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5:00 PM
@Frank Saves you the trouble of finding a new job, if nothing else.
@Wipqozn True.
@MattGiltaji It's a local IT firm. No India for me.
Plus, the expectations between company and employee are very different, and more in line with what I actually expect, due to it being an IT company, not a manufacturing one.
5:16 PM
@MattGiltaji I can be a healer in this game?
It's like my boss knew I wanted a short day today so I could go home and play blood boner
Learn the name you stupid phone
add it to the dictionary
@Rapitor The dick shun nary?
I officially own my car now! Wahoo!
@Unionhawk You'll need to boycott the other 18 states with similar laws too. In fact, you're almost surrounded there in Ohio now!
5:22 PM
The only way I know how to do that is to keep fixing it until it learns it
@Sterno it's different because the Indiana law is broader.
That's how it knows fuct
It even corrects to fuct now
I haven't bothered to read about it, really, because I just assumed it was stupid and shouldn't exist
And since popular opinion is on that side, I don't need to fact check!
Shit, I didn't record a parameter that I should have recorded last week while on trials. Hopefully it got recorded in another location.
is gestalt a gothic name
5:25 PM
@GnomeSlice It's a word with a German origin, so I guess it could be
@MBraedley Worse case: Your giant death laser burns a village of innocent people.
I guess on the plus side, I now have the right to discriminate against annoyingly conservative Christians
That's what I named my dude I'm Bloodborne
5:25 PM
@Wipqozn It's not a death laser.
Yay phone corrected to Bloodborne
@MBraedley Well, it should be.
Also corrected to "I'm", but whatever
@saintwacko SwiftKey does that to me sometimes
@Wipqozn Lasers don't work all that well under water.
5:27 PM
@Sterno I didn't even realize it was that broad. It looks like you can discriminate against anyone as long as you say "religious freedom". I don't see any way that could go wrong
Also apparently it had an old pre tab completion correction of @saintwacko
@Unionhawk Yay, I'm awesome!
@murgatroid99 yes, it includes cases between two private parties, whereas all other RFRAs require one of the parties to be a government entity. Or something like that.
@Yuuki That will be interesting
@Flyk yes, the priest class gets several spells to restore endurance, which is the equivalent of healing in combat. as far as i can tell, actual hit point damage can only be healed through the resting mechanic.
5:32 PM
Is violetta a gothic name
@GnomeSlice maybe? what's your definition of gothic
I'd just go with Blood Boner
Idk like tombstones and top hats and leather and shit
And gargoyles
i too like the idea for blood boner
What about Sebastian
Inb4 the crab
5:35 PM
@GnomeSlice Name your character @WIpqozn.
Also, I think we might be able to join up in chalice dungeons... so w should do that at some point
I don't even know what that is yet
Chalice dungeons are procedurally generated. Random!
5:38 PM
Q: Why are the item effects supressed?

k0pernikusI have equipped my rogue with a bunch of a nice items offering a attribute bonus. Yet when I check the character sheet, I get the information that some of them are suppressed yet it is not explained why. It be great to know how the item bonus stack or are supressed. In my case it looks like thi...

Q: why does my clan not showing up in coc

dont knowa lot of people came in our clan and now it doesnt want to show anything.i cant leave edit send mail or anything.im stuck in a clan.help me please + there was a strangest bug ever...there were 51/50 clan members.please help beaacuse i love coc.i tried everything.i was waiting at least 15 minutes ...

After an hour of play, I haven't managed to conquer the mob of people down the bloody street yet.
Then I learned I started the game with blood echoes that I promptly lost. So I should start over.
You can get like 1k blood echoes just by getting to the mob and going back
I would not get terribly bothered about losing your starting blood echoes
You can't level up until you either explore the sewers and use an item you find there, or find the first boss (and probably die)
@GnomeSlice I'd give you something to generate Victorian names, but they all do steampunk names, which isn't appropriate in the context
Just spend your early echoes on better armor
5:40 PM
Also my friend says to run past the mob but you can just aggro a few at a time and take them up the stairs
I should probably figure out what the gigantic switchblade thing does differently when folded and opened up.
And then get smushed by the shrek with the big rock
Opened up is more reach, slower speed
There's that fat thing with the axe behind the cart, pretty much learned not to try that thing yet.
The damage doesn't seem noticeably better to me when open
@GnomeSlice would you say that you got... Shrekt?
5:42 PM
There's nothing past that thing either as far as I can tell
Now to figure out what to do in celebration of raise.
@Unionhawk gtfo
The switch seemed to be effective in combat. I'd start the first hit with the razor folded up, then hit the transform button to flick it on the second strike. That usually dazes the random mob guys or kills them.
I'm mildly curious about the third weapon option. There was the axe, the scythe thing, and then..... a cane?
Didi I mention this month being horrible yet?
I mean, your head armor options include a goddamn top hat
5:43 PM
The cane turns into a whip
My front usb is dead. As in PC doesn't boot if connected to MOBO class dead.
A cane is not out of the question
The cypher ability mental binding is rather awesome, or even overpowered. Makes a whole group of enemies an easy target for any AoEs and partially removes them for a short while from the battle
Also that sounds badass
@MadScientist what level is that one?
5:44 PM
@MattGiltaji 2nd
@Arperum fun times, at least it sounds like just a front peripheral thing and not a mobo thing
@MadScientist hmm, i wonder if i took it
I noticed that in the Bloodborne scenery. There are many abandoned hats on the ground. :(
@KevinvanderVelden In my figuring shit out itme, my pizza also was in the over for too long, and I bent a pin on the MOBO, so even if I replace the case it can't be fixed ever.
@Arperum meh, you can fix bend pins usually
5:46 PM
The main target is paralyzed, all others are stuck. Even stuck lowers deflection and Reflex by -20
Carefully insert a PIN card or similar between the pins (from the sides)
@MadScientist oh yeah i love that one
I wonder what the length contrasts on names are in Bloodborne
i'm bad with the spell names still
5:46 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Except I think my unbending tries might have broken it, or trying to bend it anymore will certainly break it...
I like to make my people in souls look like npcs like 'merciless roenna' or whatever
Wayfarer Alva is my knight in ds2
Te constraints are so bad though you can't even do 'witch zullie' I don't think
My friend didnt realize it shows character name for summons in ds2 so all his people are fgt1 fgt2 etc
Funny shit
I am on a roll with the phone right now
Is Francesca a gothic name
Well, it does mean the frenchman and gothic art was developed in france
Or Edgar
5:52 PM
Uuh kinda?
Q: What Utility Slicing decoration gives the biggest/most valuable lockboxes?

Shadow Z.There are Decorations (Utility) that you can get that give gathering skill items when you use them. I have a small Slicing one that gives me small lockboxes, but I was wondering if there was one that gives lock boxes with more credits in them. And, if so, which one should I get for the biggest lo...

First name on that list is Abraxas. Seems legit
Well, if you're talking about goth subcultures (a subculture of a subculture?) there's several where that would be appropriate
I wonder if you can make names long enough to do shit like 'Marvellous Chester'
He was a wanker though
5:58 PM
So not only will work not be providing (free) coffee tomorrow, but I'll also have to buy my lunch, or bring something that doesn't require heating. Stupid kitchen renovations.
Fanciful Violetta
That would be dope for like a light weapon user
How many weapons are there in Bloodborne
I assume it's more than the three you get to choose from at the start?
That's just starter Pokemon right
Someone I watch is using what looks like a giant metal hammer with an inscription on it
It might be like a tombstone on a stick or something, I dunno
Woo, waiting at government offices is so fun. At least I am out of the snow. :)
6:01 PM
Rip in peaces
@GnomeSlice Fewer than Dark Souls games. I've heard people say roughly a dozen-ish. Magical ones come much later.
Achievement get: Get called a "tryhard" in an online game.
@StrixVaria And that's the point at which you stop caring about a game.
That's the point where I stop caring about that person's opinion of anything, though.
I like when people complain about me spending money in an F2P game.
6:09 PM
@MadMAxJr As long as it's not P2W.
If someone knows of a good LP of Bloodborne of Pillars of Eternity let me know, because I'm never planning on playing either but they look neat.
It's gonna be a while before you see a 'good' LP of Bloodborne. Even some of the Dark Souls veterans are having a little trouble.
surely that's part of the fun :O
Yeah, it's... Yeah
Honestly it's not the dying that's so bad. It's the 45 second to one full minute loading screen on death.
6:12 PM
Youch that's not so cool.
That is more punishment than anything. Even TF2 is generally shorter than that for respawns. (comparing apples and oranges, yes)
Last I checked, Zisteau is stuck on a boss with an instakill
@MadMAxJr That's terrible
(probably not technically an instakill, but it does so much damage that it effectively is)
/me suddenly doesn't buy.
6:12 PM
@murgatroid99 I haven't seen anything official, but friends tell me this is considered a known issue for the game and is being looked into.
And yes, load times are atrocious
I was surprised there was no install option to help reduce disc load. I guess the only way around that is to buy the digital edition. Even then, I'm told unless you replaced your PS4 HD with an SSD, it's still taking forever on load.
@MadMAxJr that's worse than apples and oranges, that's comparing load times to respawn times.
@StrixVaria I'm still entertained by the guy who invaded me in DS2, used enemies to distract me while he healed, then said I was bad at the game when I killed him using only regular sword swings
Tf2 doesn't need to load, it just implements an arbitrary respawn time.
6:17 PM
Could be worse. At least Bloodborne doesn't artificially inflate the delay for increasing amounts of death over time. That would be awful.
@MadMAxJr Everyone would just stop playing
@MadMAxJr To me, "good" just means entertaining, not necessarily skillful. Good commentary and editing can make up for the rest.
@StrixVaria Editing will be key on LPs of this.
@StrixVaria Cut to Markiplier with a 30 minute reel of: AAAUGH Dead Repeat
@MadMAxJr I saw a brief video of a guy just stringing his deaths to some boss together, and then after 5-6 it cut to him entering the boss room again. I was so hoping that it ended in another death and sequence of cuts, but it was his successful run.
Lets Plays are viewed as something of modern day Roman Coliseum in our home. Man vs. Beast/Machine. Cheer the blood. Boo the victories.
I mean it has the little thumbs up/thumbs down and everything.
Youtube doesn't have a 'release the lion' vote button.
6:21 PM
I would not put it past Google and their April Fools they've implemented.
Like the wonderful Youtube-to-ASCII converter.
A kid just confessed to three incidents of swatting. Hopefully that scares him straight.
Oh, April Fools is tomorrow. Sarcastic Yay.
Oh, okay, well then I withhold my sarcastic Yay for a bit. For some reason I always think today is the end of the month for March. My brain is convinced that my parents anniversary (which is today) is the last day of the month.
6:26 PM
@AshleyNunn I just run that rhyme through my head whenever I need to remember
@AshleyNunn I wish it was. this month is the worst.
@arperum more hugs I am sending lots of whispers into the universe to make April better.
@AshleyNunn I'm not sure I want my birthday 1 day earlier. That means I get older faster. That's how it works, right?
@murgatroid99 I always confuse months in the rhyme. >. <
> 30 days has September, April, June, and November. All the rest have 31...except February, which has 28, except on leap years when it has 29.
6:28 PM
@mbraedley picky picky.
@murgatroid99 I confuse April and may a lot.
One more month until Chroma Squad is released!
@AshleyNunn The rhythm doesn't work that way
Guys, what's the opposite of symbolic?
6:34 PM
@DemCodeLines in what sense?
As in if I am trying to say it's straightforward.
@DemCodeLines what?
... Huh?
@DemCodeLines literal
that's the word!
6:35 PM
@MattGiltaji figureatively
@Frank not literally, just literal
@DemCodeLines i'll expect english.se rep for that, fyi
haha yeah
@DemCodeLines I have to ask: why did you choose this chat room to ask that question?
Well, for one, I know there are a lot of school people here. Second, English SE was inactive :D
Oh and this room happened to be active
@DemCodeLines I'm not a fan of this reasoning.
6:38 PM
@Frank apologies
Just something to remember next time.
We don't mind helping, but there's a reason the sites exist; we're not here to do your research for you.
I understand, but I only asked because it was something as small as something that is very commonly used (but for some reason, I was unable to find on Google).
You know how you can't remember the word itself sometimes, but when someone says it, you know that's the one?
> serving as a symbol. antonyms: literal
@DemCodeLines Yeah, I get it. But when your only participation in chat is to get help, it kinda feels like being used.
sorry if I came across that way, that wasn't my intention.
6:44 PM
I know. But people draw on our goodwill when things like this happen, and they're much more likely to get a better reception when they respect our time.
I know I'm getting kinda tired of random people just showing up, and asking us to answer their questions.
I've seen some people spam the same question across several chat rooms, and that, especially, is going to get a chilly reception. Respect the site, and respect the users. Asking a question because a room is active doesn't do that.
Well, I wouldn't call myself "random people". I used to be here (occasionally talked) until about a year ago when I got busy with other stuff. That, by the way, is another reason I felt comfortable dropping in and asking.
@DemCodeLines I recall you being here a bit, but I don't recall you really sticking around a whole lot.
And when you reappear, and the first thing you do is ask us for help, it's like those friends that only call you up when they need your help.
was usually one of those guys who joined in and kept the window open in the background and read back and forth.
oh well, anyways
Like I said; we don't mind helping. But you'll get a much better reception if you participate.
@Frank I think he gets it. Can we just move on?
6:54 PM
@murgatroid99 No! I must drive the point home until I'm beating a dead horse!
@DemCodeLines Bridge is nice to kill time, but I find I can't get anything done unless I close it.
@Frank Too late?
@John I think I just killed it.
@John I think that's why I left initially lol
@DemCodeLines Same. Main reason I came back is @OrigamiRobot and @Wipqozn kept pinging me about how I'm never here.
@John That's because we're too cool for the bridge
Anyways, bloodborne time cc @Sterno
I never close the Bridge.
@Wipqozn But you're here.
@murgatroid99 HERESY. The correct version is
> 30 days hath September. All the rest, I can't remember.
@StrixVaria Lately instead of tryhard I've been called a "nerd" when I win. That doesn't even make sense.
7:01 PM
@Powerlord Actually, it's "30 days have September, April, June, and November. All the rest have 31, except February, which has 28, except on leap years, when it has 29. Leap years, for reference, happen every four years, but not multiples of 100, except multiples of 400"
I just skipped the second verse for brevity
@Frank Why do you hate the dead horses so much?
> but not multiples of 100, except multiples of 400
wait, seriously?
Q: How to /setblock a sign with text

Assley Gaminghow do I /setblock a sign with text ive tried /setblock ~ ~1 ~ minecraft:wall_sign 5 {id:"Sign",Text1:"hi;,Text2:""}

@John Yup.
@John It's because a year is actually 365.2425 days
How do I word something along the lines of, "Hey, uh, this goodbye lunch of ours, you guys should pay for it so that it sends a message of IT being outsourced being a good thing"?
@John yeah, try it in excel
@Arperum Because they can take a lot of abuse!
Well, TIL.
That works out to 97 leap years every 400 years (if I did that math right)
7:02 PM
Whoops, wrong Dilbert dead horse vid
@Frank sounds like a workplace.se question :p
@MattGiltaji I don't think that would count, actually.
@Wipqozn At least you've accepted that Monster Hunter is lame and not worthy of your time
Down with Monster Hunter, up with Office Hunter.
@Frank Other sites aren't nearly as strict as ours, generally.
@AshleyNunn in Latvian we just say ap-jun-se-no and that's how we know which months have 30 days
Dammit fire drill or alarm test y u do dis
quite easy to remember
@Chippies That's also valid in Dutch!
ANd English.
But not in French. Because French is special.
7:24 PM
@Arperum I'm assuming French spell/pronounce their months differently?
@StrixVaria Yeah I went back to SO recently and was pretty amazed by all the terrible questions literally everywhere
that people just answered
like there was nothing to it
some countries seem to do that, silly countries
@Chippies Avril.
@Arperum could say av-jun-se-no, still pronounces fairly easily :P
Also "juin", june is weird too. IIRC anyway.
7:26 PM
anyways, wife bought a massive pack of ice melt (some fancy salt-like thing that is supposed to murdelate ice), so, afk, murdelating ice!
That's an entry level Monster Hunter quest. "Kill some snow."
@MadMAxJr Only because he lives in Canada. Otherwise the monsters are not big enough.
@Arperum Canada - Lair of the Elder Snow
Perform a carve on snow. Get water. Didn't know what to expect.
Who has another interview this week? THIS KID
Aww, you didn't get the Lord (Lady) of Timbits title?
7:35 PM
Q: How to create custom map in AOE3?

MurtazaI am playing game The Age of Empire III in which I am creating a custom map but there is no open to create it, I found one option which is creating scenario which doesn't come up in custom map. I found few clues about it but not the clear information. So I am asking: How to create a Custom Map...

@MadMAxJr The interview at teh Tim hortons that isn't for tim hortons is on wednesday, tomorrow I have one with another thing
@AshleyNunn What kind of interview doesn't happen at the place where you'll be working?
Like, what are they trying to hide?
@StrixVaria one for a payday loan company.
I don't think they are trying to hide anything, but then again, it's payday loans, so
@AshleyNunn Ohh. Sketchy business type to begin with. I see.
7:38 PM
Just don't join the Payday Gang. The ones with guns and bank heists.
@StrixVaria shrugs they will pay me
Yeah, whatever works. Money is money.
Pretty much
Okay maybe both of you should join the Payday Gang.

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