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6:00 PM
Well that was a million credit death. Not that I had plans to go to alliance space to turn that in anyway
Q: Friend gets frustrated too easily

James SpenceMy roommate and I have been playing a lot of Helldivers recently (a very difficult game at times that requires everybody to be on the ball). I like cranking up the difficulty because 1) it gives us better rewards and 2) I enjoy the challenge and overcoming it. The problem is how my roommate react...

Remember kids, always, ALWAYS fly insured (though, now even if I was uninsured, the credit limit would have covered me)
6:03 PM
Ouch :(
I boosted into an asteroid, which never works out
This thing is rather slow without boost, compared to viper
Hell, I think it's slower than asp in non-boost
But it's a maneuverable heavy gunship, so I'll forgive it
Ideally I'm not chasing down targets
Yeah, top speed is lower than the asp
By 40 units (m/s?)
What's nice is it really doesn't matter how many pips you have in engines
I think 0 pips will put you just below 200
Which is not far from top speed
Well, we have christened the vulture with an explosion and a ragequit. Let's not do that.
Q: Relationship between NORG and Martine

AlecDisclaimer: I'm unsure whether this SE is open for lore-questions, instead of just practical gameplay questions. This question is lore. Background: I'm doing my billionth playthrough of FFVIII, and there's something that still doesn't quite stick, lore-wise. When we confront Garden Master NORG...

I was going to possibly fight the paper robot, but I want to keep at least about 1.5
anyone know the time of the Sunday showing of bridge movie night? @Ktash @Yuuki
I also don't think the top speed numbers on elite shipyard are accurate
6:11 PM
@MattGiltaji Since it's really just a make-up showing, whenever is convenient for everyone, I think.
@AshleyNunn You're watching tonight, right?
210 is top speed no pips, 230 is top speed 4 pips (right now, as I have it)
Blue zone speed about the same as viper iirc
Oh good, because I died, I lost the exploration data aka, where is the central star data
aka, where the hell is the nav beacon
@yuuki cool, i'll hang out and scan chat then
I think @John was going to try and watch too, right?
@Ktash Yeah, I remember there was another but couldn't remember who.
@Yuuki If I still have spoons, yes
(Am hanging out with friends and their baby this afternoon, so it depends if that makes me super tired) (had to wrestle keyboard back from said baby)
6:29 PM
@OrigamiRobot I am blown away by large lasers.
Officially, 100%
Pulse or Burst?
I have pulse for power concerns, I could probably fit bursts?
I took down a python pretty quick with just large pulses
Probably quicker than I could have in viper
Uuuugh... I'm getting bored of bounty hunting. All I can find are tiny bounties. :( I need faster moneys.
I do prefer more objective/team-oriented gameplay.
6:38 PM
@Fluttershy You can piggyback on our bounties if you can make it down there :o
@Yuuki TL;DR Overwatch is not a TF2 clone, it's rather more like Counter Strike
@Chippies Eh, I feel CS is more twitch gameplay than team gameplay.
TF2 is more team-oriented to me.
@Yuuki Idk what kind of CS and TF2 games you've played, but those are not the same games I have played
CS is slower and more about tactical placement and whatnot
whereas TF2 is fast paced run and shoot
6:41 PM
@GraceNote You're hitting @Wipqozn levels of bad.
I'll give you faster-paced, but TF2 is more than just run and gun.
@Frank That just means I need to do this.
@Yuuki I was exaggerating
but even though TF2 is team based, you can run around by yourself and get kills
either way, I'm not qualified enough to be talking about what TF2/CS is and isn't
I just don't really like camping a chokepoint for five years, hoping for a lucky headshot through the 5-inch opening in the doors.
Which is oversimplifying things, I know, but that's invariably how games I play turn out and how most videos I see go.
6:46 PM
@Frank Also, thanks for the update on the Atelier series. Did you hear about the 44 Disc Anniversary Soundtrack?
A bit old news by now so to speak but I haven't dropped by too often sadly.
@GraceNote Heard about it. The mind goes numb after 20+ discs, though. The collection is just too huge to wrap your head around.
Quite indeed
I'm interested in seeing how the Atelier games play without a time limit; that was my main complaint about them.
@Frank Oh, does the new one not have a time limit?
@Yuuki Yep.
6:50 PM
@Frank <3
Or at least, that's what I've heard.
Q: /fill area of command blocks with commands?

NotANoob123so I'm making this adventure map, and kinda got tired of placing NBT command blocks one by one. is there a way to fill an area with command blocks that already have a command in them? the closest i got was just filling an area with command blocks, then manually putting the command on each one o...

Q: When will I get a sprinkler?

Lars EbertPlaying Harvest Moon (GB) again, I am wondering why I am still not able to purchase a sprinkler. I am playing a male, the date is the 30th of Summer in year one, but I still have no sprinkler. The toolshop girl did not come by and offer to upgrade my watering can. Did I do something wrong or do...

Q: Are there any functions of collecting Lums when doing race challenges?

Andrew T.I just bought this game on Steam and since then, has only played for only 2 days. On the first day, I reached Awesomeness Level 1, in which I could start participating in daily challenges. The first daily challenge I participated was to reach a certain distance as quick as possible. Now, inside ...

Yeah, the idea of having an actual post-game to dally about and enjoy time is nice.
@Ktash @MattGiltaji I think we're going to wait until Ashley comes back for the showing.
That's one of the reasons I so enjoyed Atelier Iris and Mana Khemia; no time limit meant I could take as long as I wanted for tweaking my items juuuuuust right.
6:53 PM
@Yuuki Another showing?
@GraceNote Yeah, I don't mind a time limit if I have a limitless post-game afterwards.
@Arperum Yeah, for people who missed Big Hero 6 last night.
I could do with some good stuff. I've been at my godfathers place today, he died this morning :(
Stupid cancer.
@Arperum :(
He'll be cremated saturday, and sunday is my birthday...
@Arperum My condolences.
6:56 PM
sorry @Arperum that really sucks.
Thank you all.
@yuuki, sure, just ping me before we start
Q: Game Crash Report, Trying to make a modded game

James Walker-- Affected level -- Details: Level name: MpServer All players: 1 total; [GCEntityClientPlayerMP['DandifiedFour14'/567, l='MpServer', x=-437.50, y=69.44, z=979.50]] Chunk stats: MultiplayerChunkCache: 5, 5 Level seed: 0 Level generator: ID 04 - BIOMESOP, ver 0. Features enable...

@Lazers For someone who does play Minecraft, does this actually have an error in there somewhere? So far as I can tell, SSD's answer is a sheer guess.
I know there is some forge version that doesn't work with java 8, no clue if that is actually the case.
7:03 PM
Historically, Java 8 has been incompatible. I should hope that's fixed but I don't know
I assume SSD knows what he's talking about. He's one of our top minecraft contributors. (one of the two gold minecraft badge owners)
@Unionhawk is not Forge incompatible with Java 8 and not the other way? ;P
@Serverfrog Well, obviously as far as the forge devs are concerned, it's java 8's fault
@Unionhawk i saw this and was thinking..
7:10 PM
@Chippies Hmm... can you delete files that have been ransomed?
@Yuuki Not sure, but probably? You're still losing your save files though
@Chippies Eh, these days most of my save files are either MMOs or on the Steam Cloud.
@Yuuki those aren't affected, but the rest are, obviously
plenty of games aren't on steam cloud, afaik
Not willing to pay $500 for a save file either.
@Yuuki obviously
7:12 PM
If I'm that crazy about a game, I can definitely spend time to build up that file again.
They're targeting the complete wrong crowd for this.
This is a group of people who coined the phrase "grindtastic".
We're not that worried about time inconvenience.
Q: How to activate Prison Architect on Steam

imulsionI bought Prison Architect from the game's website before I got steam. Now that I have steam I'd like to be able to download and play my game through steam. Is this possible? If so, how do I go about it?

Q: GTA V heists face bandanas

Anonymous1234So heists are finally here in GTA Online. With this update came a lot of new masks. I know myself and many other players have asked R* to put in face bandanas. Now they're here, but you are forced to wear a hat with them, and i just want the face bandana. I've removed it before but it comes back ...

Anyone want to play some coop on HotS?
@Ktash Against bots or people?
7:15 PM
People are too intense lol
@Ktash I haven't played this game enough to even think about playing against people.
Battle tag is ktash#1771
I played like 2 games against people
The game doesn't seem very deep to me. Seems like a dumbed down MOBA to me. But I'm still not great
@Ktash Request sent.
Still can't get over SC heroes on horses.
Is elite dangerous better than galaxy on fire 2
Probably, but I really liked that game
7:33 PM
@GraceNote That joke in the image is worth an ownership.
@Wipqozn Thank goodness for the italics, you get swapped so fast I never know if you have ownership or not
@AshleyNunn I have the same problem
@Yuuki I have no idea how to party chat lol
Q: Not Enough Water in Cities: Skylines

nickI'm having trouble with water in my city. I have four pumps and three treatment plants and it's more than enough to cover my population. I have pipes covering the entire map and my water budget's maxed out. Still, EVERYONE is abandoning due to 'Lack of Water.' How can I fix this?

7:50 PM
@Ktash I think this'll be my last one.
@Yuuki Alright
Q: why can't I play copied games on Xbox 360

mackenXbox 360 won't let me play copied games from Xbox to a usb what's the problem I really wanna keep playing

Logged on diablo, did act 1 bounties, found vault, got 80mil moneys. 20 minutes well spent!
@Chippies noice
@Chippies Dota meets Counter Strike: Mega Satan + Mussolhitler OTP
8:02 PM
My wardrobe frontage fell... on me
@djsmiley2k Can't be good.
it wasn't
I was just glad it fell on me and not my wife as she constantly has our daughter in her arms atm
teething ~_~
@djsmiley2k did it just... fall?!
that's scary
@djsmiley2k ... Ow.
@Chippies crack me: hnmmm thats odd.... OH CRAPPPPP<flies backwards towards the door while being crushed
is more accurate description.
8:11 PM
If I was just shown the picture with no context, I'd think it was an aftermath of a hurricane/earthquake
yeah it was pretty dang bad
sometimes the doors would get wobbly after coming off the rail on the floor
i'd put them back on - but this (unknown to me) had xcaused the plastic clips at the top to snap...
I guess that crack was the last one going.
Q: Diablo 3 adding second weapon is decreasing my overall damage ? Why is this?

AmerI am not a Diablo 3 expert so I just want to know why after adding a second weapon for my monk, my overall damage decreases ?!

@djsmiley2k fffffffff
@badp yus
8:23 PM
> “With warm weather approaching and outside activities increasing, so does the potential for people to encounter toxic and hazardous meth trash or a working meth lab left unattended,” the Indiana State Police said in a statement, explaining that those attempting to cook methamphetamines will often leave behind the dangerous and explosive chemicals in warm, public places and return later to pick up the finished product.
I'm going to go to the grocery store and just stumble upon an active meth lab?
Well, at least if you go to a Walmart
@Sterno Would that work in court?
@Fluttershy That's what my quote was from. Or another article about it, anyway
"Hey Police Officer, I was just going to the grocery store and stumbled upon this meth lab and you came over. It's true, I swear!"
8:25 PM
I just didn't realize it was so common that there was an official police statement on how your chances of encountering a mobile meth lab go up in the summer
(I'm about an hour south of Muncie, where that was found, by the way)
Breaking Bad must have started a new trend
It's not a new trend
My kids are never going to the bathroom alone
yeah, i have a meth lab going in @sterno's bathroom, please do not disturb
@MattGiltaji I had one in @djsmiley2k's wardrobe, but then he decided to destroy it.
8:28 PM
And he would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for is shot
@Unionhawk aww damn, now we'll never know who's fault it was!
@Chippies its always @Wipqozn's fault
@MattGiltaji Even when it's not, it's @Wipqozn's fault.
i think @wipqozn needs more pings
cc @Wipqozn
@MattGiltaji Probably
8:35 PM
bcc @Wipqozn
Drat! He's actually here to clear them
The charge cable for my iPad is busted. So I bought a Surface Pro 3
Q: Does lane choice matter?

KtashIn other MOBAs I play (mostly DOTA) lane choice can make or break certain heroes. And specific hero combos and soloing with the right hero are important for the overall game. Some heroes do better in mid, while others do better in long or short lanes. But in HotS, it seems that all heroes level u...

@Unionhawk I'll be hopping in the shower in a few minutes, then you can ping me all you want.
Is it ping @Wipqozn time yet?
8:49 PM
Isn't it always ping @Wipqozn time?
I think so, what do you think @Wipqozn?
Is it ping @Wipqozn time?
cc @Wipqozn
unrelated ping to @Wipqozn
Q: How do I get Czerka Crate-O-Matic

DamekThere is an Achievement Those Things Exist? I have to get a Czerka Crate-O-Matic to get the achievement. How do I get it?

@Lazers i think @Wipqozn can answer that
8:59 PM
@spugsley pls
cc @spugsley (cc @TimStone)
cc @Wipqozn
@Unionhawk ... How did I inb4 you on that?
@Yuuki Apparent connection lag?
I wanna get on and play but Wings is borken.
9:02 PM
user image
This is really neat.
@Fluttershy was having the same issue and it magically fixed itself somehow. I don't know.
It's the entirety of Dark Soul's Lordran in a single drawing. :3
@Unionhawk y u do dis
See, that's better! 8 pings.
9:15 PM
@Wipqozn I tried, unfortunately some people were boring and didn't join in in the pinging
is your contact list by any chance this room's owner list?
@badp Actually surprisingly accurate.
@badp but @Wipqozn isn't mentioned by name! How boring
Somebody has removed something from a list of things
Compression is pretty amazing sometimes
A 60 megabyte file that compresses to 400 megabytes of code
(Well, I'm assuming there's not-code in there)
9:26 PM
Last screenshot of my city. It's going well, but traffic is going to become more and more of a problem. Going to restart, and design my cities with highway placement in mind from the get go @StrixVaria @Chippies @MBraedley @Unionhawk
@badp Woah
@badp soooh... they'll be saving bandwidth?
Ooh, the local option I like
That could be useful
@KevinvanderVelden well, users could too
@badp not really?
I mean, you still have to download the same files
9:35 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, but just once per network
You're just downloading (and uploading!) them from multiple sources
@badp ooh yeah, in the local option I think it could be useful (though... there are already options for that so you just set a caching server between it)
> Peer-to-peer downloads will be optional, and if enabled they will support two modes: systems will be able to either retrieve updates from other machines on the same local network, or from both the local network and PCs on the Internet.
But I was dissing the home PC
You know, the one pc on the network
@KevinvanderVelden I do not have the first idea how you would do that
9:36 PM
@KevinvanderVelden eh. The more legal uses of P2P software the better
It's HTTP actually
So easy enough
@KevinvanderVelden so simple
@badp uuh yes? I mean, that's the first thing I found if you're already caching with squid
But for a company for which windows update bandwidth actually matters? Yeah that's pretty trivial
@badp you could just send it from one PC to another through network sharing
Q: Do book drops happen in Adventure mode?

xenoterracideTrying to pick up some achievements such as book drops, aside from some "same location different time" book drops, such as leah's diaries is it possible to find the books in adventure mode?

Q: Does "Requiem of the Goddess" add any more to the story?

Memor-XI'm planning on finally playing Lighting Returns - Final Fantasy XIII but before i did i thought to refresh my memory of the ends of the previous 2 games. when i went to play XIII-2 i remembered i never did buy the Requiem of the Goddess DLC. After beating the final bosses again i tried it out, ...

9:50 PM
@Wipqozn What is that double-ramp thing at the bottom right?
@StrixVaria Highway on and off ramps
@Wipqozn That is a really sharp turn for an offramp then.
@StrixVaria did you not hear? @Wipqozn is a terrible mayor
@StrixVaria Just trying to weed out the bad drivers.
what the hell? :(
10:01 PM
@Ktash Are you available to run the makeup showing?
Apparently, my parents decided to treat us to dining out tonight.
@Yuuki THose jerks!
Q: Warframe Sys [Error]: Cache manifest body not found on cache server

linuxfreebirdI have a linux mint 17 os. I installed wine-staging. I installed steam for wine. I installed warframe through steam. /opt/wine-staging/bin/wine Warframe.exe When I run warframe using the above command 1.834 Sys [Warning]: Bad data from cache host content.warframe.com for /B.Cache.bin!0A_VNCk...

@StrixVaria @Chippies I love the negative unique buildings, like the one for 20% health. I just imagine people in the city dying, and demanding the mayor do something... so he spends all the medical budget on a statue to in tribute tot he sick people.
@Wipqozn It's my fault for being a jerk by getting a 96 on my last exam.
@Wipqozn if you can't fix the problem, at least get something to show for it, right?
10:05 PM
@Yuuki Only 96? If you were my child I'd expect no less than 110%!
Twist: my parents know that I'm doing a movie night so they decided to punish me for the exam grade by going out for dinner.
Q: How to win in general?

BuddaIn Europa 4 you play just for fun. Why? Because the game is WAY TOO LONG. But still I try to beat the first place. I'm playing France and is in 1584... realizing details as it goes. ATM, the Ottoman takes solid lead, 2nd is Austria, I'm 3rd. The one way to beat an opponent in a traditional str...

@Yuuki Brilliant!
also, didn't the movie start 14 minutes ago?
so surface pro 3 is pretty awesome
@Wipqozn Since it's a make-up showing, I think we're just starting it whenever everyone is available.
And Ashley is currently out with friends.
10:23 PM
@yuuki, I'll be there, just need 5 min to fix this damn boxcutter
@Yuuki Possibly. We figured out when yet?
Kept reading, nvm
alright, yeah, probably. Gonna run out for a few minutes right now, but I should be back pretty quick
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hah okay
That's pretty neat
@RedRiderX it's basically just a bot that does... y'know, what most of us are actually doing, whether we admit it or not.
Q: SimCity-Buildit. Transaction error on IOS Device

Ky SimsEverytime I go to buy SimCash I type my password in and the game after about 30 seconds gives me an error saying 'Hello, Mayor! Sorry, your purchase has not been completed. Please check your network connection. Make sure that you're connected to a cellular data or WiFi network' The weird thing is...

10:31 PM
Yeah that article explains it better than the site did.
nearly done with lightning returtns I think D:
Picture of my new city cc @StrixVaria @MBraedley @Chippies
-1 not enough Hockenheim
too small
10:42 PM
I feel like I've let everyone down, especially @GnomeSlice.
@Wipqozn Don't worry. You can never let me down.
@Wipqozn I was gonna make a city on that map as well, I really liked it even, but this is what made me lose all my motivation
42 mins ago, by Chippies
user image
@Frank Good!
@Chippies Slopes are the worst in this kind of game
But that's just because I don't expect anything from you in the first place!
10:44 PM
@badp especially at the highway entrance/exit...
oh my god slopes in OpenTTD
@badp shudders
anywhere else, I could work around it, but at the highway entrance, I'd have to rebuild the whole entrance/exit roads, that I can't even touch until I buy that area
@Chippies it's actually a stroke of genius! When they want to leave the city they can do so immediately, but once they come back home from work they have to go through the whole city! It's like supermarkets!!
You should probably design the whole city like the world's biggest roundabout
Mar 12 at 19:54, by Chippies
user image
like that?
all the layered roads are one way
only the connecting ones are two way
10:50 PM
> Take the twenty seventh exit in Fudge you Street then your destination will be on the right
I feel like @badp should buy Cities:Skylines so he can chat blog about it.
Because @badp chat blogs are best chat blogs.
That would probably be the best
It would involve so much ARTZ
And/or ARTS
but I can ART without having the game
However he decides to spell it that day
that's 100% more efficient
10:52 PM
True, but there is less of the chat blogging involved
Ah well
I am off to bed
It's the badp liveblog digest digest
I need to just stop coming to the bridge while you all are still on this game. Every time I see it it just makes me want to get it. But I don't need more games!
@Ktash See, I just keep reminding myself I don't like city builders even if my brain wants to
@AshleyNunn I don't like city builders either, but this one's kinda fun!
10:56 PM
although I haven't actually played it in days, so I'm just trying to lure more people into buying it
@Chippies I effectively have no job, it is a good deterrent
@AshleyNunn I sometimes do like city builders :/ For me they are just good relaxing time sinks
@AshleyNunn all you have to do is find a good looking lover with plenty of income and all the problems are solved!
10:58 PM
@badp i kinda want tp try something like this
@Chippies I have most of that.....
@AshleyNunn then you have to start living together :P
@Chippies Working on that :)
@GnomeSlice a link
@GnomeSlice presumably a website
10:59 PM
Thank you for your constructive response.
@Ktash @Yuuki just ping me when I'm supposed to be ready
just forget it
i was going to get cities: skylines to prove i'm a better mayor than @Wipqozn, but my vid card can't handle it
@GnomeSlice to be fair, it kinda says right on the page what it is
like, that's all it says
> This project is a new online arcade gaming platform heavily based on GGPO. The goal is to enhance current features as well as add new community requests to improve the overall experience. It's very possible that new features are first created for Super Street Fighter II Turbo and later might be added for other games.
also changing boxcutter blades is the absolute worst... it was faster to just rip the damn boxes apart with my bare hands
11:01 PM
@John Alright. I think I'll be running this one. And it's you, me, @AshleyNunn (if she is up for it), and @MattGiltaji I believe
@Ktash cool, please send the link
@GnomeSlice it's a fighting game emulator + community website thing
@Ktash I am for now :)
@AshleyNunn You ready if we try and get it started?
11:03 PM
@Wipqozn You started over again?
@Ktash yep, just need a link
This is my current (2nd) city.
@John @AshleyNunn @MattGiltaji Link to the movie room
Anyone else who wants to join for BH6 is welcome
@StrixVaria Yeah. My city was going fine... but I could tell traffic was just going to become a hug eproblem, so I decided to start over with highway placement in mind from the get go
@Wipqozn That's what I did when making my 2nd city. So far it's ok, but there are some pretty bad choke points.
And the traffic on the highway to get into my city is awful, but I can't control that.
11:12 PM
@StrixVaria What map si that?
@Wipqozn Whichever one had the highest percentage of usable land area; I don't remember the name.
@StrixVaria You should connect your highway to the highway on the bottom left. It'll give your city another entrypoint from the highway. Should help with traffic.
@StrixVaria the top one? nvm, the top one didn't have that fancy highway crossover thing
@Wipqozn Yeah that's the medium-term goal.
Movies starting now, for anyone who wants to get in on it last minute
11:22 PM
Q: Urgent Minecraft Problem

Jack JaroszMy Minecraft Launcher won't launch. It says it's the 1.6.1 launcher but originally, I had 1.7.10. Then, I tried to make a server and my launcher got all messed up. Now, when it opens, the little bar at the bottom says downloading, and then when it gets to the very end, it goes right back to the p...

Q: Starcraft 2: Hotkey to go to previous selection?

Dipak CIs there a function/command/keyboard shortcut that takes you back to your previously selected unit(s)/building(s)? I know that control-groups are possible and that it's best practice to have hotkeys for army/command centers/production facilities/etc (which I do) but my question is specifically...

Q: While playing skyrim I went to try and find marmal to buy a amulet of Mara then realized I already have 2 and I didn't steal them

TristanIf I tried to get married would it work because I know I have to buy one from maramal

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