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12:41 AM
Q: What is level 0 in Portal 2?

user8385393Is level 0 a placeholder level for when the game doesn't know what level to load? Do any levels that don't have a map assigned to them load this map? If this is a placeholder, what is the point? Might a error message be better, or simply send the player to the main menu? If this level is supposed...

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1:51 AM
Q: Is it possible to disable text chat on battlefront 2 (classic 2005)

MillardThe question pretty much says it. Is it possible to disable text chat, through settings, or maybe there's a cheat I can use that would be allowed on online servers?

2:17 AM
Q: how do you use the value tag in /tellraw for minecraft bedrock?

Zappy NE/tellraw @p {"rawtext":[{"score":["name":"name_ph","objective":"obj_ph","value":"value_ph"]}]}?

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4:34 AM
I just found my first Nier Automata ending. It was the mackerel one... I feel so tricked
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7:49 AM
@GnomeSlice try the expedition mode in the last update - could be a little streamlined
@TrentHawkins SuperCarrot FoodShip 9?
1 hour later…
9:00 AM
Q: How are No Man Sky Expedition initial appearance/equipment randomized?

SPArcheonThe recent No Man's Sky update introduced a new gameplay mode called Expedition. Introducing a whole new game mode: Expeditions. Each of these events starts from a fixed point in the universe, bringing the whole community of travellers together to embark on a shared journey. Each expedition is s...

9:11 AM
@Wrigglenite to be fair I had tagged that question PS4 because I don't know if the behaviour is different on PC. I suspect that on the console version of the game the current user is the seed for the expedition initial generation.
As a general rule, console tags should be used when asking about a feature that only exists on the specific console, or something that interacts with the console's systems
@Wrigglenite Based on the little I know, that "feature" could be specific to the console version. Anyway, let see if someone actually answer, and if appropriate I will restore the tag at a later time.
Nothing in the question even mentions the console, so I don't see how the tag is relevant there
Even if there were differences in the implementation of this randomization based on the console, that's something about the answer, not the question
@Wrigglenite that one is actually my fault, and can be fixed for added clarity
As long as it actually matters
But again, don't just tag the console you're playing on
If the question only applies to that console, then the tag should be used
9:54 AM
Q: Minecraft 1.16.5 - Teleport a player to a given location if on given coordinates

Nicholas Krebs I already tried this link and many other, but it doesn't work. I think it's because I use a newer version and the commands are not the same. I want to teleport every player to 83 15 -177 if he is on the block 171 14 169 I already tried these commands: /execute @a[x=-71,y=14,z=169] run tp @p 83...

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11:00 AM
Ingenuity flew
1 hour later…
12:34 PM
Q: How do I reset all players spawn positions when joining?

aaaaaadI have just created a Minecraft server to play with friends, but I would like to make sure that every time a player joins the server they spawn directly at spawn, instead of the last position they were in. Is there any way that I can do this?

1:29 PM
Q: How to get the coords of the block that the player is mining?

Tomer KlevanskyI want to detect when the player is mining a log and then get its position.

1:51 PM
Q: how do you spawn a artic fox in Minecraft education edition

HUGHi want make a home for the artic fox so how do you spawn one in education edition

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3:18 PM
Friend ranting on SKipe because they can't find a PS5 to buy at no-scalper price.
Seriously though... how comes that every month next one should be the day Ps5 is "available anywhere" and then every time that date is pushed to the next one?
Q: How to use Command block

Anthony J BrunWhat command do I use to have me float an placing sandstone blocks while running or walking in Minecraft Java version 1.12.2?

3:38 PM
@SPArcheon Because there's a global shortage on everything silicon chip related
3:50 PM
@Elva or more realistically, because we leave the scalper black market alone to do its stuff.
That definitly makes it worse
Mind you, not saying that it would solve all problem, but I guess it is pretty clear those have insider info
Though over here we don't really have scalpers. We just have companies raising prices but it's still in stock
(Fairly sure that over here it would fall under price fixing laws to prevent stores from raising prices as the manufacturer)
@Elva Say what?
Yeah, hi this is the internet. I am not from where you are
Like I said, "over here we"
3:54 PM
Sorry, what I meant is that even if locally you have any form of ruling....
scalpers will just go to the unregulated markets
Like Ebay.
That is not what I'm talking about
So I just checked, yup, plenty of ps5's for sale over here
Good for you I guess.
Because the stores can increase prices
Because it is illegal for the manufacturer to prevent them
So the store price just goes up to the point the scalpers can't make enough profit
So it's available for 700 euros instead of 1100 dollars
yep, customer still scammed, but you cut of the intermediary step.
I mean this is the free market supply and demand thing people capitalists keep hammering on about :p
On the other hand, by not having the intermediary step. You still get warranty, support, can still return it
And no risk of actually getting scammed by having people sell "picture of ps5"
Or "ps5 box"
4:01 PM
Unless you buy at Gamestop, in which case I am quite sure they will manage to find a way to sell you a gutted console.
After all, it is their special "proof of authenticity" mark
Fortunately we don't have that scourge either :P
4:22 PM
One more reason to move to Netherlands I guess.
No offense meant, but I hate Gamestop with passion after the guys here tried to sell a new DS game to a friend of mine. A new game that already had a save slot with more than 20 hours of play....
4:48 PM
@Elva to be fair, Netherlands does have Game Mania, though AFAIK they're not as scummy
4:59 PM
Q: How much did it cost to make Cyberpunk 2077?

Video games informerI loved playing cyberpunk 2077. I need to know how much did it cost to make Cyberpunk 2077?

5:27 PM
oof the pickled daikon i made is way spicier than i intended
the crunch is still nice though
i should put these in a sandwich
Q: Using a (minecraft) plugin, how can I modify the maximum durability of an Item? (Commands work as well)

ooftreecapsI've been trying to make a plugin with custom recipes (I have that part, thank you very much) to create some pickaxes with insane durability, but I don't want it to be unbreakable, since that breaks the whole point of Survival. It just bases the texture on a Netherite Pickaxe.

5:55 PM
Q: Should I create videos directly from Retroarch?

GAPI want to use Retroarch to dump and create videos from the various cores that are featured there. I had asked for advice from other places online ranging from recommended emulators to what video editing programs and emulators I should use for video recording. Although I thank them for giving me s...

6:25 PM
Q: Does the PlayStation Store still work on PS Vita?

Video games informerIs it true that PlayStation Store will not work on PS Vita?

Q: Minecraft command question - how can I make a command have escape codes inside a command with escape codes?

TotallyNotTeoSo basically I am trying to make a one-command-creation, which is where you have an entire project inside one long command. I already asked a question on here which explains how the one command works, so you can have a look at my previous question (Minecraft (advanced ) command question - how do ...

6:48 PM
Q: Is there any way, at all in any possible situation, to transfer Pokémon from Pokémon Red or Blue to Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald?

GG001Imagine you have a Mew in your copy of Pokémon Red (through the immensely famous Mew Glitch on Route 25) and really want to get it to your copy of Pokémon Sapphire to complete your Pokédex. I have heard a lot about how you can't do this, and I am desperate to get it over. Is there any way possi...

7:36 PM
Q: If I share a Minecraft seed with a friend, will this affect my world(as in 1.17 features)

bean delivery manI have a nice seed that I want to share with a friend. However, I would like to wait to explore a vast amount of the world until 1.17 comes out fully (I'm on Bedrock Edition, by the way). If my friend explores a lot of chunks, will those be preset on my world, e.g. if my friend explores eight chu...

Q: Is there any possible way to obtain Mew in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald?

GG001I have been informed that you can't trade Pokémon from Original Gen 1 and Original Gen 2 to Original Gen 3, so I am wondering how I can obtain a Mew in the Original Gen 3 games, even if it's through glitches. I really want a Mew, so I was wondering how to obtain one from Faraway Island as Gamesh...

Q: How were you supposed to find the tournament codes in the original Mario Tennis?

Fredy31I remember when I played Mario Tennis 64 that there was some tournaments that were blocked with codes like these. https://www.ign.com/wikis/n64-cheats/Mario_Tennis_Cheats#Nintendo_Power_Cup Now with the internet they are easy to get, but back then, how the hell were you supposed to find those cod...

Q: Screenshot of the Week Contest #37

WriggleniteWelcome to the thirty-seventh edition of the Screenshot of the Week! To start with, congratulations to the winner of the previous contest! n00dles' submission of a giant larva from outer space in no-mans-sky took the top spot with 12 upvotes! To submit a screenshot, simply post it as an answer t...

8:04 PM
Q: Clash of Clans: Upgrading heroes while in war

MarcoCiafaWhen buildings are getting upgraded, the upgrade only takes effect if it finishes before the attack phase of the war. I don't know what happens with heroes. If my heroes finish they upgrade at the attack phase of a war, could I use them to attack the same war? Will they be the previous level or t...

Q: What are some easy ways to get brawler shards in Super Brawl Universe?

loan_2314The Nickelodeon game, Super Brawl Universe, has brawlers that you can be obtained by tournament rewards, campaign, or purchase. All of these 3 things to get brawler shards are very rare, so I am asking the easiest way to get them. I tried Auto-winning battles, as a game tip suggested, but 25% of ...

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9:21 PM
Q: I can join my Minecraft Server but nobody else can

DevXI'm trying to make a Minecraft Server, I was able to join it but no-one else could. I allowed the port through my firewall but that seemed to not work at all. This is the photo that people get: I tried using a Public IP Address, it didn't work, I tried using a VPN, it didn't work. Is their a sol...

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10:31 PM
Q: What's the maximum range on Runaan's Hurricane?

DapianomanIn these images I play as Senna with over 1000 stacks and try attacking a group of target dummies with Runaan's equipped. At some point the bolts no longer fire, even though all the targets are well within my auto range and close to each other. In the first picture no bolts fire, and in the secon...

1 hour later…
11:58 PM
@Nzall and only a day after i realized that the remake for Ar Nosurge was digital only for the Vita and i might need to get it now before i loose it
also some revived (not not poitnless) hope that Ciel Nosurge gets localized in some way

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