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12:06 AM
@TimStone I was waiting for that part. :)
I got a bit distracted, sorry :P
@TimStone No problem, that's really interesting!
Good games @wipqozn.
We need more people next time.
12:22 AM
@GnomeSlice That was a machine gun? I thought it was called the "Gnomeslice killer"
I killed you a lot with it you see
and you're gnomeslice
ergo the Gnomeslice Killer
@Wipqozn A sandwich is a Gnomeslice killer.
12:39 AM
user image
The above image is not photoshopped.
That's an actual thing, and it even has the music!
@John It would be better if it was mana-cat
Jul 23 at 17:33, by Ronan Forman
user image
@Wipqozn Working on it...
@John Work faster.
@Wipqozn GIMP downloads as fast as GIMP downloads.
@GIMP Download faster.
@Mana Apparently this is a sequel to 999.
12:47 AM
bring in the defibs, quick
No, let him die. I'll then consume his mod powers, and I'LL BE MOD!
goes searching for a PSP Vita emulator
Wait, "in development". Oh.
maaaaaaaan, it's been too long since I last trolled the site analytics
12:51 AM
@Wipqozn I did it! :D First time the GIMP let me do anything with it!
user image
"nooo! you can't!"
"it can't be!???!"
Hurray, spider exterminated.
@Mana You're a genocidal maniac? what?
@Wipqozn ಠ_ಠ You've linked that before.
@John I have
1:01 AM
The spider was about to give birth so I killed it! Nothing wrong with that.
but seemed relevant what with mana kill spiders
@Mana So you think pregnant woman should be killed?
@Wipqozn Seriously though, doesn't everyone?
I didn't want my room to become infested with spiders.
@Wipqozn Doesn't have to be pregnant or a woman.
@Mana You have a room? I thought you lived in a box.
@Wipqozn I thought @Mana lived forever flying through the sky...
1:03 AM
You sexist.
@Mana What can I say, I think pregnant woman are abominations.
@Wipqozn Without them, none of us would be here...
@John Exactly.
Well, anime time. Done Machine Learning homework! Yay!
If it wasn't for pregnant woman, the world would have never known the horror that was hitler.
1:06 AM
@Wipqozn And there would have been no one around to experience the niceties of a Hitler-less world, either.
@John I'm not sure if you realize that Wipqozn is joking being absolutely serious.
@John The hitler-less world had stalin.
Who brought in stalin?
Pregnant women.
@Mana I was very confused about that for a second because the toast didn't show the strikethrough. <jokingly-serious-sarcasm>But no, I didn't know that @Wipqozn was joking. </jokingly-serious-sarcasm>
@Wipqozn Your point?
@John Clearly pregnant women are the source of all evil.
@Wipqozn By that logic, they are also the source of all good. Put another way, it would be a very boring world without them.
1:11 AM
@John That's crazy talk.
Stop talking crazy john
@Wipqozn I'm crazy!?! I'm CRAZY!?!? I'M crazy?!?
@John mhm
Your arguments don't make any sense
@Wipqozn They make more sense than yours.
@John My what?
@Wipqozn Toes. My arguments make more sense than your toes.
1:14 AM
@John I don't have toes.
@Wipqozn I rest my case.
@Wipqozn Fine then, your hooves.
@Powerlord ah crap, he's on to me.
It's funny, I thought Alots had toes.
Also, bacon.
Clearly, those are toes!
1:20 AM
@John well I stand corrected.
Q: Why do I have to replay the first level every time I open Dungeon Defenders?

Weepy BootsEvery time I open the game, I have to restart at the first map. My characters and items save but not the gaming levels themselves. I can play level 2 if I do it right after beating level 1, but if I close the game only the level 1 map is available. Is there a way to fix this?

Oh damn, now I know why Target didn't ship R&C. My credit card company canceled their transaction as well as the fraudulent ones. Or something like that, because it doesn't show up in my transaction history
One last thing before I go:
@John toodles
@Mana: Which animes do you watch?
@Wipqozn atm I'm watching Hajime no Ippo. That anime is like crack.
1:32 AM
@Mana How much of Mushishi did you watch?
I finished it! Good stuff.
@Mana Excellent. Great anime. My favourite anime actually
You should read the manga as well. The anime only covers about half of it.
Hmm, should I run out to Target now or just do it tomorrow? I'm thinking tomorrow.
ok, I'm like drunk, wht shoudl I post
1:38 AM
@NickT make a post about how awesome I am
Also, +10 respect points for using commas even though you're drunk
that's n5 u2estion
@NickT I assume that last word is question, can't make heads or tails of the middle word.
J mfxn ginbhg
Star this if you think I'm awesome.
1:40 AM
I altready maded one rdrunk post on SFF.SE
Q: Do the survivors in The Walking Dead have immunity to the zombie plague or are they just lucky?

Nick TFrom what I recall of 28 Days Later, where the old guy gets infected and turned with a bit of infected blood, they (or at least he) didn't have immunity to the plague, unlike in Left 4 Dead. Is this the case in The Walking Dead as well? They don't seem to be particularly careful about how they ...

took me like , forever
cus my typing i s kinda bad now
@NickT you dont even sound drunk
skyp me
skype you?
1:42 AM
I was @ beer fest or something at a local brewert
buncha nbatrrel aged bbers
@Wipqozn Ouch.
@GnomeSlice So, the machine gun is officially my favourite wepaon.
@Wipqozn Play again?
@GnomeSlice Feel free to star that
@GnomeSlice: No, trying to do some h/w. After which I'll probably play some SC2
Beeeeeeeeer @ Vivant http://twitpic.com/74cavn
then I had like 4 more
ffs, pic don't work
my phone can;t twat pics
1:44 AM
@GnomeSlice maybe @NickT would play you. He's drunk, so I bet you could beat him.
@Wipqozn Don't count on it.
what sc
You said 'twat'.
1:45 AM
my friend tol d me I should ply LOL and rage at ppl
@Mana play Xonotic with meeeee
god seasick sounds in anime are absolutely hysterical
@Mana Come play.
1:48 AM
Also, @Mana, I'm tempted to buy a zerg key chain.
@Wipqozn Don't do that.
No, I'm watching shirtless anime guys punch each other. This is important.
@GnomeSlice Why?
@Mana Dragonball Z?
@Wipqozn No, Hajime no Ippo!
Because zerg are ugly.
And Elena is not.
Also, stupid.
And not.
1:49 AM
@GnomeSlice I don't think she is all that attractive.
@Wipqozn Not even with a 180 IQ
oh yeah, one of my professors owns this
Why not.
You never want to game with me
1:51 AM
Also the Paranormal Activity 3 ads are dumb
Hey, I found 'Elena Vanquish' on Facebook.
Oh come on. That doesn't look remotely similar to her.
Well, her name is 'Elena Ivanova' for starters.
In the game.
Also stop posting random people's Facebook profile pictures on this chat. It's tempting me to try to get @NickT to try and flag something in his drunk state.
"Elena Ivanova".
Someone play something with me.
1:56 AM
@Mana want to play a game of SC2?
@Wipqozn Linux.
I WINS \o/
@Mana I know, was hoping you would just say yes to mess with @GnomeSlice
@badp @NickT didn't say anything
so you lost
1:57 AM
@Wipqozn I wanted to, but what if you were being serious? I'd just feel like a jerk.
@Wipqozn You're so NickTcentric. Who said anything about NickT.
@Mana Welcome to my life.
So I took the safe way where no one's feelings are hurt
@Mana never feel like you need a reason to feel like a jerk.
NickT this, NickT that, you're always NickTing things.
1:57 AM
@badp NickT didn't.
Get over NickTself.
Nicotine is an alkaloid found in the nightshade family of plants (Solanaceae) that constitutes approximately 0.6–3.0% of the dry weight of tobacco, with biosynthesis taking place in the roots and accumulation occurring in the leaves. It functions as an antiherbivore chemical with particular specificity to insects; therefore nicotine was widely used as an insecticide in the past, and currently nicotine analogs such as imidacloprid continue to be widely used. In low concentrations (an average cigarette yields about 1 mg of absorbed nicotine), the substance acts as a stimulant in mamm...
For some reason all this NickT talk has made me think ofNicotine
@Wipqozn You brought it onto yourself.
@badp fair enough
1:59 AM
Yeah, there's nobody in any of the Xonotic servers.
I'm gonna go play KaG.
Also, @badp it would have been really funny if you suspended @GnomeSlice when you said "SILENCE GAME GO!". Either that or froze the room.
@Wipqozn That would've been MOD ABUSE GO!
is suspended
@GnomeSlice That would have been funny
2:00 AM
I wouldn't start a mod abuse race with another mod online, come on.
I can't play KaG either.
It won't run.
Fuck my life.
A game I could've possibly lost!
I wonder how could out mod abuse who
@Mana or @badp?
@Wipqozn @badp.
@GnomeSlice first world problems
2:01 AM
@Mana Maybe for you.
I cried when I played this.
Oh, KaG is being updated. They're using the test build right now. Probably why I can't run mine.
2:17 AM
6 more questions till 10k
@GnomeSlice xonotic?
I was just playing.
Did you want to play again?
1v1 is going to be no fun again though.
Same room as before?
since I always win?
yeah sure
"Xonotic 0.5.0 server"
ALright. @Mana join us if you wish,
@Wipqozn weird, one of the servers in my list is showing 0 as the ping.
2:30 AM
@GnomeSlice which server?
Want to join one of the servers with 2 peoplE?
@Wipqozn I forget. Anyway, Mana is here in 'xonitic 0.5.0
Q: Why don't animals always follow me when I'm holding wheat?

DanieLSometimes they do, but sometimes they don't. Does anyone have any idea what causes this?

@GnomeSlice @Mana did the game just freeze up for you?
with a giant clock
@Wipqozn No, it's really jumpy though.
@wipqozn Try reconnecting
Fixed it for me
2:52 AM
Q: GTA San Andreas bug - Everything running in fast-forward

KareenI recently purchased GTA San Andreas on Steam, and when I ran it, it automatically jumped past the few first cutscenes but the audio track was still running fine. If I manually skip through the scenes, it brings me to the alley starting point, but everything runs in some kind of fast-forward: the...

3:09 AM
That's right @Mana.... RUN IN FEAR!
I will just point to my K/D ratio in the first game.
@Mana that was before I had a machine gun
seriously, I'm awesome with the machine gun
with everything else I'm not that great
but the machine gun?
fuck yeah, bitches gonna be owned
especially if bitches happen to be trying to learn how to use the sniper rifle
haha yeah, I noticed you using that
I'm going to bed
good night
may your dreams be filled with the terror of my victory
4:03 AM
Q: Anniversary vs Legend

ERJWhat are the differences between Tomb Raider: Legend, and Tomb Raider: Anniversary? My friend said they use the same engine & player models, and are basically the same game with different levels (just gameplay, not counting storyline). I've only played Anniversary, how different is Legend?

2 hours later…
5:33 AM
Q: Huntress doubleshot?

mordi2kToday I noticed that my Huntress' weapon some times fire off two shots/arrow at the same time, so I have a few questions about it: Is this intentionally? If so, what is the percentage of this happening? Does it consume two, or only one ammo? Can it also happen with piercing shots?

6:18 AM
Q: What happens to my world when a Minecraft mod is uninstalled or overwritten?

Jonathan DrainLets say I install a Minecraft mod which adds new blocks and items. I then update to a newer version of Minecraft, which does not have these new blocks. How does the game handle maps with what are now unrecognised items in inventory, unrecognised items in chests, and unrecognised placed blocks?

2 hours later…
7:52 AM
Q: How do I build an effective rail network?

MaxpmI have a few freight train stations in my city's industrial centers. They link to each other, and to other regions. However, despite being much closer, the stations are always ignored in favor of road links. Only industries right next to the tracks actually use them. The same thing happens wi...

8:10 AM
Quick, someone write a question so we got 10k!
1 hour later…
9:22 AM
Q: GTA IV Multiplayer cheats - How to use and stop?

iamseriousI play GTA IV on xbox live and recently, I have seen several people somehow using cheats in the game, some cars are extremely fast, there's no way that it's possible in game (sometimes it's a bus and they wreck havoc on other players) and sometimes they spawn new colourful helicopters, or become...

1 hour later…
10:34 AM
@Lazers Question number 10 000!
No, question number 33 079.
Q: How to move the paddle in pong?

badpI can't seem to move the paddle in pong. I've been shaking my joystick up and down, but the padddle doesn't want move.

This is question 10 000.
@ArdaXi Post number 10000
Both answers and questions add to that count I believe
If not Gaming would've had deleted more than 20k questions
Well, still, that isn't question number 10 000 either, that count doesn't include deleted questions I believe.
@YiJiang True.
10:56 AM
@YiJiang woooo.
we have 909 deleted questions
but don't let that get in the way!
If they were deleted, they weren't questions to begin with!
I dunno if it's a search "hidden feature" or not
gives 5,000 results precisely
@YiJiang the oldest result though is post 15875, so probably the results got capped
5k +
The plus is pretty important there
@YiJiang Stops at 5th element of page 334. 333 × 15 + 5 = 5,000.
Pretty sure the page is capped
Yeah, I think the search query itself is capped.
1 hour later…
12:38 PM
2 masks left
soldier and demopan
except now people are trying to sell masks for two scraps or one reclaimed each
so... no thank you
scrap or die
Oh yeah halloween again, and half term! Lots of presents for me then!
@John Have you been Manafying things? That's my job!
@RonanForman You're getting presents? What? Is this a UK thing?
@Wipqozn No, I was talking about the TF2 ones, that's assuming it's the same as last year's.
In Southern Italy kids get presents on Nov 1st, not Oct 31st
and not for halloween, but for... err... Death's Day?
@Wipqozn Although I could go Trick or Treat-ing. But I don't.
@badp All saints day. Halloween should be called All hallows eve.
12:52 PM
@RonanForman Yeah, but that's not the point of the present giving
the point is your dead relatives bring you gifts
so you pay back with a visit to the graveyard.
It's a way to get acquainted with the idea of death or something too profound for me to express right now.
@badp Is valve doing the presents thing in TF2 this year then?
Apparently yes.
Did Valve gift stuff previous years too?
@badp Presents would appear on the halloween maps and you had to find them.
@RonanForman Oh, that's already active
I have all but two masks now.
I still need to get the strange metal from the HHH.
12:55 PM
@RonanForman Go get it now.
Got mine yesterday.
@badp I'm drawing ATM, I'll do it later.
well okay I didn't mean "right this second"
just be aware you can get it.
How do you get the metal again?
dunno if you'll still get to do that after Tuesday's (?) 2011 Halloween Update
You melee the HHH and he dies before you do.
If you die and the HHH is still up you can try again.
I fishkilled him :D
@badp So you don't need to kill him?
12:57 PM
@RonanForman No.
Also have you got any spare masks?
Because if I get a soldier or demo man one I'll swap for anything but sniper.
I need soldier and demo too.
Read it again, I only have sniper.
12:58 PM
Wiki sez:
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
How to obtain: You must damage the Horseless Headless Horsemann with your melee weapon just before he dies. Move in once you see him shiver, which is the beginning of his death animation. Upon the defeat of the Horseless Headless Horsemann, you will receive an Unusual Haunted Metal Scrap.
That's only on Mann Manor right.
Then you unlock the achievement and you get your one scrap.
Without server side mods, yes.
"Gored! and Sleepy Holl0wnd can also be obtained on maps other than Mann Manor. Servers that have the Horseless Headless Horsemann Spawner plug-in can spawn the Horseless Headless Horsemann on any map, which in turn allows players to complete those two achievements and obtain the Unusual Haunted Metal Scrap and Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head after the event is over."
also, woo! Just received my Gaming swag.
nice, the letter's hand signed
or at least I think it is. This deserves careful analysis
yup, you can feel it on the other side.
1:21 PM
I don't think I got a letter with the second round.
Let's get those two last masks then. Or well, two more masks and go 1:1
1:38 PM
I have no idea where those gifts spawn.
I hit the HHH! cmon!
You did?
Interesting. I have a better ping to the server @RonanForman is playing on than the one @badp is playing on.
@ArdaXi Maybe he had already died, but hadn't disapeared :/
Is finding gifts really just luck-based?
How come he always dies just after I respawn!
2:09 PM
Okay I definately hit him that time, what gives?
Q: Identifying a medieval strategy game

Simon SheehanThere was a good medieval strategy game I used to play at my friends that I loved. I'm not sure when the game was released, but I played it around 2007. The graphics still seemed up to date at that time. Some features of it I can remember: Attacking friendly factions would get you excommunicat...

@ArdaXi I have great ping to weird places
like 5 ms to Italy
2:41 PM
Q: What makes Metaknight so powerful?

StrixVariaI was watching a stream and one of the announcers offhandedly said "Metaknight is banned" as if that is a foregone conclusion. I have never seen Metaknight do much of anything, but then, I'm hardly a professional Brawl player. What is it about Metaknight that makes him so much more powerful than...

2:51 PM
Are you just trading for them then?
Is there nothing new to do in TF2 for Halloween this year yet?
I'm guessing last year's stuff is open right now for those who missed out to catch up. I've cleared all of last year's achievements and gotten my Saxton Hale mask.
Seriously! How did you guys get the HHH one? It wont register!
@Lazers Speed, small hitbox.

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