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12:00 PM
@Arperum niiiicee
@GnomeSlice new* auto-mangle? :o
(That was all manual-mangle)
@GnomeSlice All lions eat ample yeti stew for wizard school ... I give up. I can't make that into an acronym.
No it doesn't autocorrect long 'words' it doesn't know
@Arperum wut?
@GnomeSlice which just makes it easier to type them correctly, not having to fight with auto-mangle
@KevinvanderVelden I was trying to find a sentence that could be shortened to whatever was typed.
That was supposed to say #always wait 2 minutes
12:02 PM
@Arperum I know, the wut was aimed at what you came up with
@GnomeSlice yes, I think we all figured =p
Q: How do I get the Kitty Cannon weapon?

SeanI used the Kitty Cannon in the Boo-Boo Roverdrive mission. Is it possible to unlock it outside the mission for use in free roam? If so, how?

I liked it, do the whole thing
@KevinvanderVelden I didn't, so I tried to make sense out of it in the weird way that my brain functions.
I liked it, do the whole thing
@Arperum your brain is weird
12:03 PM
Thx fone
@KevinvanderVelden Truth like no other.
Somebody google 'portal technology'. That's today's listening
By DATAStream
@GnomeSlice bad @StrixVaria
@GnomeSlice The second "y" is breaking my brain. I can't come up with something ... Oh wait, I can. The whole thing is going to be crazy, but that fits.
12:06 PM
HamStare @StrixVaria
@GnomeSlice All lions eat ample yeti stew for wizard school or why two man in jittery togas undermined every dance.
That's almost autocorrect level
Somebody star it for me
I only have 1 star to give!
I can't.
12:09 PM
4 mins ago, by Kevin van der Velden
@GnomeSlice Today's listening
Mine's better
Oh okay
Nevermind then
(It's to a different song, but it's a better song! =p)
@GnomeSlice Cool. I started with the Threaded cane and Pistol, and I'm still using them.
Bloodborne doesn't have as large of a selection of weapons as past games, but each weapon is more unique.
I really like the threaded cane.
@Arperum I should make me a reddit account and give that as a writing prompt. "A newsarticle with said sentence as title."
It's two forms makes it really versatile.
12:11 PM
Track 4 would be the best song on the album if it didnt have a ducking weird sounding bass that also seems to be out of key
@wip the saws two forms are mostly the same
Short on is faster, big one is slower but more range
Chaining tranformations is fun
@GnomeSlice Threaded Canes second form is completely different. It basically turns into Ivy's weapon from Soul Calibur.
Why do the people keep calling me foul beast
Yeah I know I read the things
Also bungle bus
I like my axe
Gnome needs to stream Bloodborne
12:15 PM
@Sterno AND MY AXE
@Sterno You should stream Dora.
Honestly I'm not sure how to stream PS4
It's probably stupid easy
But man, that Benny
I'd rather stream Kinder eggs videos
I'm continually torn between Bloodborne and Pillars of Eternity. Life is hard.
@Sterno I'm tempted to just pick up PoE, but I know I'll regret it.
@Wipqozn How could you possibly regret it?
You could only regret it if you hate fun.
@Sterno Because then I won't have enough time to do everything I want! It's terrible.
Besides, it's 1/10th the price of Bloodborne
12:22 PM
I'm going to wait on PoE until I finish Bloodborne, and maaaaybe majoras mask. I want to do more MH4U as well, which I'm now getting back to on lunch breaks
The real question is when I do get around to playing PoE, what class do I want my player character to be?
@Sterno I assume you're a Barbian?
I know you like classes whch involve hitting stuff with big sticks
@Wipqozn Paladin.
@Sterno Close enough.
@KevinvanderVelden Another reason I'm planning to wait
Right now I'm leaning towards druid.
Druid, Priest, or Wizard... or Rogue... or Chanter...
Luckily I can have 6 people in a party.
@KevinvanderVelden They all sound fun. It's terrible.
12:32 PM
Even if just for the "I am beating your friends with bits of your soul HAHAHAHA"
I didn't realize you had to do a gun stagger at the right moment to do a critical in bloodborne
I thought you could just do if when you staggered them and I kept getting smushed by the big guys
Also there was a big group of like 20 dudes around a big pyre that I died at a bunch
@GnomeSlice Yeah, you need to do it when they in the ttck prt of their attack, aka not the wind up
You have to use gorilla tactics
I'm still trying to get the hang of staggering.
I give up
12:42 PM
I'm using the pistol, which supposedly has a smaller stagger window than the blunderbuss but has a quicker fire time.
I could never do parries in dark souls either
Only losers double-click to change equipment anyway
@sterno what's the axe transformation do?
@GnomeSlice I could swear some text told me it does blunt damage, but really it just makes it longer
Charged attack is a nice double-spin move that, even with my shitty 12-strength, can kill the big guys
12:44 PM
Gotta go work
Just need to time it right so they're entering the arc when you let it go
Pillars of Eternity is making me wish I had a week off of work
That, and I always want a week off of work
Can I just get a paid year off of work? Ok thanks bye
@KevinvanderVelden Work at Google, have a kid, and then get your wife pregnant again the day after delivery. I think you can get about half a year off that way
@Sterno tbh I might wait on PoE until I plan to take some time off.
Because it strikes me as the kind of game you just want to sink your teeeth into all day for a week
12:48 PM
Huh, random thought. I wonder how long after pregnancy before pregnancy tests are reliable again
@Wipqozn I was like you once, and then I had a child attached to my knee.
Q: minecraft wont load world with NEI

Space_Chicken_27with NEI installed on my computer it wont load a world... i dont have any idea why but this is the crash report and the mods i have installed: worldedit-forge-mc1.7.10-6.0-beta-01 openmodslib-1.7.10-0.6-snapshot-312 openblocks-1.7.10-1.3-snapshot-561 NotEnoughitems-1.7.10-

Q: Serverside lag (Or what seems to be) on singleplayer - Minecraft

ArcaneArtemisI recently bought a Windows 8.1 Computer and have had no problem installing Minecraft onto it. However, when playing the game I get very serverside lag-like lag in my game. Things like blocks not breaking or items not picking up, FPS runs really well and is not affected at all by it.

Seems to me they'd be giving false positives for a while after
You have so much gaming time and don't even know it!
@Sterno Kids are the worst.
12:50 PM
cc @fredley @LessPop_MoreFizz
not sure if trolling or really stupid
> I don't see too many people talking about Zork so yea, graphics are important.
@StrixVaria SOmeone needs to mention Minecraft to that guy.
@Sterno troll, I think
> Sorry to say, but those of us that want to actually own their games, not "rent" them on Steam, like to buy them on GOG, when possible, including this one. So, until a game is Steam only, try to think better before writing something like that.
I love how passionate some people are about the awfulness of Steam
Is it just me or is hiding your css in a subfolderstructure \styles\style1\css\style.css dead stupid?
12:58 PM
Whereas I consider Steam the best thing to happen to PC gaming in the last decade. Or two decades. I don't remember when it started anymore
There is no style2 folder.
Q: Pilgrim Bellclaire dead (Tombstone/Ressurection?)

NikkoHe died under the boss battle because the ruin sentinels pushed me down and left him behind up, getting raped by the two sentinels, is there anyway to ressurect him, because i died after?

@Wipqozn's mom is a style2 folder.
@Sterno I'd be more concerned if that wasn't just a troll.
1:14 PM
@Wipqozn - Vancouver Island is nicer than Vancouver. My father-in-law actually owns a house in Nanaimo.
Though my brother-in-law hated it there. Too many cloudy, dreary days.
Also, if you aren't heading to watch any of the curling this week, I'll de-owner you.
Good morning, Bridge
@Frank Morning.
@Frank G'day
@Wipqozn I like what they did this time - first boss is "learn2dodge" and the second boss is "learn2stagger".
Well, you need to learn 2 dodge even before reaching the second boss, but if you haven't learned how the stagger works before you reach the second guy, you're in for a very bad time.
@KevinvanderVelden ... How does QA miss this sort of thing?
1:34 PM
@Yuuki Probably by being undervalued and overworked
@TrentHawkins ... Yeah, I guess that makes sense.
@JasonBerkan I'll watch curling, because curling is rad.
I have no idea when it is though.
and I'll probably forget.
@5pike I didn't really stagger him that much. I just relied on being awesome in other ways.
@Wipqozn Everyday this week. In Halifax. Canada is playing Czech<I don't know how to spell it> right now.
@Wipqozn Dodging and jugging blood vials?
@JasonBerkan Oh
@5pike Dodging until he hit beastform, then chucked cocktails at him
Mayube I should get some friends together nd watch some curling
1:42 PM
Ugh. Ducklings are the cutest things ever, but mature ducks are assholes. I don't like this dichotomy.
That would be fun
@Yuuki Ducks fucking suck.
@Yuuki Swans. They're gorgeous, but they're mean assholes.
@JasonBerkan Good thing I'm not an owner.
Oh, I'd need to go downtown for rthat...
Sorry @JasonBerkan, but our downtown is terrible enough when the roads aren't terrible, but the road are.
Seriously, the snow service is so fucking terrible in this city. They're too busy making cutbacks, and doing... I'm not sure what.
Only way I could go is if I went with my father, and made him drive... but then I still need to walk, and our sidewalks are even worse thn our roads.
Most of our sidewalks are still ice and hven't been cleared at all yet, last I checked.
1:45 PM
@Wipqozn TSN showed an outside shot yesterday. The roads looked clean, but wet. Lots of snow beside the roads, though.
Anyway, when the men's World Championship was here, my wife and went to a few draws and the finals. It was awesome.
@JasonBerkan That's the problem. There's so much snow on the side, our roads are shorter. Most raods that have two lanes for each side are now one lane per side... and then people park on the side of the road, and then both sides need to share one lane. aka two-way streets become one way streets, except there are people driving both ways.
@Yuuki when is the next movie night? Can't find it in the meta post =[
@KevinvanderVelden Showtimes should be determined by the end of the weekend.
Got a date yet? =p
@Sterno @KevinvanderVelden @MattGiltaji @Fluttershy @Eternity People: heres a helpful bug you can abuse to buff your companions stats to absurd levels!
1:49 PM
@KevinvanderVelden No, it'll be determined by Sunday-ish, whenever the voting's done.
For reference, what weekends in April are you available for?
Not easter =p
@KevinvanderVelden So, not this weekend?
1:52 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Oh, right. That's this weekend.
Yay, five day weekend!
@KevinvanderVelden No probs, voting isn't gonna finish until this weekend and I have a convention to go to anyways.
@Frank I only know because uuh "LAN LAN LAN LAN LAN"
(Yes, saying LAN 5 times is required)
@KevinvanderVelden QUite the original name for a LAN. Is this the fifth edition or something?
@Arperum No, it is called The Party
@KevinvanderVelden Boooh.
1:57 PM
LAN LAN LAN LAN LAN is just the minimal amount of times you can say LAN while still showing that it is a lan party and that you are excited for the LAN LAN LAN LAN LAN
Pauses ballad of bull for OOOH EEH OOH
@KevinvanderVelden Heh.
Oh crud, I hope there's not another concert this year
That was kinda annoying the past 2 years
Suddenly unnanounced concert of not-good band of a genre I don't like at way too loud
Uhm guys, we're trying to have a LAN (LAN LAN LAN LAN) party, go bother someone else
2:07 PM
Q: In Skyrim is it possible to use the console to target the nearest hostile npc

ChrisJust clicking on the nearest npc won't fit my needs unfortunately. I would like to be able to use it in a script that finds my closest enemy and tells me the distance to them. If anyone knows how to do this or can point me in the right direction for a tutorial that would be great. Thanks.

So, who would think that, when given the assignment (translated) "Mark all passes as invalid with end date 30 april 2015" they don't mean, "set everything invalid and set the end date to 30 april", nor do they mean "set everything with end date 30 april as invalid". But instead they meant "Mark everything as valid."
That's... uuh, THE OPPOSITE
I have no idea
@KevinvanderVelden Eluveitie is playing this weekend in Belgium. (ANd some melodic death metal evening somewhere else)
Also I don't really like most of Eluveitie, too much grunt from the few (half a dozen) songs I've heard
Also, now listening to the few songs I know I like of them, damn you
2:14 PM
Q: How can I fix pollution?

kalinaMy city has developed a bit of a ground pollution and a water pollution problem. In other similar games, you can mitigate the effects of pollution by planting trees, among other things. What can I do in Cities: Skylines to reduce the impact and spread of pollution, or even reverse existing po...

Also @Arperum, this is in our bugtracker assigned to me, I'm not allowed to change who it is assigned to: "uitvragen wat precies hun wens is: ik wil aangeven wat we gaan maken: omschrijving is niet duidelijk"
That's the description in the bugtracker
@KevinvanderVelden wat.
Close as cannot reproduce.
give an answer. "Asked the internet oracle. No solution. Ask Client."
I responded to this one (and another one) by unassigning them, because clearly someone made a mistake when they gave it to me, no way that is a complete bug/feature. NOPE as intended
2:18 PM
This answer deserves more upvotes
A: How often are damage over time effects applied?

DeltharisLet me start with - this problem is mind-bending, and you do not want to know how often did I cast that on my entire party to see what happens. I think I deserve an honorary animancer title. Damage over time is applied in 3 distinct moments: At the start it is applied once. At every full 3 sec...

(new user)
@Lazers Unless citizens are getting sick, it isn't something you need to worry about.
> Why is Jurassic Park the only good dinosaur movie?
> The Expendables was pretty good.
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh hell yeah
2:26 PM
@MBraedley really? Looks pretty horrible
I guess I'm approaching it too much like SimCity
spending hours drawing trees one by one so it all looks pretty
I have noticed plants and trees don't die when surrounded by pollution
@Flyk The only time I had problems with pollution was when I zoned residential next to industrial. (I wanted a bunch of dumb, unskilled workers anyway.)
@Sterno this user is rep capped on day one. very nicely done
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hmm, I'll have to check later if that happened to me, Eder is a really, really good tank now in my party. Maybe too good
@Sterno Yeah, he answered one two(!) of my questions in very baller fashion as well.
A: Can I replace a Quality Enchantment?

DeltharisYes, you can. Rules regarding enchanting, from what I've gathered are as follows: you can have only one enchantment per category enchantments are restricted by the anvil symbols - each piece of equipment can hold a maximum of 12 anvils. enchantment not available for custom enchanting (and ther...

A: Does the Larder Door work with the Two Weapon Style talent?

DeltharisThere are two parts of the question, let me start with the easier one - Weapon and Shield Talent. After experimenting it seems that this talent works as advertised with Larder Door as a shield - bonus deflection is added and it does apply to reflex as well. Now for Two Weapon Style. That one is ...

2:31 PM
pillars of eternity, talk to me, would I enjoy it?
@Flyk do you like rpgs?
@Flyk What is your opinion of Baldur's Gate (/2), Icewind Dale (/2), Planescape Torment, and Neverwinter Nights 2?
and or d&d?
@Flyk The one thing you absolutely have to avoid is drawing water from polluted areas. That'll kill your people quickly
@MattGiltaji yes but there is a vast variety of rpgs
@LessPop_MoreFizz I found them awkward to play to the point where they broke immersion
2:32 PM
@Flyk then you should probably not play PoE
@MadScientist I might do that just for fun
@Flyk Awkward how? Because Pillars is top down isometric party based like those games. But it is a lot smoother/less grognardy than those games.
(Also, no one should play with PoE because 48v can hurt)
@LessPop_MoreFizz awkward like how user interfaces evolved over the last decade and those games all pre-dated that movement
saying that, I have been meaning to play the other series that Bioware did and never got around to it
I think I own all of them now as well
maybe I should do that
@Flyk There's a free demo on Steam for Pillars. Try it, you'll probably like it, but possibly not.
It does have some decidedly old school elements.
2:34 PM
a demo you say?
I might buy it just to support a company that would release a demo.
To be fair, the Demo is basically just a relabelled version of what had been the backer beta
@LessPop_MoreFizz Is it substantially different from the release version, though?
@MBraedley It's basically just the tutorial area
Content limitations are what you'd expect from a beta =p
what's the difference in each of the editions?
2:38 PM
Q: How do I set a specific team/player hungers bar?

Minecraft DogeSo I want to make my own custom minigame just for me and my friends, and I was wondering if I could set certain players hunger bars, or even teams, to 3 so they can't sprint, I would really love to see a command for this, I already know a lot about commandblocks but this I don't.

Q: Can I make my character a trap build when creating them in Pillar of Eternity?

k0pernikusAs it is not possible to upgrade the attributes in game I am wondering: Is it possible to build trap character, as in: unable to proceed during the later game, when downgrading one stat in order to max out some other?

We are enabling CloudFlare routing on http://meta.stackexchange.com in a just a bit. Let us know if you see any craziness!
Also @Flyk should definitely be a fire godlike
@KevinvanderVelden seconded. fire godlike melee class
@Flyk when you get low on endurance, you burn everything around you
are we talking about the game... or?
2:40 PM
@Flyk yes =p
ok so the editions have no in game difference between them or am I missing something?
Demo and release? I don't know
the champion/hero/royal thing
Oh I think they're just collector things
yeah looks like artwork and soundtracks and what not
2:44 PM
So apparently, there isn't a thing (at least in Python) for determining the distance between two characters on a keyboard.
@Yuuki What on earth are you planning to do?
@Flyk Yeah, higher editions == lore and collector stuff
@Arperum Word fuzziness metric.
well I can't find the demo so I'll just buy it
can't be the biggest disappointment I've played in the last year
2:45 PM
@KevinvanderVelden physical keyboard distance
@Yuuki Ah, that way, you have to keep different keyboard layouts in mind though.
@Arperum I think I'm only going to work with QWERTY at this point in time.
It's a for fun program, not something I intend to invest too much time in.
@Yuuki And ignore special characters and the like?
Create a dictionary mapping character to a position (x,y tuple). Distance is sqrt( (keymap['a'][0]-keymap['b'][0])**2 + (keymap['a'][1]-keymap['b'][1])**2)
2:46 PM
@Yuuki you could just hardcode a mapping of a single key to all the keys around it
@Flyk So, there's a 'race' in Pillars called 'Godlike'. They're essentially mutants who are born into families of other races (i.e. you can choose the body type of any other race), but who have crazy heads and elemental affinities. They come in Death, Fire, Moon, Nature, and Avian varieties, and basically each have a power tied to that affinity. (Also, they are not able to wear hats, because crazy heads. This is not a big deal unless you are into stylish hats with feathers.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz see, I couldn't stand not to have fancy hats so I made an elf
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, looks like what I'll have to do.
Also, Clock Town Theme is the best.
@Yuuki really, did you expect there to be a library for that kind of thing? It is kinda niche
Fire Godlike specifically, when they take enough damage, start doing fire damage to anything that hits them. Also, they can occasionally set things on fire in the world using their head.
2:48 PM
aw I have to wait for 20GB to download
So, 20 minutes?
@Flyk Here, have a terrible low res screenshot from an early build uploaded to a wiki nearly a year ago:
@LessPop_MoreFizz the in-game graphics are much hotter
@KevinvanderVelden 18
2:49 PM
@Flyk close enough =p
Hmmm internet speed
But yeah, @Flyk is 100% Fire Godlike Cipher.
I don't understand these words you're using
Hmm... should I write this in something other than Python?
(Cipher's basically blow people up or take control of them with MIND POWERS.)
2:51 PM
I already have a Python side project (that I really need to get back to working on).
sounds like a good way to spend the rest of the day
@Yuuki not really, python seems a great thing for this
@Arperum too true
@Arperum Yeah... I already have the "extract message text from the transcript" part and the Markov chain implementation, I just need to put the two together.
2:53 PM
@Arperum That's me on Monster Hunter.
Upgrades inside upgrades inside upgrades.
But I just haven't done it yet.
It's basically me with any game at all. I rarely finish a game. Only exception in recent memory (or possibly not-so-recent memory) is Binding of Isaac Rebirth.
And now I reminded myself of Spider-Man. F--k you, Joe Quesada.
@Yuuki Harvest Moon.
All the hype.
But damn, I won't have time.
Between all the other stuff I'm playing and doing.
Building Gundams is important work though.
2:57 PM
@MadMAxJr Especially when you try adding in shiny spinning LEDs and give the whole thing a metal finish!
Q: Where is the the Great Hall Treasury Chest for spoils of the assigned adventures?

k0pernikusSo I assigned Sagani to a Minor Adventure. The log says it was successful and the spoils should be found in the Great Hall Treasury Chest. Being a new master of the Stronghold I have no clue where it is located. I found Shagini in my Stronghold and what I am guessing should be the Great Hall, but...

@Frank I still grind my teeth every time I see my non-pearled PG Wing Zero. It was my first attempt at the stock LED kit. He won't light up unless the spine is aligned just right. And the screw holding the waist ball-join tensioner is loose. And you can't ever get back to the screw without tearing down the whole torso.
@MadMAxJr I just look at it as a learning experience.
It was my first PG kit, a $300 learning experience. :P
The first (and so far, only) time I've used LEDs, they are super dim. You can barely see them, even in full darkness.
2:59 PM
I was amazed at how little was needed aside from a sprue clipper and a small screwdriver.
@Frank i got into a pretty long debate with my friend about it's name (because i call it harvest moon and that is not its name)
I deeply regret not getting the B-club shining finger kit when HLJ had tons of them.
@MadMAxJr Yep. Building kits has little in the way of required tools.

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