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4:00 PM
@Loktar Yeah, just ask, I'm a mod so I can make you a account
I think...
if not I can
Apparently I can't unless I'm just blind...
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad has some interesting language in its license agreement.
4:16 PM
Q: Can I start the NC with all my cities having libraries then settle a third city?

LaykeCan I start the NC with all my cities having libraries then settle a third city? If I do that, I won't satisfy the "each city requires a library" constraint. What happens?

@Brant heh
the room I was working on already seems to have come out of the other side of the mountain
@ThomasMcDonald Minecraft?
4:31 PM
I guess it would be odd if it was anything else
I think I'm just going to take it down another level
You can always build more mountain
You in creative?
nah, survival
I never feel that my manufactured terrain ever looks close to the original though
4:32 PM
still not a huge problem to slap some dirt down
I find if you make sure the gradient of your new terrain matches that around it, more-or-less, it looks ok
I think it's more that you know it's not real...
sorry, 'real'
yeah, it's definitely more in my mind
but it still pecks at me head
A big glass skylight projecting from the mountain could be ok
yeah, I tend to use too much glass though
really liking the stone brick, but it's a pain to create
4:41 PM
How do you?
I've literally been playing 1.8 for about an hour, I've been away so missed the pre-releases :(
Windows 8 is also distracting me too
I'm loving how common clay is now, I've made a floor!
@fredley um, 4 stone
creates 4 stone brick
Oh ok
which can then be crafted into slabs, stairs etc
4:58 PM
how do doors work in creative?
Q: What is the difference between green and purple Endermen?

KeaanuI've already seen the green-eyed endermen: and I know the basic story behind them. But what about these purple guys: with bright purple eyes and sparkly nether-portal-like particles around them? What's the difference between the two?

5:15 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Redstone?
well, surely if you hit them to open them, they break
perhaps have a tool in hand such as a compass?
You can right click to open them
oh cool
I haven't tried, too busy making a chandelier thing in survival
5:18 PM
@ThomasMcDonald is there some TooManySigns mod for Minecraft 1.8 already?
I doubt it
I need to sign ALL the intersections
I can probably throw something together when I get my laptop back
I need to fence all the height transitions
5:21 PM
or have cheaper recipes than "6 wood for 1 sign" and "6 wood for 1 step"
You guys making a city?
I just dug a hole in a mountain
nah, ssp
So, mine navigations
until I can get the server back up
5:22 PM
Right behind the hole I dug there was an extremely large cave system with multiple entrances
That sounds like a lot of fun to explore, actually.
I guess a screenshot is imminent.
Have you found an abandoned mineshaft yet?
I haven't in ssp
In csp I have.
5:24 PM
I saw the yogscast guys intro
with all the new 1.8 stuff
Why can't you get to the server anyway @ThomasMcDonald?
SSH keys are on my laptop
I dunt have my laptop at the moment
Although I may have a copy somewhere.
5:25 PM
I'll have to check my time machine disk
Minecraft Beta 1.8
+ Added a brand new biome generation code that simplifies life a lot and makes things much more exciting for the future + Added new mob; Endermen + Added FOV slider + Added brightness slider + Added randomly generated ravines + Killing a monster makes it drop experience orbs + The player can level up by gathering experience orbs + Added randomly generated houses + Added huge mushrooms + Using bonemeal on small mushrooms grows the mushroom into a giant mushroom if there’s room + Rewrote the light rendering to use multitexturing instead of direct colors + Sky light and bloc
## WALL ##
### OF ###
## TEXT ##
@ThomasMcDonald If you want to regenerate your keys later I can hop on when I get home from work.
... - Removed Herobrine
Remove all the Herobrine, all the time.
@badp You know as well as I do that that line is going to be on every patch notes
5:26 PM
@ThomasMcDonald I blame tumblr
@GraceNote I thought it stopped being funny the 2nd time tbh
@Tim Yeah, I'm going to see if I can find them on Time Machine, I could do with them for Github and stuff
@badp That isn't going to stop it.
nods Makes sense, happy hunting.
Why is Multiplayer so much more fun, but so much harder to set up/organise!
5:31 PM
I'll see what I can do now
alreet, got me keys
although they apparently have a passphrase
@mordi2k I love how they haven't invented printers back now.
5:44 PM
okay, i'm on
It's much cooler to cut out the letters from various papers and advertisment!
And, the fact that you already can preorder it is funky.
Yeah but I don't think kidnappers care about that.
I care :(
@mordi2k Are you a kidnapper?
5:47 PM
Well done you're not a kidnapper! You passed the test, the police have been called off.
Aaaaand they're back.
They will never find me!
I want to play on my world still
5:51 PM
ah well
Do the Endermens still have green eyes in the official release?
there's green & purple I think
see also:
Q: What is the difference between green and purple Endermen?

KeaanuI've already seen the green-eyed endermen: and I know the basic story behind them. But what about these purple guys: with bright purple eyes and sparkly nether-portal-like particles around them? What's the difference between the two?

I know, that's why I'm asking.
Cause I found this quote: "In the final release of 1.8, the Enderman's eyes are now purple, and instead of emitting smoke they emit nether portal particles."
So I was just wondering if it's correct.
5:53 PM
Looks like gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/30304/… needs to be locked, we've gotten multiple "thanks" answers in the last hour or so
@bwarner Protected. And done.
@GraceNote Funny, for the first time in probably ever, I'm wishing I had some mod magics.
For the past week or so I've been on a rampage.
creating tags?
Sorry, protected. Thanks.
5:55 PM
@bwarner "Thanks!"
Should be working
Awesome sauce!
disregard that
the spawn point is in the middle of an ocean
let me regen
5:56 PM
this'll do
@GnomeSlice Well, in this case, I just deleted the answers.
Protection is auto-triggered when 3 answers from new users have been deleted on a single question.
@GraceNote How new is new?
@GnomeSlice I think your H got hit by a stick, it looks a bit N-ish.
@GraceNote =3
(Also, "protection" only stops users with less than 10 reputation, so "new" in this case is "under 10 reputation")
6:00 PM
"Bullshit. Don't pretend you don't care about your birthday. It's like watching a hooker pretend she's out for a walk when cops drive by."
Had to repost from the JS chat
cracks me up
@Loktar That account hardly ever tweets any more. =[
Yeah I know :? but on the plus side theres a show about it
@Loktar But it was terrible.
It seems like the cussing limitations on network TV would be a problem for that show
ah I didnt realize it already aired
I thought it was upcoming
6:02 PM
I'm pretty sure it was cancelled already.
ah damn
I haven't seen it in a while.
It was terrible.
lol well that was short lived eh
as most shows are
6:08 PM
Agh. I have such a hard time watching shows with a laugh track.
Thanks for letting me know when I should laugh, as I am too stupid to know by myself.
Ugh, that clip is kind of painful.
A wild wipqozn appears
Plush Buddha with Jeff's face?
@ThomasMcDonald Where'd the server go?
never mind.
Noone else joining us?
@RonanForman I would, but I need to work on some homework.
How long are you two planning to play for?
6:20 PM
No idea
Q: Burnination request: classic-games

Dave DuPlantisGiven that the only answer to the classic-games dilemma that got a positive score was essentially no, we don't need it, I hereby second FallenAngelEyes' request: I think [this tag needs]* to die in a fire. The subjectivity issues as well as the potential necessity to reclassify games as time ...

Just got back from hearing Barrack Obama speak.
Say what you will about the guy - he's got charisma.
What about?
American Jobs Act
found a cave.
6:22 PM
TLDR: Pass it.
oh it's wed. NEw zero punction
I should watch that before getting started on finishng my report
Podcast is up. Just noticed how recent it was.
@DaveMcClelland You're to fast for me!:( I was quoting the article while you answered the question!
@mordi2k Ha, sorry. I had just read that a few days ago. Many thanks for the link, though :)
@mordi2k If it was possible, I'd give you co-answerer status and we could split the rep :D
6:37 PM
No worries! Just happy I could be of some assistance, even if I am slow! :p
Q: How can Steam be prevented from downloading a billion copies of DirectX?

Tobias KienzlerAs a follow-up to my question regarding the first-time installation, I noticed Steam stores the DirectX and vcredist etc files individually in each games directory. That means, those sometimes up to 100 MB are downloaded and stored over and over again wasting both space and downloading time. ...

Q: How far can endermen reach?

MattHow far away can an enderman reach and pick up a block? It would be useful to know for building endermen defenses around a base. I understand fences keep them out, but how far away from my buildings do the fences need to be to keep any enderhands off of them? I'd like to know how far laterally as...

Rats, Stack Exchange has 5556 followers on SoundCloud. I missed the 5555. =(
Shouldn't you unfollow them right now and go for the satanic 6666 or the lucky 7777?
@Mana Dammit, now it's 5558.
Heh. Plug against Atheism.SE.
6:54 PM
Heh. What happened?
I forget.
It was just a short reference.
"We've launched sites that I was like whoa, I don't even know if we don't want this site in our network, so we're doing experiments~"
oh right
@GnomeSlice, you silly fellow
I told you you stop doing things on the site since you hit 5555 rep network wide
7:01 PM
@Wipqozn What have I done since then?
y u no play
Man, Last Time is so depressing.
also, kriby mass attack feels like cross between pikmin and kirby
in other words it is awesome
Posted by Alex Miller on September 14th, 2011

No guest this week as Joel calls in to the show live from the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco since he’s there launching Trello for Fog Creek Software (also why his audio isn’t quite as good as usual, it’s pretty loud there).  There’s still a full hour of Jeff & Joel goodness though so make sure to check it out!

Joel gives rundown of what he’s seen at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco so far. A discussion about differences between East Coast and West Coast tech startups leads Jeff and Joel to talk about how important centralized locations are for modern day companies. …

7:17 PM
@Mana can you chime in here please? He's waiting for a mod to approve
Q: Burnination request: classic-games

Dave DuPlantisGiven that the only answer to the classic-games dilemma that got a positive score was essentially no, we don't need it, I hereby second FallenAngelEyes' request: I think [this tag needs]* to die in a fire. The subjectivity issues as well as the potential necessity to reclassify games as time ...

From his previous question it's obvious the community supports killing the tag
Q: Do we need a classic-games tag?

Dave DuPlantisI saw this ITG question today and noticed that it was covered in tags, which isn't unusual for someone's first question ... but also that one of the tags was classic-games. Isn't this just a variation on old-games? (See this previous meta discussion.) The questions currently having that tag don...

Trying to figure out how to remove a tag
@Mana Wait a minute here
Do you mean to imply that as a mod, you don't know Everything?
I thought you magically gained this knowledge when you went blue
Hey, you guys remember that point in Hammerfight where you are chained without weapons, and you have to evade that one guy?
@Mana If you mean destroy a tag without renaming it or merging it, not possible.
@GraceNote Ohho! Interesting.
7:20 PM
You'll have to do it the basic way - by hand
eek! Endermen!
I didn't like hammer fight
@RonanForman ಠ_ಠ
7:21 PM
Also, it was balanced by Smashboards people! So it's actually decently competitive.
only 10 questions tagged with anyways, so won't take long
As you can see in my review
I can't play it yet because theory homework is calling but it seems awesome anyways
I love beating the crap out of that guy.
You can't actually defeat him, as far as I can tell, though.
@Mana Yeah, I seriously need to get to my h/w as well :/
7:23 PM
At least @Mana knows what I'm talking about.
...Right @Mana?
@Mana Wow. Crouch cancelling. Really?
@GraceNote who is the girl featured in your current chat gravatar?
@Wipqozn Ask Ronan.
How the hell should I know?!
@RonanForman Watch your language young man, or I'll ping your father!
@GraceNote What'd I win? :D
7:37 PM
Quoting fiction is not bad language!
@RonanForman Because I'd be surprised if you couldn't recognize this.
@ArdaXi You won by not being around to participate in shenanigans
Wait a minute,is this the first time you've been around since that happened @ArdaXi?
MY word, how unusual.
I have no idea what happened.
Normally when someone talks about you winning you magically appear
7:40 PM
@Wipqozn I did appear.
So... @RonanForman do you know where the picture of from?
Idris just got the time wrong again.
Not a clue.
@ArdaXi Better to be a couple hours late then 12 years though
7:41 PM
yes, 12.
Wasn't it 26?
@ArdaXi 36* and you're thinking of the wrong reference
Oh, you meant the kissogram.
mhm indeed
Q: Can a furnace light things on fire?

eMansipaterI have a room where the 1-block-thick roof is covered in furnaces as combination cheap blast protection from creepers above and fast processing for ores/glass etc. I'm considering doing some floor-to-ceiling wool block patterns, but this would jut the wool up against some furnaces and I need to ...

7:42 PM
Anyway, quick search leads me to believe @GraceNote's current avatar is based on Pokemon.
@ArdaXi Aye, 'tis
Hence why I expected Ronan to recognize it. I'm severely disappointed in Ronan now.
I've never watched any but the original Pokemon myself.
@ArdaXi Same here.
I have played most of the games though
So I assume @GraceNote thought @RonanForman would know since Pokemon is popular among the younglings, and Ronan is a youngling?
No, I assumed because Ronan owns this game and even wrote a blog article on it.
never got very far
7:45 PM
@GraceNote Which game? black and white?
@ArdaXi Watching isn't relevant, this is a game element.
There's a personified Pokemon in a game?
I only got a few badges in B&W before I stopped playing
My favorite was always gold/silver
@ArdaXi Ain't from the show.
It ain't literally in the game, either, but that's a liberty taken in the same way I did Cho'Gath for Area 51, anyway.
Or my Astronomy avatar, for that matter.
Red was my favorite, maybe because I've never tried any of the others.. Hmm.
7:53 PM
As in I give it righteous fury, or I beat out the desire to be one out of you?
@GraceNote Comme ci comme ça.
Some of column A, some of column B, I assume?
@GraceNote Pretty much.
I see, I see
I wonder if Wip could recognize the Astronomy one. I'm not sure how much he's played that series.
@GraceNote looks like a cross between roll and astroman
7:58 PM
Cut out the cross part and stick with just the lattermost and that's the end result.
@GraceNote do you draw these yourself ?
@GraceNote Oh no... Grace is disappointed what ever shall I do?
@RonanForman Give up on on all of your dreams?
@Wipqozn No.
this is still my favorite of your gravatars
601 1 9
although English is a close second
8:03 PM
You like Idea Factory, eh?
@GraceNote I've never played any of their games.
I'm assuming both of those characters are from Idea Factory games though?
No, the first character is Idea Factory.
As in, she's the company, Idea Factory. She's not their mascot. She is the company.
Well snap
From a game where you play an abandoned Sega console who has to fight against the Wii, the 360, and the PS3.
They sound like they are SEGA fans
8:07 PM
@Wip I was thinking spend the remainder of my life leaning to name every single picture ever to avoid more embarrassment. But, yours is good too!
What game was this @GraceNote?
I'd name it but then you might buy it before me.
@RonanForman Nah, you needn't do that. You just need to know the games you play more. Or, strive to one-up me by confounding me with a picture.
@GraceNote you rebel
@RonanForman You could also learn to Google.
Also, in regards to your earlier comment. Of the main series (MM1-10, MMX1-8, Zero 1-4, and both ZX games) I've played all except X8. Megaman X was the first game that sucked me into gaming. To say the least, mega man has always been one of my favorite series.
8:12 PM
I see, I see
You do know that Legends is in that timeline, right?
IT is, but I don't consider it part of the main series.
Actually I may even go so far as to only count MM and MMX.
You could just say "I've played Classic, X (except 8), Zero, and ZX"
I could have, but that would be crazy
Then you wouldn't have to use "series" to define something that isn't the series.
I have played some games from the spin offs, but I'm mostly just concerned with the 2D platformers.
8:15 PM
Lessee.. the current set of my images, until I get my gallery completed, what's the list of source continuities...
R-Type, Touhou, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Atelier, Samurai Shodown, Disgaea, Fire Emblem, Lethal Application, Suguri, Final Fantasy, Tristia, Rune Factory, Chantelise, No More Heroes, Etrian Odyssey, Deathsmiles, ESP Galuda, Gadget Trial, Super Robot Wars, Castlevania, Alice, Suikoden, Pokemon, Megaman, Yoake[...], Street Fighter, and... wow, I actually forgot the name of that one placeholder.
I should've probably organized with non-placeholders first.
I'm curious why Cyberskull made this answer community wiki
A: What is the minimum level one can feasibly reach the 3rd challenge chamber in Nier's DLC?

CyberSkull The 1st Door can be cleared right after starting part 2 of the game when you are in your low 20s. It seems the key is to have a strong weapon from that part of the game. The 2nd Door will kill you in 1 or 2 hits in the first chamber at that level.

Just seems a little odd
Oh, I can finally vote to close this question
Q: When would I want to be somebody's friend?

OakBeing somebody's friend is good because it gets you better trade agreements. Super. But it's also dangerous, as I've experienced too many times, because if my friend ever find a reason to denounce me then suddenly everyone hates me. Because of this I rarely accept friendship requests any more, an...

considering how old it is, that is clearly a good use of one of my close votes.
8:42 PM
oh hey
good evening chap
Applause for @Raven and his 40k EXP.
Which Tom turns 18 on Friday?
that would be me
8:59 PM
my word
two non-answer answers by new users within a few minutes of each other
A: Identify, Old Windows Point and click adventure game. Pixel art set in the future puzzle and problem solving

Deveauxits not "out of order".. i know the game he is talking about, it looks similar but its much older and not free...

A: Minecraft: What blocks can the Enderman pick up and what blocks can't they pick up?

PaddyI have 1.8 now and Endermen destroyed my Mobtrap, which is up in the air with a falling tube. They just pick random blocks even in the wall, so i suddenly had a door :S They also took one block of my watercanal, so it flood down and stop killing mobs :S So they totaly grief my

9:22 PM
I like how the last one just cuts off
Oh goodie. Air Canada employees are going on strike.
rollercoaster man
9:27 PM
\ /
Really neat flash game (from reddit): m0ar.org/7565
Rollercoaster Weird Al
(Cookie if you get the reference)
Q: Minecraft 1.8 update made video card error message appear? I played 1.7.3 perfectly fine yesterday! need help?

turboblack34After updating to Minecraft 1.8, I receive a video card error when I attempt to play. I experienced no such problems with 1.7.3 as recently as yesterday. What might cause such a problem? What are some potential fixes?

@Rapida Whoa, that game blew my mind.
9:31 PM
@MarcoCeppi Heh, same. It gets so confusing following 5+ cursors through the maze
@Rapida I caught on after the 4th. I think I got pretty far, but couldn't get past the one with three buttons
@MarcoCeppi So, there are actually 4 buttons. The fourth just isn't on that level.
I completed it!
Grats, I wish it was longer. I could totally waste a few hours on that sorta game.
9:37 PM
I can't get past 15!
I hold the buttons down and destroy the triangles :(
Just finished it again. Still is an enjoyable game, despite being an almost 4 years old Flash game.
@MarcoCeppi You're missing a button right? It's a button on the 5th floor I think.
Oh, I see it but I never pressed it.
Somewhere near the 5th floor at least.
Maybe I'll try again soon
9:38 PM
@Rapida Oooh, that game
There's a PSP game based on the same game.
Except with time ninjas
That makes me want to own a PSP, the first time I've ever had that desire
That reminds me that I've yet 3 more titles to add to my list of "PSP games I should buy now that I have bought a PSP game"
@GraceNote What's a time ninja? Is that like a time lord?
@ArdaXi They're ninjas. But with time.
Have you guys tried Chronotron?
9:40 PM
@GnomeSlice Yes, I did when it debuted on NG.
Similar deal.
Same slice.
Chronotron is awesome.
I wanted to sleep. Damn you @GnomeSlice!
Q: Minecraft: Can I get the new 1.8 features on my old map?

MattI heard that the new features don't appear on old saves. Is this true? If so, is there a way to turn it on? I'd like to keep my old world and just travel to a new area for the new stuff.

dupe of:
Q: Will new Minecraft b1.8 features (e.g. villages and ruins) appear in existing worlds

Chris SmithI'm a new Minecrafter and was wondering if new updates are backwards compatible. Will the new "Adventure Update" features (Beta 1.8) appear in existing worlds created with Beta 1.7 and earlier? Or will I need to create a new world for this version?

the answers would be the exact same
mostly because the latter question just suggests what the former blatantly does
9:44 PM
Whew, made it
Now I really do want that PSP game
heh, dupe got two answers
Hmm, one of those scam mails that use your Gmail login to send messages had "viral marketing" in the subject. At least they're being honest.
Q: Minecraft: Can I get the new 1.8 features on my old map?

MattI heard that the new features don't appear on old saves. Is this true? If so, is there a way to turn it on? I'd like to keep my old world and just travel to a new area for the new stuff.

@Lazers wtb 1 more closevote
/nudge @GraceNote
9:52 PM
wtb 500 exps
Vote bought.
Crepes, I do want that game, rereading the article.
Makes me really want a PSP, too.

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