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6:01 AM
Q: How to delete and reload resource and behaviour packs in bedrock edition

JRBrosI loaded a resource pack and it is corrupted. I need to delete it and reload it. But I don't know to delete it. If I try to overwrite, it says duplicate name detected. Please help me

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7:38 AM
Q: How can you make a sword that when you hold it mobs near you will die but in a server?

yyplSo, about a few months ago, i asked this question: How to make a sword that when you hold it the mobs near it will die in 1 secs? Read the post and then read the answer. The dude that answer give me a sword that work. However, in a server, the sword is a little bit bug. In a singleplayer world,...

8:02 AM
Q: Why ist it easier to climb in regions with smaller playerbase?

NoniqPlayers in eg. League of Legends report that they can climb significantly higher in regions with smaller playerbase, such as Oceania or Latin America compared to large ones such as North America or Europe West. Why is that? I would assume unless you play at the absolute highest level and face a c...

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10:53 AM
Q: Strange noises/Entity 303 or Herobrine noise?

Random DudeOk, I am just playing my default creative world, adding stuff onto an end city, and then suddenly the default Minecraft music glitches and ominous music comes on. I quit the world. Is this Entity 303? Or just a glitch?

11:41 AM
Q: [Minecraft]: /gamerule has stopped working on a server I manage after seemingly unrelated changes

PyreBasic information: the server is running Spigot 1.16.5 on Shockbyte Hosting. Hey guys, like the title says, /gamerule has completely stopped working. Interestingly, it's still shown as an autofill when I type /game, but when I enter /gamerule, I get: Unknown or incomplete command, see below for ...

12:30 PM
Q: Is it possible to change the tilde (~) key with some other key in GTA5?

VikasMy laptop's ~ key is broken. I want to change it to some other key. I tried to search it in keyboard controls in settings but I didn't find this key listed there. Is it possible in GTA5 to change it somehow?

1:18 PM
Q: When to experience NieR: Automata for the first time after playing NieR: Replicant?

MarioPlease keep this as spoiler-free as possible, I (and others stumbling over this question since I haven't found answers for it either) might not be in the x-th playthrough yet – still a bit to go, so asking in advance. Since the remaster of NieR: Replicant/Gestalt received a new ending to tie more...

2:05 PM
Been watching Castle lately. There is so much sexual tension between Castle and Beckett in that show, you could cut it with a knife and sell it as an aphrodisiac
4 seasons in and it feels like every other episode there's something hinting towards them finally getting together
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3:32 PM
@Wipqozn It's important to always be prepared.
Just finished Route C in Nier Automata
From what little I know of Replicant, this is bringing me dangerously close to playing Replicant.
Q: Can I safely sell everything marked as “Treasure” in Resident Evil Village?

PausePauseI’ve collected a few pieces of treasure from my time in RE8. Some of it, like crystal skulls, can obviously be sold to the Duke because it drops from common enemies. On one corpse I found an item called “Ingrid’s Necklace” which seems it could be used in a puzzle later on. I’ve found other treasu...

3:47 PM
@RedRiderX Exactly
4:09 PM
Q: How can I change the name of the alpha or beta version of minecraft?

Fg56For example, I want to permute version a1.0.17_02 to a1.0.17_03 so that both the launcher and the game show this version?

4:33 PM
Q: Is it fine to put 4 wood blocks around the crimson/corruption

AvaI am just about to kill the wall of flesh and i dont want the crimson/corruption to spread over my base or jungle i am thinking that i can just put 4 wood blocks around to stop the corruption/crimson

2 hours later…
6:10 PM
Q: How to power my 120v 60hz CRT and classic gaming consoles in 230v 50hz countries

137I'm moving to Ireland next month. I have a small collection of classic gaming consoles and a Sony Trinitron that I play them on. My CRT is 120v 60hz and Ireland is 230v 50hz. Is there a good solution to keep my stuff working?

6:35 PM
Q: Minecraft | Holding a key (wasd and spacebar) presses more then once most of the Time

EliasI'm playing a lot of Minecraft KitPVP and when I, for example, hold the W key it mostly presses more than once. That is not good because I lose to a lot of people just because of that. I play Minecraft Java with Badlion Client. mostly 1.8.9 Please does anyone know a Solution? If yes then, please ...

6:59 PM
Q: How to revive kerbals on Mac

Fribigy Forty-SevenI'm on Mac and I'm playing on sandbox mode and 3 Kerbals are listed as K.I.A. How do I revive them? (Again, I'm on Mac) And HOW did that Happen?

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9:25 PM
Q: Is there a fast way to sell large amounts of ammo?

GGMG-he-himWhen playing Mercenaries, I sometimes play runs without certain guns. As a result I collect hundreds of bullets that I'd like to sell since I don't plan on firing them. However, when adding up the bullets to sell by holding right on the stick, I have to count each bullet individually. This wastes...

10:24 PM
Q: How should questions about pre-release demos be handled?

Jeff MercadoI'm playing the King of Seas demo which is slated to release before the end of this month and have some questions on some of the game mechanics. There isn't any in-game explanations that answer as far as I can see so I'd want to ask here. However this is a public demo for a game that isn't offici...

10:38 PM
Q: Can different devices in different cities log into HBO GO? (Europe)

Rich.valenzI have bought a HBO GO subscription, I have given the password to my brother who lives in another city of the same country though he keeps getting this error message when logging in. Even though he had already successfully logged in previously for the same account. Does any of you happen to know...

Q: AOE2 DE: How to disable debug information?

FirzenSome time ago I have somehow enabled debug information in AOE2 DE, which is diaplayed in top left corner all the time (including main menu, etc.). This information sadly cannot be disabled by pressing F5 / F11 during the game.. I have tried googling, but found nothing and I can't remember how I e...

11:02 PM
Q: Why do Duke AI destroy their primary title?

o0'.In my Ironman game, it happened very often that after I granted a Duchy to a Count, they destroyed it after a while, despite they didn't have any other Duchy. Why would they do it, and why so often? And how? I was under the impression that you couldn't destroy your primary title. Note: this mig...

11:17 PM
@Wipqozn About 2 years ago I added that as an emoji on our work Slack server
@MBraedley Quite a few things, but the one I was watching right then was The Hitman's Bodyguard
Q: Why does Xbox Series X not keep games updated?

ABCDEFI have instant power mode on, and I have selected the option to keep games up to date, and yet for months now every time I go to play a game it needs to update. So why does the console not keep games up to date,and why does it present that feature as if it can?

11:51 PM
Q: What effect does the crew size have in the game?

Jeff MercadoThere are three stats that are shown in the UI, sail life, hull life, and crew. Sail life and hull life seem pretty self explanatory, but what does the crew do? Is it just another "life" stat that I need to keep at a non-zero amount to be "alive?" I haven't seen an explanation in the game yet t...


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