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1:00 AM
@Unionhawk I'm going to try to cheese Underground Pass and Regicide with last recall
7 hours later…
7:46 AM
Wordle 221 3/6

🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧 luck%
8:09 AM
Wordle 221 5/6

It's really challenging if you do a four vowel word as your first guess and get no hits at all, but I managed
Absurdle 11/∞


and that's Absurdle as well
2 hours later…
10:08 AM
I caved and wrote a wordle helper. It does take the fun out of it somewhat.
It only looks at the keyboard, rather than the game board, so letter position is not taken into account
4 hours later…
2:06 PM
Wordle 221 4/6

Damn that answer just hit me in the face out of nowhere
had letters 1-2 and 5, and then it was figuring out what the fuck matched that
2:24 PM
@MattE.Эллен This kinda feels like missing the point of a puzzle
@Nzall its definitely a cheat. but really, sometimes it jusst doesnt come to you
and basically it makes the puzzle figuring out the letters and not just knowing the dictionary
Wordle 221 5/6*

the biggest clue was probably letters 2 & 3, that cut down a lot of possible words
@Nzall I got the itch to hack it, what can I say
I made a quick script to play the game a few weeks back, but it just picks possible answers randomly with no consideration as to which words give you the most info
Even with that it still basically always wins in less than 6
twitter.com/TomTaylorMade/status/1486034707762806785 This thread is amazing. Summary: people were heckling Superman: Son of Kal-El claiming issue #6 sold poorly in December after the title character came out as bisexual in issue #5. Turns out the reason it didn't sell in December was because it didn't release until January 4th
2:42 PM
@Nzall i'm more concerned that there's apparently a batman fortnite comic
dc might just be overindexing a little too much on batman
dr who in Eve. batman in fortnight
what next? jessica fletcher in uncharted?
Barney in Ark
Rincewind in WoW
@Batophobia lol
3:05 PM
Q: Skyward Sword HD - Stuck without song for the harp

uncoveryI have recently resumed Skyward Sword on Nintendo Switch and lost my trail in the adventure on how to proceed: I have directed both windmills on Skyloft and therefore raised the tower. I realized I am supposed to play a melody but do not know how. I read to press "up" on the left controller to a...

3:46 PM
I never thought being a Redditor would help me with fixing bugs at work...
4:00 PM
For clarification: I have a string that needs to be escaped for Javascript usage, but along the way it gets stored in a Struts2 component that undoes part of the Javascript escaping, so I need to double escape the part that gets unescaped, which is pretty much how the Shrug Face emoji works
1 hour later…
5:05 PM
I find it funny every time someone trys to explain why something failed as 'only because they put some gay shit in there' or something.

Here its the funniest, because literally their stat means nothing, but every time you could point to a lot other factors.

Get over yourself. Superman is a shredded man in a tight bodysuit. If thats not triggering your line of 'too gay for consumption' but a character living their true identity does, idk what to tell you
3 hours later…
8:04 PM
OH NO! Discord is down!
8:38 PM
can (still) repro
I'm in a voice channel rn
Q: Is there a way to tell how much extra heal and shield power you have?

Pink_killer2I am playing Soraka in League of Legends and her main role is to heal her allies, so shes buys items to help. Some of the best items for Soraka are items that give more healing power for example the item Redemption:Redemption LoL item If you look at the third stat it gives it says, +20% heal and ...

9:09 PM
Absurdle 9/∞

i hate how many -over words there are

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