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1:54 AM
Q: Terraria server crashes when I run it as a service

user60561I'm running Terraria as a systemd service, with a service file like the following: [Unit] Description=server daemon for terraria [Service] User=terraria Type=exec RestartSec=10s ExecStart=/opt/terraria/1412/TerrariaServer.bin.x86_64 -config /var/lib/terraria/config ExecStop=/opt/terraria/bin/ter...

that was uh, one heck of a vatsim controlling session
> Aircraft seen: 244
2:12 AM
That sounds exciting
We had center finishing a 24 hour stream above me and an arrival line following another streamer so it was quite busy
2:39 AM
@GnomeSlice it has been a thing that people have noticed that YouTube's algorithms have a propensity, where all interests eventually lead into a weird alt-right rabbit hole... Although for me, lately the algorithm has been inundating me with ads for a machine that infuses foods (like brownies) with oils (and "happiness")... It knows...
Q: mobs and game are acting up

ShellerI used to play on my own minecraft server with a friend using Ateons minecraft server hosting (i think thats how you spell it) My minecraft partner and I have sadly split up and went separate ways. This happening i decided to download the world and countinue playing it as a single player world. W...

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4:52 AM
Q: Is this normal on DVD/Bluray game discs?

ZetaSupremaLooking to my collection i have been noticed that there are some marks on the edge of the game discs, like glue or adhesive of the discs squeezed out from the outer edge, for example this Xbox 360 DVD-ROM: Source: ZetaSuprema (question poster) This is an example from a user with a similar case o...

5:38 AM
Q: I want to use ps5 controller but without having to plug in my headset into it

NomnjiI play with a ps5 controller but the only way i can use my headset its plugin it into the controller, since i overclocked the controller audio goes out after few mins of playing but i just want the inputs of the controller and being able to use the headset pugged in in the PC. anyway this could b...

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8:46 AM
Q: How to get past this throne swamp?

Kumaresh RoyHow to get past this throne swamp?

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10:48 AM
Q: Problem with Just Shapes & Beats data

FoxiusIm have problem, im have Just Shapes & Beats in steam. When im download new windows and lo gin in steam and open Just Shapes & Beats im see what story mode dont completed. Im look in playist, there was nothing! And im haved all achievements in this game but not last. Im so sad what im need again ...

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12:30 PM
Q: How to use minecraft debug pei chart on my desktop

RobertHuntI was trying to use debug pei chart to locate nether fortress. It should appear a lot of stuff on the pie chart, but mine only showed 100% unspecified. So I'm wondering how can I find out a mobspawner in my pei chart. I know normally I should selected in sequence, but it didn't work on my comput...

@Wrigglenite Gonna have to disagree here I think. Downvotes everywhere create a pretty unwelcoming atmosphere
@Wrigglenite Also I don't think this is really an appropriate mod response
The attitude of the site towards questions, particularly towards new askers (which @alexanderpas is certainly not) has changed very noticeably over the years. I'm with him. Arqade comes off as really unwelcoming to askers at times.
site is dead. so 'job well done?'
12:53 PM
That's a weird time anomaly
I don't know what that means
Or rather, what you mean by that
1:14 PM
Q: Where online can I find a Tambola number caller with a board display

Nadirshah FerozepurwallaI would like to find something similar to https://letsplaybingo.io/ but the numbers should be from 1 to 100 It should be online and free. Manually number calling will work best. A search on google gives results but those sites do not have both the requirements that is numbers from 1-100 and a num...

1:38 PM
Q: How do you delete items in illegal slots of shulkers?

aidenwilsonWhen you generate a shulker with stacked items that are supposed to be unstackable inside, then break it, the items separate, and while 27 of them remain visible, the other 37 items (provided that you generated a shulker with a single stack of tools) go into "invisible slots", where the player ca...

1:59 PM
Q: What is the correct syntax for checking CustomName nbt in a loot table condition

AskyrasI have 2 different "types" of zombie, told apart by different CustomName tags assigned at spawn. I want them to have different loot tables too, but my current code simply removes all drops from zombies instead. (file structure and the rest of the code is correct because it works when I'm not chec...

2:22 PM
Q: Do I get XP in Apex Legends if I disconnect right after winning?

Ismail HafeezToday I was playing Apex Legends on my switch, and I actually won the match. However my switch was very low on charge so I had charge it. Due to the charger being a bit far away, I lost connection when I plugged it in. However, my screen showed the 'You are the Champion!' screen right before it d...

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3:36 PM
Q: I've got multiple realms and want to cancel a specific one. How can I tell which one it is from the MSFT website?

patrickgamerThere's one my family uses and one we really don't. When I log in to the MSFT subscription management website there's no name or indication of which one is which. What am I missing?

3:55 PM
Q: How to stop grass spreading

anomanousIm trying to make Minecraft Dungeons in vanilla Minecraft but I just realised something: "Since grass spreads how am I going to keep the dirt as dirt?", so is there some sort of gamerule or something to keep the dirt I place AS dirt. This is in java 1.16.5, and no I cant use coarse dirt.

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5:31 PM
Q: What is the best way to get large amounts of bone blocks?

BIg_ChungusI plan on building a large base in Minecraft that will involve some white and gold in some parts, and while a gold farm in the nether will do for the gold blocks, I still want to have some bone blocks in place of white concrete for some texture. I know that I can make automated villager carrot or...

5:52 PM
Q: My game looks weird and had a error when I bring it up

Madisyn McDormanI have a picture of what it looks like but it says its to big, it says java sprit error and my game looks like I turned on a super secret setting from 1.8 the staticky one.

6:16 PM
Q: How to put a PS3 super slim hard drive into a new console?

Pedro AlceuMy PS3 Super Slim bricked beyond repair, and i really wanted to find a way to salvage all the data inside its hard drive so i could possibly use it in a new PS3 if i ever buy another one. My console doesn't even get turned on anymore, so no safe mode can be involved. I searched for some info and ...

7:15 PM
@GnomeSlice this sounds exceedingly unlikely, considering apart from Stephen Colbert (which I rather consider a mix of journalism and comedy), I have pretty much been avoiding political videos on Youtube
Q: Minecraft (advanced ) command question - how do I use quotes in an extremely nested command?

TotallyNotTeoBasically, I'm trying to make a "One command creation", which is, if you don't know, when you have an entire creation/project in one long command. My creation makes a box, and then puts command blocks inside that box that will do stuff, all generating from a single command. One of the command blo...


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