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12:21 AM
wooooo new xbox controller without a water damaged d pad
tony hawk is way easier now that I can precisely input specials
12:53 AM
Q: Is there a time limit for the "Create your coterie" ques?

YasskierIn the *Vampire the Masquerade: Coteries of New York" one of the first, very broad quests is to create your own coterie (a group of vampires working together). This in practice gives you a task to befriend 4 other vampires, each of them having their own quest(s). But each night, if you are lucky,...

1:44 AM
Q: Babies in Dead Space

BenSo after watching a stream, a question came up about the babies in Dead Space 1. One of the enemies are the babies that crawl on all fours, on the walls and ceilings, and have 3 tentacles that fire barbs at you. In Dead Space 2, these come from care facilities in the city, and in 3 they are dog c...

2 hours later…
3:14 AM
oh my god galleon arena is HARD
3:49 AM
Q: How to know enemies health?

user4951I am trying to use https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Console_Commands_(Skyrim)/ActorValues getavinfo while a dragon is right in front of me. I get nothing back. Nothing shows up in console or anything about the health of the dragon I am facing. I want to see my opponents' level and health. How...

By the time Halloween comes, my hair would be long and messy enough that I can probably look like Kumiko Oumae without a wig
2 hours later…
5:48 AM
6:19 AM
Q: How would I reduce lag in duplication of blocks on roblox?

CavialI've recently attempted to create an infinite mining sandbox game in Roblox very similar to "Mining Simulator," "Treasure Hunt Simulator,""Dig It!""Fish n' Dig," and more. During the time of my attempt, I've run into this one problem that has been preventing me from publishing the game for so muc...

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8:50 AM
Q: On my older laptop or desktop, NVidia drivers won't work properly?

aphidI have an older PC, and installed Linux on it to give it some new life. It has a gaming gpu in it, but it won't run games nearly as fast now. So I read you need the proprietary nvidia driver as the nouveau one won't run the gpu fast because of nvidia locking down their products. I've installed th...

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12:11 PM
Q: Can you get robux from Play-For-Robux websites?

DREADLORD XDI found websites in the web such as this and this here, but I'm not sure if they really promise free robux. Can anyone enlighten me on this so that I won't waste my time on these websites? Thanks

12:22 PM
First full day back in the office (I'm only doing part time from the office). I already miss my home office chair and mechanical keyboard.
Although I brought in my last gaming mouse since I was also missing the thumb buttons on the cheapo mouse provided.
I really miss my mechanical keyboard
3 hours later…
3:07 PM
Q: Why is wall of fire/ice/storm is so lame?

user4951I may not be the one using it right. Basically I am using expert level spell called wall of stuffs. https://www.ign.com/wikis/the-elder-scrolls-5-skyrim/Wall_of_Frost It supposedly consume 130 magicka per seconds. Wow. Without my OP armor, I only have 300 magicka and I think that's about what nor...

3:55 PM
@Unionhawk Man, I've never even done the arena
I've mostly just been playing No Man's Sky lately
@MBraedley I've had pretty good luck convincing my employers to match my home setup
4:17 PM
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Q: how do you get obfuscated letters in minecraft java 1.16.3

QuickerEggin hypixel, i see as every achivement. even in 1.16.3 JAVA. and i am making a server and i want to know how to make them using any NBT string. i used the "font" NBT string :/

2 hours later…
6:00 PM
I managed 5 consecutive escapes now in Hades, took me long enough for the first one
6:25 PM
I keep hearing good things about that game, I need to check out gameplay videos to see if I would actually like/be able to play it
6:50 PM
I think gameplay-wise it's looking a lot like Bastion
Q: Who's the last person on the "Others of Note" codex list?

LampreyIn Hades, the codex features info on each character you can meet, separated into lists based on their affiliation. However, in the other people of note session, there's one name that's still ????, despite me having beaten the final boss a good eight or nine times by now. Who is this final person?...

@PrivatePansy I did manage to play through all of Bastion without help, so that bodes well.
7:19 PM
Yeah, Supergiant games have adjustable difficulty usually in the form of allowing players to add challenges
I did try playing Transistor but I got bored by the story.
Plus I only had it on PC so it fell victim to my PC gaming problem
I should really try to finish Origami King or Spiritfarer before I get anything new, although the final boss fight in Origami King is making me mad and I am stuck in Spiritfarer because I don't get the ziplining stuff
Transistor's ending is great though. At least it was pretty shocking to me
@Ash Hmmm, Spiritfarer's platforming doesn't get better after that IMO. It's definitely not a you problem - the game's platforming is just very finicky.
Do you play with a controller? That should help, I think?
@PrivatePansy I play it on my Switch, I've tried handheld mode and with the Pro Controller and both ways I suck at it
Like I can't consistently get the character to land on the zipline and use it
I don't know if I am pressing the wrong thing, or at the wrong time, or what
@PrivatePansy the base difficulty is not that easy for Hades, but it does have a God mode that increases damage resistance every time you die (I think up to 80%)
@MadScientist Good to know!
7:24 PM
@Ash Hmmm, I played on PC with PS4 controller. It's not great, but I think I got the hang of it after a while
I mean part of it definitely could be my issues with hand-eye coordination, but it just seems obtuse
And my win streak is over anyway, got a bad build with my leasts favorite weapon, and I discovered again why I usually take the "brief immunity after taking damage" artifact in Elysium
7:53 PM
The only supergiant game I've played is bastion
8:08 PM
Oh hey, new @GnomeSlice pfp
I really enjoyed bastion, finished it in a day I think
Q: Minecraft Crash: Insufficient memory..."

PixelIt always says "Insufficient memory for java runtime to continue" I already have 6GB dedicated to minecraft so I am not sure what else to do to fix the problem

Q: how to get the § symbol on pc minecraft 1.13.3 querty keyboard

QuickerEggi already know how to do THIS you just do the unicode alt+0167, but how do you get it in minecraft. if you cant. i ask how to get the font attribute to it. (this is minecraft java)

Transistor... I started like 5 times, my farthest run is the current one, and it's barely an hour or so in
The battles are just so boring
Really? I thought the idea of mixing turn based combat with real time is kinda neat
@PrivatePansy First couple times are fun. Then it gets repetitive, and when I start dying and losing my modules and this and that and it becomes unbearable for me.
@MadScientist Is Hades playable well with mouse and keyboard? I really don't like playing isometric games with a controller
8:18 PM
@Nzall Never tried it, I play it with a controller
8:35 PM
ooo new osrs league opens the day after I move
there's already some good research out there and I think I know which regions I want to pick
9:24 PM
Q: Automatic sorting system. (Hoppers moves 64 blocks, instead of 1 at the time)

AlphaJohnIm not the best at english Im playing on this minecraftserver, where hoppers moved 64/one stack, at the time, insted of just 1 block. I want to make a sorting system, but everytime it doesnt work, because the hoppers move 64 blocks at the time. Ive tried asking friends and other peoples on the se...

10:15 PM
Q: How do I get Avalon Drake egg in Puzzle & Dragons Z?

ZaydenI play Puzzle & Dragons Z, the one on the part-mario cartridge, and i was wondering how do I get avalon drake egg? It is the final boss of postgame. I do know that if you make a combo of 10+ at once you can get rare goodies, i know because i got a Divinegon Chip and evolved my Annow because of it...

11:05 PM
Q: How do I get an Arctic fox in a flat bedrock or Minecraft world

AdvetureKing123How do I get an Arctic fox in a flat bedrock or Minecraft world Please make sure it works on iOS

11:25 PM
So, 'Community Server' is a freely available conversion on discord now
Interesting. Global moderation and better announcements to name a few
Doesn't seem to be that different
Q: How rare is 2 maneaters in the same block?

Terraria playerI was playing terraria and I found 2 man eaters in the same block. Is this rare or have I just not been in the jungle enough?

@GnomeSlice some of the things they announced like a welcome channel and that, i thought that was something people already do without needing discord to add functionality for
Yeah pretty much
Users can like opt-in to subscribe to the announcements now
That's about the only difference there
11:56 PM
Q: Can I play overwatch with a keyboard and mouse on Xbox?

LeBiscuitI'm getting a new keyboard and mouse soon and, I'm wondering if I can play overwatch with it.


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