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1:06 AM
Just finished RE8. It was quite a bit of fun.
Q: How to bring back lost kerbals if I do not want to wait

MR QQAfter a long time I saw that Jeb,bob,bill,&Valentina was dead for no reason. So I went in to the file persistent.sts and change State=Dead to State=Available it but did not work...

1:59 AM
Q: I don't know this stuff pleas help if passadull

user15956373I'm new in here and I'm wondring if you can play the games on hers? if you con can you tell me how. thhank you!

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3:52 AM
Q: Answering non-Homebrew specific questions with Homebrew specific solutions

LemonI have recently found a lot of old console related questions that are either unanswered or the answer is just a variation of "this is not possible", but I feel that it will probably be a good idea to update them by mentioning that is possible via Homebrew. even if the person asking the question d...

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5:20 AM
so it looks like the Fort Condor thing Square was showing off is apparat oif the Yuffie DLC - twitter.com/SquareEnix/status/1394684343637868546/photo/3
5:46 AM
> spend an hour trying to figure out what's causing a silent error and a blank page
> it was a missing dot and a single mis-capitalized letter
3 hours later…
8:44 AM
Q: Best melee weapon other than Zenith in Terraria

iMxqhAny Suggestions? I have zenith and i want to know what else to use

9:09 AM
Q: When do NPC's join poker games in RDR2?

TashusWhat are the mechanics that dictate whether additional NPC's will join an ongoing poker game in Red Dead Redemption 2? Sometimes there is a revolving door of NPC's joining and leaving the game, and sometimes I end up playing heads up against a single NPC with a heavy chip lead for hours and hours...

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10:45 AM
EB Games package came in so decided to set Kat up. alot bigger than i expected despite seeing the size of the box so i have her on her side onto of a study USB Fan Box which is onto of Vert (XB360) so now she sorta floats overtop of Cynthia (PS3)
plan when i get more space was to build these uniform wooden boxes/frames that each of my consoles would be in and then stack these boxes, but with how big Kat is there is no way they are all going to be the same size
Initial setup was quick, need to organize my HDMI cables since i could find Verts old one so right now i'm hijacking Cynthia's which was already in the TV for playing Tales of Xillia 2. main wait was the update which was about 20 minutes but Returnal says it's going to takes 3 hours to download the update
quite possible i'm not going to play it tonight unless it switches to 2 hours to go in the next ~10 minutes. the only game in my queue that could download in time is A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV but not up to playing Final Fantasy XV yet
in the meantime, somewhere else... I am quite hoping by this point that some manufacturer starts selling unlicensed versions of the PS5 with copied hardware :P
11:01 AM
@SPArcheon honestly i think it would be better for a PS5 Emulator to get made
@Memor-X that is kinda impossible to have in reasonable time.
An hardware clone should be much more doable, especially if a leak in the actual manufacturing factory is involved.
That said, I am just ranting that the thing is still unfindable.
Gamestop and the other shops be like "we make the few disappear in the hands of close friends, relatives, scalpers"
11:19 AM
@SPArcheon oh believe me i know. me having Kat right now was a stroke of luck, karma and possibly several cosmic alignments
- one of my mum's friends bumped into an old school friend and they started talking
- old school friend wanted to reach out to my mum so my mum's friend gave her the home phone number
- my mum and the old school friend started chatting
- old school friend mentioned she got her husband a PS5 but he didn't want it so she was going to sell it if he didn't
- my mum mentioned she was trying to get me one for christmas and asked if she could buy it
- husband did end up selling it but old school friend was in some business where she could get more
11:51 AM
@Memor-X .... "incorrect postcode", also know as "oh, nice, a PS5 I could steal" or "totally honest delivery service"?
Also, no offense intended, but it is nice to see how even in this case basically you got it just because friends of someone with insider access.
12:21 PM
The final book in the expanse series has been turned in: https://www.tor.com/2021/05/18/james-sa-corey-final-expanse-novel-leviathan-falls-turned-in/

Looks like we're on track for a fall release.
...... ooooook, I guess.....
12:50 PM
@Memor-X You should use the HDMI cable that was included in the box because it's a recent one that supports 4K
Also, I got my second dose of Moderna about an hour ago
Q: Which role pays the most?

LeBiscuitI've been playing red dead online for a couple of months. I recently got my bounty hunter role and was able to make 1000$ in about 4 days. I'm saving up for the prestigious bounty hunter license, but I'm also wondering whether or not I should buy a different role. Being a bounty hunter is probab...

2:20 PM
Any UX designers here?
2:34 PM
it's bothering me that ff-x on gamepass is constantly bringing up the "hey let's play" Xbox prompt
Man, past me was such a jerk. He created a bug about 2 years ago that I've spent the past few days finding, writing new tools to do root cause analysis, and just generally saying to myself "WTF is wrong?"
2:51 PM
@MBraedley Man, past me is the worst
3:10 PM
@SPArcheon none taken and yeh, though i don't know what job this old school friend of my mum's has that could get her access
@Memor-X oh, just a little salty, not for you getting the console mind you... just for the fact that I keep seeing suspicious things happening with sales. I think I told you how once a reseller on Amazon managed to pull out the actual shipment date for Limited Run Shantae and the Seven Sirens exclusive edition BEFORE it was made known to customers on the Limited Run site.
@Nzall yeh but i don't think my TV supports 4K. i believe i've had it since the PS4 came out but also while i was fiddling with settings, the HDR toggle wouldn't toggle because my TV doesn't support it
No explanation other than insider info. Furthermore, that specific game was also supposed to not-being available for resale in the first place.
@Memor-X yeah, but it's still a more modern cable that you should definitely consider using. It has a more modern standard and your picture quality might improve compared to your old PS4 cable
@SPArcheon that sounds like what happened with the PS5 Pre-orders. except i fully expect retailers were given notice from Sony and some jumpped the gun to get early sales
3:15 PM
Also, if you ever decide to upgrade your TV to a 4K model, it'll help a lot as well
well i still have it with me here. only using Cynthia's cable for now because i really need to fix up my cables since

a) they are a mess
b) i can't get new ones up the back because the cabinet is too heavy to move and there's already too many though though the only hole
@SPArcheon i'd but a module at the base and extend into the mountain and then create a spiral staircase to the top
3:30 PM
Nope. You don't get it - I assume you don't know what Limited Run is about. Limited Run is a site that sells physical versions for games that never got a publisher. Has very long delivery times because basically every item is made on order.

They announce a new item, keep the presale open for a while, and then start production. So, when you order you only have a general estimate date like "Q4 2021". When they have the items ready, they update the info on the site with the actual ship dates.
Q: How do I open the Beneviento mausoleum in the graveyard?

PausePauseI've finished Resident Evil Village twice now and I've noticed some inconsistent behaviors with the Beneviento Treasure. In both playthroughs I defeated the Donna Beneviento and returned to the village with the four-winged key. However, in one playthrough I was able to return to the village and t...

What happened there is that someone not only managed to resell on amazon an item that officially was not-allowed for reselling. They also posted the shipment date info in the product description when Limited Run didn't make it yet public
so... the only explanation is that the scalper had access to insider info on the production status.
BTW, they also tried to sell the game with a... 200% price increase
Like from 70$ to more than 150$.
3:59 PM
Exclusivity will get ya
I've got a few things from LRG. My Outer Wilds collectors edition came from there
if they do a remaster of ff-x, they're almost definitely going to change it to the ffxv-style real-time action combat, huh?
That seems like too big of a change.
i mean, they did that for the ff7 remake. although there's enough changes to the story that it's basically a different game entirely, i suppose
If it's just a "remaster" (I mean, another remaster, since they've already done that once) I'd expect that they'd keep the original combat.
If it's a complete remake like FF7R who knows
Squaresoft does like experimenting with perplexingly awful combat systems and then keeping them around for entire console generations at a time
4:38 PM
Just now watching the Google I/O Keynote. That LaMDA thing is pretty cool
The natural speech is not quite there, but it's pretty impressive. It even stops for breaths!
5:04 PM
Possible good news for people who want a gpu, $BTC, $ETH, and $DOGE are all way down today
Cannot believe Elon is going in on Doge like he claims
useless token. even the creator is pissed and it makes crypto seem like a joke overall
If he did like an hour of research he'd find a lot of more worthwhile projects
some storage-based tokens starting to push as well after the talk about the environmental impact of things like BTC
@ToxicFrog Take one thing it mind. Currently, it is more probable that the thing is spoiler if you didn't play the remake - hover and watch the fake url to see the message
5:22 PM
@SPArcheon I mean, yes, but the point is either way it's a new game, rather than a new coat of paint on an old one.
yep, my point is that with the remake they seem to be aiming at far beyond just redoing the same game. So it is more natural that gameplay gets changed too.
If they just "remade" FF-X without bigger changes, I would expect it to stay closer to the original
2 hours later…
7:08 PM
@Wipqozn Sort of. I mean, I'm not playing it nonstop or anything, but I'm on the 4th mission after 100%-ing the first 3
As far as a FFX sequel goes, I vaguely remember reading a fanfiction that posited that FFX's Spira is actually a massive spaceship of sorts as a way of explaining the size of the via infinito dungeon (it's actually the innards of the spaceship like the engineering deck and whatnot). I think that'd be an interesting direction to take for a possible sequel.

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