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12:06 AM
Q: if i want to make an item with colored names, unbreakable and enchants higher than maximum 1.16.5

idohavenamei know that the command for colored items is like this /give @s diamond_sword{display:{Name:"{"text":"fang","color":"black"}"}} and for unbreakable enchanted tools was like this (from what i remember) /give @s emerald{Unbreakable:1,Enchantments:[{id:sharpness,lvl:1000},{id:knockback,lvl:1000}]} i...

12:54 AM
got to love the random banter you get sometimes as you walk around in Tales of Xillia 2. Milla comments on Gaius having this book on dining in Elympios and as he is explaining he reasoning for carrying it around he just breaks sentence and goes "Milla wipe your drool". just the mental image that as you're walking and Gaius is talking Milla (who is in effect a god and in Dhaos's cloak) is there just drooling all over the place
also can't help but wonder if the Fate Series is giving me a bad omen about the end game.

use item to open the path to the final location, rift opens, blank gunk pours out to form a sphere with the image of a fetus......yeh last time i saw something like that it was the corrupted Grail trying to birth All the World's Evil. doesn't help that a following Skit Gaius says he's confident we can beat it "if we need to"
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3:31 AM
Q: Why is Civilization III crashing on some of my computers?

ZhroI have been unable to get Civilization III to run properly on some of my machines; a Fujitsu U810 and Fujitsu P1630. I have tried Windows XP SP3 and Vista (both 32-bit) on the U810 and Windows XP 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit SP1 on the P1630. I have successfully installed all of the drivers for bo...

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4:48 AM
Q: Which items can be crafted and uncrafted back

JRBrosI need a list of blocks that can be crafted and recrafted back (like iron ingots and iron blocks). Please help me

Q: Why do so many games on steam not work?

Micheal HigginbothamI have noticed a trend in my recent purchases, which is one reason it's upsetting, being many of the games are either faulty or unplayable. A few examples include: Outer Wilds, which is a game I saw nothing but great reviews of until I opened it to discover that jumping among other commands was n...

5:14 AM
Q: Will my turnips rot if I visit another island that has time-travelled?

FlawI know that if I set my system time back to the past, any turnips that I have will rot. But if I am visiting another island, and that player has his system time set to the past or to the future, do my turnips back in my home island rot when I return back to my own island and my own system time?

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6:56 AM
Q: The type of tasks on the Airship in Among us

DumdumWhy does The Airship map not have visual tasks and if they are there what are the tasks? What are the common tasks on Airship? And also why does the Doors in The electrical room change?

7:47 AM
Q: Was Nintendo switch designed as a tribute to the R package ggplot2?

elielinkAs I was working with r language this morning, I noticed the similarity between the default colors of the R plotting package ggplot2 and the "basic" nintendo switch colors Does it look like a coincidence? I don't think so, but if anyone has a clue about this thing, please let me know, I can't sto...

Q: When does a neutral mob become non hostile towards a player?

DarkPhoenixI just attacked a llama accidentally instead of taming it. I just went far away from it, out of its sight, and then returned. Now it isn't hostile towards me. So I wanted to know exactly how and after how much time does a neutral mob become non-hostile after it has become hostile.

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9:30 AM
@Wrigglenite @Unionhawk sorry to bother you, just a quick question. Since there has been some chatting about Genshin Impact at the Anime main chat board, would you mind if we moved that to a separate board here? Just to keep the topic in a single room and on a site that is actually about gaming.
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11:46 AM
@SPArcheon Are you asking if you can make a genshin impact chat?
@Wipqozn I am asking if I can create a room here. Don't know how you usually manage new chat room and/or if you think there are already too many of them.
12:03 PM
Q: What was the point of the hidden BOTW text "The Master Sword has returned to the Forest"? Are these theories correct?

TuckerTruckerAs the title stated does this imply at one time the Master Sword could be dropped: perhaps even equipped properly and/or even break upon impact instead of simply recharging? Then when if any of the above you get that text message if you went back there the Master Sword would be back in it's pede...

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1:05 PM
@SPArcheon You can make just about whatever chat rooms you want, provided they don't break any network wide rules. So go ahead. Just don't start inviting random users to the chat, or advertising it en masse or something (aka don't go around posting links to your chat in a bunch of rooms).
@Wipqozn For clarity: he IS allowed to mention it in the Anime chatrooms, right? to redirect people?
1:28 PM
I think the key phrase in the latter was "in a bunch" - aka don't spam :P
1:46 PM
@Elva Exactly. @Nzall, I'm referring to when people just start popping into random rooms advertising their chat.
2:07 PM
yeah post your room where people seem interested but if you post your room in like, math or something I will find you
Q: What is the damage cooldown in minecraft?

RBOTWere do you go to turn the damage cooldown on in video settings?

2:24 PM
@MBraedley Booked for June 1
2:37 PM
Q: How to make a "execute if score is equal to or greater then x" command

anomanousIm trying to make another game im Minecraft 1.16.5, and it has a shop. But since I am forced to use the ./execute command I don't know how to make it so when you have 25+ Points, it subtracts 25 and unlocks it. Everything I found was from years ago, so they are out of date. This is all in Java Mi...

@Wipqozn Look, for now that would probably be two users, with more joining if they notice the room. I don't mean to link it anywhere, just collecting all the Genshin chat in one single place.
just organization, no spam involved.
BTW, unrelated.
@SPArcheon That's fine. I was just stating some things around chat rooms which aren't really acceptable, since you were asking about rules around room creation. Wasn't accusing you of anything.
@Wipqozn Sorry, what I mean is that I know the general rules - have been owner of a room for a while. I was asking because I wanted to know if this specific site has any special preferences about room creation.
also, unrelated...
No Man's Sky second expedition apparently launched a few hours ago
And apparently this time ONLY TWO WEEKS.
2:52 PM
i really hope that isn't the future of their updates now
The first one was already quite grindy on some parts
Especially that stupid "chart 60 waypoints" thing
Let's hope the screen some posted are real. If they are, this new set of missions seem a lot better.
Less time consuming.
No curveballs like "Level 30 Explorer Guild"
Didn't had the time to check yet, but if the last page is the one I saw...
The scam could be hidden there.
Never a good sign to have encrypted goals.
3:19 PM
Man, I need to try those out
When I get my motherboard back
@SaintWacko The problem is that you can't "someday".
That is precisely the stupid part of the update.
@SPArcheon I mean, I'll have to try one of them. I know I've missed the first one
Doesn't have any "new" content if you are wondering. Everything works like the regular game.
Yeah, but goals are nice
Basically, it is a set of challenges you have to complete in a set time to win some limited-time rewards that won't be available afterwards.
@SaintWacko Trust me. DEPENDS. Some were nice - for example the "Rocketman" one that required you to stay airborne for a minute.
Was funny to use a tornado to increase air time.
(I realized only after doing that that a low gravity planet would have been MUCH easier)
3:25 PM
Some... gosh.... were just bad. Really bad.
Explorer level 30 and 60 waypoints were especially tedious.
Explorer - you had to do 30 missions for the guild. Since you are in a hurry, those will be the only missions you do. Since it is a separate file, you will start with 0 rep, so each mission is worth only one point.
Doesn't seem that bad... until you start.
And then you spend 10 minutes looking for another plant to scan on a glitch planet with a mission that requires you to scan 5 species....
@SPArcheon We don't.
Other missions were far better, but none stand out as especially funny.
BTW, the encrypted phase 5 is quite annoying since apparently even the prizes are encrypted.
The logo for the expedition kinda worries me.
It is a gold colored Sentinel.
The first expedition had a gold colored starship and the final prize was that ship...
But I can find some space for the starship... the freighter you can have just one....
And even if you wanted to switch (and I DON'T - I prefer my S class Imperial Destroyer) switching freighters means rebuilding the base from scratch.
I hope it is just a color option.
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4:45 PM
Q: What does the little yellow minus mean on the psn?

CiurkitboyNWhen on the PlayStation network sometimes I find that I or my friends have a yellow minus instead of a blue circle or a red "X". I thought this might mean the power is off but I find that I have a minus sometimes so what in the world does it mean?

5:10 PM
Q: Can your computer/Steam account get hacked by redeeming a Steam wallet code given to you by another user?

DiecieAnother Steam user gave me a Steam wallet code. Can my PC/Steam account get hacked by redeeming that code? This user also sent this link: https://pastebin.com/Kv4LAxhg. Is this link safe? The user said that the link contains the code, and after I didn't reply for him for a couple of minutes after...

6:01 PM
Q: Can i get achievements in god mode

Jacob BoudreauxSo I want to play The Binding of Isaac but i tried playing the demo on newgrounds and i suck at it if I use the god mode seed will I be able to unlock characters and items like cain or azazel

2 hours later…
8:09 PM
Q: is Monika truly bad? (SPOILERS!!)

Cat of doom2is Monika truly the bad guy throughout the game? when we get to the ending of the game sayori has taken not only the role of the club president but as the antagonist as well. she also see's into the real world like monkia. so, is it the president's destiny to become obsessed with players and seek...

9:01 PM
Q: how do I get a sharpness 999999 sword in minecraft minecraft education edition

Jake BrewerCan someone please tell me the command (that works and you tested... I've tried so many commands) to get a sharpness 999999 sword in minecraft education edition thanks 😁

9:20 PM
I've been looking for the item "soul echo device" it's been suggested to me that it is obtained through a Dragonball wish but I wasn't told which one. how do I obtain the soul echo device? in xenoverse 2
Q: how do you obtain the soul echo device?

Cat of doom2I've been looking for the item "soul echo device" it's been suggested to me that it is obtained through a Dragonball wish but I wasn't told which one. how do I obtain the soul echo device?

@Wipqozn Is this about the vaccine? I'm getting my second Moderna shot on Wednesday.
9:52 PM
Q: What game is played in the 2021 virgin media advert?

PureferretThe advert (for virgin media) features two people playing an online game, who then have a video chat. Here is a still from the advert showing them in the game: I'm particularly interested in finding the name of the game as it allows your avatar in the game to use a wheelchair (I'm not looking fo...

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11:22 PM
@Catofdoom2 according to this GameFAQs thread you can only get them 6 at a time from the "I want to be stronger" Wish from Shenron
> but you can definitely get them from Shenron ("I want to get stronger" wish).

The amount you will get is exactly what you need to mix all the possible Super Souls.
> You can only obtain them through Shenron Wishes each wish gives you 6 of those .
got no way to verify it myself, i haven't played the Xenoverse games
ok, found a better site to quote so i can probably answer the question

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