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3:03 PM
@GnomeSlice You not going to answer it then?
@RonanForman I'm just guessing. @Mana would know, for sure.
He's big on the pro stuff for that game.
I should play it with him sometime...
@RonanForman He'd probably obliterate you.
I'm more of a four player free-for-all, max items, random stage kind of guy.
3:08 PM
@GnomeSlice How it's meant to be played!
@RonanForman At least in MY opinion. =]
My item throwing is incredible.
It's the default settings, of course it is!
But I'm not great against pro players, 1 on 1 on final destination.
Also, my favourite character has his own tier below all of the other ones, according to Smashboards.
Ganondorf is apparently the worst character in the game.
By far.
Mine is toon link.
His downwards mid-air smash is insane!
Q: Problemas con los juegos / Problems with games

DavidCuando salgo de un videojuego que tiene una resolución inferior a la del sistema, Ubuntu se queda con una resolución baja. Tengo que cerrar sesión y volver a entrar para corregir el problema. ¿Como lo puedo solucionar? /// GOOGLE TRANSLATE: When I leave a game that has a lower resolution than th...

3:11 PM
@RonanForman Toon Links? Yes.
Have you seen people play tournaments for this game?
It's ridiculous. People who play like me are lucky if they even hit the other guy once or twice.
Not really. No.
It's a completely different style of play.
I played against a guy like that a few times once.
He was doing chain grabs and all kind of other shit.
I only managed to beat him once, when I finally convinced him to let us play 2v2 because there were so many people there.
@RonanForman Marth or Ice Climbers.
Ice climbers have chain grabs.
@GnomeSlice No, I meant can I have one?
3:14 PM
@RonanForman Oh... uh...
I wouldn't know where to look. Just youtube it?
Here, hold on, I'll find one.
Real men play without items.
Do real TF2ers play without crits?
> pro's use c stick. noobs use items. and your both fat.
@GnomeSlice Pros use c stick? Really?
3:17 PM
@RonanForman Probably. It's much easier. Anyway, I just thought that comment was funny.
I'm surprised how hard it is to find a good video of some pro play on Youtube.
But you can't charge!
@RonanForman Turns out I use it the way pros do.
c-stick for aerial attacks, stick+A for ground smashes
I use both for when it calls for it.
It's definitely better to use in the air.
Because it doesn't affect your direction/speed of falling.
@GnomeSlice That goes without saying.
3:20 PM
@Ronan Surprisingly, I can't find a good video to watch of this anywhere. If you asked @Mana I'm sure he'd be able to find you something.
However, you may find this series amusing @Ronan:
Brawl taunts? Seen it.
Only the first one was any good.
Aw. =[
Have you seen the third one?
The second one was my favourite.
@GnomeSlice Yeah it's terrible.
Tiers R 4 Queers.
Q: Dwarf refuses to stay in hospital until she has recuperated

sundwarfTwo dwarfs was seriously injured. They was treated by a doctor in the hospital, but for some reason both of them suddenly left and started working again. The body part list shows both "lower body" and ""right upper leg" in red, and the description states that her lower body is cut open, her kidne...

3:30 PM
@RonanForman competitive games play without random crits
Okay 2 is better, but 3 is still crap.
@Wipqozn Why?
In all seriousness though @Ronan, the reason items are removed in competitive play (and crits from comp. TF2) is they are random, and can give players an unfair advantage. You and me could be dead even in a game, but then an item could drop right next to me. I pick it up, and I've been given an advantage which was due to luck, not skill.
@GnomeSlice I'll watch in on Newgrounds for the loading screens quality.
@mana apparently you can answer this
Q: What makes Metaknight so powerful?

StrixVariaI was watching a stream and one of the announcers offhandedly said "Metaknight is banned" as if that is a foregone conclusion. I have never seen Metaknight do much of anything, but then, I'm hardly a professional Brawl player. What is it about Metaknight that makes him so much more powerful than...

3:33 PM
The main reason why we use c-sticks to smash is because it guarantees that you launch the smash as quickly as possible.
@Mana Do you know where you can watch some decent videos of pro gameplay?
I couldn't actually find anything good on Youtube.
You generally need to know who you're looking for
Doesn't MLG host SSBB games?
I believe so
my oh my
I have a midterm tomorrow
Algorithms. Going to start studying soon.
It's mostly going to be proofs, but want to make sure I completely understand all of the material.
Along with remembering all of the properties/rules we've gone over, so if I need to prove something that requires me to know a certain property of something, I actually know it.
Luckily it is tomorrow evening (4:30 I think, maybe 5:30), so I can do a bit of review before it as well.
3:47 PM
Oh. @Wipqozn @Mana sorry for disappearing last night during the game. It was 11:00 and my internet got cut off.
Not quite sure what to think of this. Even still, I love it.
@RonanForman I traded 5 but I don't want to pay more than a scrap each
and traders now want two
so I need a mask, any mask, to make a 1:1 trade
come on.
@RonanForman In my 10 years going to Newgrounds, I have never seen as sophisticated, eloquent and appropriate a joke about it as that. Thank you. Starred.
@BoltClock Your welcome. I'm here all week.
@BoltClock I posted it first.
@RonanForman I posted it first.
4:01 PM
28 mins ago, by Ronan Forman
@GnomeSlice I'll watch in on Newgrounds for the loading screens quality.
No you didn't.
@RonanForman Yes, but I posted it first.
30 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
Just not on newgrounds.
14 secs ago, by Ronan Forman
No you didn't.
That's not what we're talking about.
@GnomeSlice did you even look what he replied to?
@Wipqozn And then what I linked to.
@Wipqozn Yes. He replied to Ronan's reply to me.
What was number 10,000?
4:03 PM
@GnomeSlice I was referring to what Ronan said about NG and loading screens, not the Flash movie.
Hah, we missed it.
@BoltClock Oh. Derrrrrrrrrrrrp.
In that case, pay no attention to me.
@BoltClock Gnomeslice is a silly person. You would be advised to ignore everything he says ever.
@Mana someone should pin that
Has anyone here played Tiny Tower?
@Mana That gets more stars!?
4:05 PM
He thought I was in a relationship with a girl because she liked some status updates/links on my Facebook account.
shakes @GnomeSlice
@Mana No man, for a while there you were all up on her wall.
And I was like whoa whoa, @Mana having extended conversation with a woman.
Well, I've never had a girl liking anything on my Facebook account.
also yay tf2 match tonight
4:06 PM
@Mana (I'm kidding, that sounded kind of dickish)
@GnomeSlice :|
speaking of which, there should be an STV up if you want to see some division 6 highlander goodness
@Mana Yeah, that one.
@Mana has a seizure
@GnomeSlice Is that unusual for @Mana?
4:07 PM
Girls A girl likes loads of stuff on my facebook page, we're not in a relationship.
@GnomeSlice To be fair mspaintadventures is basically a seizure in webcomic format
@Mana And occasionally audio.
@Mana Good god I haven't played that in ages.
@GnomeSlice lol
Oh shit.
I hope nobody here is actually epileptic.
@RonanForman Are you sure?
4:09 PM
@GnomeSlice Just in case I removed it
@Wipqozn What? How could I not be sure?
@RonanForman Just seems odd she likes thing on bookFace page but you don't have any kind of relationship.
NOt sure how that is even possible.
Clever girl.
@RonanForman Thank you.
also, I've been thinking.
If I got the Greed Corp 4-pack, would you guys play it with me?
4:11 PM
@GnomeSlice Greed Corp is a lovely little game.
heh, probably
@GnomeSlice Trying to buy friends again are we?
200 degrees that's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit!
@ArdaXi Oh, have you tried it? There's no demo for me to try so I'm a little leery.
4:12 PM
If there a lot of people not interested in playing LoL today, those people not interested in LoL could all go into a xonotic server.
@GnomeSlice I have it, yes.
Bought it a while ago when it cost €1.
@Ron @Wip made me!
@ArdaXi Recommended?
If you like fast-paced turn-based strategy it's great.
@ArdaXi What kind of system requirements? Does it need a fast machine?
4:13 PM
@John I didn't make you do anything. I just pressured you into it.
You admit it!
Besides, I discovered the joy that is GIMP! :D
Well I'm not a liar @john.
@GnomeSlice Nah, it should work on a netbook, I think.
I've never lied before, and I never will.
That's a lie.
4:15 PM
Now I just need to figure out if you can use Paypal with Steam.
fucking finally
Which reminds me, @Mana I think you're doing a wonderful job as a mod.
@John I know, I was setting myself up for a joke.
I loled.
4:16 PM
@Wipqozn I'm not doing well enough quite yet. My responses on the flags are too slow.
@GnomeSlice Yes you can.
Faster, @Mana, faster!
@Mana Yeah, @badp was complaining about that the other day. He said you haven't done much of anything, it's like raven and himself are the only mods.
I love being a terrible person. It's so much fun.
@Woo don't say that around the mod with a shotgun.
@John Woo?
4:17 PM
@Wip stupid auto correct forgot your name.
Oh by the way, does video memory really not matter? My graphics card has 256 MB and Sonic Generations for PC asks for 512 at minimum, and my brother's all "naaaaaaaahhh"
@John damn auto correct
Then again maybe I should just pick up a console version instead. Anyone else?
@BoltClock I would think SOnic would be better on a console.
@BoltClock Also, are you on a laptop?
I was unaware you could even buy graphics cards with 256 MB anymore
4:20 PM
@Wipqozn 3-year-old desktop
Due to my time zone, the transcript system that the message that pinged me happens in 30 minutes. #timetraveler
Oh shit. Sequence has music by Ronald Jenkees in it.
I'm probably going to have to get that.
...Why is my total paypal balance $10.35 when I just added $40 to it and haven't bought anything yet.
@Gnome fees.
Now it says $29.65 on the actual paypal site.
I just spent $10 so that's reasonable.
I wonder why on that payment page, it was displaying $10.35
I'm sure it said 'total balance'
But it looks like $10.35 is how much was spent.
Oh well.
4:35 PM
Q: Where are the mining streets?

antony.trupeWhile I was doing the exploration achievements, I remember two of the streets that are locked had a ton of mining nodes, but I can't remember which two. Anyone know?

Q: Trouble in Portal The Flash Version Map Pack - 4th Room

IsziI seem to be having trouble in the fourth room of the Portal The Flash Version Map Pack. It's kind of irritating because, well, it's just the fourth room! This one should be child's play! The second part of the fourth room in the map pack seems as if it's meant to be analogous to room 6 in the...

A: Is it possible in COD:BlackOps PS3 identify who is the "host"?

Daniel the destroyer 21The host generally has the best connection in the game. That's all u need to know. It does answer the question as the host has the best connection 90% of the time. Otherwise what does it even matter who the host is? Just whoop some ass and take some names and you'll be fine.

@Mana I think I've flagged that multiple times already.
9 masks get.
I mean, he does technically answer the question partly, right? He tells you how to generally identify the host: they're the one with the best connection
@Wipqozn I'm ambivalent about the flags
@Mana Except that's not guaranteed to work.
4:39 PM
I've seen that guy before...
and there is no way to tell whether or not it is correct
@Wipqozn It's not guaranteed but it's the general solution.
If you have problems with the quality of the answer, just downvote it.
@Mana but you have no way of knowing whether or not the person with the best connection is the host
It doesn't answer the question though.
and now I need a 10th mask, perhaps
I still want that engie mask for my spy.
Can I just -1 the answer because it doesn't look like he wrote it seriously anyway?
4:41 PM
but I'll think about it later
I don't see how this differs that much from Keannu's answer, which is basically the same thing but it covers some of the corner cases.
Actually his answer is exactly the same part of Keannu's answer:
> Other sources also say that it's basically the person with the most (4 or 5) bars in their connection.
Fixed the post. Now it's an answer.
His answer should never have been posted in the first place.
OK never mind.
4:43 PM
HE doesn't add anything at all. He doesn't provide more sources, and go into more detail. In fact he provides even less detail than keannu
It's not a particularly good answer, but not one deserving a -3 either.
Come to think of it, upon reading more of the answers, I dislike all of them.
@Wipqozn Are they all "not answers"?
@Mana Yes
I see.
4:45 PM
They should all lead with:
> There is no way to determine who the host is.
the question is:
> Is it possible in COD:BlackOps PS3 identify who is the “host”?
The correct response would be "No", going on the answers provided.
Sure, the ways provided may be correct 90% of the time, but since there is no way to know whether or not when it is correct or incorrect is is completely useless.
so I have no solly or spy for tonight
Also, god dammit. I forgot my text book in my car.
I need to go outside and get it.
Me and my first world problems.
Speaking of first world problems, the washing machine downstairs completely drenched all of my clothes. I'm probably going to have to run the dryer on them 3 or 4 times to dry them.
and it costs $1.50 each time :|
4:50 PM
WHy don't you just buy a washer and dryer for your room?
@Wipqozn Because you can't get one for $4?
@Wipqozn ...what?
I don't know. I think it's implied in all of the posts that there's no exact way to determine the host. But they all provide tips for making more accurate guesses. I certainly don't see it as a reason to downvote them.
Maybe I'm just grumpy.
Although I strongly dislike Daniels answer.
For reasons I've already stated.
I also dislike the usage of "That's all you need to know. " Which is why I just removed it.
I'm probably just grumpy.
Q: How does Nethack make a character for me?

Björn GyllingI recently dipped my toes in Nethack waters and so far I've been letting Nethack pick the character for me. I keep getting either archeologist or a cavewoman though for about five games now. I'm wondering, is it supposed to be that you get a random character and I've been really (un)lucky to get ...

bah, I need to go to my car.
4:59 PM
@Wipqozn You have a car? I thought you could run alot faster than a car.
@John You know, I never pitched alot as a running type.
@John I was just waiting for someone to spell it "alot" in reply to someone with an alot as a gravatar.
@ArdaXi Maybe galloping would be a better term.
@BoltClock I was wondering if anyone would notice. :P
@John I can, but I'm also lazy.
Hmm, I wonder if the site suggested "What happened to my face?" as related to "How do I fix my face?"...
5:04 PM
user image
It's not as good as I would have hoped.
@RonanForman Totally epic giant mana head....
@Mana Do what?
@BoltClock: I was reading your bio, and I have to say, this was hilarious:
5:05 PM
@Mana Not once you meet Wine. Sorry.
> Oh and, for the record, questions about Notepad++ are often on-topic for Stack Overflow; it says so in the FAQ. If you don't want to piss me off, please, think twice before voting to move questions about it to Super User, especially if they are about its use in a programming context.
@Wipqozn :D
@Mana Let's play Starcraft II!
@Wipqozn NOOO.
@RonanForman I wish I could star that more than once.
5:07 PM
@Mana Whoops sorry, I didn't realize you actually didn't want to play SC2 with @Wipqozn...
well we can't have that.
crap, I need to crap. #XineedtoX
Actually, @mana, I've been meaning to share this with you. Should take your mind off SC2 and let you focus on your studies as well.
Which then allows me to do this:
5:14 PM
@RonanForman you missed someone
top-right corner
user image
That caused 2 people to leave?
@RonanForman I'll admit that I find this one absolutely hysterical.
It's how I envision my brain working.
@Mana You are hysterical.
@badp bad p. :/
ta-bum dssssh
5:21 PM
Q: hostile mobs spawning on leaves in 1.8 or higher?

nickymy question is: Can hostile mobs spawn on leaves regardless of graphic mode (fast or fancy) in Beta 1.8.1? I know this has been asked before for an older version of the game and the answer was yes if in fast mode, but since the game has changed so much since then, I'm wondering if the answer m...

How do you keep your horns that lovely shade of yellow @Mana?
or green...
whatever colour they are
I'm colour blind, so give me a break.
oh god
I visited the New York Pizza website once.
@Wipqozn Yellow
Now I get New York Pizza ads all over the fucking place.
That's not how it works
First you show the ads and then I visit, not the other way round! Google, dammit.
5:23 PM
@ArdaXi hate you
I reckon he does.
@Mana I was like you once. All unenlightened and productive. Then Wine and Steam stepped in simultaneously and my life has never been the same.
@ArdaXi that was subtle but nice. I'll clap for you.
I am subtle but nice.
5:26 PM
@ArdaXi Liar!
@RonanForman Do you have counter-evidence?
@ArdaXi You exist. That's evidence enough.
Oct 2 at 10:56, by Ronan Forman
@ArdaXi You lied to me!
@John Subtly.
Oct 2 at 10:57, by Arda Xi
hrm, the birthday hat is not tradable, but craftable
5:28 PM
@RonanForman Wow talk about holding a grudge. Then again, with @ArdaXi, who can forget?
So you could get yourself any random hat by crafting it with the manniversary hat
It just wouldn't be tradable.
@RonanForman You know what? I think this is my favourite manafied picture yet.
oh wait.
That's what I get for using "custom blueprint": non-craftable items don't get greyed out
Sep 21 at 21:46, by Thomas McDonald
5.5 key -> bills (~$10)
2 bills -> buds (~$22)
4.5 buds -> max head (~$90)
4 max -> houwar (~$360)
@ThomasMcDonald is this still current?
@GnomeSlice Oh right, during the Steam Treasure Hunt contest, I had to create a game wishlist that had 30+ games in case I won.
I just won a game in 0 seconds
5:34 PM
@Wipqozn I told you you were fast!
@John that's what SHE said
I own almost all the games I want from Steam, so I had to add some... interesting... choices to my list.
@Wipqozn ಠ_ಠ
@Mana Whatsa madder?
@Powerlord Is there someone forcing you to want games on Steam?
Wipqozn is da madder.
anyways shower time
5:35 PM
Shower? At 1:30?
yesterday, by Ronan Forman
Be warned the greatest @Mana-fication will be made some time over the weekend.
@John The winner of the grand prize in the Steam Treasure Hunt contest got the top 30 games on their Steam wishlist.
@Powerlord Oh that's cool.
Oh wait, no, treasure hunt was only top 5.
There was another contest that was top 30
Whoa. I didn't notice that in @GnomeSlice's screenshot when I saw it on my phone. That's way funnier now.
5:37 PM
Oh wait, no I'm wrong, it wasn't 30, it was 100.
They had a daily drawing to win the top 5 games on your list, and a grand prize drawing at the end to win the top 100.
Q: Name of an old car combat game?? - NES

Alex car has an auto firing gun it can be upgraded, colour changes from pink to blue some power ups like spikes from the tyre hub, spill oil one particular level is in a desert with quick sand traps first stage boss is a truck it is a top down view game.

Q: Minecraft - Create new server using edited existing map/world - RandomSeed?

user905686Problem I want to create a new Minecraft Server using Bukkit. I have an old world that I want to be part of the new world. So I edited the old one with MCEdit, i.e. surrounding it with Bedrock and creating new chunks far from that old world and moving the spawn point there. Questions Copy e...

I keep getting freaking banned from KaG servers.
Last said my ping was too high after a while, and I disconnected.
Now I'm banned.
How many days must we have to see this in the hot questions list?!? It's not even getting new answers!
1. Move closer to the server.
2. Petition the admin to let you back in.
3. ???
4. Profit!
5:49 PM
That's like 3 of the fastest servers for me, banned now.
@GnomeSlice Are you even listening to me?
I said profit.
@John I saw them.
Is there any way to find every post of mine that's been starred?
@John I don't believe so.

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