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1:28 AM
Q: Minecraft Server Autostart - Ubuntu

TesseeayeI'm trying to figure out how to get my Minecraft server to start with my system. I'm currently on Ubuntu 21.04, kernel 5.11. I was following this post over on the Ubuntu StackExchange to setup a Minecraft service in systemd, after a lot of tinkering I was able to get it to start, but I get Java e...

Q: How do i tp/give people at certain coordiantes?

guestthatsbadatmcim trying to build a kit pvp and to get money for kits you have to sell ores,i dont want to make a generator like in bedwars because you dont have to stand there,and for coordinates i dont want to have pressure plates on the floors.

2:16 AM
Q: Can I view a memory before the Captured Memories Quest?

CenzoI stumbled upon the Lanayru Road East Gate memory location prior to completing the Locked Mementos quest. I have collected the camera rune from Purah, now the quest states: You proved the Camera works again by capturing an image of Purah! According to Purah, the album already has pictures from t...

2:40 AM
Q: How does the Little Sister Madness mechanic work in Dragon Star Varnir?

eruciformWhat exactly is it that increases the Little Sisters' madness levels in Dragon Star Varnir? Picking up chests, number of battles, time spent, or what?

3 hours later…
5:52 AM
Q: Fastest way to level up a griffin

RyugaGodI play hypixel skyblock and I have a griffin pet at level 35. Before I started blindly grinding kills, I wanted to know what is the most efficient method to do this. I have unlocked 10 minion slots and I have full ender armor with a raiders axe, if it helps.

6:16 AM
Q: How to find age of kelp in minecraft bedrock

JRBrosI'm playing minecraft bedrock in mobile. I'm gonna make a kelp farm. I need to find the age of kelp in bedrock edition. It will be in debug screen for java, but how can I do it in bedrock? Please help me.

7:04 AM
Q: Can text chat be disabled on Hyper Scape?

MillardI'd like to know if it's possible to disable text chat on Hyper Scape. I know voice chat has a volume which I assume means you can mute it. I'm ok with quick chat like rocket league, but I'd like to disable typed messages.

7:52 AM
Q: Custom armor stand name with multiple lines

ShakI am trying to make an armor stand with a custom name. Unfortunately I wasn't able to skip lines even when using the new line operator for Java or JSON or whatever. Here is the command: /summon armor_stand ~ ~2 ~ {Invisible:1b,Invulnerable:1b,NoGravity:1b,Marker:1b,CustomName:"{\"text\":\"somethi...

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9:53 AM
Q: zombie with enchanted shovel in minecraft how rare is it

Astroso. I'm trying to make a house when loads of zombies come next to me and try to kill me then all of a sudden I saw a zombie with an enchanted iron shovel and I remember hearing about it being rare. if someone could tell me how rare it is that would be appreciated. I have a screenshot.!picture of ...

10:17 AM
Q: CS: CZ not smooth when I play while internet is connected

VikasI noticed that my Counter Strike: Condition Zero game is not as smooth as when internet is not connected. I mean when I walk/run in game, the screen hangs (hang could be a wrong word here) for milliseconds. It's very subtle but irritating. So overall, game is not smooth. I think it is called FPS ...

10:46 AM
i just noticed in this clip that the box says "No Place for Hideo"
i know KONAMI and Kojima was having a fallout before he left, i wonder if this was a jab against him?
11:46 AM
Congrats, Team 17, for this never seen before new game, I assume
So many trees. So many animals...
One could even say it is an Animal Forest....
On the plus side, may give someone a little push to renovate some mechanics from a certain game that could really use some innovation....
Like furniture coloring or spinning....
12:42 PM
Q: Why do mobs not despawn when they are more than 128 block above me?

CrekIm playing on a minecraft modded server with my friends and there are like huge mountain biomes. On top of one of these (y~180)there spawned alot of monsters around me. But when i enter a cave and im below y10 nothing spawns in the caves because all those monsters are still loaded on the mountain...

1 hour later…
1:55 PM
Q: How to summon non-hostile mobs

A Human I thinkI wanted to make a mob zoo but I don’t know the command for summoning non-hostile mobs. It would be bad if the creeper exhibit exploded. Can anyone tell me how to make non-hostile mobs

1 hour later…
3:12 PM
@SPArcheon Animal Crossing on PC
there's a couple of Pokemon on PC
@Memor-X hihi, why you think I said "Animal Forest"?
Dobutsu No Mori
I don't know why it was translated to "Crossing" when the title means "Animal's Forest"
@SPArcheon oh that was supposed to be a joke
i must work on my reflexes
@SPArcheon It's quite common for japanese titles of things to be pretty generic compared to the translated titles.
See also: Resident Evil is just called Biohazard in japan
3:47 PM
Well, that's AC Odyssey done, and as luck would have it, Ubisoft JUST started a 25% off sale on Valhalla because of the new DLC
Q: Can you transfer GB(C) Pokemon from Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal to their respective 3DS Virtual Console counterparts?

GG001Like the title suggests, I am wondering if there is any way to transfer my beloved Pokemon from the Gen 1/2 games to the VC games so I can get them to Bank, Home, and eventually Let's Go, Sw/Sh, and Bd/Sp. However, I can't find a thing on the internet about this. Maybe I'm just an idiot and not...

@Ronan To be fair, I would have preferred Animal Forest. And it is not like "Animal Crossing" is any less generic.
If anything, by the title you would think it is a game about a mad scientist that is creating chimeras.
The fact that it doesn't really make sense is what makes it less generic, where as Animal Forest could describe any number of games where you have animals in a forest
@Ronan Isn't Disney's Robin Hood literally "Animal Forest: The Cartoon"?
Yes, but the game is about animals in a forest. And it is not about crossing animals together to create your chimera :P
4:02 PM
That's my point.
Also, Netflix only just got Detective Pikachu, and I still need to watch it
In english you don't tend to just name things just by describing them
@Nzall Ooh, I might give that another watch
@Nzall No. "Animal Forest: The Anime" is.
Yes. It exist.
No, it was never localized
@SPArcheon It can be both
4:43 PM
Q: How can I lose my trike in Death Stranding?

user2702772I've just got the trike in Death Stranding, and logged out at the Garage. However, how can I lose it? Will I lose if if I log out while standing next to it? If I walk away to far? If a BT grabs me while I'm riding it??

5:07 PM
harvest moon was story of seasons in japan and now it's story of seasons in the west
5:31 PM
Q: Why is the Grass Fields rated as an easier starting zone than the Rocky Desert?

Mason WheelerI've run a couple games of Satisfactory so far, starting out on the two easiest starting zones, and I have to say I don't understand why Grass Fields is rated as the easiest, introductory-level zone. In almost every way, it seems to be inferior to Rocky Desert: Poor-quality ore deposits vs. pur...

6:17 PM
Canadian Netflix is so much better than US Netflix
6:36 PM
Our Netflix is only half as good since only half of our actors are Canadian?
@Sterno What is it that you can't watch on US Netflix?
7:29 PM
Oh, damnit
The Mass Effect remake comes out tomorrow and my motherboard crapped out
8:20 PM
Q: How to change the SuccesCount of a command block in 1.13+ with the /data command?

PatrickSo basically I am trying to get a command block to stop sending a redstone signal into a comparator. When you remove the powered comparator and replace it, it will still get powered because the commandblock's previous output passed. I searched a lot on the internet and came across the /data comma...

8:40 PM
@MBraedley I'm also curious. I know there's some shows, like The Office, where we've got it due to not having other streaming services.
8:59 PM
A lot of people are rightfully complaining about the new Stack Overflow Windows font
9:29 PM
@SaintWacko I'm really tempted to get it, not sure about how it'll play on a console as I only played it on the PC before
10:00 PM
@MadScientist Ugh, it's probably going to be weeks before I can play it
10:23 PM
Q: can you spawn the killer bunny on nentendo switch?

Mr. cheezis there any way to summon the killer bunny on the nentendo switch??

1 hour later…
11:47 PM
Q: Would a question about brain activity during different video games be on topic?

stevecI am interested to learn about any statistics on levels of brain activity during video games, specifically to learn about differences in games' effects on people's problem solving ability. (I am interested to know if certain games improve problem solving, and if other games do not, or even if oth...


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