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6:35 AM
Q: Tag merge & synonym request: Diablo tags

galacticninjaAs per community consensus in the meta post "https://gaming.meta.stackexchange.com/q/12181/4797", we should use the official spelling of the game title in the tags whenever possible, instead of replacing Roman numerals with Arabic numerals. In line with the meta post, I request that the following...

6:52 AM
Q: Why are purple slugs appearing when I kill enemies?

StevoisiakOn one of my Dead Cells runs, whenever I killed an enemy a small purple slug with mushrooms on its head would appear. It would follow me around for a few seconds before exploding. Why are these purple slugs appearing? Do they do anything?

3 hours later…
9:28 AM
Q: Why would I want to hit myself with a Face Flask?

StevoisiakAfter examining a Buddha Statue I found a Face Flask. The description makes it sound very unhelpful. Crush a flask on your forehead dealing low damage to yourself. What is the purpose of a Face Flask? Why would I want to deal damage to myself?

2 hours later…
11:40 AM
and for the next episode of "They are just a bunch of pathetic clowns"....
@Nzall I've grown to love it actually
it's an annoying game mechanic for sure but
Thanks to whoever made that april fool for reminding me that consoles are still 3 patches behind even after Edmund promise of "console update will drop before end of march"
assorted hissing noises
@SPArcheon Like, all consoles, or just that one version that is in publishing hell?
12:10 PM
@Nzall all consoles.
to put it into context:
2022-12-08 Patch v1.7.9b
2022-11-11 Patch v1.7.9a
2022-11-04 Patch v1.7.9
2022-03-25 Patch v1.7.8a
2022-03-21 Patch v1.7.8
2021-12-06 Patch v1.7.7a
2021-12-03 Patch v1.7.7
2021-11-16 Patch v1.7.6
2021-11-10 Patch v1.7.5
console version is stuck on 1.7.7 or 1.7.8, can't remember right now.
Last month during a stream Edmund got the inconvenient question again, and again they promised "it is coming this month!"
Month ended.
No patch.
I just want the gfuel game mode
I guess it is still better than being a PS3 MINECRAFT player, but it is still quite annoying
(note: if you don't get this... Minecraft on ps3 was limited to a 864 × 864 world)
The fuck? I've seen handmade buildings in MC that were bigger
@Nzall console version back then was pure utter trash.
Now, it is STILL trash compared to PC since no one plays VANILLA Minecraft anyway, but at least it has almost all the features
@Nzall and just for sake of it, you probably already realized that but that means that the whole world would fit in a single map.
Even better, with a world so small, you probably wouldn't even get all the biomes
and good luck having a desert temple and a sea temple in the same world.
Oh, and obviously there is no "upgrade" to console Minecraft. So, if you had the limited ps3 version you would have to buy it again to play a less limited game on ps4 and then again to play the actual vanilla version on ps5.
Worst part ? I think the saved games were compatible. So you could upload your save to PSN on PS3 and continue it on the PS4 version.
12:26 PM
Isn't the world part of the save?
@Nzall Never really dug into that, I think it would "convert" the world to expand it. So I think you would get a larger map with the old one on a corner/center/whatever
1:23 PM
And a small correction:
> On September 20, 2017, the Xbox One Edition was withdrawn from the Microsoft Store, in conjunction with Bedrock Edition's Better Together Update. People who owned it were entitled to download the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft for free. [CUT] This also happened with the Nintendo Switch Edition on June 21, 2018, and PlayStation 4 Edition on December 10, 2019
this should be the only instance of a "free" upgrade given out
But please, just refer to the wiki, I could be wrong
That said, if you had the limited ps3 version you were expected to buy the ps4 version at full price.

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