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12:02 AM
@Yuuki Yeah, its working out really well for me
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1:14 AM
Q: Where's the Critical Hit spot on Abaddons? Found in Bounty of Blood?

MaladyWhere's the Critical Hit spot on Abaddons? Is it their mouth? Doesn't seem like it... Or is it just really tiny? Or do the Mounts have different one from the regular ones? Not like I've found the point on those either. Or are the one of the rare enemies without one? Or is it on their tail??

1:39 AM
Q: BOTW Can I save Yunobo in the Abandoned North Mine without the canon?

CenzoContext: I am playing a bow only run (I am not picking up or using any swords). I am in the Abandoned North Mine trying to save Yunobo. I know I am supposed to use the canon to blow up the red rocks to save him; however, because I am not using a sword, I am unable to move the lever for the canon....

2:30 AM
Q: What are the weak points of Abbadon Crusher mutants in Rage 2?

PausePauseWhat are the weak points of the Abadon mutants scattered around the world of Rage?

3:20 AM
Q: Why is this command to give with enchantments not working?

new userI'm trying to give myself a dead bush with OP enchants in 1.16.5, but it's not working. give @a minecraft:dead_bush{Enchantements:[{id:sharpness,lvl:3000},{id:knockback,lvl:3000},{id:sweeping_edge,lvl:3000},{id:bane_of_arthropods,lvl:3000},{id:fire_aspect,lvl:3000},{id:looting,lvl:3000},{id:smite...

3:56 AM
Q: Can we please stop using inline code for Minecraft commands?

Penguin Related: Can we please stop using block quotes for formatting Minecraft commands? Can we please stop using inline code for Minecraft commands? I notice a lot of people have been doing this, and you probably don't see it very much because I edit these a lot. If I give you a command like this: /r...

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9:39 AM
Q: How do i enable the nether in my minecraft realm

AquarioStickJuicei have tried redownloading it and trying there and i have even went into creative mode since you instantly teleport to the nether. help would be greatly appreciated

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12:49 PM
Q: Game identification question based on description from memory

DStanI was hoping to ask a game-identification question, basing my description of the text-based RPG on memory. But the tag description states: Only ask if you have a screenshot, video, or audio clip from the game you want to identify. This tag is only for identifying games in movies, pictures, video...

1:19 PM
Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony is the best shooter of 2021
Q: Mod that counts hits and crits?

YuriPimentelIs there a mod that can count the amount of times you hit and/or crit an entity and shows it to the player?

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2:47 PM
Q: Villager trades rising from trading too much

oliverthegreatIn my survival world all my villagers trade 1 stick for one emerald, and it has been like this for a while, but suddenly they demanded 2 sticks, then 3 for one emerald. I tried leaving the villagers alone for a few minecraft days, but the price didn't lower at all. Should I keep waiting or keep t...

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4:55 PM
Q: Tips on finding villages easily

DarkPhoenixCan anyone make a list of tips and methods to find a village in vanilla Minecraft Java edition 1.16 without using cheats, any third party software. I have searched but I want a list with tips and tricks that work and it would be better if more are there. Thank you!

5:52 PM
@Sterno Never even heard of it.
Oh hey, it's retro
I might actually play this
I also need to play Doom II at some point
i hate when you're only a little peckish so you get a small snack but as soon as you take a bite, your brain goes all "FOOD?!" and the f--kin' san andreas fault forms in your stomach
6:13 PM
Q: OpenTTD Loading & Unloading times

RulerOfTheWorldI'm trying to calculate the time for a train to load at a station. This website states that a full load and unload cycle takes (capacity * 2 / load_amount) days So a full load would be (capacity / load_amount) It also states that a "load amount" is loaded in these times: Trains: 40 ticks RV: 20 ...

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7:30 PM
Q: World map for Minecraft Bedrock Realms?

DigiI play on a Minecraft Realm and have one very simple question. Is it possible to have some sort of dynmap on realms for the bedrock edition of Minecraft? It doesn't need to be exactly like a regular dynmap, but just something that shows an overview of the realm map. Thanks!

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8:33 PM
@Yuuki I personally hate it when you've had a big meal at 7 PM and you're full from that, but now it's 9 PM and you think you got enough room for the dessert you skipped at 7:30 because it would have been too much, but when you finish your dessert it was actually just slightly too much and you're sitting there with a swollen feeling.
@Wipqozn I don't understand how you're supposed to get points on the illumina spots, there's a meganium and Eevee and occasionally some comfie and that hedgehog, but they just show up randomly so you end up with 2 photos and get 400 points, and I need another 30,000 to rank up
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9:39 PM
Q: How To Linke Travelnet Boxes From Singleplayer and Multiplayer?

RBlong2usI downloaded the Travlenet mod for Minetest (https://content.minetest.net/packages/Sokomine/travelnet/). The problem is that sometimes I work in Singleplayer, and later I host the game. The problem is that the travelnet boxes that I placed in multiplayer are not connected to the travelnet boxes...

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10:56 PM
Q: How to tell if friend is in battle or not

MillardWhen I see a friend is online in War Thunder, I can send a message or invite, but that is so easy to miss. The only way to get their attention is to send the invite when they are not currently in battle. I seem to recall that at one point I could mouse over their player card, and it would say s...


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