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3:00 PM
my argument was because the "actual" harvest moon by natsume was junk
@MadScientist Word is departying/repartying NPCs fixes the stacking bug
@Rapitor Just tell him that the Harvest Moon that Natsume is basically a cash grab to hold on to their license to the "Harvest Moon" name.
@Rapitor what is that and why is it labeled cheese?
@Yuuki thats pretty much what i said
@KevinvanderVelden 'murican spray cheese
@Rapitor why are the 'muricans misusing the word cheese?
3:05 PM
@Rapitor Also, tell him that the series is ported from Japan, where it's called Bokujo Monogatari. And guess what? Story of Seasons is Bokujo Monogatari: Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi, so it does have the Harvest Moon name. Where it matters.
after you ignore the fact that you are eating aerosol... it doesn't taste too bad.
@Yuuki pretty much.
@Rapitor Lies
@Rapitor If you ignore the fact that you are eating aerosol, you are ignoring all of it.
@Yuuki To be fair, when something comes along in a can called "easy cheese" ignoring it is the best course of action
3:07 PM
@KevinvanderVelden unless you are really hungry and make bad decisions when hungry
@Rapitor no.
No exceptions
You go to the god damn store and get some god damn actual cheese
None of that american plastic they sell as cheese
Meetings. The boring frontier.
@LessPop_MoreFizz #winning
We need more PoE answer voters so I can get some of that sweet, sweet, FGITW rep before all you people show up with annotated screenshots while I'm nominally working and can just type out a quick text only answer from memory.
@LessPop_MoreFizz haha
3:10 PM
@KevinvanderVelden actual cheese is god damn expensive
@Rapitor Only in horrible places where they sell plastic as cheese
Does the mod that declined the flag on this post want to weigh in on how that's NOT a link only answer?
@LessPop_MoreFizz actually, i was in your position last friday, except you were posting screencaps while i was trying to find references on the wiki
Or, sidenote, if it can get some more NaA flags for deletion, that would be good.
@Frank Downvote, don't flag.
NB: I did not decline this flag.
3:12 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's...literally what flagging is for.
@Frank Not an answer is for flagging things that don't answer the question. The link clearly answers the question, and the content of the link is clearly marked and explained. It's not just a bare URL going to whoknowswhatdarkcorneroftheinternet.
@LessPop_MoreFizz In the best case, it also pushes the post into the Low Quality queue, where have a deletion reason for exactly that.
Yeah, link only is a delete reason right?
@KevinvanderVelden For bare URLs with no context.
This is not that.
3:15 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's not what the canned text says.
Eeh I'd agree, though if the other answer wasn't there as context I'd say it's link only
As in "Here's a detailed guide! link" is a bare url with no context
Sadly, there's no access to that canned text without a Low Quality post, so there's no way for me to copy it without trolling through several pages of reviews until I find one.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Looks like I'm not really affected, I justed dumped a lot of items on Eder and Defender mode itself is pretty good.
@Frank looks like link only to me, should be converted into a comment imo
3:19 PM
@Flyk That was my opinion. Which is why the declined flag confused me.
Not ice-9?
@Frank I mean, personally, I'd mark helpful and down vote and not delete, so I can't speak for the other mod.
@Powerlord nope, 2d ice. Graphene is pretty awesome
"The team calculated that the graphene sheets must be exerting more than 10,000 times atmospheric pressure to flatten water in this way"
I ran into it again today, was going to flag it, turns out, I already have. And then went through the Low Quality queue, seeing if it was a case of users going, "Meh, link-only is fine", and then find out it was mod declined.
But you asked why it was declined, so I tried to explain why I might.
3:20 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz It may have been declined since @Frank has 20k+ rep, can cast delete votes himself. aka no mod needed.
@LessPop_MoreFizz how would you react to an "other" flag with the message "this should be a comment"?
@Wipqozn Uh, no.
I don't have 20K rep.
If I did, I would just VTD.
@Frank are you sure?
damn, you don't
3:21 PM
@Wipqozn still, this doesn't allow us to convert it into a comment
I coudl have sworn you did.
Man, @Frank, setp up your game
Yep. Pretty sure.
@Frank only 15 gold badges?
Oh hey, I just realized I have the "turtle-ify the turtle" script here
3:22 PM
@Flyk It doesn't, but in that case a "mod attention" flag would be what you want to use, NAA
@Flyk I'm not a badge hunter.
"Mod Attention" is what you should be using if you want something turned into a comment.
I have two Reversals on Meta, though!
@Frank haxors
@Wipqozn but I think Frank's point is, the NAA text says "... or should be a comment"
3:23 PM
Our process for link only answers is kind of inconsistent.
It'd be nice to have a proper idea of how to go about it.
@Flyk Yeah, I can see that, but I still tihnk mod attention is the better choice. NAA can be deleted without mods seeing them.
NAA is a perfectly valid flag to use if you want it converting into a comment, just because of the flag text - using an other flag and typing in your intentions would clarify any confusion, though
either way, not abig deal... the mod could just disagree that it's link only, or that it needs deletion.
Mostly, I just flag it to push it into the Low Quality queue, and let other users handle it from there.
(Which actually prevents me from seeing that post in the queue, since I'm the one that flagged it)
@Flyk You can use it, but it's not a good choice, because it can be removed before mods even see it, therefore no comment conversion.
3:25 PM
Bothering mods for low quality answers isn't really the right process; we have the review queues for a reason.
@Wipqozn sure, I would normally other flag with "this should be a comment" if I feel it's worth preserving
Iirc, NAA goes to the low quality queue too
Aah always fun "Oh hey, we wanna demo this part of the product next week." ".... Okay, can I get some specs for it?"
Where it will be very likely deleted. If you think a thing should be a comment, strongly, then mods have to do that anyway.
@Unionhawk It does.
3:39 PM
@Frank are you saying I'm a badge hunter? :o
@Flyk Yes.
@Frank I can't control how many people view my questions! :(
Or at least, you were. Whether you are now or not, I have no idea.
Wow, now look what you've done
I believe the proper term is "hat hunter", technically
@Unionhawk I'm definitely still a hat hunter, it's like the only time I'm ever really active anymore
3:41 PM
They need to implement a double-secret hat, randomly award it to one user, and not reveal there's no way to earn it.
@MadMAxJr if only to drive @Flyk insane
That would be hilarious
They should call it "Kalina's Hat"
(that she can never have)
that's just cruel
(yes, that is the beauty of it)
3:43 PM
you probably set fire to kittens in your spare time
Time Machine to-do list: 1 - Kill Hitler. 2 - Stop Robin Walker from developing TF2 hats. 3 - Get a piece of the /first/ cake.
@Flyk My cat is insane enough without fire.
I mean I would, but the University already does that, so I have no access to kittens or fire
You just reminded me to check the exploding kittens kickstarter.
3:45 PM
I finally got all of my Elite Dangerous goodies
Good morning, Bridge. Is it still morning?
several months after I quit playing Elite Dangerous
Hi Ashley.
@AshleyNunn it's always morning someplace!
It's morning for an hour more here.
3:46 PM
@AshleyNunn for 15 minutes in this time zone even
@AshleyNunn Yep. Still morning here.
@Unionhawk Heck yes
@AshleyNunn It's always morning in Universal Greeting Time
Also always evening
Also the greeting morning is defined by whenever one enters the room
And or wakes up
Schrodingers Morning. It's always night unless you flick open the blinds to check, which changes the state of time.
3:47 PM
@AshleyNunn It isn't here, but is in most parts of North America.
If I awaken at 2pm, I am within my rights to say good morning (and some pedant will correct me)
@Unionhawk same for 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, etc
@Unionhawk point them to UGT and all will be good
@Flyk my sleep schedule isn't that crazy
@AshleyNunn It will be morning here in 12 minute's time
Which means I should probably go to sleep
3:49 PM
@Unionhawk I don't have a "schedule", sleep occurs when there is enough time between now and the next time I have to do, I'm tired, and there's a bed available
@Flyk That's a pretty good system for sleeping I think
Note to self, go back in time, revise time-machine plan.
Yeah, well, I have classes and stuff
It's the worst
I thought "morning" was the time between like 4am and the time I wish I could wake up every day.
@MadMAxJr what'll the new plan be? Prevent the railroads from being invented (and by effect preventing timezones from being invented?)
3:50 PM
dependent on how tired, the definition of "bed" becomes broader
after 72 hours it becomes more like "ah, floor looks comfy"
@Flyk "Bed, that comfy chair, that rock next to the road"
I'm finding Town of Salem more addicting than it should be.
@Flyk I found one of my kids asleep on the hardwood floor last night. That's a pretty broad definition of bed, IMO.
I played it until like 2 hours before I had to wake up for work.
@KevinvanderVelden Heavens no, my current employer is a railroad.
3:51 PM
Also @Flyk LAN LAN LAN LAN LAN, I don't know why I'm bothering you with it expect that we once had a lan party at the same time and for some unknown reason I remembered that
Brains are weird.
@Powerlord It is surprisingly fun. I wish a) I had more time to play it and b) fewer people cheated (though that may be better now than last month).
@KevinvanderVelden no problem passing out on the grass outside the last one I went to
@JasonBerkan Well, last night I had a game where, despite the GF being afk for part of the round (and eventually dropping from game), mafia won.
@Flyk this time I've booked a hotel (it was like, 10 euros extra because of some combo deal)
...alongside 2 execs, 1 witch, and an Amnesiac turned Blackmailer.
3:53 PM
@KevinvanderVelden mmh, the last time I booked a hotel and spent 3 hours in it, was a waste
@Flyk first time for everything =p
I can usually survive a 72 hour period without sleep
Then again, I was Consig turned Mafioso (despite the game not telling me that I changed)
@Flyk I try to remember at least some of the lan party
@Powerlord All any is pretty crazy. I stuck to the normal game mode most of the time.
3:55 PM
@Flyk Yeah, but it's a well established fact that you're weird
Woo, interview rescheduled :D
@JasonBerkan Ranked is interesting, too.
@AshleyNunn I assume this is a good thing.
@Powerlord yes
I am jobless, of course it is a good thing
Smiley faces like :D are usually indicative of a good thing
3:55 PM
@Powerlord Right. They added that when I stopped playing. I should start again, since there should be less people messing up the game in ranked.
@JasonBerkan Well, although ranked is in the game, the actual ELO system won't be until next patch.
@MBraedley established? Where?
Of course, at the same time, the Any role is being removed from Ranked and being replaced with Random Neutral.
(or at least I think it's Random Neutral)
So... that Any role that sometimes ends up with 4 mafia or 8 town? Not any more!
@Powerlord I really want them to replace Framer with Random Mafia in regular games.
3:58 PM
@JasonBerkan Well, the other thing about Ranked is the Jailor is the only guaranteed role.
Wait, no, GF is guaranteed
1 Jailor, 2 Town Protective, 2 Town Support, 2 Town Investigative, 1 Town Killing, GodFather, 1 Mafia Support, 1 Random Mafia, 1 Neutral Killing, 1 Neutral Evil, 1 Neutral Benign, and 1 Any.
7 mins ago, by Flyk
I can usually survive a 72 hour period without sleep
@Powerlord That actually looks fun to play.
@JasonBerkan Developers are seeing Town win too often, which is why Any is going to Random Neutral.
They think that will balance it a bit.
There's also an "unofficial" game mode called Rainbow that may be added.
4:04 PM
... The internet has /Ranked/ witch hunts?
@Powerlord Makes sense. I found that when the town players understood their roles and worked together, they were hard to defeat.
@MBraedley 1104 messages mentioning fire.
Rainbow is 2 Random Town, 2 Random Mafia, 2 Arsonist, 2 Serial Killer, 2 Survivor, 2 Witch, 1 Werewolf, and... um... I forgot what the last color is
Which sounds like pure chaos.
Hmm, no, I must have numbers wrong as Executioners and Jesters are also present
So I got a reply regarding the stupid gif filled page of stuff, basically to the effect of "immigration needs reform", not "you're right, that is stupid and unprofessional"
Which tells me it was probably a form.
Oh, Rainbow is Godfather, Mafioso, 2 Arsonist, 2 Survivor, Jailor, Veteran, Transporter/Vigilante, 2 Amnesiac, 2 Serial Killer, and 2 Witch.
Which I guess makes sense... Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
4:12 PM
Forecast is for 19C tomorrow. Good-bye snow.
It got really warm here last night. If this keeps up I may have to ship the surplus warm to Canada. It works that way, right?
@MadMAxJr I'll take it
@JasonBerkan our high for tomorrow is 6 degrees, with a low of -3.
Now we only stock it in Fahrenheit, you'll need to convert it to Celsius locally.
@Wipqozn That is our normal temp range for this time of the year.
4:20 PM
Q: Minecraft - Magic Launcher - Optifine doesn't do anything?

Kenny BonesI've been trying to get Minecraft's Magic Launcher to work with OptiFine, which I have done many times before. But not on this particular computer. I'm running Minecraft 1.8 and OptiFine HD U D2, the latest as of this date. Anyway, I start the default launcher and choose the OptiFine profile. W...

@JasonBerkan You kids and your outliers.
@JasonBerkan That's chilly for us this time of year. It rarely dips below freezing near the beginning of April.
@Wipqozn Mine's 3/-5
@MBraedley Although it's not unheard of to get snow. Not common, but it's happened.
@Wipqozn I do not enjoy snow after my birthday. I ignore it as best I can.
4:22 PM
Today's local temperature: 14/8 (going to 22/13 by Thursday)
Thank you to thefuckingweatherdotcom for having a one-click convert this to something the canadians understand button
@Unionhawk Something the world understands. :P
{The United States} ⊂ {The World}
Don't get mathematical with me.
Hey, you didn't specify "rest of the world"
That is {The World and not The United States}
4:26 PM
The Internet. Last refuge of the pedantic.
Only refuge
I'm in a probability class, set theory has been melted into my brain
Hmm, so Lois McMaster Bujold's next book, Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, is going to be about Cordelia Vorkosigan rather than Miles.
@Unionhawk This almost-correct set theory notation makes me uncomfortable
It's a painful teaching method
I wonder when it will take place in the timeline.
4:27 PM
hm the nintendo shop says Story of Seasons is 4 player. I wonder what that is
@Unionhawk i've had the airborne toxic event songs stuck in my head since saturday night and i blame you for this (and @Wipqozn as well, of course)
Q: Am i playing badly or am i underleveled? -Pillars of eternity

BerserkingHardSpoilers ahead, few hours into game! In game playing for 17 days, slain 259 enemies. Party all level 5. I've gotten to Endless paths of old Nua level 5 and i cant beat this dragon no matter how hard i try. Am i supposed to beat him now or should i pay him a visit later?

Q: Can You use commands in Minecraft pe v0.7.1

user106742Can you use commands in Minecraft PE v0.7.1? I've seen people do it but I don't seem to be able to. Do I have to have a specific device like an iPhone? I currently have an android tablet with: Android 4.5 Core duo processors

@murgatroid99 Even better? I don't know. This is basically correct from what I've been taught, for the purposes of what I've been taught
@Powerlord i read the first one and enjoyed it. i read another one and got super lost, timeline wise
4:28 PM
@Unionhawk It says "The set containing the object 'The United States' is a subset of the set containing the object 'The World'", which, strictly speaking, isn't true
I was holding out for John Oliver.
I see.
@MattGiltaji The books do jump around. I read them in publication order.
@JasonBerkan i like her style, so i may get back to reading the whole series, eventually
4:29 PM
@JasonBerkan It's weird because the Omnibus editions started out doing the order events took place, then started doing weird groupings.
@MattGiltaji The Vorkosigan series is one that I loved from the moment I read the first book.
@Unionhawk I would write it more like {The United States} ⊂ The World or The United States ϵ The World
@Yuuki oh man. I should go check out /r/subredditdrama, because I bet there will be whole bunch of it!
At this point, it's way past 2 minutes, so I actually can't care. The joke is done.
To date, Memory has never appeared in an Omnibus.
4:31 PM
@Rapitor "In Story of Seasons, traditional farm-building mechanics are combined with all-new multiplayer and StreetPass connectivity, granting players the ability to tour one another’s farms, cultivate crops together and even exchange gifts."
That's really all the detail I can find
@Powerlord I had to dig a bit to find an illegal copy of that one. And I guess I read that one out of publication order. It was one of the last things I read.
It's a shame as Memory sets up all the books after it.
Yes. I remember being quite confused as to why Miles was an Auditor.
4:41 PM
@AshleyNunn neat.
@Unionhawk at least some companies are boycotting in response
I wonder if my friend Anna hates Story of Seasons or if she'll play it anyway.
I'm for reals putting that motion up at my next fraternity meeting (since we have been big proponents of these things in a scouting context, and we were big supporters of the membership policy changes)
@MBraedley fine
what should I be making in Pillars of Eternity?
4:44 PM
(she works for a company that works for Natsume)
@Flyk do you want to tank or deal damage?
destroy everything
@Powerlord If she likes Harvest Moon, she'd probably play it. It's the actual Harvest Moon game.
Whereas Lost Valley is a license grab.
I am kinda excited for it - it seems to be a lot more of the bits I like, and less of hte bits I don't
with fire, preferably
4:46 PM
@Yuuki Right, but she's one of the PR people for the Harvest Moon series...
@Unionhawk Damn it @Sterno, how did you let this happen?
@Powerlord and? COngrats for her?
@Flyk Wizard gets fireball and all the other firey type spells
I mean I guess she might be tired of the thing
I dunno
4:47 PM
might will make your spells stronger, int will give you more aoe
so you definitely want to max those
@Powerlord she would probably not like natsume then because she has to promote that
This game has me waiting for a bird to appear so I can make it poop so I can collect 50 of said poops to make a hat out of them
What am I doing with my life
@AshleyNunn what a shitty collection task
Making a poop hat?
4:49 PM
@AshleyNunn Playing a game that has you waiting for a bird to poop on your head to make a hat.
Suddenly it all makes sense, thanks guys ;)
@MattGiltaji I refuse to acknowledge your terrible joke with a gtfo, and as such, I am not.
wait, SHIT
@Unionhawk yes, that is the current topic at hand
@AshleyNunn ...what game was this?
Clearly you stand in front of your house and accuse people of being in the Mafia instead.
@Powerlord Happy Street. It's my current F2P time killer. That and Adventure Xpress.
4:52 PM
Granted, Town of Salem doesn't have a mobile version. Not a surprise since it's a Flash game.
@AshleyNunn you win this time...
Man. Get fired on Friday, get hired on Monday, with a small increase. I like that timeline.
@Frank same company or different?
@Frank Accepted the offer at that company that your old company outsourced your job to?
4:58 PM
@MattGiltaji The company my department got outsourced to.
I was expecting it.
@Frank good thing you got that pay increase
@Wipqozn It's not quite as high as I was wanted, but I'm willing to let that go as a sign of goodwill.
but kind of strange nonetheless
so when are you moving to india? :p
@MattGiltaji It's the least I deserved, after the amount of busting ass I did this last year.

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