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5:38 AM
5:49 AM
Wordle 219 3/6

(Wordle super-hard mode: guess the word using only the colors that people post in this room)
6:16 AM
Wordle 219 5/6

Lack of sleep the last few days has allowed me to get a leg up on wordle
where are you guys playing wordle btw? the one i'm using doesn't seem to have the same export functionality
4 hours later…
10:00 AM
10:24 AM
@Yuuki powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle is the original
Wordle 219 6/6*


I got so stuck on the last guess took me like 10 minutes, but luckily it was the only word it could have been
10:49 AM
yeah! it took me ages to figure out what the first two letters could be!
Wordle 219 5/6

@Yuuki click on the "share" button.
11:03 AM
Wordle 219 4/6

didn't even know that was a dictionary word
the [] is probably the most famous []
I thought a [] was a dnd creature
like a kobold but worse?
I know what you mean. it could be. I'll just check the PHB
who would be the pointy haired boss here
@Wipqozn I suppose
players hand book
11:12 AM
we'll have @Wipqozn put browsing the player hand book on the backlog for [] and maybe put it into the upcoming sprint
get back to you in 2-3 weeks, if the story gets picked up
gotta stay agile
nothing in the monster manual
ah! there's a []
maybe that's what we're thinking of
certainly stronger than kobolds
11:28 AM
for some reason you reminded me of this old book
11:46 AM
sound like a good bunch of Goblins
Wordle 219 5/6

Probably wouldn't have guessed it without that tip
but it's a common word though
There's a VERY famous one in Dallas
12:04 PM
....so, confess...
Q: Check for moon phase with commands?

Wicked GrinnI want to check what phase the moon is in, on any given night. I know that every 7 in-game days is a full cycle and the fuller the moon is the higher the difficulty of mobs and such. I'm working on a simple datapack that sometimes makes mobs spawn as stronger mobs, and thought it would be cool to...

who of you guys did this?
> The father was extremely upset about this, and decided to discipline the child by making him pay back the one million bells (as Animal Crossing’s in-game currency is called) in virtual monetary damage he’d caused. He’s not allowed to quit playing the game before that, and presumably not allowed to play any other games on the Switch either.
2 hours later…
2:00 PM
@Wipqozn I switched it on just for you, turtle
I figured, if I'm sharing the stuff, I might as well share it in a way you can look at it
2:12 PM
there's apparently a snowpiercer tv series now?
2:22 PM
@badp <3
@badp My hair is pretty pointy this morning
2:39 PM
@badp but also, I can actually see the export colours just fine. The actual game colours are the ones I have trouble with.
glad to know I worried about your turtle eyes for nothing 😾
3:37 PM
Wordle 219 5/6

@MattE.Эллен Haha, that was the first thing I tried. The I changed it to the spelling it accepted :P
@SaintWacko Was my tip about Dallas any help?
@Nzall I mean, I had solved the puzzle before I came in here, but it would have been lol
@Yuuki I've been watching it. It's really good
I didn't really get why you guys were talking about alternative spellings for small sized D&D creatures when there was a much more well known definition for the word that anyone who was taught 20th century history would probably at least have heard
Yeah, but we're gamers
@Ronan my slight annoyance is that i can't do multiple wordles in one day
speaking of puzzles though, here's a more math(s)-oriented one that i've been having fun with: kenkenpuzzle.com
3:53 PM
@Yuuki The original was specifically designed that way to avoid players investing excessive amounts of time into the game
easiest 50 league points and 3 sages renown in the game
(mory 3 and agility have a lot of points, each floor of hallowed sepulchre is a hard task)
4:21 PM
@Nzall that's fair, although i wish i could at least go through archives
4:44 PM
@Nzall I'm not aware of any [] of significance
@Nzall Which I thoroughly appreciate
5:05 PM
@badp the Grassy [] doesn't mean anything to you?
Though I admit it's probably more of an American centric significant [], considering what happened there
didn't know about that, nop
@badp So you didn't know what the Grassy [] is, but you looked it up after I mentioned it, I assume?
also, it's somewhat annoying having to skirt around the Wordle word every day because you don't want to spoil the puzzle
5:38 PM
...they should add some stamina mechanics and / or lootboxes for additional letters.
6:05 PM
"congratulations, your puzzle might now contain the letter א"
7:15 PM
Wordle 219 5/6

Aka i had 2 weird letters and figured basically the one word that fitted
God that game is complex when you hit a random Z, X, W, Q, K
Q: Screenshot of the Week #57

WipqoznHello and welcome to the 57th edition of the Screenshot of the Week! To start with, congratulations to the winner of the previous contest! arghtype's picture of Helios from returnal won with 12 upvotes! To submit a screenshot, simply post it as an answer to this question, but please take note o...

2 hours later…
9:22 PM
Q: Inconsistent priority given to some buy orders on Steam Market

WokI have been using Steam Market for some years. Several times in the past, I have been surprised by: the priority seemingly given to some buy orders which were lower than the bid, even though the item in question was a commodity. For reference, this is how "commodity" items are described on the ...


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