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7:18 AM
Wordle 220 X/6

Wordle 220 4/6*

7:34 AM
@SPArcheon oh no
1 hour later…
8:50 AM
@badp useful to force you in learning that anachronistic alphabet.
.... Not that it will do you much good when every real world text uses KANJI meaning that every single word is a different picture...
9:03 AM
@SPArcheon anachronistic?
@badp just a personal rant, sorry.
I meant that while I can understand a language specific alphabet (while I would hope that in 2022 humankind would finally agree on a common way to write - but that is just an utopia) the whole idea behind kanji seems... something you want to stop using yesterday.
9:31 AM
an ootopia?
2 hours later…
11:28 AM
so... Pokemononster Hunter will be out this week...
11:53 AM
Wordle 220 6/6

Hmm, Geoguessr has changed their free offering. Instead of 1 game per day, you now can play for 5 consecutive minutes every 15 minutes, and most modes allow you to finish your game if the timer expires during the game
12:26 PM
> Presenting a #FFXIV-style map of Australia and New Zealand to celebrate the launch of the Oceanian data center, Materia! 🗺️✨

Download the map in high resolution here! ➡️ http://sqex.link/FFXIV_ANZ_map
lol, New Zealand with Mount Doom
though atleast it has New Zealand
Wordle 220 5/6

Wordle 220 4/6

12:54 PM
I don't want to work, I just wanna stay in my bed all day
1:29 PM
@MBraedley F
I've started using RAISE as my starting word instead of ARISE, since apparently it has better letter positioning
I use a different word every time for no particular reason
@Wipqozn oh right, because AFAIK Wordle doesn't have every single English 5 letter word, only about 2500 common or so, so based on the words list some letters might have more common distribution in that list
Yeah I think you can guess any word, but the answer is limited
@Nzall Correct
@Ronan Apparently the answers are all available by just examining the page in your console
1:32 PM
Like today's answer?
Although that would completely ruin the point
@Ronan All answers apparently, in the past and the future
@Wipqozn No, not today's answer, but you can find the entire list of acceptable words in main.js, on line 1118-9
It switches over based on the users local time, so it makes sense
@Nzall Apparently it's ordered?
Yeah, it's alphabetical
I haven't checked myself, for obvious reasons, but saw it on reddit
1:34 PM
At least, one of the lists is
@Nzall oh okay they changed it then
It looks like it's in order but skips some?
Hopefully I don't remember that list
1:49 PM
@Nzall It uses a dictionary of over 10,000 words which are valid guesses, but only ~2500 of them will ever be a solution.
2:11 PM
@Ronan same
Wordle 220 5/6*

only knowing two letters and their positions four guesses in feels kinda tense
@Wipqozn I use PAINT, although given RSTLNE, I'm thinking of using SAINT instead
dumb, that's a 6 letter word
What's the worst word to start with though?
depends. i think a QU word might be bad because you're unlikely to get hits, but when you do, it makes it later guesses a lot easier
2:26 PM
Knowing whether there's a U is still a reasonable amount of info thugh
But yeah QUICK seems like a good contender
Or maybe QUEUE
@Yuuki Its always annoying when you hit a random K or Z or X
WRYLY might be the worst non-QU guess i can think of
Like yesterday's Knoll
in fact, might be worse than a QU guess
I hit that K early and my brain broke
2:29 PM
You never heard of the Grassy Knoll that features prominently in JFK conspiracy theories?
i mean, it's not something i spend most of my time thinking of. and if i did, i doubt we'd be having this conversation
for various reasons
@Yuuki I don't know the word list contains Xysts
@Nzall as a guess or as an answer? although if the it's the latter, i suppose it'd be both
It contains the word Xysts
oh, even better
3 different letters, one of them is the rarest vowel, and one of the other 2 is one of the rarest consonants
Arg, why don't my media keys work for YouTube Music anymore?
3:08 PM
oh, it's Windows I think
3:19 PM
honestly, i don't think hard mode actually makes wordle harder. it might make coming up with guesses harder, but i think you're far more likely to guess the right answer within the limit with hard more on
I didn't even know Worldle HAD a hardmode. What does it do?
@Nzall you have to use all current information in a guess. if you have a letter in the correct position, it has to be in your next guess in the right position
it prevents you from scouting letters, but it tightens up your guesses
There's a bug where you can guess a yellow letter in the same place again though, I did that by mistake today
@Yuuki I dont use it but I always felt its also the best way to play. So you dont waste a guess with things unrelated
2 hours later…
5:25 PM
Wordle 220 3/6

I start my wordle with POWER
then my brain spends 10 minutes like "are there even words without an E"
@badp well, according to @Yaakov there are plenty of questions... not so much for answers though.
Either way, try with this.
Gadsby is a 1939 novel by Ernest Vincent Wright which does not include any words that contain the letter E, the most common letter in English. A work that deliberately avoids certain letters is known as a lipogram. The plot revolves around the dying fictional city of Branton Hills, which is revitalized as a result of the efforts of protagonist John Gadsby and a youth organizer. Though vanity published and little noticed in its time, the book has since become a favorite of fans of constrained writing and is a sought-after rarity among some book collectors. Later editions of the book have sometimes...
5:51 PM
@badp I start with STERN
6:50 PM
I do RAISE into OUTBY (depending on how well RAISE does).
@SaintWacko Your best second guess is probably QUAIL then, but that still misses the O
Eh, I don't have a fixed second guess
In hard mode you usually can't use the same word
i don't usually bother hitting all the vowels
7:31 PM
Sorry, my audio dropped out. My louie's cat kept miaou-ing, so I had to bid adieu to my ouija
(also, that's a bunch of 4 vowel wordle words)
8:03 PM
@SaintWacko Yeah I don't do hard mode since I'm lame, but I only really do OUTBY if I only get 1 match, and it wasn't a vowel.
12x xp is so fast
8:19 PM
@Wipqozn Start with AROSE, if that doesnt hit much PRICE
8:36 PM
@Fredy31 I used to do ARISE, but r/wordle seems to think RAISE is better becasue of letter positing
whatever you do... theres always a community on reddit minmaxing the shit out of it
9:11 PM
@Wipqozn the hell is OUTBY
I usually open with AEONS because it has good vowel coverage
@Fredy31 I've been avoiding any of that lol
@badp No fucking idea
I was looking for words with OU and Y
And apparantly it's a word that exists
Looks like it's used on coal mining
9:31 PM
@Wipqozn Ouchy
@ToxicFrog My first 'regular first guess' was AEGIS. Thanks Age of Empires II
9:46 PM
last recall is still really good
runecrafting is now super fast
go to zmi runecraft altar->teleport to tob bank or similar->bank->recall->repeat
10:38 PM
Q: Can I play multiplayer on two consoles with game from the same account?

TravelerVihaanMy brother shared with me his PSN account and set my console as primary to allow me to play his games. Sometimes I play games from his PSN account, but I'm logged on to my PSN account all the time. A few days ago he suggested playing co-op in one of his games. Is it possible to play co-op in game...

11:31 PM
Q: Can I keep using my Xbox One offline indefinitely without updating (after updating this one last time)?

kwantumtl;dr version: I haven't connected my Xbox One to the Internet for years, and it still plays all my old Kinect games perfectly. But I have a new game (NHL 2021) that won't install unless I update it. My question to you Arqade readers is: if I connect my Xbox One to the Internet again to update ...


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