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12:00 AM
@Yuuki you gonna join for this one?
@Yuuki ooh, depending on when they are, I might be awake enough to do those
How much bandwidth does it need for a smooth stream?
Kind of worried I won't have enough
@Ktash Yeah, I'll be here. Although I might be afk for dinner during the showing.
12:03 AM
@Yuuki I got a big ol' plate of pasta in front of me at the moment :)
@Ktash mmmm what kind of pasta?
@PrivatePansy Mmm, it varies, but I don't think a lot. You should be able to tell how you'll do through the first short we show
@AshleyNunn Penne with half tomato, half white sauce, plus some chicken and some peaches
@Ktash that sounds delicious
I have dumplings.
12:08 AM
@Yuuki I had lemon garlic rice, sausages with mushrooms and onions, and mixed veggies and OH GOD making food for myself is still so AWESOME
The other watchers should probably mute their mic
Seems to be causing a small amount of static in the sound every few second
@PrivatePansy You can mute them yourself. Can you see who it is? (should show a ripple around them)
Yeah, found it. Thanks.
Wasn't me giving feedback, was it?
No, quite sure it's the other users without mics. Weird.
12:11 AM
Q: How to handle craft unload

LiiWhat is craft "unloading" due to being farther that the "physics distance" from the "main craft"? What is the best way to deal with it? Can it be avoided? I only find very sparse information on these subjects. "Unloading" is mentioned in this answer. My problem is this: I have a craft with two ...

my sister's senior project was selected to show at the montreal indie game something or other
good for her
@GnomeSlice Congrats.
@GnomeSlice that's pretty cool
Q: Cant chat in minecraft (pixelmon

InebriatedSkunkPlaying the pixelmon pack in AT Launcher. whenever I try and chat, nothing happens. I can see everyone elses chat, I know for a fact that I'm not muted, and commands work fine. help D:

Wait, @Yuuki are you the Jason in the room?
12:20 AM
Ooooooh. I totally thought that was @JasonBerkan or someone else lol
That makes more sense
12:41 AM
my dad and I both bought some knockoff xbox controllers at walmart today for like $24 and they actually turned out to work really well
really pleased
works on pc
So. Many. Job. Applications.
Please hire me. I'm pretty cool, imo
@Sterno ...I assume none of them should have even been protected in the first place?
@spugsley neeergh, I have to start doing that
12:56 AM
@AshleyNunn I have sent so many today :/
I've made a terrible mistake.
Well you're here, so I'd say at least 1
This is my mistake.
It cost me Two Dollars and Fifty-three Cents, American.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Not good?
@AshleyNunn It tastes like regret.
(And I knew that this would be the case going in.)
Basically, this is AB-Inbev's horrible attempt to get back some of the market they lost when they were forced to sell Corona by gummint regulators
so they made a new lager and then loaded it up with every HEY LOOK IT'S MEXICAN signifier they could find before brewing it in Texas and Virginia.
That's why I usually stick to cocktails. sips
When it tastes like shit, it's only my fault!
Plus you get to feel classy
1:31 AM
Q: How to I install Minecraft on Ubuntu 14.04?

Robert LI had minecraft on my computer, but there were a lot of problems with it. I looked at another question and followed the advice on it, by deleting my .minecraft folder permanently. Now, how do I install minecraft again? My computer is Ubuntu 14.04. I do not know much about this, so please help ...

@Brant I usually just stick to high quality delicious beer.
But I was in a gas station
and this tallboy called out to me
with it's goofy mexican skull logo
@OrigamiRobot @TimStone etc LTT 1483 sells the FDL, for when you get to that point
ooo :o
But I can go to founders, sooooooo
1:37 AM
Oh right
And you're in an asp so getting there isn't annoying
It's okay @Unionhawk, I still appreciate the info :P
10% off 50m is a lot
1:38 AM
That's just a little more than 5m
I remember learning that in school
This is Dropsy's my excited face
Whatever that is is damned unnerving
It's dropsy!
It's literally a game about hugs.
Among other things.
Urgh I think the closest Alliance system is the one I was in before I came down there, Huokang.
Also, totally forgot to submit a docking request >_> whoops
1:40 AM
He's the handless clown. I forget why he doesn't have hands.
@TimStone You're in an asp. You have jump range.
I know, it's still kind of annoying that we racked up a large number of Alliance bounties for whatever reason.
Think it was like 19 jumps economical.
Probably fewer shortest distance
> After a deadly circus fire shatters his world and tarnishes his name, Dropsy the Clown finds himself on a journey of self-discovery through a story that harnesses powerful themes of love and kindness. With his father gravely ill and the world turning its back on a once happy-go-lucky clown, Dropsy will need to help those in need, hug total strangers, and unravel dark and shameful secrets from his past on the way to redemption. Oh, and Dropsy can also talk to animals.
1:42 AM
I'm just going to fly around and see if I can find a vulture
I almost want to go get a vulture just to mock @Unionhawk
@GnomeSlice It sounds good, but I am not good with clowns
He's a bit fucked up looking too, so maybe not for you
It's all pretty surreal
Yeah, I don't think I would do well with that
1:49 AM
that's okay I have lots of stuff to play right now :P
I should probably take notes of where I check
Second showing just finished up
If there is anyone interested, we will do another
That was great, thanks
No problem. @Yuuki gets most of the credit this time around, I was just the clicker, he did all the organizing
So my family's watching The Fellowship of the Ring and we've come to one conclusion: F--k Pippin.
2:02 AM
But he has the song
@Ktash He is at fault for like literally everything.
@Ktash Interested, but pretty much out of spoons. Maybe tomorrow night, depending how things go.
There was the Ringwraith after running through the farmer's patch, where Pippin (and Merry equally, I guess) force Frodo and Sam off course, there's the scene at the bar where he points Frodo out to everyone, skipping rocks outside Moria, knocking the skeleton down the well in Balin's Tomb...
I'm sure there's stuff I'm missing.
@AshleyNunn Alright. I think there is interest for one tomorrow so it is likely something will occur :)
@Ktash Shiny
2:08 AM
@Ktash Organizing shmorganizing, it was just "How about March 14/15?" "Sounds good, yeah." "Okay, we'll do it then."
Pippin is a perfectly useful hobbit
@Yuuki Meh, you created the meta and voting and all that too
I'm going to assume we're done for today. There will likely be a showing tomorrow for anyone interested
@fredley You lost me at "enjoy dancing"
2:15 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I made the better decision of getting some Dirty Little Freak instead
@TimStone Good choice!
It's silly, because I don't drink a lot to begin with, but hot damn, knowing I can't for another squints two weeks?ish makes me wanna.
@AshleyNunn DX
which is D: + X(
Woo, then I parsed it correctly!
Nintendo DX
2:19 AM
@Yuuki Grabbing the palantir
NintenDOX for Nintendo DX
anyway, nite
2:30 AM
Q: Inclusive redstone repeater

Pie CrustSo, I have this: Now, what I want is a repeater that would work while keeping the unlit lamp on. Yeah, that one right there: I have this already: ...but the piston turns on and off repeatedly until the input is off.

Okay good, game blackscreened on me
@OrigamiRobot Man, f--k Pippin.
Pippin is a good hobbit.
Pippin saved Faramir!
Also, Pippin's the only hobbit what ever killed a troll in single combat.
Also, Pippin saved the Shire from Saruman.
Also, Pippin was responsible for he and Merry's escape from the Uruk Hai!
And left the trail for Aragorn and the others to follow
Pippin rules, stop the Pippin hate.
2:40 AM
@Unionhawk Yes. It is kidding you.
@LessPop_MoreFizz For the first movie, I think Pippin hate is pretty understandable.
It'll give way as you go on.
@Yuuki Pippin is just a typical happy go lucky hobbit.
He is a regular guy.
He just likes to hang out with his friends and have good times and drink beers and smoke pipe weeds.
I identify with Pippin, because he is mostly like me.
I like Pippin more during/after Isengard.
But for the first movie? Uuuuugh.
Oh my god. This route.
2:49 AM
@Frank Demon Child is out now! But a) I have no money and b) have no idea where my reader is (other than hopefully at my sister's place)
Are blood oranges good?
I'm about to find out.
@OrigamiRobot I like them
whoa, they look freaky
I can't tell the difference from a normal orange
In taste? Yeah, not much. Was expecting it to taste more like a grapefruit
Blood Oranges are very good in beer.
And also in cocktails.
And in lots of other things that you can make with them.
2:58 AM
I don't go out of my way to get them, but I like them well enough
They peel easy enough
I guess that's wortht he extra 10 cents
@OrigamiRobot interdicted, taking heat damage, jumped away
This is fucking stressful
In my target system, please have stuff
My escape vector was literally into a star, so he made me emergency drop and effectively submit
Q: Can this pc handle dayz?

AlexI'd like to point out that I'm very new to pc gaming. CPU Solutions Intel 4790K Core i7 4.0Ghz Quad Core Gaming PC. 8GB RAM 1600MHz, 250GB SSD & 1000GB HDD, Windows 7, GTX970 w/4GB, Mid -Tower Case w/850W Power Supply. I'm planning on getting this, so Id like to know if it Can run dayz, if so...

At the dock. Please have what I need
3:15 AM
I has Ice Cream.
Q: Minecraft 3x3 piston doorway

tree_puncher5What is the most compact and simple way of making in Minecraft a 3x3 piston door?

@LessPop_MoreFizz I should get some of that stuff
3:38 AM
Q: I think someone cloned A. Patterson in Tiny Tower

JeffI have two people named A. Patterson living in my tower, but it would seem they're listed as one person. The bitizen count in the corner also seems to think they're one person, and they can't be separated. They're always listed in the same slot (apartments, jobs, etc.) and they have the workload...

Q: How do I collect snow to boil it?

aman207I noticed that when I open up a fireplace or stove, there is an option to boil snow (as well as boil water) but I do not know how to collect it. Is there a bucket or something that I need to find to collect the snow?

@OrigamiRobot Made it, done for the night. Holy crap.
is it everything you dreamed of?
It's a real nice ship
Haven't taken it out, not properly equipped where I would like
Where do you outfit typically? Svass?
Do they have higher class modules?
Q: If I transfer my gta5 person to Xbox one can I play 360 and still get money

SnakeIf I tranfer my gta5 person to Xbox one can I still play 360 and still get money and RP

Svass or Kaliki (or w/e)
3:46 AM
All right then
After that run-in with a star and an interdicting eagle, I'm done.
In retrospect I probably was never in danger
This thing has more shields and armor stock than my viper had equipped
I'll have to see how it hunts tomorrow
But it handles exactly as advertized
And it is beautiful
Q: Is taking cover important to Scoundrels and Operatives?

Shadow Z.I know that to Snipers and Gunslingers, taking cover is extremely important. But, to the other halves of the Agent and Smuggler, Scoundrel and Operative, do they need to use it to be effective? I have only played as Sniper/Gunslinger, and never as the other types.

cc @Rapitor
Like I said, haven't seen it hunt, so we'll see how it does. I've got C2 pulses on it right now, will probably experiment a bit
I might do something to the effect of a laser and a large gimbaled fragmentation cannon for larger targets
I've also seen people say that 2x C2 pulses still wrecks faces because you're firing constantly and have the maneuverability to keep a target in sight
4:32 AM
ugh, fuck both moving and unpacking
1 hour later…
5:38 AM
So the vulture is super fun, and fries small targets with ease
6:19 AM
Q: Minecraft 1.8.1. MAC

SteathSniper29Can you download more than 1 mod on one specific world? I have searched this question up but I was unsuccessfull. Please help!

7:10 AM
Q: Is there a way to reset the audio for games?

Child of EyesFor example, when I start the game with my headphones unplugged, and plug them in afterwards, the audio sometimes don't change to my headphones, and stay on the silent speakers. Is there a way to reset the audio, without restarting the games? Currently this is about borderlands 2, but I know othe...

7:42 AM
Q: Why cant i get my advanced supply drop?

jamesI reached lol 30 and the game says I won an advanced supply drop but it didn't pop up and I can't open it

2 hours later…
9:33 AM
Q: Which elo would you be playing when playing with a duo partner?

Kim MinseoIn ranked matches, you have a choice of solo queuing (searching for match alone) or with another partner (duo queuing). I was wondering, let's say I am in Gold or something higher, and my partner was in bronze or silver. Which elo would we be searching for match at? Will we be playing with prima...

10:06 AM
Q: Can I play Kerbal without Steam?

James JenkinsA recent hot question, brought my attention to this site and the Kerbal space program. It looks like I would enjoy it, and there is a free demo but when I look at the purchase link it lists a "Buy Steam Key". I have had one experience with Steam, and that was enough. Do I need Steam for Kerba...

10:28 AM
Q: no power in blue ray drive.

kevin kellyslimblue ray drive went dead and I have replaced it with 2 new ones and still no power getting to it.I changed ribbons twice.Ps3 starts up no problem. I can play download games. Just no power going to drive. Any thoughts please

@Lazers "Any thoughts please", that phrase always makes me want to reply with something completely nonsensical and then say "Hey! You asked for any thoughts"
10:47 AM
18 hours ago, by Wipqozn
or spending lots of money on pubic transit
I was so confused on why this was starred...and then I rnotice.
Zeus damn it.
Classic turtle...
11:08 AM
My godfather died this morning :( stupid cancer.
My condolences.
12:07 PM
Q: Change default mentality in FIFA 15

codroipoI started a career in FIFA 15 and I noticed that when I start a match, my team has "Defensive" (I don't know if this is the correct translation in English, I'm playing in other language) mentality set as default and every game I have to remember to change it. Is there a way to set another mentali...

12:58 PM
Q: Turn off trade email confirmation

imulsionI do a fair amount of TF2 trading on steam through sites like backpack.tf. Every time I want to send or confirm trade offers steam sends me an email which I have to click in order to confirm the trade. This is annoying because I have to do it a lot. Is there any was to disable this or configure i...

1:10 PM
@Wipqozn I had to read that more times than I am willing to admit to see the problem with it as well
@KevinvanderVelden "Any thoughts please?" "Hmmmm... Why do men have nipples?"
1:35 PM
I feel tired as fuck and it's Sunday afternoon. Fml
@badp Welcome to getting old.
@Frank not so much getting old as work life imbalance plus lack of agency on my weekends
@badp Working too much will definitely do that.
1:48 PM
...and the workload is only going to go up
I don't know if I should least look forward to next week when we'll be 33% down workforce or the week after that when we'll be 33% down workforce and getting new people up to speed, too.
@badp me too and it's Sunday morning.
@badp At least you got new people.
2:04 PM
@badp maybe some GOD DAMN TEA will wake you up:
Q: Can I repair my helicopter ?

Zero StackI tend to clip buildings and trees when flying low. Can I repair my helicopter when it gets damaged? If so, where ? (I haven't bought my own helicopter yet, but I have bought the helipad ). (Single player) Can I repair it when in Online play?

2:37 PM
Q: CSGO - Banned competitive or a penalty of a few months / years?

Heisenberg FawkesI think I'm banned in competitive csgo, I was wondering when I'm banned, they block the competitive line? or you can throw at it, only without earn points, how it works? why this happened to me only, I was "Banned" at the time did not read the VAC message, I am now playing legitimate competitive ...

Q: Console command to stop npcs attacking you

PikaNinjaOk, so I attacked the GreyBeards to level up my sneak but they caught me in the process. Is there a console command to stop them from attacking me?

Q: How to get gold very fast in dota 2?

Samuel SamI played against bots and its somewhat easy to get gold while playing against bots but playing against human players its very hard to get gold.while im saving some amount of gold like 4000 most of the enemies saved like 6000 and also bought costly things like desolator and shivas guard and i hard...

3:18 PM
Q: What is the name of this OST?

Hashirama SenjuI tried to find the OST of this trailer, but without success. Is it part of the official game OST? Or it is made just for the sake of the trailer?

Yup, still bad at cities
3:43 PM
Q: My citizens are too smart

MBraedleySpecialized industries (forestry, mining, etc) require relatively uneducated workers. Unfortunately, I placed a strong emphasis on education in my city, and over half the population (including children) have university degrees. Not really suitable for doing grunt work. So if my education syste...

Q: How do I keep Spring trap away from the office in Fnaf

SamanthaI've been playing Fnaf 3 for a while and I've been stuck on night 3, either killed by Spring trap or getting a game over from a phantom animatronic. I'd like to know what can keep Spring trap away, also why phantom jumpscares are triggering game over.

4:10 PM
@Lazers Thankfully the question isn't followed with "How do I make them stupid again?"
@Lazers So you've overemphasized higher education and left trade schools to rot?
That's the American Dream!
Oh god that thing
I had forgotten it's name
Also effective against autism: death
Side effects include: death
Ask your doctor is death is right for you
It's a shame that the FDA doesn't have authority over such bullshit remedies here.
Though per the article it looks like the DoJ considers labeling an industrial product as something you should put in your body as going a bit too far.
4:32 PM
@TimStone wat
@badp america: Where saying "It's a supplement!" means you don't get any sanity checks
See also: Why a lot of "supplements" contain stuff that isn't listed, or have active doses going as much as 20 times as what's listed
Unshockingly we have a powerful lobby for scamming people. :P
If by scamming you mean what should be gross criminal negligence
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm... not sure I understand what this website does.
So you ping them on Twitter and the website shows up in this window?
Or does it just go to random websites?
Step 1: go to reddit
Step 2: sort r/all by hot
Step 3: link to all the things
4:49 PM
Q: MINECRAFT LAUNCHER 1.6.5 does not let me log in. Or play online

David HidalgoI clearly type the correct password and it says servers are down. I am connecting to the internet but it still does not let me in. I went to the log out because my launcher said I could only play offline. Why does my correct password not work. And why wen I do log in, only let me play offline??

@badp It seems like a lot of the links are just homepages of popular websites.
I think I fuct up my punch this morning
> not on clock
God donut
At work
Just let someone know and they can probably fix it manually
Yeah I did
And as many downvotes as people care to throw at it.
Back to worm
5:28 PM
@Unionhawk Question... A friend is sending me a Wing invite, but I'm not getting it. Can I not receive invites while in a station?
@Fluttershy I have no idea, @Yuuki had this exact issue and I think I may have had that same issue too
@Unionhawk Did it eventually work? :o
I have no clue what's going on
@Yuuki was never able, I heard a sound like I got an invite, but I have no clue
I don't know what could potentially cause such issues
For me, @FAE is inviting me to her Wing, and I see the invite pop into my inbox for half a second, and then it disappears.
I have no idea
Ticket it I guess?
5:33 PM
Did you try restarting the game?
But yeah, I'd file a ticket. That's pretty borked.
There seems to be issues
Like, still pretty big issues
A few days ago, @OrigamiRobot saw me as like, 200km away on his screen, even though I was on my screen (and as far as the server was concerned) right next to him. I crashed into him even, and he did not see me, just a shield reaction.
He just got a ship that wouldn't die too
Gold Dragons are now Hostile
Now they show up on radar \o/
And suddenly it works!
No restarting or anything. Just... boom.
5:39 PM
Huh, game just crashed
Yeah sometimes I hear what sounds like an invite but the invite doesn't happen (Like right now!)
5:54 PM
Q: Sojourner Badge explained?

RobI'm pretty unsure how this thing works, is it that I need to hack the same portal for x days, or do I need to hack any portal for x days?

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