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1:28 AM
Q: Is this normal on DVD-ROM/BD-ROM discs?

ZetaSupremaLooking to my collection i have been noticed that there are some marks on the edge of the game discs, like glue or adhesive of the discs squeezed out from the outer edge, i post some pictures of the case, in this photo is in a DVD-ROM of Xbox 360 https://twitter.com/AngelKH15/status/1382147076843...

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3:51 AM
Q: Whats the best way to make candy?

ObservingI'm playing the original candy box and I'm to the underwater cave. At what point can you start making more candy? How can you do this?

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9:30 AM
Q: Changes (to controls, video settings, audio, etc) not saving when I close Minecraft

SupersizerI've recently noticed that whenever I close my game, any changes I made during the time I was playing do not save. I do not know about vanilla worlds since I play servers only. I noticed a while back that whenever I tried to activate flame particles, as soon as I close the game they'd become deac...

Q: Is there a known inspiration for Protoss names and terms?

dpqI can't help but notice that in Starcraft many Protoss terms or names invoke Latin/Roman or Hebrew associations. Are these indeed a known source of inspiration for Starcraft game designers (for example, highlighted in something like "Making of" posts / interviews)? Hebrew associations Tal'darim ...

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11:56 AM
Another weekend, another event on NMS. What will this planet bring?
Snagged a quite cool "raptor with feathers" last time.
12:57 PM
Q: How long does it take to mine obsidian with your hands?

A Human I thinkHow long would it take to mine obsidian with your hands? I also want to know how long it takes underwater. I’m sorry if you think it has to little detail. I just want to know.

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2:39 PM
Charity event related to speedrunning documentary creator
Q: How to beat the Three Mage Sisters Kirby Star Allies 2 player?

A Human I thinkI have been playing Kirby Star Allies with my brother and we have been fighting the Three Mage Sisters for a while now. We get them to half health but then we die. I want to beat them because they are the final dream friend. What I know, I have 103 friend hearts, they seem almost impossible, my b...

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3:58 PM
... Why is YouTube recommending me Jordan Peterson?
or whatever that guy is who made the argument that preferred pronouns are compelled speech
Like, I don't watch any conservative content on Youtube
That's a number of guys but JP is one of them and idk
I keep getting like, daily wire ads lol
4:18 PM
Q: What is the largest amount of command blocks powerable by a single redstone block?

KorogueSo, let's say that we have a redstone block in the middle of nowhere and I want to power as many command blocks as possible using that one redstone block. No repeaters are allowed, and there are infinite space and redstone(but still, no repeaters). What is the maximum number of command blocks pos...

Q: How to quickly get gem apples

A Human I thinkI want to buy the starlight equipment for my team, but it costs 113 gem apples. I really want the armor to make the super party quest easier. The gem apple tree takes to long because it only produces 10 gem apples every 12 hours. What is a really quick way to get gem apples without purchasing any...

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7:13 PM
Q: Witcher 3 - Melt Armor skill

Michael MuntaThe in game description of the Melt Armor skill is as follows: Damage dealt by Igni also permanently weakens enemy Armor. Effect scales with Sign intensity up to maximum of 15%. Does that mean that it uses up to 15% of the Sign intensity stat to boost the armor reduction effect(i.e. if you have...

all right, i'm putting my foot down, i'm never eating buffalo sauce anything ever again
@Yuuki why?
@Wipqozn i've tried multiple times and have just not liked it
the tanginess doesn't hit quite right with my taste buds, i think
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8:31 PM
Q: How do NPCs heal our Pokémon?

Ismail HafeezIn various Pokémon games, there are scenarios where we come out of a big fight (usually a boss fight) and an NPC heals our Pokémon for us. I know that Pokémon are healed in Pokémon Centers using special machinery, but is there any in-universe explanation to how these NPC can heal them at a second...

@Yuuki Saaame
Can't stand the stuff
LadyWacko loves it
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9:45 PM
Q: MC Bedrock Iron Farm

JOE_BIDEN_SNIFFS_KIDSA little while ago, I tried making an iron farm on my XBOX One Minecraft World, but I noticed, even in my village, when the villagers get spooked or even hit by zombies or such they don't spawn iron golems, which I thought they did. Is that mechanic only for Java Edition or am I somehow doing som...

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11:19 PM
Q: Is there any good reason to make a skill legendary? (Skyrim)

AtokradI know that making a skill legendary can allow you to level up more/faster but is there any other reason, it seems like that just takes away valuable skills. Am I wrong?

11:38 PM
@Wrigglenite This is a great game
@SPArcheon I really need to play this one a bit
I bought it ages ago cause of the exploration but the whole... crafting survival game thing kind of put me off trying it out
@Nzall maybe that's why they're recommending you some conservative content
Or maybe you've just been watching a lot of different political/philosophical videos

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