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3:19 AM
o I didn't realize when I picked my FFXIV class I picked a tank so that's been fun. Tanked my first dungeon tonight and it was SO much better than any of my WoW dungeon experiences. Like there are so many small things in this game that just make things so much more doable for me. Like I don't hate WoW, but I am definitely much happier with FFXIV
@Ash I tried gunbreaker and kept failing one of the class missions...
@SaintWacko I failed one tonight and then it offered me the ability to do it on a easier difficulty! That was prety cool
My favorite has been Red Mage. It just feels good
I like being a Marauder so far
I like the Dragoon class fantasy, but the actual gameplay is boring
My big thing in games like that is I can't play a class with a fixed rotation
I need random procs that I have to manage
3:30 AM
Oh I am your opposite lol
4:18 AM
i need to get back into ffxiv
i need to finish up the shadowbringers story
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10:34 AM
Q: What does it mean when the Skyrim Quest seem's to be complete By All Marker's Filled Grey But Has not Yet Show in the Denominator of the Start Menu?

SkateLordLilSeasHi I'm Scooter and this Quest that I'm Currently on has the title in the Start Menu. Message to WhiteRun I've completed almost everything there is to this Quest and has turnt in the Message to the Jarl of WhiteRun. I Click'd Start and Read under the Title & it say's I am to deliv...

10:58 AM
Q: Do you need to remove buildings to remove cultural penalty?

Bram VanroyIn Total War: Remastered, cities quite close to my capital are slowly getting angry because of cultural penalties and squalor. In this post, I am mostly curious how to get rid of the cultural penalty. Do I really need delete the buildings that have a cultural penalty and then rebuild the Roman al...

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11:59 AM
@Wipqozn I picked it up, and I'm enjoying it so far... but I do prefer his first book, Blood, Sweat, and Pixels.
It was focused more on the game dev process itself, which I find more interesting. Still good though.
12:10 PM
Related to FFXIV: I've had a lot of fun playing MCH
12:35 PM
Q: What factors lead up the the score?

Banana97286Whenever you die in Minecraft Java Edition, you get the option to respawn or quit to the title screen. You also are shown your score. What factors lead up to that score? Im thinking that stuff, like picked up XP or mobs defeated, would count towards the score, but what is the exact number of scor...

i never really got how the wand making works in that game
i just end up finding random ones and hope they work better
1:03 PM
It's pretty straightforward but not really explained in-game at all
the tl;dr is: for non-shuffling wands, it basically makes a "deck" of spells out of the spells you put in the wand, in the order they appear, and each time you click it draws the top card and plays it; some (like double/triple/quadruple cast or spell modifiers) have an implied "draw the next N cards and play them" effect.
Once the deck runs out you have to wait out the wand recharge time before you can use it again.
For shuffling wands, the analogy breaks down a bit because it shuffles the deck first, but any "draw more cards" effect draws the spells that appear immediately after that one in the wand, no matter what order things were shuffled in.
(but for shuffling wands the general rule for building stuff with them is "stuff goes off in random order, so just fill it with spells that all serve roughly the same purpose so that you will never be unpleasantly surprised when you point it at something and click")
1:24 PM
Q: (How) Can you change your Trainer ID in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (Virtual Console)?

GG001Like the title suggests, I am looking to change my Trainer ID in the virtual console versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. This is because I heard that if your trainer name is GF and your trainer id is 22796, and you do the mew glitch, then you can transfer the mew through Pokemon Bank, and...

2:08 PM
Achievement Get: Vaccination Appointment!
2:37 PM
Q: How much TNT do you need to kill a person with or without enchanted armor?

alireza1386So I wanted to make a trap to instantly kill someone. The problem is that I don't know how much TNT do you need to kill a person with individual pieces of armor, With or without the 2 enchantments, Protection and Blast protection. So can someone pls sacrifice themselves so that I can troll some f...

3:02 PM
Q: Can I get some feedback on my recreation off the R-7 and Soyuz?

James ErvinI recently made a R-7 with a Soyuz in Kerbal Space Program and I want to make it as realistic as possible. Can I get some feedback on my design? A link to it can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2481446423.

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Q: How to use commands to make a key for an iron door

UsUkImpala67So my goal is to use the '''/execute''' command to see if the player has a trip wire hook in their inventory named "library key" and send out a Redstone signal which opens an iron door. I already have the command in the command block but when I activate it even though I'm within the correct dista...

5:29 PM
@MBraedley Awesome! I'm hoping I can book on Monday n
@Wipqozn Don't you have to wait for the next age bracket?
I get my second on Monday. Hopefully our daughter (15) can get a walk-in appointment for her first.
5:52 PM
Q: Can you change sound files of a mod?

xqckkkI downloaded a mod just to use it with my friends, but the sounds of the mod just sound terrible. They are low quality and just don't sound good. Is it possible to open a mod/excract it and change the sound files? If yes, how do i do it?

6:05 PM
Yet more bees
I finally picked up Subnautica
For the Switch
@TimPost We just booked my 12 year old for an appointment
@TimPost I get my second Moderna shot next Wednesday
I also finally made it to Krispy Kreme to get my free vaccine donut!
Q: Looking for an educational game from long ago, possibly called Mother Goose

eruciformOK so this is really old school. Back in the 1980s, as a latchkey kid, I played on the computers in the library in elementary and middle school. There was this one bizarre educational game that I'd love to find more about. I could swear it was called Mother Goose, but for the life of me, I don't ...

@MBraedley I do, but I'm hoping they'll open it on Monday
6:20 PM
Ha! Hahahahaha
7:05 PM
Q: What is the most effective way to grind for jerry boxes?

TopcodeIn about a day Jerry will become mayor, Im looking forward to getting a Jerry chine gun on my ironman profile (since I can't trade for it or buy from ah on ironman), but I'm not sure what the best way to do it is. You can assume that I will be in a private hub lobby, unless another island is bett...

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8:18 PM
Q: Making a spawn egg that spawns minecart spawners that will spawn non pig mobs without op

InfinitySwordofDiamondIs there a command that gives you a spawn egg that will spawn a spawner minecart that can spawn a cow? It seems to only work with op on servers, but is there a different command that will work?

9:07 PM
Q: Make Spawners have Custom NBT Data using NBT Explorer

InfinitySwordofDiamondSpawners don't have NBT Data and can't be picked block, but is there a way to edit their NBT data using NBT Explorer so I can just place a spawners that will spawn cows instead of pigs?

9:55 PM
Q: Summoning an Enderman holding a command block with a command inside

InfinitySwordofDiamondIs there a specific command that I can do to summon an enderman holding a command block with a custom command pre set?

10:52 PM
New video game industry documentary trailer is out now! t.co/Ov5ylY6ggZ
Oh Lordy
This sure is, uh, something!
@Wipqozn It looks... painfully generic
Which is still better than what I can hope for with that premise
11:26 PM
good day, fine gaming folks
what's the 2021 equivalent that lets you play wii style games, with all the jumping and moving around and stuff?
I'm really not big on gaming, I was just watching a movie where a couple people were playing wii games and I was like "gosh darn that looks like fun"
I think there's still a lot of old Wii floating around eBay
If you want a more modern console, the Switch has a lot of games that does the same motion controlled stuff
Q: Is there a mod that bundles dropped items?

CrekJust a qick question if there is a mod that allows my server to bundle multiple items together like when mining and getting a lot of cobblestone, to get a better server performance.

@PrivatePansy unfortunately there's no eBay or eBay equivalent in my country
11:46 PM
Oh wait, I actually found a few online.
> Nintendo Wii in great condition, with 3 remotes, one nunchuck controller and remote wheel for sale
140 USD. Is that okay value?
Is that a Wii or Wii U? It seems quite expensive for a Wii
This is what I see with a casual search on US eBay
Just note that the Wii is pretty underpowered by modern standards. It doesn't even support HD out
@PrivatePansy Not a Wii U
@PrivatePansy Yeah, I figured. That's okay, if I get one I'll just use it for Wii Fit or Sports with friends casually
Q: Why is my equipment breaking?

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftOccasionally the items in one of my equipment slots will disappear, seemingly without notifying me. I've gone through entire battles with no weapon! Why does this happen? Is there some way to know that it's coming, or is it completely random? Is there a way to know when it's happened, other tha...


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