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Q: How to get to Vergen in Witcher 2?

danielI'm in the underground tunnels, but i don't have the key required to get to Vergen. Where do I get the keys? I've already got the sword with Saskia. Here is where I'm stuck: http://i.imgur.com/dLA9b.jpg Thanks!

1:00 AM
Hi chat. It's been a while. :P
I always pop in when nobody is around.
One sec, we'll have Lazers roll out the red carpet.
It is rather quiet in here at the moment. I suppose I should be doing something constructive, but apparently I'm just staring off into space, heh.
I am eating chinese food in an overpriced hotel room. Which is pretty similar to staring off into space, let me tell you
Sounds a bit more delicious, though also painful in the wallet area. I guess that balances out.
I'm not paying for the hotel room, so w/e.
Ah, that's not so bad then :)
1:18 AM


Yes, yes they did.
in Bacon, Jun 1 at 20:39, by Gigili
insert coin
Anyway, I need to play TF2 for more items before double-drop rate week ends.
Someone tried to insert a coin into your bacon?
Jun 2 at 19:17, by Powerlord
@GnomeSlice Yeah... it's not even on a Gaming channel!
shakes head
1:46 AM
Q: What is the most advantageous starting equipment for the Magicka: Vietnam rescue mission?

Jonathan DrainAt time of writing, there are five starting outfits for Magicka. Since hats and robes have no effect and you'll drop your sword for a firearm early in the Magicka: Vietnam rescue mission, only the staff really matters. Which of these five is best for the Vietnam rescue mission? Basic Staff (Def...

2:13 AM
Q: Where do I find Malena after she runs away?

ManaSo I decided to be nice to Malena this time around and let her go from the guards even though she was clearly guilty. Unfortunately, in spite of my amazing generosity, she decided to send the Scoia'tel after me anyways. Even more regrettably, she ran off while I was busy keeping myself from dying...

2:55 AM
Well, the TF2 wiki does cover... the most interesting topics
3:15 AM
I love tacko's.
user image
Q: How do I get rid of Newboy's Talisman?

ManaI made the mistake of taking Newboy's talisman after getting him killed, only to find out that it actually was cursed and lowers my armor by 10%. Brutal! Normally I'd sell it but the game refuses to let me, saying it's a Quest Item. Is there any way for me to dispose of the talisman or lift the c...

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5:38 AM
Q: What is the meaning of different slimes in the Quick Save loading screen?

KatieKWhen loading from a Quick Save, there is an animation of 3 slimes in the bottom right corner of the screen. Most of the time they're plain old blue slimes, but sometimes the middle one will be something else. What is the significance of non-blue slimes here?

1 hour later…
7:02 AM
Q: Can you become a Ranger?

RagnarIn Fallout: New Vegas, you meet many ranger NPCs, among which is Ranger Andy in Novac who seems to suggest that it's possible for the Courier to become one. I came to the conclusion of a possibility from a question the Courier asks Andy: How does one become a Ranger? to which Andy replies ...

2 hours later…
8:42 AM
A: Fallout: New Vegas: Dead Money Crashing After "Fires in the Sky"

John RudyIt seems that Chance has found the solution for his crash. I figured that this may be a good opportunity to make a general Fallout: New Vegas crash/bug troubleshooting list for everyone here. It's Community Wiki (notably because most of the content comes from The Vault, so I can hardly be credite...

Seems like a very interesting resource, but would it be better to put this under a generic "What to do when Fallout: New Vegas crashes" question?
9:06 AM
Q: Platform that tracks activity for multiplayer games

AnzeoI'm sometimes tempted to buy a cheap online game on Steam. For example not so long ago there was a discount on Quake Wars: Enemy Territory, I played alot of RTCW:ET and have played the demo of QW:ET, so naturally this offer was of interest to me. I haven't bought it, nor any other multiplayer gam...

9:41 AM
@YiJiang A: Whine on their forums
10:30 AM
Q: How do I switch which weapon I am using in each slot?

DMA57361When you buy a new weapon it replaces whatever you were currently carrying of the same type, but I cannot seem to find a way to switch back to previous weapons. The shops just have previous items flagged as "already owned" (or purchased, can't remember the text at the moment) and the inventory o...

10:53 AM
Quite fancy a game of Neverwinter Nights 2. Ages since I played that
Okay, this hasn't really worked out.
I've been running a ghetto CD drive alongside my computer for the last three months or so, mostly because I've been too lazy to remove the blanks and install a drive where it's actually supposed to go
Well Neverwinter Nights 2 is a DVD install, and Windows refuses to boot up with my ghetto DVD setup.
11:11 AM
I wonder if you can even fill 2 pages with one of each TF2 weapon
given how slowly the 6th line of items is coming up
despite all the extra drops and whatnot
11:52 AM
@MichaelMrozek aaaargh what happened to so.mrozekma.com?
12:12 PM
Q: Why can't I add a user as friend in League of Legends?

badpI've been trying to add a user to my friends list on League of Legends. I know his username and I know his summoner name, but the game stubbornly insist they do not exist. This isn't limited to friendship: even the profile page doesn't load. What's going on? Is it failing because he's offline, o...

12:33 PM
In other news you might have already seen the C&D letter Mojang has received about pistons.
1:19 PM
> We demand that you immediately (A) cease and desist your unlawful copying of Aperture Science Infinitely Configurable Panels and Crushers, (B) provide us with prompt written assurance within ten (10) minutes that you will cease and desist from further infringement of Aperture Science’s copyrighted works, and (C) finish work on Minecraft 1.7 so we can play with all the new stuff.
1:33 PM
btw, if you see me playing TF2, I'm idling to get the rest of my double drops before it ends later today.
I was still getting items before I went to bed last night, so I assume I still have drops left. :O
@RandallMunroesxkcd Now little Caroline is in here, too.
Q: In Tiger Woods 12 which skills should be maxed if NOT using the PS3 move controller?

BobSO I gave up on the move controller for PS3 in TW12. Its fun, and it makes putting a lot less error prone (IMHO), but my drives and approaches are more accurate and more powerful without the move so I'm switching back..... question : Which skills are good to max out if you're not using the move...

@FallenAngelEyes All the Bit.Trip games are already on Wii, so that's just a convenience.
@Powerlord I know, but if they'll be cheaper per game in the package than buying separately, it's handy for me
2:02 PM
@badp I think a storm last night destroyed my router, I couldn't get it to turn on this morning. I wasn't aware so many people were dependent on my site
@MichaelMrozek ow.
@MichaelMrozek Been there, done that, unplug all my networking equipment during Thunderstorms now (and obviously don't run anything from home)
I lost a switch and 3 cheaper network cards (back when network cards weren't onboard)
Actually, now that I think about it, I used that as an excuse to buy an actual home router thing.
It's pretty sad when they even make the icon for it a blatant rip off of the icon the original dev used.
Q: What do I do with all this money?

theChrisKentI am still pretty new to this awesome game, but I've got a ton of money from mining minerals and selling all sorts of stuff. I've bought the miner's helmet, and some dynamite and a few other things but it seems like there should be more expensive items. Maybe I'm missing something? I have 4 NPCs...

It's the standard OS X wifi icon and the standard OS X sync icon. Hardly a stretch.
Oh wow, Google broke image search if you have JavaScript disabled.
"Your search - bacon - did not match any documents. "
2:10 PM
A: How do I toggle on and off sneak in Minecraft?

BrantMinecraft itself doesn't have any built-in way to toggle sneak on and off, but there are workarounds. On Windows, for example, you can probably use StickyKeys to make your shift key a toggle instead of a modifier.

I wouldn't feel bad about this if it weren't the accepted answer.
That new instant search thing drives me crazy; every time I search it shows "no results" for a second or two and then they suddenly appear
I routinely disable JavaScript on google.com because on their idiotic "rewrite link URL on click" crap... makes it so I can't copy urls that are blocked while at work.
@Brant You are indeed an evil fiend for making StickyKeys an accepted answer. Evil, evil, evil.
@MichaelMrozek in Chrome?
We need a consolidated stickies sticky
2:17 PM
I are disappoint that there was no new TF2 update yesterday. Hopefully there is today.
Also, one of my friends whom I got Orange Box back during the sale two years ago when it was $5 was playing TF2 this morning.
^ like that.
I haven't seen him play it in nearly two years.
2:28 PM
He'll be in for a surprise.
@Brant Well, the other thing is that he (last time I talked to him) worked on a military base over in Kuwait.
@Brant Done.
So, he's also a bunch of time zones ahead of me.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Neat.
@Powerlord Well, that'd do it.
...but I have seen him playing CSS
2:51 PM
@Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace
Q: Will Duke Nukem Forever support LAN games?

The DreAmeRHas someone information about this? I really hope this feature will be included in the game

@Lazers I assume it will, since it uses some form on Unreal Tournament server last I heard.
I just noticed something weird... SourceMod uses a mix of 2 and 3 letter language codes.
3:13 PM
posted on June 10, 2011 by DMA57361

I’ve never touched upon the Assassin’s Creed series, in fact I know little about it other than a few friends have told me it’s “good”, although I’m not sure if they mean the series as a whole, or a single game, or what. To be honest, I’m not really sure why this one slipped entirely [...]

I just noticed my Mapchooser Extended plugin doesn't have a Dutch translation. I should whack Arda until he makes one.
Q: Strong alternate team compositions and tactics

danixdI have started playing premade 5v5's (low elo) and can safely say that, without a good team composition, you will get beaten. No matter how good individuals on that team are, you are going to have a seriously hard time playing competitively. It is a lot more important in 5v5 than in solo queue. ...

@FallenAngelEyes Hm?
3:34 PM
Minecraft is going open-source, it seems.
@ArdaXi wat
> * Again, if you weren’t ware, the “modding api” is the entire source code for Minecraft, uncensored and unobfuscated. You need to agree to certain terms to get access, though, but anyone can apply.
@GraceNote I was wondering if you had/know about El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron
@FallenAngelEyes It sounds like the kind of thing that'd be deep in my memory banks if I knew about it, so I'd need a bit more than just the title.
It's... uh... sort of hard to describe Action game that combines 2D and 3D gameplay, has a really unique art style that I find very compelling.
3:42 PM
That's not really open source.
The only El Shaddai I've heard of was part of a song
@FallenAngelEyes Past works by company?
Development team is led by the same guy who worked on Devil May Cry and Okami
Sounds like something I might've glancingly looked at as well as heard stories of. Nothing that really stuck, though.
Ignition Entertainment, which is apparently a British company.
It's out in Japan already, didn't know if you'd heard anything about it at all. The demo for it is now on 360 and it's just... the art direction is gorgeous and I love the smooth flow of combat.
It's so weird, but it looks great.
3:48 PM
I'm pretty sure one of my friends was making humorous remarks on it, if it's the game I think it is. No, I haven't picked it up.
Last import I got was... Otomedius, really. That was a while ago. Been a busy set of months, haha ♪
I feel like I need to own this but the NA release isn't til July and EU not til September flails
Lunch ♪
Eat well!
Speaking of which, I spilled ketchup on my navy blue T-shirt. :(
Oh well, at least it's not a dress-shirt.
It's also only a small spot, but I have a lunch meeting thingy in 6 minutes.
My vision's gotten poorer. I went through the entire list of Witcher questions and didn't notice the previously asked one. Tsk.
4:04 PM
I just cleaned out my flash drive and found a copy of Minecraft Alpha 1.1.0. Might play it for nostalgia.
Q: How do I use the Round weapon in Space Invaders Infinity Gene effectively?

FallenAngelEyesI am having difficulty getting the hang of the Round weapon in Space Invaders Infinity Gene. While the "bullet eating" effect is handy, I'm not sure how best to use it in general because of the way the bullets shoot from behind the ship. If I want to shoot an enemy coming from the upper left of t...

4:24 PM
@GraceNote Tzenes commented on one of my questions today, so he's not completely vanished.
man, I'm completely terrible at LoL
My records are 0/21/6 0/12/0 1/7/4 3/11/7 1/11/0 0/12/2 0/13/0 3/27/3 0/13/5 0/9/0
I'm always last to level up, my attacks barely ever deal more than 70, I get flanked whatever I do, I can't tell when I should push and when I should retreat ... ugh.
I buy items with gold mostly at random, I can't use runes to help myself because apparently the lesser ones are a waste of IP
I guess the problem is the guys I'm playing with are all level 30 and I play vs similarly ranked opponents.
@RavenDreamer Also provided an answer 10 hours ago. Guess he's present and just not in chat. He also just got Populus for his metallurgy class.
@badp Are you doing PVP or Coop vs. AI?
@GraceNote Those numbers are for both modes actually
"I buy items with gold mostly at random"
that sounds like a problem.
/me pulls up a chair
What heroes have you been playing, @badp?
I'd give you some tips but I think Raven's probably better at this than me.
4:32 PM
@RavenDreamer yeah, like, there's those recommended items with five lines of attribute changes
So it sounds like you're having trouble determining what items best suit your chosen champions
(Also Raven's in my timezone, so I really should grab his Summoner Name and pester him for all eternity)
(It's Orimoth)
@RavenDreamer I've tried, uh, Hemerdinger, Garen (once, was horrible), Nocturne (latest two games), Veigar (twice)
Okay, well, with the exception of Garen, you've been picking more advanced champions.
Let's back up a sec; have you played any champion that you enjoyed playing as, even if you lost?
4:35 PM
@RavenDreamer This week's rotation is not exactly newbie friendly. Some decent, but not nearly as many as two weeks ago.
Hemerdinger wasn't too bad tbh; I like placing turrets behind the inbound minions for the free effortless gold
It's the guy I got three lucky kills with turrets too in the 3/27/3 game
max turret + inner tower + upgrade + luck + luck + luck + luck
Okay. Where's the question I'm looking for. Bah!
Veigar wasn't too bad either
Nocturne is very meh. Nothing ranged at all.
Out of curiosity, was that 27 out of hyper-aggressive playstyle, or out of the other team being very mean (and ambushing you often)?
I'd bet a bit of both.
4:37 PM
@GraceNote At one point I stopped caring and started hyper aggressive to level up; apparently when you start getting killed a lot you give off very little money so I was like whatever.
So, @Badp - do you understand the mechanics of the game so far, you're just not effective?
@RavenDreamer What I really don't understand is how to handle enemy champions
There's this for the more general stuff: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/17014/…
All I know is that at any time completely at random one guy in red will get behind me make big letters fly above my champion, then deal triple-digit damage to me and then everything goes gray
Okay, Badp, I'm going to have a suggestion for you. You need to pick one champion to focus on.
4:39 PM
That's always an amusing (read: not actually amusing) experience. I still get those even with the champions I'm good with.
The more you practice with a single champion, the better a feel you should get for their abilities.
From what you mentioned, it sounds like you're having better luck with mages -- have you played Annie before? She's considered an all-around mage and easy to play, and she's pretty cheap in terms of IP as well.
I do have 2k IP I'm sitting on
oh, that's one of those that is always used on Coop vs AI
Well I would suggest you buy someone so you can keep playing them once the free champs rotate.
Annie's actually good for learning, too, what with her passive and her Q and her ult all focusing on many different key aspects (timing, lasthitting, pets)
@GraceNote - Exactly!
4:42 PM
What's her passive? The info page doesn't seem to mention it
@badp Every 5th spell she casts stuns the target for 1.5 seconds.
After 5 spells, her next offensive spell is a 1.5 second stun
She's got two AoE spells too, so she can get off an Area of Effect stun off on clustered enemies.
Two of her spells are area-of-effect (so they stun everyone), and her shield also counts as ticking it (but will not consume it, so you can safely shield even when you're at 5 spells)
oh, Annie is actually champion #1
So, @badp and @GraceNote; how'd the results of the first community promotion end up looking?
4:51 PM
@RavenDreamer Pretty solid. Jeff and Joel are beyond pleased and are interested in doing a lot more. Hence the second iteration.
I looked up a few games to recommend for the meta topic. They were all coming out in a month or two. :/
the sooner the merrier
Keep them in mind for next week's thread, then.
For some value of next week where the week coincides closer with the launch date.
Excuse me, I must go. I smell something burning...
grabs shotgun and heads downstairs to investigate
Hope it's nothing serious ♪
4:56 PM
@RavenDreamer you should only be worried if you see numbers coming up on your eyes, such as '100'
or '6/24'
6 shots in barrel, 24 in backpack.
hey there
5:00 PM
'ey, M'vy
whassup, your @Grace?
@badp I ponder whether this is pronounced with an abbreviated stop so strong you don't pronounce the M, or that it extends the M sound so hard it extends longer.
@GraceNote In my head the M was extended, but I'll leave you freedom of interpretation
@Mana Pondering what Champion to consider next.
5:01 PM
Mana hasn't talked to me once since he found out that I suck at LoL. That really must be uncool.
Also trying to figure out whether my app is erroring out, or just not doing anything at all.
I'll soothe my wounds with a shower.
Which server?
@badp Fine. Hi.
@Mvy badp's EU, I'm US. Pick one for it forever determines to whose allegience you stand.
5:03 PM
Hint: US.
I'm already on Eu since all my friend are
(and I'm in France so to have good ping, I need EU)
Ah, then it's a no brainer.
But yes, that's too bad we can't change at will
Y'know, now that I think about it, Portal has completely ruined the ability to run the "Cake or death?" sequence on modern gamers.
@GraceNote That's always fun.
5:04 PM
Yeah, that's annoying.
I get to have loads of fun doing that when I find this Source game server extension this weekend.
At least it had better be completed sometime this weekend. >:/
You'll be like "Cake or death?" and they'll be like "lol still alive aperture science do what we must because lemons" and then you feel like punching babies.
BTW someone know if we have a twitter account for gaming blog?
@Mana I see your rage meter is pleasurably filled
@Mvy To my knowledge, no.
5:08 PM
I'm dumb.
@Mana Then the definition of 'pleasurably' has changed.
Just finished chapter 4 of The Witcher (the original). It was a pretty big let-down after what I thought was a very well orchestrated chapter 2. Hopefully things don't continue downhill.
@bwarner :(
5:31 PM
@Powerlord Turns out it was just not doing anything.
@GraceNote Whoops.
Apparently, group.Users.Remove(i) does nothing when group.RemoveUser(i) does.
That is some confusing logic.
Wait. No. group.RemoveUser(i) does nothing, either.
I'm sure there's an illogical explanation.
Has the ith user had bacon for breakfast? That might be why.
5:36 PM
group.RemoveUser(bacon) might work LOL
@badp Vegetarian.
Ugh, I'm trying to look through this code and remember where I left off yesterday... I wish I'd marked my place with a comment or something
Q: Fire Imp teleport space

ArkiveIn Terraria, how much space is required for a fire imp to spawn/teleport? So far, I've kept my hellstone mine restrited to either 3 tiles high or 2 tiles wide, and I haven't had any trouble until I attempt to mine a large patch of hellstone. So what is the minimum required space for an imp? It mu...

Q: Manual for Age of Wonders?

penyuanI've got a copy of the original Age of Wonders game. Is there a place online where I can find the manual for it? Thanks.

I feel as though @Powerlord's usage of the word bacon is our version of Reddit's waffles/carrots meme.
Okay. This change works but makes absolutely no sense.
5:49 PM
Oh hey... I think one of the translations I thought I was going to have to do a lot of work to do I won't... because it's part of core.phrases.txt
@Mana What happened to your head? :O
I've changed it from using a for loop to reverse-iterate the users to remove, to casting the group as an IEnumerable and iterating forwards. It has absolutely no reason to work differently. No reason at all.
@Powerlord Long story.
@GraceNote That's .NET for you.
5:51 PM
@Powerlord SharePoint moreso, I imagine.
(Not that Java is any better when it comes to weird quirks)
@GraceNote Ew, SharePoint?
@Powerlord Job's a job.
@GraceNote That sentence was physically painful to read.
Damn it, no, I can't just use core.phrases... it's common.phrases that's guaranteed not to change. >:/
consoles Powerlord
5:53 PM
I literally have a point in the code where I run a while(true) loop inside of a try-catch to determine, by catching an error, that an item has finished deleting itself.
That reminds me of working with Swing in Java and suddenly having to study threading to understand why my program was randomly failing sometimes.
Now I feel dumb for forgetting entirely what it was doing.
Q: Twitter account for gaming.blogoverflow.com

M'vyI've been seeing the statistics for gaming blog this evening. It seems that all visitors come from chat rooms. (And some blogoverflow.com today since Rebecca has been announcing it all day :D) Would it be possible to use the @StackGaming twitter account to promote new posts on the blog? Or woul...

These are the stories I'm supposed to remember so I can be like "haha yeah man these are my programming scars"
@Mana Three years later and you'll be forgetting a whole lot more than that ♪
5:56 PM
Is...is that a threat? :(
@Mana My college had a Programming Languages class with an academically-developed language that consisted entirely of recursive statements.
@Mana More like something to drain all of your hopes and aspirations away into wispy, delightful pabulum ♪
@Grace Oh, don't worry, that's already been done by the summer.
Also because my memories of programming in college appear to be limited to Space Stalin.
@GraceNote Space... Stalin?
I know of Rainbow Stalin but not Space Stalin.
5:59 PM
Q: How do I make the Clothier appear?

Raven DreamerTerraria just updated to 1.04, and the changelog indicates a new NPC -- a Clothier. What are the requirements to get this NPC to move in?

@Powerlord Our first game in our Game Development 1 class was "Apollo 13: The Reckoning", wherein you play the restructured Apollo 13 on a mission to the moon, fighting off Space MIGs and Space Zeppelins until you discover that the man on the moon is Stalin himself.
Who is Stalin wearing a Diving Helmet. In space. With his hat on top of the helmet.
That is...truly amazing.
How are you not an indie sensation?
The prequel was a platformer in which you play as Space Stalin taking over the moon from the Capitalist Pigs, who have transformed it into a cheese factory. You must fight your way through space rats, violent space cows, and angry goats with rocket launchers.
@Mana Because we had an Easter Egg where if you pressed the C key 6 times at the title screen, it'd display the Communist Party image and play the Ducktales theme. Also because we drove our teacher nuts.
Was the BG music for your game The Moon?
@Mana No, it was custom-written by one of our teammates.
6:05 PM
Also if Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure can become a hit I see no reason why yours can't.
I mean, Ponycorns. PONYCORNS.
@Mana Our final game (a party game) consisted of Space Stalin, Jabberjaw, and a ROFLWaffle chasing down the emailbox of our teacher and flooding it with junkmail to see who could stuff the most in there. I think that might figure into it.
Oh my god. Who came up with these ideas?
@Mana All of them were joint efforts. I blame myself for inspiring the platformer, and for weaponizing our dummy code as the motivation for the finale.
Our third game wasn't too bad, it was just a racer with a steampunk car. Nevertheless, our teacher could do nothing but sigh after seeing the "SPACE STALIN FOR '08!" bumper sticker.
Suddenly, I really want to take a Game Development course.
@GraceNote Well, gotta be consistent in the setting!
6:13 PM
@badp Aye to that.
Sounds fun :D
@Mana If you're interested in Game Development, whether or not you plan to pursue a career in it, I recommend it if your academic institution has a program for it. It's a great way not just to practice some elements of it, but also you can see what all of your classmates create.
My Game Development course consisted entirely of reading through the Unity Tutorial and copying/pasting bits of code into a Unity project to run it
The smart ones just downloaded the source code and passed bits of it in every week... -_-
@GraceNote Alright! There's also a gamedev club I'm thinking of joining.
@Mana If they do Game Jams, you really should consider attending them.
6:18 PM
They do! It seems so cool.
Just realized the song stuck in my head now is the Ducktales theme. Damn.
@Keaanu Life is like a hurricane, here in Duckburg.
burns Powerlord's house down with the bacon
@Mana You're part of the problem, Maaaaaaaaaaaaana.
Why would you do that? Scrooge McDuck is like the best fictional character across nigh all of creative pursuits.
6:30 PM
Because every time I think of Ducktales I think of Scrooge McDuck's annoying...nephews, I think they were?
Yes, the three were his nephews.
@Mana Great-nephews or something, because they're Donald's nephews, and Donald is Scrooge's nephew.
Scrooge McDuck is bar-none the best character ever.
ah, I see.
Because heaven forbid they be Donald's CHILDREN back in the 60s or whenever they were created/
@Mana I'm glad you're intelligent. ♪
6:32 PM
I'm surprised they didn't come up with an excuse to have Daisy Duck's nieces (April, May, and June) on Ducktales.
@GraceNote It's only an impression I like to give off, unfortunately.
Don't MAKE me use my wand of lightning bolts on you. >:(
I can only hear the music. Please make it stop.
@Keaanu Jazz will be deployed in 3...2...1...
...okay. I've just replaced that IEnumerable I mentioned earlier, with the old reverse iterating for loop? It works now.
6:36 PM
@GraceNote We call that Schrodinger's Bug.
@Mana I thought it was the Heisenbug.
@Mana I was not aware that bacon spontaneously combusted.
Perhaps you should Look Around You more.
Only if you believe.
6:44 PM
Failing tests. :(
@ThomasMcDonald Thermite Roasted Bacon surely does.
@GraceNote I'll have to look out for that one, thanks.
Every time I think I'm being nerdy @Grace out-nerds me. How does she do that?! HOW?! :(
@Mana It helps when your classmates decide that the first practical application of a thermite reaction (after learning of its existence) is "Cook bacon".
some classmates
6:46 PM
Plus it was our main chant after our wall got torn down.
Your...wall got torn down?
@Mana It's not a common occurrence for you?
can't really say it is
@Mana Every year, seniors sleep over at the school for one night of crazy awesome. Then they pull a prank on the juniors. Usually something like "Put bibs/pacifiers/baby bottles on their chairs for morning assembly" or "Move the junior cubbies to a different room"
We just built a wall to block off their cubbies.
Practical solution.
6:49 PM
Four of the boys worked with the school's maintenance crew to plan that out for nights in advance until they finally erected it on the night of the sleepover.
Naturally, the thing you should do after such an accomplishment is just chant "Wall! Wall! Wall!" at various points in time during the next 96 hours.
Unfortunately, this tradition has probably been permanently squelched on account of the campus being torn to shreds by last week's tornado.
I like the way you recount these things.
@Mana Thank you ♪
The GitHub events timeline is really impractical, one half of the events in it are commits or issues on node.js, the other half is commits or issues on rails, and the rest of the events are on the 70 other repositories & 7 users I follow.
@Thomas You're talking about a site that until about a week ago didn't let users block people from adding them into their projects.
GitHub has a lot of impractical features; the events timeline is just one of many.
6:56 PM
@Mana Which was only an issue on 1 occasion before last week.
@Mana However, for all it's failings, it's bloody useful.
"2." "What?" "2. Occasions."
I agree though. A good GitHub is probably the most useful thing someone seeking a job can have.
It's also pretty useful for deployments. git push origin master && cap deploy
Admittedly, that would work across any Git host.
oh man @Fabian I just can't get used to your new avatar
6:59 PM
I didn't even realize that was Fabian until you mentioned it.
I'm actually looking at switching to Bitbucket for my private repositories though, unlimited private repositories for free? Yes please.
@Mana It's just the symbol for "toxic"
Where'd your Blue Marble gooooo :(
It makes me feel threatened for some weird reason.
I was considering to go with the dead fish
oh god
7:01 PM
@Mana Everyone knows that reality marbles have no chance of sustained existence, since all of creation itself rebels against their very presence.
@Mana The blue marble was EARTH!
@Thomas is it not possible to set up a git server of your own?
@Mvy Yeah, mostly just convenience though.
@Fabian Is that the symbol for "dangerous to environment"?
7:01 PM
@Keaanu Yes
Okay, I have no intention of going through those 37 emails tonight. closes Sparrow
@Fabian Effective.
@Fabian and so was The Blue Marble
@Mana Okay, didn't know it was called that.
But my current avatar might make moderating somewhat more effective, let the Skeptics fear me ;-) muhahahaha
@badp They credited the wrong guy for one of the saxxy video runners-up, and so guess what they gave him. A saxxy Yeah, they removed it later
7:04 PM
Which surely negates the point of them in the first place
@Fabian That was the logic that made me almost consider Sikieiki or stick with just Clarino for my gravatar.
@Grace Flandre also might have worked.
@Mana I don't really think Flandre is a good symbol for someone with a supervision job.
I don't see anything wrong here.
Mod said : DON'T
7:07 PM
@Mana I'm the good cop.
Oh, I see. @badp, I found your new avatar, then.
badp's a good cop, too.
Some people have two devils on their shoulders instead of an angel and a devil. So it's not unheard of to have 3 good cops.
That said, I'm still the 3rd most powerful mole.
Well, Gaming is a pretty quiet place, you didn't need a bad cop yet ;-)
kicks Fabian into a wall YOU WANNA REPEAT THAT, PUNK?!
Fabian's got a ♦. We could consider Fabian our bad cop if necessary. ♪
7:16 PM
anyways bbl, drum practice ♪
Did you all bounded the note character on your keyboards lol :D
@Mvy Hold alt, and type 13 on your keypad
@Mvy 14 for some double-note action
Well Ok forgot about the alt-thingy
@Mvy It's a handy little trick. I use it in "touché" (alt+130)
And, of course,
▲ ▲
7:24 PM
Well I'm french... so do need it. Already in my keymap :P
@Mana That'd look like I impersonated you.
The D: feeling is quite similar.
7:40 PM
@GraceNote does not compute
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