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7:07 AM
@Wipqozn Apparently his severance after a takeover would be a little under 300M
2 hours later…
8:52 AM
@murgatroid99 I can now confirm that the two versions of the store page are still misaligned.
the DLC still has problems, I don't get if this is because the patch didn't go live as expected or because the patch is bugged too.
Yes, that's the thread I linked earlier
All I can get is that now the EU physical game apparently has an ADS on the title screen that .. points to nothing.
(both pictures taken from twitter threads)
1 hour later…
10:21 AM
Sometime... I find myself thinking that someday I will discover that all these builds were not done "manually"... like a tool existed that converted 3d models to Minecraft builds.
.... ok, I should have known...
3 hours later…
1:42 PM
Some people apparently spawned in the league world with max capes
> 📣 Due to issues with League save profiles, we are going to be shutting the game down very shortly.

Unfortunately, we are required to perform a rollback to just before the launch of Leagues III.

Apologies for the inconvenience and we will update you with more information soon.
@Unionhawk Honestly, that's probably for the best
does that mean they started LEAGUES above where they should have?
I don't know how long Leagues last, but it's still better to delay the start if it means everyone starts from the same line
It's 6 weeks
Starting maxed would be mega unfun I think
It's 5x XP at the start and you can get relic fragments from skilling
@Unionhawk as in those are the bonuses of the cape?
1:51 PM
@Nzall no the league is 5x XP but it's not fun to gain XP if you're already level 99
@Unionhawk wait, what game are we talking about? Path of Exile?
I always just assume runescape
ah. runes cape, explains how they have max capes
Yeah it's the osrs league
Shattered relics
At least I'm not this guy:
(the countdown timer is the impending rollback)
@Unionhawk Yikes
2:06 PM
@Ronan yeah with @Unionhawk, always assume he's talking about Runescape @Nzall.
Not just gaming related things either
If he announced he got a new job or got engaged, he likely means in Runescape.
@Wipqozn Then who was our resident Path of Exile binger again? Fredley?
@Nzall Don't think so. @fredley mostly plays games where he can be creative.
@SaintWacko might play?
The porkchop has over 1000 hours in Factorio. What a scamp.
Also apparently the issue was worse than just Max cape on leagues
Apparently leagues profiles were overwriting main game somehow
Mains became normal Ironmen, hardcores lost status, uims became normal ironmen
@Wipqozn I will not accept a job with jagex lol
That would require moving to London
And taking a pay cut
@Unionhawk I meant you got a job in the world of Runescape
run! escape!
2:18 PM
@Unionhawk oh YIKES! Yeah, that definitely requires an instant server shutdown and rollback
I knew someone who worked for jagex, apparently it's not great...
Hell, I wouldn't even have given a server shutdown timer, given that I'd be rolling back anyway and people would lose everything anyway
@Ronan I've heard it's Really Bad
They didn't work on the actual game so maybe that's different I don't know
2:38 PM
ah here's a technical explaination for what happened:
> Some standard game worlds were to be reconfigured as League worlds.
Reconfiguration should be applied while worlds are offline, but these weren't offline, so they didn't take the new setting properly.
So they came online as a hybrid, running League code on standard game profiles.
so that's why only main game profiles need a rollback
3:16 PM
@Nzall Yeah, that's me
@Nzall I binge it every other season or so
2400 hours...
3:43 PM
@Unionhawk ETA 1600 UTC (about 15 minutes)
3 hours later…
6:36 PM
Pokemon Legends: Arceus (releases 28th) apparently leaked
6:49 PM
@Batophobia i'm so on the fence about getting this
Currently I'm at the point of not getting it at release and if the consensus isn't terrible, then I'll grab it
But Nintendo is one of the last companies I'd pre-order a game with
I'm just not super into Pokemon
i haven't really been into pokemon the last couple of generations
just doesn't feel like it's been innovating enough
Yea, my Pokemon interest basically went Red/Blue, Snap/Colosseum, X/Y, GO, Sword/Shield
I don't think I even finished X/Y, but they were still enjoyable
Although, with Emulators and the ability to speed up the game, I've started Crystal
Was also getting into the modded version, like Ash Grey
Wow i got fucked by todays wordle
Not being an english speaker makes it hard lol
7:11 PM
\o/ more queues for stuff
there can only be 1 person at a time in the witch's house shed
same as the lesser demon from last league
and also this league
there is a line to kill the lesser demon in the wizard's tower
7:27 PM
You guys are talking about queues since yesterday, and I got no clue as to what the hell are you talking about
@Batophobia The ONLY reason you should ever preorder something is if there is an exclusive reward tied to the preorder that you absolutely want, likely won't be available after release and is worth investing the money in advance for
7:53 PM
@Fredy31 HEY WHAO
Don't post the actual wordle
sorry about that, dont know why my dumb ass brain tought it was great to post my tries
Been putting in content in a website for 2 days straight, my brain is mush
and my Ctrl/C/V keys are demolished
@Fredy31 BANNED
Also, wtf is a wordle?
user has been timed out of channel
@Wipqozn Jokes aside, Wordle is a daily challenge where you got 6 tries to guess a 5 letter word. If, in your guess, a letter is right but in the wrong place, it shows up in yellow, and if its at the right place, it shows up in green
Wordle 214 X/6

(My try today)
It's really great
Also cool, the share works in the chat lol
So next time I wanna post how i get screwed by the puzzle, I can just share the result
8:01 PM
Wordle 214 5/6*

Yeah I got the last letter on the first try and was just mentally stuck on it
I hate that
Yeah, lucking into a firsts letter makes it so much easier than lucking into the last letter
and i've been doing it for 2-3 days, i always seem to hit the last letters
Is this an app or a website?
8:15 PM
@Fredy31 I did it
Fourth guess
lol click share and show us
also: new puzzle every day
dude you can just paste it here
I'm on mobile haha
well if you pasted it in a google doc you should be able to paste here?
8:18 PM
Yeah more effort than I want for mobile
anyways, just like me you lucked into the last letter, but didn't bug on it
Wordle 214 4/6

It wasn't luck. It was that the only 5 letter words I could think of all ended with the same 3 letters haha. I stumbled onto it like a fool.
And then I spent 6 minutes trying to think of words that didn't end with those 5 letters.
And then I sat stuck at my fourth and final guess for 5 minutes, and then my father looked over my shoulder and went "what are you doing?". I explained the game and then he instantly guessed the word.
Like I said I think i might have a disavantage being french canadian
because i dont know the english dictionnary like someone that spoke english from day 1
even if today's word is exactly the same in french, so i guess im just making excuses
8:45 PM
After like 6 on the archive i finally solved one
Wordle 6 6/6

3 letters on the first try, but non are at the right place was annoying
9:10 PM
how do you access the archive?
I'd better stay out of the archive lol
I'd spend all day doing them
9:46 PM
@Nzall gz on finishing endwalker
@MBraedley I found this devangthakkar.com/wordle_archive
10:01 PM
cba to re-copy my wordle result soo...
10:23 PM
Killing this lesser demon is both an easy and medium task
If someone continuously griefs the line
Let them almost kill the demon and then do some damage before it dies until they run out of runes and teleport away or get in line

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