League of Legends, and they added in cooldown timers in a few months back.
Basically, I've been spoiled :P
Oooh, Team Fortress 2 Holiday Update
2:39 AM
yay 8k
4 hours later…
6:39 AM
grats @LessPopMoreFizz. And thanks as well -- OmniCC is just what I was looking for.
8 hours later…
2:56 PM
Q: Which mantises explode?

John RudyI've noticed that when I loot mantis legs off of some mantises they explode. Others (most in the wasteland, in fact) don't. Which mantises explode upon you looting their legs, and why is it different?

2 hours later…
4:33 PM
Q: Does bleeding damage stack in TF2?

Mark RogersIf I hit someone twice with the same bleeding weapon in TF2 will they take damage from both hits or simply the last hit? Does the multiple sources of bleeding damage add together, or is it merely the highest bleed value of all sources?

2 hours later…
6:25 PM
Q: Does length dilation affect the Y axis in the Nether?

Mark TrappIt's known that traveling one block in the Nether is equivalent to traveling 8 blocks in the real world, and I can confirm that along the X and Z axes by building four portals: two in the Nether and two in the real world. But I can't seem to corroborate the length dilation from the Nether to th...

Q: what happens if 2 upgrades tie?

Andythe searchtower and the workshop both got 8 votes. what will be upgraded?

6:40 PM
Q: Does length dilation affect elevation in the Nether?

Mark TrappIt's known that traveling one block in the Nether is equivalent to traveling 8 blocks in the real world, and I can confirm that along the X and Z axes by building four portals: two in the Nether and two in the real world. But I can't seem to corroborate the length dilation from the Nether to th...

Isn't this the wrong way around? Z being elevation?
Yay, @badp agrees. I feel validated.
Z is elevation in most scenarios
...which is why I whipped out my Unicode belt.
We even had this discussion in an earlier question, someone got confused because in a standard 2D cartesian, Y is "up/down"
If I'm not mistaken, Dwarf Fortress also uses Z to represent height.
That all said, Mark did give an illustration of what he means for each axis for the purposes of his question.
Oh, here it is.
Q: If I'm already above the clouds -- how much higher can I go?

Raven DreamerWhat Z-Level are the clouds at? I've found the perfect place to build my minecraft base Right there, in the orange circle. But I can't help but notice. That's pretty damn high. I know minecraft has a max z-level limit, and if my base-to-be is situated above the clouds, I must be getting clos...

> Y is the axis height is measured in not Z
No it isn't.
6:45 PM
No, I'm just confused by the sentence
Where did you get that from by the way?
In some 3D systems and in all 2D systems, Y is height.
First comment from the question Grace linked.
Now, no matter how many systems render Y as height, it's all technically moot if within Minecraft, it's canonically Z.
I'm fairly sure Minecraft uses the standard Cartesian system, because I can't imagine Java doesn't.
6:47 PM
Though from my experience in architectural drawings, we use Z for the height dimension.
The simplest way to think about it is that you have the XY system on your piece of paper, and Z is the axis that goes out of the paper... into your face.
Well. It's simple for me.
ChrisF's explanation that Z is towards the viewer is applicable, as in most of these drawings it's done from a bird's eye view.
Hey, @Fabian
The Cartesian system is the convention, isn't it?
Let's not get mathematical
6:48 PM
another easy way to think about it:
He said Y is height
whatever, let's live with it
mapmakers were using X and Y for Lat/Long long before they cared about height.
> @Arda it's the coordinate system Minecraft uses.
I want this (dis)proven
@LessPop_MoreFizz If you don't care about height, it's XY.
Which is 2D. It's different in 3D.
> The standard orientation, where the xy-plane is horizontal and the z-axis points up (and the x- and the y-axis form a positively oriented two-dimensional coordinate system in the xy-plane if observed from above the xy-plane) is called right-handed or positive.
Cite from Wikipedia article on Cartesian coordinate system.
It's easy -- just don't call "up" the direction Y goes in. =P
6:51 PM
I can't prove that statement because I'm forbidding myself to play Minecraft. My job is to get everyone else to play Minecraft, leaving myself the only remaining productive person on the planet.
none of you ever had 3D kinematics?
@GraceNote I've played it, and I stopped playing it. Your plan is foiled.
I could start pestering you like I do to Tim Stone and Welbog
I also stopped playing for a while. I guess I really don't want to make that train station after all
@Ivo I never took 3D kinematics. I was pseudo liberal arts of a sort.
6:52 PM
The youtube videos make it all look like incredibly complex concoctions.
@GraceNote I was a full on Liberal Arts sort.
DirectX uses a left-hand system. (OpenGL uses a right-hand system.) The code samples throughout this course are DirectX samples. You can find the 3-dimensional DirectX D3DX library here. The DirectX structure that identifies a vector in 3-dimensional space is
just go figure whether it uses OpenGL or Directx then
Hm, it seems that the Y axis is the direction from the ground to the sky.
@IvoFlipse Oh boy I always got confused by that stuff.
6:54 PM
@TimStone Where'd you get that?
The screw rule is so much better :P
@IvoFlipse Not using DirectX definitely
Just bring a bottle of water to the exam and open it.
6:54 PM
I still do, but I can get out my 3D kinematics book if you want to :P
@TimStone I don't think that's useful as a still
no, they called this one the FBI-rule, because it made you look like a cop holding out a gun @badp :P
Oh, @Less, you live in New York, right? ♪
@ArdaXi Hm?
@TimStone The co-ordinates don't say anything if they don't move.
6:56 PM
@IvoFlipse ...if you're handed the right way, it is
I don't follow.
because if you do the gun move with the wrong hand...
I added two blocks under myself.
And the Y value changed by two.
@GraceNote Yessum.
@TimStone Can't see that in the still.
6:56 PM
There's a before and after... points
Oh, people talked too quickly, I only saw one.
that's why it's called the right hand rule @badp
And you're still going to be living in New York in March, right? ♪
Ah, sorry about that then :)
@GraceNote Presumably.
6:57 PM
But in the right hand rule, the Y axis doesn't make sense in the gun analogy.
weirdly shaped gun anyway
So what you're saying is that you're totally going to come to PAX East come March, aye? Aye? Aye?
@GraceNote Is not PAX east in boston?
Aye, aye it is. Aye it is.
Then the answer is a mere Maybe instead of a resounding yes.
But by virtue of being in New York, that makes you one of those closer in proximity than, say, the Netherlands. Where the majority of people are.
7:00 PM
@IvoFlipse you're assuming that, in the heat of the exam, I can be dead sure about what left and right are.
"Easy, they are in alphabetical order in English and in reverse alphabetical order in Italian... or was it the other way around? "
@GraceNote And yet, none of those things ever come anywhere near us.
@badp Reverse in Italian? I do not follow.
You read Left to Right, but da Sinistra a Destra.
Oh, right. That helps not, however.
Knowing which order the words are in.
@ArdaXi Alphabetical order.
How does it help.
7:03 PM
Reading direction.
I'm assuming that if you're a Msc student you can remember which hand to use @badp
Q: Preemptive zombie massacre, good idea?

FabianWe know that above a certain total amount of zombies the only places where zombies spawn is in tiles with neighboring zombies. Would it be a good idea to start killing zombies strategically from the start, to try to keep some parts of the map zombie-free? Has anybody tried something like that b...

@GraceNote Oh, right.
@IvoFlipse I study Engineering and I can tell you it's a bad assumption :P
Just, you know the difference between left and right clicking right?
7:04 PM
Bottles, however, those things only go one way.
@ArdaXi My muscles do.
@badp Well, then. Pretend you're holding a mouse. Done.
I'm not sure I know which is called which :P
Click something. Congratulations, you just left clicked.
What if you use a left-handed mouse?
that says more about the students or the education than about the concept behind it
7:05 PM
I'm left handed... at times.
And right handed at other times.
(It doesn't really help.)
There is that whole setting that reverses the mouse button clicks
@GraceNote Alright. Do you use the mouse differently than most people do? When you click, you right click.
That gets confusing when people use terms like 'right-click this' I guess.
I'm right-handed, so I left-click when most people left-click.
But why wouldn't left-handed people be able to just learn it the other way around?
I'm left-handed (at times) and I prefer having my "better" hand on the keyboard.
7:07 PM
Like, clicking with the middle finger rather than the index finger.
I hardly ever use my mouse and my keyboard simultaneously
They put the mouse on the other side, you know
@ArdaXi so when you WASD around...
@GraceNote So? Then left-clicking is done with the middle-finger. No need to mess with settings.
@badp Oh right. I'm supposed to game.
7:08 PM
Heh :P
WASD only applies in games with keyboard/mouse simultaneous. I play a lot of games with WASD but no mouse
@ArdaXi What? Left clicking is done with the index. (or the ring finger. Not the middle though.)
@ArdaXi Only for some people. Others like to use their pointer finger to be the main finger. It's a very basic setting that nigh all computers allow.
@badp When you use your left hand.
@GraceNote I know, but it seems easier to just learn the default settings, if you need to use public computers for example.
Only for some people, still.
7:10 PM
I agree, I mean, people can do whatever they like. This just seems more logical.
But my logical reasoning is more often than not wrong, anyway.
I like the way Gnome accepts both left and right clicks for System → Preferences → Mouse → Mouse Orientation.
(Windows expects you to click on the options with the correct button instead, so you click left to tell the system you want to click right and click right to tell the system you want to click left.)
2 hours later…
8:50 PM
13 messages moved to The SE Tavern
9:43 PM
I was waiting for @LessPopMoreFizz, but he gave me up and let me down
@badp wat
@LessPop_MoreFizz check your email and/or twitter
@badp Ah, I has no ideas. :(
...so let me introduce you to the tzenesWatcher™
stare all day to tzenes' reputation and watch it GRROOOOW.
(to you. /to/ you.)
or You to.
either is correct.
9:47 PM
If you're not as much into tzenes, I have a SkeetStalker™ too.
@badp I opened that and then once I closed it all of my Chrome tabs became unresponsive. /blames :P
@TimStone It does put the CSS transition feature of your browser to a test... once it actually updates.
Maybe it was just overwhelmed by the splendor.
@TimStone Well, there is more going on than a casual look at the page gives away.
It's a bit to get this other thing right though
bah, I blame the original
2 hours later…
11:42 PM
Q: what is the most popular mmorpg game that has an out-of-game api?

hunterpWorld of Warcraft is off the table, because of the "WOW Glider Lawsuit" of 2008. Also see: Where is Blizzards official World of Warcraft API? Eve Online has an API But, what is the MOST popular (in terms of usership) MMO Game that does allow programmers to develop out-of-game things (like an And...

The accepted answer here baffles me.
As of today, Everquest is decidedly not popular.
@LessPop_MoreFizz He probably was frustrated enough getting an answer that any answer was good enough.
Come think of it, I should've answered Portal.
Portal is awesome and answers all game-recs.
Q: What are the Unique Units and Unique Ability of the 3 DLC Civilizations?

Raven DreamerI've been having trouble gauging whether or not I want to purchase the Civ V DLC, because I've been unable to find any info on the three civs in question: Babylon, Spain, and the Inca. What are (or direct me to a place where I can read about) the unique unit/buildings and unique ability of these...

I'm even more confused since the answer is in past tense, heh.
I thought maybe the OP had a clear goal in asking the question, but I'm a little less sure now. :P
@badp $.portal(); Case closed. Checks and reps all around!

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