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12:00 AM
lol. I love how someone starred the video I posted, which was already posted by Gnomeslice a few minutes earlier
what episode was that one where data was giving a speech from
Q: What's the maximum level in Dead Island?

WarfaceWhat's the maximum level in Dead Island that you can reach and does it make in sort that you have max-out your skills ?

@NickT The one where his body was taken over by the guy who died
12:13 AM
oh, and it was his daughter that was there too?
@NickT from season 2 if I remember correctly, can't recall the name
Hard Reset doesn't suck, but I'm too used to quicksaving
If I've been in battle for 5 mintues, and I've just walked over a +80 health pack and I've just died 2 seconds later, I don't want to do it all over again.
I say good sirs
I should head to bed, school early tomorrow and what not.
My word I go to bed early on school nights. I'm like an old man.
evening chaps
(and chapettes)
2 hours later…
2:12 AM
Q: What are the differences between difficulty levels in Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

jwaddellIn Deus Ex: Human Revolution, what changes as the difficulty level increases? E.g. more enemies, tougher enemies, better AI etc.

So, Rock of Ages looks fantastic.
2:31 AM
Q: Will Steam remember my saves if I uninstall Deus Ex: HR?

CoomieI couldn't run DX:HR with the graphics up all the way so I took them down a notch until I got a new computer. Do I have to move my save files to my new computer to keep my character? Or do they save in steam so I can play them on my new computer without saving them and moving them?

2:47 AM
My personal favorite TNG edit
Wh... twotribes, I am disappoint...
turn that O_O into a OUO. Wait no, that looks stupid. Nevermind.
@Mana wipqozn likes my taste in music.
So suck it.
(That video is related)
3:00 AM
@GnomeSlice Wow, I don't like this song at all. That's a first!
@Mana Me neither.
I just thought the lyrics were relevant.
But yeah, Borgore may be one of the funniest men alive, but I don't particularly like his music.
@Mana, get something we can play together.
@GnomeSlice Bad song by good band.
3:12 AM
@Mana ^
@LessPop_MoreFizz Really? This is one of my favorite songs by them.
I don't like anything post Good News, and I'm ambivalent about Good News.
idk, I guess I just don't get stuff like this song
This is my other favorite song by them
Never Ending Math Equation is the other classic IMO
I wish they did more stuff like it, but they don't. I don't really like much of their stuff in general
3:22 AM
Answer to every plothole in Deus Ex.
3 hours later…
6:54 AM
Q: How do I add a Battle.Net Friend after a game of StarCraft 2 without using the score summary screen?

ahsteeleSometimes when I finish a multi-player game I am not taken to the score summary screen, but am instead dropped on the My Profile screen. Unfortunately, a few times this has resulted in me being unable to add a new found friend to my list of Battle.Net contacts. Is there a mechanism without knowi...

3 hours later…
10:01 AM
I can't wait for questions to start coming to our site
Thats the TF2 clone right?
There are a few crucial differences from what I've seen (that video), though. Starting from the fact that they only converted 5 classes (the scout striker, which is completely different, the heavy fatman, the pyro jockey, the sniper and the soldier) and koth_harvest plus that other map from that other F2P FPS shit from EA
they seem to only do 7v7 games
and the first capture of the control point seems to take exceptionally long
I must say I like the longer control point bar
so no medics, engies, spies, demomen
gameplay wise it must be a weird cross between that EA title and TF, and yet it must play differently from both
gotta give it that.
Sounds interesting actually.
11:06 AM
> I'll just go back to 1.7.3 so I can play with my frie...OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!
> I Have No Snout and I Must Grunt.
@badp lmao
11:22 AM
@Mana I need a liaison. If you are willing to take this task, come with me to the Game Dev room!
Uhm. Can I get an idea of what I'm dedicating myself to first?
Awesome coordination and camaradarie between ourselves and our sister site
@Mana That would be cheating!
Wow. That sounds cool!
The chance to make awesome relations by helping push forward a joint awesome.
11:24 AM
I love joints!
@Mana snerk
Q: Do we need a reset tag?

Dave DuPlantisToday's justify-your-existence question is directed at reset. There are three questions with this tag: this one, about syncing a new PS3 controller, where the context is "resetting the controller"; this one, about clearing save-game data on a used DS game, where the context is "resetting the ga...

11:41 AM
@Mana "so pizza hut has that field in the online order form, for special instructions? I put 'driver must beat box.' turns out, he could."
"This mouse wheel is so loud I can beatbox with it. This is a skill about as far removed from "Hunter Gatherer" as it gets."
Where are you getting these from? YouTube?
Q: Playing games on a Macbook Pro 13" (Mid-2009)

5arxI have a mid-2009 MBP (13"/ 2.53Gzh/ 8GB). I installed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on it at the weekend only to find the on-board GPU can't cope with it. I'd like to do a bit of gaming on it, but am concerned that modern titles are going to be too much for it. Can anyone suggests workarounds or...

@Mana They're quotes from bash.org that I read years ago
11:45 AM
Oh man, bash.org! Been a while.
Yay real Philadelphia cream cheese for my bagel \o/ sometimes it's just the little things you need
Q: Need help with PermissionsBukkit

Jason94Im having a hard time with PermissionsBukkit, can't get it to work! Ill dump the server load: http://pastebin.com/cERUMW8G Ill also dump the config file for PermissionsBukkit: http://pastebin.com/V5iCG3xY Why can't i get this to work? MYUSER should be admin and allowed to build/remove block...

12:09 PM
Q: Setting priority for Twitter #hashtags from question tags

CyberSkullSometimes the mechanism that posts tweets seems to be posting the least relevant tag as the Twitter #hashtag. For Example: http://twitter.com/StackGaming/status/113546504408547328 Can you answer this? Cannot use Keyboard/Mouse? http://t.co/DYaHzJE #pc This should use the more relevant #deusexh...

aw :(
12:29 PM
Some engies make me rage
Instead of thinking about securing the middle area we've had so much trouble clearing, they keep building on the fucking cart
and I beg them and they don't listen
and I have to switch class and start building
but obviously too much time has been wasted and I get rushed when all I have is a sentry 1
@Lazers I made @Lazers sad.
and then I build someplace else and my tp goes right to the enemy and the only person who cares in the 5 minutes it is up is the soldier that blowed it up
then here comes the demospam and the show's over for good
and the cart has advanced and the good sentry placements are over
and somebody eventually breathes on the cart and we lose
@CyberSkull You monster.
Q: How do you identify who owns territory on the map in Civilization V?

DavidWhen I'm exploring the world I come across the borders of other civilizations and city states. So far I've picked up that civilizations seem to have solid borders while city states have a dashed appearance. But how do I know whose borders they are? If I'm lucky I can see a city inside or maybe ...

@badp We all need a hobby.
1:04 PM
Speaking of hobbies, I'm going to class.
I just got back, I love tuesdays, I have a break after lunch so I can leave that extra 40 mins early!
xbox.com seems to have blown up.
2 days ago, by Ronan Forman
user image
1:18 PM
Now I'm hungry.
And nowhere here sells bagels.
What about pizza-bagels?
Does anyone know if OpenID was down earlier ?
Couldn't log on this morning due to Openid. Curious if it was just Openid, or the computers I was trying to log on from.
@Wipqozn Err?
You're going to have to be more specific than that. What you asked is equivalent to 'is email down'.
Wasn't working?
OpenID is a protocol.
1:25 PM
Indeed, but it has a server and what not.
The question was general because it was intended to be.
"was it down" implies that it wasn't working in some fashion.
Either the server was down, there was a bug preventing users from logging in, et cetera. My terminology was loose, but I figured a smart fellow like yourself could figure that out.
@Wipqozn It doesn't have 'a server', it has servers. I had no idea whether you meant SE's implementation or your provider.
@ArdaXi I see says I
either way, Iw as unable to log on this morning (about 3 hours ago), curious if someone had any similar problems.
Worked fine for me by then.
Okay, must have been the computers.
University has a few different types of computers on campus. The ones I has on must be configured differently.
I noticed it didn't seem to be storing my internet history, so that would very well be related to the problem.
Is it legit to ask D3 related questions?
1:29 PM
Diablo 3?
yeah, sorry
Probably not.
What is the question?
I'm messing around with the skill calculators.
Wondering if X% weapon damage is just main hand weapon or combination of both when dual wielding.
Also wondering if the numbers in the rune descriptions are for the highest level runes.
Has the beta started?
Friends and Family beta started last week. Public closed beta hasn't started yet
The released class and skill descriptions on the community site.
1:30 PM
I'm going to go with "no" then.
Figured. Can't post on the D3 forums though. Have to have an active WoW account or own a copy of SC2.
Asking questions about games which have yet to be released are normally off-limits.
I hear ya. Makes sense.
Do you know when the public closed beta starts, or have they even announced that yet?
They haven't announced it yet.
Some people are thinking this or next week though.
1:33 PM
Wait, isn't there no non-disclosure agreement for the D3 beta?
Says so in the invite email.
when the public closed beta starts, I believe D3 beta qquestions will become valid.
Says that there isn't one?
I'm sure @Mana or @ArdaXi could give more insight then me though
@Mana yep. It explicitly states that there is no NDA.
1:34 PM
If there's no NDA then I see no reason why D3 questions would be off-topic.
Can I now?
@ArdaXi Indeed. You're one of the more knowledgeable people on the site.
I think I mentioned this a while back in chat
I think the reasoning would be that the data isn't final until release. But I believe the data IS final in this case.
Sep 7 at 15:54, by Mana
Oh, by the way, apparently there is no nondisclosure agreement for Diablo 3
1:36 PM
@tQuarella That's why i think questions should be tagged with Diablo3-beta
Sep 7 at 15:55, by Mana
so if any of you get a beta invite...POST. Even if it means self-answering a lot.
I meant to sign up for the beta, but it slipped my mind.
You still can. Do you have a battle.net account?
Anyways, that's just my two cents. You might consider asking on meta but personally I think they're on-topic.
@tQuarella I do indeed, but I'm also not sure if I want to put the effort forth.
1:37 PM
I've gotta run to class, peace
I would need to sign up any everything
@Mana Rebel.
You essentially just need to opt-in. Not much signup involved other than running a system diagnostic utility.
@tQuarella oh that is whuat you need to download
I was going to do it at work once,during my break, but said I needed to install something. So I didn't.
Ok, so here's the second "pre-release," only use it if you know what to do with the JAR: http://t.co/A3aXYOG
@badp Wait, what?
pre-release of 1.8 or 1.9?
1:41 PM
1.8 obviously
Wasn't that released yesterday though?
Or did they delay it again?
Delayed still
soo.. I didnt realize notch is working on 4 friggin projects now
probably why 1.8 is delayed.
He has whole teams working on the other 3...
I thought Mojang were working on that Skyrim game.
scrolls yeah
theres like 2 others I guess now too :?
1:43 PM
@ArdaXi here sir, take your star
That joke got me like 100 upvotes on Reddit.
Made me feel dirty.
@ArdaXi that's a solid out of context message stars
hrm, while it's really awesome that you can fly at any height in Minecraft now
it also makes the game run out of memory
just as I saw underground structures being built _________ my very eyes
@badp Inside?
1:55 PM
sounds uncomfortable
2:05 PM
20 minutes and I'm done class for the day
Awesome possum
3:01 PM
Hmm, if my AlliedModders ban was in EDT or UTC, it'll have expired by now.
@badp If I could get onto the server, I'd update it to 1.8pre2
just be aware of the memory reqs
but regardless, I cant
yeah, Minecraft uses a LOT more memory now for whatever reason
3:15 PM
@badp What are you talking about?! Java apps take no memory at all, not gobs and gobs of it!!!!
This is why we have high-level static typed languages like GCC. (put here the MSDN logo.)
Q: Game where you explore a castle and get to be taught by a magician's skeleton

moore22157I am looking for the name of an old game I played around 2000. A friend of mine got this game at the same time as she got one called soulbinger made by interplay(black isle). I though they were made by the same place, but had no luck looking for it that way. From what I remember the game starts ...

Q: Fifa 12 Demo won't install

atticaeI just downloaded the Fifa 12 Demo, but when I start the Autorun.exe I only get a play button, none for installation. If I click it, the Fifa 11 startup menu comes up. If I start EASetup.exe, it says the game already is installed. Any way to fix this?

so anyone here playing Dead Island?
Mana perhaps
very fun game coop.
I am really pleasantly surprised by the whole thing.
3:30 PM
What's that Loktar? Timmy's stuck in a well?
posted a link in the wrong chat
1.8 seems to be pretty neat
mostly just the terrain generation I've experienced though
I cant wait to find cities.
good evening everyone
3:44 PM
I thought this was funny...
> UK Government Wants Google To Police Copyright? Police wants UK Government To Google Copyright.
@Loktar Yeah, I'm wondering what sorta distance they are apart.
Its going to suck on our current SMP server.
we have explored such a large area
What's fly on creative?
so they are going to be pretty far out for use I imagine.
got it
3:46 PM
oh, it crashed
Oh, and to follow up my last one:
> Copyright Government Wants UK to Police Google
brown sheep
I that a cross between how now brown cow and baa baa black sheep?
Q: What's the difference between the different versions?

bnbMy brother recently got me interested in Minecraft, and I'm having a lot of fun playing it. The thing is, I've only ever played the Beta version. After I first played it, I found a whole bunch of pictures and videos online with stuff that wasn't in the version I was playing. So I was wondering: W...

3:58 PM
They haven't left any features out of the pre-release have they?
@Ronan I don't think so
4:13 PM
@badp I'm really tempted to downvote and flag you for this
Q: Shrink my Mario

badp Mario needs a diet. There's not enough room to fill up the P meter, all the pipes are out of reach and no shells are coming my way. Am I screwed? (This is in World 7-5.)

not to mention:
> This is my first play through ever of a Mario game! :(
@Wipqozn I only wish badp were at worst the second person I encountered in a Gaming community that had never played Mario for a long time. To @badp's advantage, though, at least he knew who Mario was.
yeah, no one else ever had a first play through of a Mario game
you all started with your second playthough
badp also has the distinct advantage of never having been a console gamer
@badp damn straight we did
@GraceNote MY word. Did we ban this person?
Well I did, sort of, the first one was in my sleep...
4:16 PM
@Wipqozn Both previous incidents predate my joining this community.
@GraceNote so it happened in the 28 minutes before you joined the site?
@GraceNote I was unaware there ever was such a time.
@badp Multiplied by some factor that I'm too lazy to calculate even if I have timestamped logs.
Q: Giving a minecart momentum with a piston

Tim CooperI am trying to setup a situation where I press a button and a minecart is pushed onto some powered track where it is then boosted up and giving a good speed. This is what I tried (cross-section): [P]M____ ^ piston ^ minecart ^^^^ powered track When I give power to the piston, the min...

That's okay.
4:18 PM
One was about 5 years ago, the other sometime between then and now.
I guess, really, it's a bit crude to be judgmental for someone never having played a certain game. Access to playing games is difficult.
I have seen however the original super mario and super mario 64 on the respective consoles back in the day however
and perhaps I even got to have a try on the former, but I didn't go far so it doesn't really count
I hate shift click makes all items. My inventory is full of swords!
@RonanForman Did you miss an F?
@GraceNote Except it's Mario. I'm pretty sure people need to play Mario by law.
@GraceNote oops.
4:21 PM
@Wipqozn I come from lowly, poor Italy, we don't have such laws here
@Wipqozn Technically, law is what prohibits a lot of people, by virtue of the whole "You need monetary funds to buy stuff"
we're allowed to die without having played a single minute of DnD!
(and I haven't played a single minute of DnD, if we except roguelikes)
Roguelikes don't count as DnD
Unless you, well, play a DnD roguelike. Which there probably is one.
I don't think I could ever do DnD, and, like, say the actions aloud
@badp Poor badp. Living in some Marioless country, without laws, rhyme, or reason.
4:22 PM
...with a straight face ...while sober
It ain't for everyone. I think I like the storycraft and character designing moreso than I like the actual gameplay. That said, I DM more than I play a character.
The Mario-less country... of Italy
@Wipqozn Oh we've got plenty of rhymes. Drops la Divina Commedia onto Wipqozn
@GraceNote I think that anyone who plays DND on a regular basis, for an extended period of time, is more into it for the Story/character design then the gameplay.
Since that is what the real draw of DND is
@RonanForman l o l. Thanks for that.
Ravines are huge!
4:29 PM
You can put as many spaces as you want in your lols, but they'll still be pronounced like a single word!
I ran out of memory because it was rendering too many blocks!
@RonanForman Welcome to the club of people having memory trouble with the new version of MC
There are other issues, such as me not having any coal because it's 3 stacks of torches...
4:45 PM
@badp He probably doesn't even know what that is. If you mentioned Dante's Inferno, then he'd know, even if it is just one part.
4:57 PM
Q: Is it possible in Minecraft to switch over from survival to creative in single player?

jwandborgThis question is regarding the minecraft 1.8 prerelease. I have a beautiful house in single player survival which I'd like to record while flying. What I want is to open my existing map with my buildings made in survival mode, and fly through it in creative mode. I know it is possible if you r...

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