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1:23 AM
Q: What's the fastest way to level up buddies without bringing them on quests?

WipqoznPalicoes and palamutes (aka buddies) are used for a variety of things, including trading via the Argosy. There are several skill for buddies to use when trading, but they all have a level requirement. Due to this, I'd like to level up my buddies as quickly as possible. However, I only like bring...

1:46 AM
Q: How do I kill all mobs in a world without being in it?

MaxI used a command block that was set to repeat with the command /summon slime and accidentally turned on a lever next to it. Now my screen is full of slimes, the world is lagging, and I can't turn off the lever as the game won't completely load. Is there a way to stop the mobs?

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6:55 AM
Q: How to detect if there is a player near my house in Minecraft 1.6.5

shivanshSo the thing is I want to ban the players who try to break into a house from my server. How can I do that I also want it to be automatic and I tried test for but it did not work

7:42 AM
Q: Bluetooth module not working

user12754792this is a wireless gamepad receiver board the problem is the LINK LED doesn't blink and so the gamepad can't connect. can somebody give me a clue where to check or where could be the problem? no physical accident happen to it btw

Q: How to pick select loot items in Titan Quest on PS4

PazIt is very common after large battles to see the screen cluttered with loot items. Is there a way to pick up only select ones? Is there a way to collect all of them at once from a certain level of rarity upward?

9:23 AM
Q: How do I complete all the side-ops in metal-gear solid

llewmillsI just completed all the side-ops in MGSV. As discussed in this post some side-ops are light up again after you complete them so you can always do a side-op again even after completing all of them. However there is a challenge task, "complete all side-ops" that I would like to check off. But even...

9:44 AM
Q: Restore saved worlds from PS4 Minecraft to new copy of the game

MagnusOur old Minecraft disk is scratched and hardly readable (needs toothpaste treatment on every insert) so we bought a new disk, thinking we could switch to that without problem. But the console (PS5, but the games are PS4 version) treats them as two separate applications. The problem is that the ol...

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10:53 AM
Q: How do I disable weapon switching using the right stick in Borderlands 2 VR

ChristiBorderlands 2 VR has a very irritating setup where if you set your right stick to free turn (as you almost certainly want to for seated play) it does not remove the bindings to allow weapon selection using the right stick. This is super inconvenient as generally you don't want to change weapons ...

2 hours later…
1:22 PM
Q: Streaming game to laptop while gaming on other screen

sirzentoMy laptop is very weak and I want to run a game on my gaming pc and stream it to my laptop. This can be made with steam remote play or just with parsec. BUT I want to play on the same pc at the same time. Running both games at once is no problem, but how can I stream one game to my laptop and con...

2 hours later…
3:20 PM
Q: How to make a double button door

xqckkkI mean, that two people have to switch the same button at the same time to open a door for a short time, and then these door would close up behind them. If anyone knows a tutorial on how to do so could anyone link it? Or just explain how to do it.

4:04 PM
Q: What is the permission for block placement in Minecraft?

Seph ReedI have a "LuckPerms" running, and would like to disable block placement for all default permission level players. What is the name of the permission for block placement? I had thought it was something.block.place, but I can not find it anywhere. I'm also looking for block removal, or interaction ...

4:28 PM
Q: I want to change the player_head.json in minecraft, how I can do it?

SkyflammeI'm making a map and a resource pack for it. I want to make a Zombie with a 3D model on his head, and I think I can change the player_head.json, but I don't find the original .json model in the resource pack. Can anyone help me find the path of it?

Q: How do I end the forced camera angle when the monster is successfully hunted?

YuukiWhenever a monster is either killed or captured (or repelled), there's a forced camera angle spin around the defeated monster. In previous games, this was skippable through pressing either the relevant START or SELECT button, based on the platform. However, hitting + button on the Switch controll...

3 hours later…
7:52 PM
Q: Actual Number of Discoverable Locations

Skyrim JunkieLooking through this website I found so many different answers to this question, I have over 311 hours on this game and 404 current locations discovered. I’m convinced it’s around 450 total locations because I still have empty spots on my map and unfinished, large quests. Lmk what you think!

8:05 PM
I bought a 777 for xplane for cross the pond and there's apparently an applause sound effect if your landing is good
I think I know how this plane works well enough now after some offline flights but I'll prob do an online flight to do a final test
I'll probably stream cross the pond at a twitch address that I don't want in a google indexed chat room since my vatsim id has my real name, I can share in discord though :)
Only reason it's twitch is because discord streaming does not work well if you need audio from more than one application
I mean I guess I can give a non searchable one here, first three letters underscore aviation
Q: ANyone knows a mod that plays a custom sound?

xqckkkIm not sure if its the correct Tag, but its the only one i could find that could fit into my question. Im looking for a mod that could play a sound that i choose from my computer in the game when there's a redstone signal or something like that. ANyone knows a mod like that?

8:44 PM
Q: Connect two close parallel train tracks in factorio?

dfrankowI have two parallel tracks in Factorio. I'd like to connect them so a train can move from one to the other. The planner just does not seem to allow it, no matter how I move around. Sure, it's too close, but can I turn the train further, then closer?

2 hours later…
11:04 PM
Q: Minecraft login issues

ClinoI know I've found an answer already on here a long time ago but for whatever reason, I can't log into my launcher or the website. I know my information is correct, and my account hasn't been hacked. (At least I hope it wasn't) The launcher error is 'Invalid Email or Password' I know it had to do ...

11:27 PM
Q: How to spawn a golem?

Blondy31When I started minecraft I always saw the golems, but I never knew how to spawn one. I searched through the spawn eggs about 1,000 times but never found the spawn egg for the golem. Then, giving up I searched on google and yes I know I should probably gone there first, but anyway here. First you ...


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