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12:00 AM
Q: Need help on rocket boots

KashwaunI have been trying to get the rocket boots for hours but all the strategies don’t work, or just take hours to do. Does anyone have an easier way?

@Nzall Correct.
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1:13 AM
Resident Evil 8 is really great. A must play if you're a fan of the series, IMO.
I also think it's waaaay better than RE7, which I had some issues with.
IT's certainly up there with the best of the series... REMake... RE2Make.. RE4...
Not sure how well it holds up to repeated playthroughs though, since I'm still on my first playthrough.
2:05 AM
Q: Can't run Minecraft on windowed mode

EuskeraSVI can run minecraft properly, but only on fullscreen. I cant switch to windowed mode, when i do, Minecraft is completely blank, black or even transparent. I don't know what to do, So could anyone please help me :(

2:59 AM
that's all the DLC included aswell
can also pikc up the other Witcher games for 85% off
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6:13 AM
Q: Command block won't execute trigger commands

too.strokeI'm attempting to create an interface that allows players without permissions to activate commands by changing their own scoreboard value, however in order for this to work i need to reset their scoreboard number after the command has executed so the command doesn't repeat. the player can use the...

7:03 AM
Q: Looking For List of Pokemon in Pokemon Outlaw

Gothamite24Been playing this hack recently and while it is pretty fun, I was wondering if there was a list of which Pokemon are obtainable, since every time I try to Google it, the only results I end up with are YouTube playthroughs of the game.

7:52 AM
you know what
I really miss interacting with people through web forums
Q: How do you link a minecraft microsoft account to twitch account

Rahul Dominic SolomonI want to stream on twitch but I don't have a Mojang account I have a Microsoft account and I can't link my accounts together does anyone know how to fix this and connect the accounts?

sending more than half a sentence of text at a time
reading more than half a sentence of text at a time
having the time and space to elaborate things through
8:06 AM
That is quite a nice thing sometimes
@SaintWacko In case you are interested. So far the second expedition seems far less annoying than the first. It could be an easy one to try.
That said, I couldn't reach the final task yet and those are encrypted, so they could hide some really grindy objectives. The only thing you can make out from the scrambled text are the names of Polo and Nada.
8:36 AM
New Play At Home batch: two sports games included this time, the rest is just booster for popular free to play titles like Rocket League and World of Tanks
Q: How to detect if ANY block is broken using command blocks in Minecraft

Crabby FishSo I want to detect if any player breaks any block using command blocks in Minecraft. I already know how to detect for specific blocks using scoreboards and the minecraft.mined criteria, but not ANY block.

oh. Wait.
@SaintWacko Errata: the final task are indeed the stupid ones. And this time they are community based, so double the stupid.
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10:23 AM
Q: Is it possible to have a tilable full chest detection in this scenario?

FedericoI have a 200+ item sorter. Currently, it looks like this: It is a standard tilable sorter with a hopper pipe on top to feed the items. Above it there is the ceiling that is also the floor of the level above (under the bottom chest there is the ceiling of the level beneath). The top chest is curr...

For those who don't remember this: the original Mass Effect 3 had a photoshopped picture of Miss Britain 2006 as Tali's face portrait after you romanced her
i saw the news about the photo change and i saw the original photo in the game
honestly the last one was just lazy. even if it was a place holder that because of crunch they didn't get to properly replacing it made zero sense lore wise and a placeholder you could whip up from in game assets would have been quicker, cheaper and compatible lore wise
10:41 AM
Assuming that the game assets have a face in them
@Elva i mean they didn't need to show her face. they didn't in Mass Effect 2
ofcause i think there is a face behind the visor, just not a well textured one. something basic so they can have eyes and shape definition
She finally came. my baby Kat finally came in
unfortunately my package from EB Games with Returnal, a 2nd Controller and a charging Dock didn't come in so she might not get set up till Thursday
11:00 AM
@Memor-X Wouldn't have carried the same impact. Everyone can take a picture of her as she normally is, a picture of her face is special because of the health risks and such. So yeah, they did need to show her face
true but i also think it was lazy to just get a photo like that because there was no doubt a plan for the photo because

a) they had to design how it would work for every romance path possibility
b) it was an interactable object in the scene so they had to plan that
apparently the reason for using the irl photo was because of crunch but i think they could have gotten someone to work on Tali's face in replace of fixing up the Blood Dragon Armor which i would have thought would take much longer to do and originally it was a cash grab cameo item
11:20 AM
@Memor-X Why are you waiting for that? you can already do all the patching so when Returnal arrives you have less time to wait
@Nzall is there really that much patching this time?
@Memor-X AFAIK, you need to patch the console, and the controller
And the game as well
so if you patch the console and the controller beforehand, you only need to patch the game itself
It's a Life Pro Tip that comes back on /r/lpt every December: if you buy your children a console for Christmas, take time beforehand to fully update it so that the children can immediately use it
like i might seem sorta hesitant but it's more because every new console i have gotten they have been christened the day (or night) they were booted up for the first time with their first game. for Cynthia (PS3) it was Resistance, for Blanc (PS4) it was Knack
@Nzall but it's not like the console and controller patches aren't going to be that big that it'll take as long as whatever game patches there might be....right?
@Memor-X Yeah, but it's still going to take a while, plus there's initial setup. It's going to be more fun if you do all that boring stuff you need to be present for ahead of time, so that when you get the game, it's just updating that and playing
11:49 AM
@Nzall hmmmm, hard to decide. you have a point about getting stuff ready so i just have the game to do when it comes in, but i never found the initial set up boring with any of my consoles and if it did i have handhelds and my PC. but on the other hand i don't know how long it could take and only will get about 4-5 hours and my network is never the best
@Memor-X I recommend you check out ign.com/wikis/playstation-5/… as well, because there's a bunch of options you might want to change too
12:05 PM
Q: error message when loading into minecraft java servers. "failed to login:authentification servers are currently down for maitanance."

Cody SwindenI have logged in on a different computer and it works fine, however on my personal computer it shows the message above. My account is new, is it something to do with registering the device to the account? Also, I believe it could be my firewall? How should I open the correct ports? Also, do I nee...

Q: Facing sudden fps drops in csgo from 100 to <20 on a laptop in game

advitiyaI have a dell inspiron specs - i5 10th gen Nvidia mx230 8 gb RAM while playing csgo i experience sudden drops in fps from time to time. the game would be perfectly running on 100+ fps and then suddenly drop to <20. I have kept all my setting to low, kept my resolution to 1366*768 ( as compared t...

12:55 PM
Q: Why did SP nerf the titan dungeon?

Bruh MomentsSo on April 9th Social Point decided to nerf the titan dungeon from 450 lutum and 10 rounds to 400 lutum and 15 rounds and remove the amber/stardust dungeons ,why did SP have to do this?!

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2:22 PM
Q: Screenshot of the Week Contest #39

UnionhawkGood morning and welcome to the thirty-ninth edition of the Screenshot of the Week! To start with, congratulations to the winner of the previous contest! DefaultSimon's submission of the supercell in death-stranding took the top spot with 14 upvotes! To submit a screenshot, simply post it as an ...

3:02 PM
Q: How to play on Minecraft Servers on different versions

A N O N Y M O U SI have recently bought and installed Minecraft Java Edition Version 1.17, and today decided to play Hypixel, but I have noticed that on the Hypixel website, it says that the best version to play is 1.8, since if you play on version 1.11 or later, the game mechanics will be different. And, I have ...

3:25 PM
Man, had to file for a tax extension this year
We went to do our tax return and couldn't find my wife's W-2. And her company got hit by a ransomware attack a week or so ago and can't access any of their systems to get her a new one -.-
I did the same thing. This year is more complicated for us than any previous year, including when we were living in Asia.
Mine was relatively easy, but I also used the simple calculation for the pandemic work from home deductions.
@MBraedley The "here, just take $400" one?
Because I did the same.
@Memor-X Time to steal Memor's Madoka figurines and ask for the PS5 in exchange for their return.
@Wipqozn Yeah, didn't make sense for me since I own instead of rent. You probably should have done the math, though.
3:34 PM
I've actually got to deposit my GST cheque. I should really setup direct deposit for next year. I just don't want to go to the bank right now, because third wave.
Some of my coworkers were getting $600-$800
@Wipqozn Wait, you're still getting GST cheques?
@MBraedley That's probably the wrong term, but I got a bunch of money back on my tax return.
Yeah, that's different. GST cheques are meant to offset some or all of the sales tax for low income earners. I got them when I was in university.
@MBraedley yeah then I I was just confused
3:52 PM
Q: Can I farm Lei in Resident Evil Village?

PausePauseI’m wrapping up my play through of Resident Evil Village and I want to fully upgrade my guns. I don’t have quite enough money but I’ve killed and looted everything accessible to me so I’m not sure how to get more. I think I would have been able to afford the final few upgrades, but I missed some ...

4:18 PM
Q: What should I do to secure my account after I redeemed a Steam wallet code sent by another user? As that user can now possibly access my account

DiecieI redeemed a Steam wallet code that was sent to me by another Steam user. Before I did this, I asked a different question in this link in Arqade - Stack Exchange. I asked if my computer/account could get hacked if I redeem a Steam wallet code sent to me by another user. The answer to that questio...

4:48 PM
SGDQ schedule released: gamesdonequick.com/schedule
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6:24 PM
Q: Is there a way to get a potion that brings bad luck? (in Minecraft)

Quinnley Beaubiena potion that like would bring revenge after someone killing you in Minecraft

6:47 PM
Crap. Renamed a variable and didn't test it after. Accidentally introduced a collision that broke things -.-
7:24 PM
@SaintWacko always test before you commit
7:54 PM
@Nzall What if we test after we commit?
8:20 PM
Okay, anyone else here who uses Ubuntu
What exactly does holding left shift down while the computer boots do?
I'm having a weird issue with my ubuntu laptop where it's fairly consistently failing to boot while it's hooked up to the dock
Holding down left-shift while it's booting causes it to boot fine
But I thought that was supposed to launch into grub recovery, which it's definitely not doing
Huh, I thought usually recovery is bound to an F-key
Maybe your physical keyboard has weird mapping that's then soft-remapped?
Seems unlikely though unless you're using something unusual
9:23 PM
Nah, it's a Dell laptop
And I can't actually see anything that's different when booting with shift held down
It's still using proprietary drivers and the networking is still on
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10:37 PM
Q: How do I op a user who has spaces in their username on a Minecraft server?

Sean AireyI have a Minecraft server which allows Bedrock clients, I would like to make one of our players who has a space in their Gamertag an operator. We tried op "user name", however this throws exceptions harder than my lawyer ;P Any ideas? :)


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