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12:42 AM
Q: When playing multiplayer, whose resources do you see?

Fredy31I was wondering: if I need to farm a particular resource (ores, flowers), and I've looted pretty much every instance of it on the map, can I join another player's world and get their instances of that resource? So I want to know: when playing in another player's world, whose instances of resource...

12:59 AM
@Unionhawk I will be! First League
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9:33 AM
Q: Does the Archivist actually delete my file if its card dies?

StevoisiakDuring my fight with the The Archivist, they asked me to to select the oldest file saved on my computer. The Archivist turned my file into a card and said it would be deleted if the card died. I won the fight without my card dying, so I never found out: Would The Archivist have actually deleted m...

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1:35 PM
Microsoft has purchased Activision Blizzard news.xbox.com/en-us/2022/01/18/…
That was, uh, unexpected
For 68.7 billion reuters.com/technology/…
Huuuuh o.o
@Wipqozn Just saw this on one of my Discord servers
2:34 PM
@Wipqozn Holy shit
Guess they got a good price from the fact that Blizz is in a shitshow of lawsuits
jeeez. that's a surprise
@Fredy31 almost 70 billion is still a huge deal
@MadScientist Its still huge, dont get me wrong. But I guess before the scandal it could have been a 100 bil or more
that's massive
will they keep Kotik?
judging by the lineup in the article, I guess not!
3:01 PM
TIL Blizzard owned Candy Crush
Wonder if it will come to Game Pass now
> Bobby Kotick will continue to serve as CEO of Activision Blizzard.
@Batophobia me too!
> Until this transaction closes, Activision Blizzard and Microsoft Gaming will continue to operate independently. Once the deal is complete, the Activision Blizzard business will report to [Phil Spencer] as CEO, Microsoft Gaming.
so, looks like Kotick is leaving?
on the SidAlpha Discord someone was saying how after the deal was finalized between Zenimax and Microsoft Todd Howard got moved off from Bethesda as he's currently on an Indiana Jones project being made by MachineGames and Lucasfilm Games
though equally possible Kotick could retire with a golden handhsake
I mean he will
3:12 PM
though if he did, i want him fisted with that golden handshake first
at some point
it's clear that nobody is interested in dismantling the structures he built
at this point
@Unionhawk I mean they make shareholders money, so shareholders don't think a problem actually exists.
with all the companies Microsoft is owning in the games industry there could be concerns depending on how much control Microsoft exerts. they could implement something like the Cross-Platform bans that Phil Spencer wanted to see, eg. get banned in Overwatch and you're banned in Doom Eternal regardless if it's on PC or XBox
though that still wouldn't work on Sony and Nintendo consoles so could be evaded, just depends on how "exclusive" Microsoft would want
I mean isn't this how VAC works
or no
3:24 PM
i would assume VAC just works for Steam Games. but since games on Steam can also connect to Microsoft you could do something like VAC that affects games on Steam and Epic
or atleast Microsoft Games
another concern is that while Phil Spencer has spoken out against them. multiple companies under a single company could make implementing NFTs easier
@Memor-X The Microsoft announcement explicitly mentioned the Metaverse, so yeah
I still think Microsoft just wanted it's own Smash Bros. and it just buying the character roster
@Batophobia Imagine getting every single Xbox character into Heroes of the Storm
Microsoft sets up a department for Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and NFTs which then have smaller departments in each company that handles implementation of an NFTs. they get funded by Microsoft and the sales go to them thus eliminating the added costs that Activision or Bethesda would need to put in to implement, just would just need to give Microsoft Employees access to the engine
@Batophobia Sheogorath VS Tracer VS Karigan VS Marcus
the latter 3 fight like normal and Sheogorath just stand there waiting before burying the stage in cheese wheels
4:32 PM
5:24 PM
6:14 PM
Three months. Nicalis version of the Binding of Isaac Europe DLC still doesn't work on the physical edition of the game with the excuse that it was made by different publisher. Edmund is never to be heard again after the initial promises that it would be fixed soon.
In the meantime, Nintendo Europe Web version of the store is still missing the warning that the DLC only works with the DIGITAL version of the game
This is all for today edition of "Nicalis is Horrible". We will be back in a month to shame them again if this does not change.
6:51 PM
Cursed picture of the day:
What's cursed about it?
Gravel blocks should fall, but the hanging lantern keeps it up?
@SPArcheon You know Edmund McMillen doesn't do the actual work on Repentance, right? There has been actual movement on this issue. Tyrone Rodriguez, the executive producer on the game, announced in December that they had a patch to fix it but would not be able to publish it until later. That "later" was actually today, but unfortunately there are apparently still issues, which he said that they are investigating.
@murgatroid99 see previous messages
What are you talking about?
7:04 PM
Not December. It was at least the 4 November when they started "talking about patch"
Dec 21 '21 at 15:20, by SPArcheon
Dec 2 at 17:47, by SPArcheon
(if anyone wonders, talking about this mess-up)
I'm not talking about when they "started talking about a patch". I'm talking about this tweet from December 14 that says
"PSA: Good news and bad news!
We got approval for the Afterbirth+ EU physical patch that will allow you to play Repentance on you Switch cart.

The bad news is the earliest we're allowed to release it is 1.18.22. But we did it and you're all awesome! xoxo"
as for the Edmund part, mentioned him because of this.
Sure, Edmund is involved in this, but it's unreasonable to equate Edmund not saying anything further with the company responsible for it being radio silent.
For the other reference, the tweet about investigating issues with that patch is this one from an hour and a half ago.
yep, watch the end of that....
BTW, this is not Edmund fault but it is also still worth saying that the thing is STILL region locked.
Most EU games bought the import NTSC version since the PAL one was delayed for about... 6 months at least IF my memory servers
But yep, region locked dlc is still standard issue for some obscure reason
1980 called and asked if we could region lock the games too again
"the repentance front page on the eshop still has the warning saying it doesnt [sic] work on physyczl [sic] copies". Wasn't the lack of such a warning one of the main complaints you had? Which is it?
7:15 PM
@murgatroid99 Read my post again, would you?
> In the meantime, Nintendo Europe Web version of the store is still missing the warning that the DLC only works with the DIGITAL version of the game
you get a different page if you access the store from the Switch console or from a computer web browser
Oh, I didn't see that that was a different thing
the Switch version has the warning, the web one doesn't
Or, to be completely honest - it did this Sunday. Don't know if anything changed today
will let you know in a few hours
but yep, the store issue I guess it is only up to Nintendo not managing their own store appropriately
They probably won't change the web store page now that it is supposed to be compatible with the physical game.
7:33 PM
@murgatroid99 correct, but they should fix the Switch version of the page. Seem they didn't yet
2 hours later…
9:24 PM
Per WSJ Kotick set to leave Blizzard/Activision when the microsoft buyout is complete in 2023.
@Fredy31 Note: AFAIK they mean Fiscal Year 2023, which starts on July of this year.
10:16 PM
@Fredy31 I'm sure he'll get a huge severance.

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