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12:21 AM
Q: minecraft sprint and jump problem

IslandWhen i try to sprint (using control key) and i jump and move forward it opens up my keyboard settings which doesn't allow me to play the game properly. I have tried to fi this problem by trying to change the shortcut to go to my keyboard settings or diable it but it won't let me do so. I have als...

just wondering, why is week 20's screenshot on the main site?
shouldn't it be week 21's?
12:42 AM
Yeah I was wondering that too. It was 21 and now it's gone back
2 hours later…
3:05 AM
So.. anybody know why Frank left?
It was very abrupt
1 hour later…
4:18 AM
Sep 4 at 18:11, by Frank
Hey, everybody. I haven't been around for a while, and there's lots of reasons why.
1 hour later…
5:40 AM
This is the best thing I’ve seen in a while. They’ve some how managed to cram content from every single generation of Pokémon into three and a half minute of eye melting animation
This is just so incredibly dense. I’ve watched it a dozen times and can still pick out new details
Q: How does the step algorithm work in Molek-Syntez?

D0SBootsThere are various places that discuss the bonding priority for a single atom in Molek-Syntez, which is often enough to get by for simple cases, but for optimizing complicated setups you need to be aware of the global rules: What happens when multiple Hydrogens are being added/removed in a single ...

6:12 AM
@PrivatePansy that was very cute.
7:08 AM
Q: How do you actually complete a scenario in Planet Coaster

MyDaftQuestionsI have played Planet Coaster and it appears as if I've been rewarded a bronze, silver and gold star. I need to point out, I'm not a gamer and this is the first game I've bought in years and years. The issue I have is, the scenario doesn't seem to end and I'm confused if I've actually completed it...

Q: Need Help with /fill and command blocks

Jack del Villar-O'BrienI am testing some stuff out with the command blocks and I was wondering if I put 0 0 0 and 16 20 16 I want it the clear that area with /fill is it possible to have a chain of commands that deletes 0 0 0 and 16 255 16 because of the block limit (32768) and I only have to change the cordinates of ...

@Memor-X We've decided to use the voting week of new contests to showcase the winners of contests from before the photo widget was implemented
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8:24 AM
Q: What's the difference between

user4951 ForceAV Force the buff value to permanently change. ModAV Permanently modify the buff value. SetAV Set the base value. Some values reset after ending game. I misallocate my stamina, magicka and health. I have 1700 stamina and only 320 magicka. I also have 1300 health I can keep making st...

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9:40 AM
Q: Unable to get the server IP address via CS:GO "status" command in linux

Parsa MousaviI got this after running the status command in the CS:GO console: ] status Connected to =[A:1:176517124:15634]:0 hostname: Valve CS:GO EU West Server (srcds006.131.40) version : secure os : Linux type : official dedicated map : cs_office players : 8 humans, 5 bots (16/0 max...

2 hours later…
11:13 AM
RIP @Fra
RIP @Man
RIP @Ori
etc. etc.
RIP @bad
TGHSD @fredley
(thank God he stepped down)
@Wipqozn I was going to say...
Are you inventing words again @Wipqozn?
@fredley Just acronyms. I wanted to try and make it similar to TGIF for obvious reasons
2 hours later…
1:03 PM
Q: Cant connect LINE account to tsum tsum game any help?

Some kidI've been playing this game for a bit and I got pretty far and if I deleted my game I would be a goner same for my mom I've been trying everything nothing works I use Android and my mom had to restart her whole game before she could link her line account and I don't want that can u help my anyone...

1 hour later…
@fredley Just use your phone speaker
And just have a second phone that's constantly recording all radio from phone 1, so you can rewind
2:44 PM
Q: Which characters get exp when killing monsters?

David YellI have been primarily increasing the level of my characters using the various writs and advice items. However I have had a character level up through fighting monsters. I don't understand who gets what exp points when they are awarded. Is it just the character who kills the monster or the whole p...

@Wipqozn Thanks, you just saved me £600
@fredley This is how I feel about everything they make.
3:10 PM
Q: How do I use command blocks to teleport multiple random players to specific spots?

ThatOneBlueGuyI've never dabbled in command blocks before, but I'm slowly learning. I am making a murder mystery mini game. I have a ton if problems but the one I am stuck on now is I want to teleport all the remaining alive players to a table, and around the table all facing the center. I dont want to telepor...

@RedRiderX I know
3:43 PM
So I found a build that dealt a surprising amount of damage, probably the highest I ever got, and it turns out this is the run where you skip the final boss, so I never got to try it against him.
@Dragonrage Yeah, does anybody know what they are?
Coronacht with Aspect of Hera and a heavily upgraded Ares cast deal a lot of damage. And I also had the Ares Call with some improvements
@GnomeSlice Well, if he didn't say it in that conversation, I can't imagine he'd be okay with anyone revealing so if they did know.
He's not even here. Just wondering
Figured I missed it before
4:01 PM
Q: Why are balloons getting stuck in the ground? (Minecraft Realms, Bedrock)

minky_boodleTypically, a Minecraft player can cause a helium balloon to rise freely by attaching it to a fence post and destroying the post (or simply by attaching it to an animal). A player can also destroy a balloon once it has been placed. However, I am working on a Realm in Bedrock edition, and for some ...

4:12 PM
Black garlic progress pics: day 1
@Yuuki I thought you needed to do that in a jar or something
Are you allowed to finger it like that?
@fredley I have it in my rice cooker.
@Lazers2.0 Bedrock Edition has balloons? Does Java Edition have balloons?
I added a spoonful of water to the rice cooker when I took it out to check on progress.
To keep humidity up.
@MBraedley It's only the education edition apparently
4:18 PM
Oh, so that question is improperly tagged.
I think education is a type of bedrock? I'm just looking at the box at the top of the wiki page minecraft.gamepedia.com/Balloon
Is the education setting per-world or per-install? And how does that work for multiplayer?
Q: how to code in a credits button (roblox studio)

QuickerEggi always wanted to make my own credits button. I tried making a script myself from Lua learning. I don't want to go in the toolbox, that makes me learn anything (unless I look at the script) your scripter - quicker egg

Q: How do I transfer Walking Dead Season 1 save data from an Xbox One to PC?

Jacob WalkerI got my girlfriend to play through all of Season 1 (which I already had on Xbox), but, since she loved it and we’re wanting to continue into the next seasons, I’d like to have them all on my PC and Steam account. Is there any possible way I can transfer decisions instead of starting all over and...

5:17 PM
Q: my problem with the f1-f12 keys

user259190so I get this problem a lot, and its because my f2-f3 keys are keybinded to letter keys. How do I unbind them? it messes me up a lot when I'm trying to play Roblox arsenal where I need to turn my volume down but it switches my weapon.

2 hours later…
6:58 PM
Q: Fortune in team fight tactics

HarryDo losses when you don't have fortune on the board count towards fortune gains? Do losses as fortune 3 count towards fortune 6 outcomes when you finally win with fortune 6?

7:24 PM
Q: Whenever I use /execute in ANY command block on my singleplayer world, it doesn't run with no logs

SilabearSo, in all of my command blocks, whenever I try to use an execute command, it doesn't run. It gives no command block output either. I don't know if it is a world setting, but all other commands work. Thank you!

8:14 PM
Q: What is a good way to fire blossoms?

RobbieI’ve been trying to get fire blossoms to make obsidian skin potions but I haven’t had much luck. What’s a good strategy to finding fire blossoms?

1 hour later…
9:31 PM
Q: How do I get my children to get a random pet in Skyrim Hearthfire

RobertI got them a dog but they wont get me any of the random pets. I have them in the house in whiterun but before I had them in the Lakeview manor.

9:56 PM
Q: Why can't I stay logged in for Minecraft Switch edition for at least 3 days OMG

user259202This is getting so fucking annoying. ITS ANEVER ENDING CYCLE OF LOGGING, SIGNING OUT, LOGGING IN, SIGNING OUT AND SO ON! Is there no other way for me to permanently stay logged in like cmon!

10:11 PM
My second monitor is possessed. It keeps thinking the OSD buttons are being pressed. It used to just be the brightness quick adjust button, which is also the up button, so it was only mildly annoying since it occasionally blocked part of the display, but now it's getting into other parts of the menu, in particular, the preset menu, so it's cycling through the presets, quickly changing the brightness, contrast, color, and white balance, and that is super annoying.
Especially when it gets stuck on the dynamic contrast setting.
10:39 PM
Sep 17 at 20:53, by GnomeSlice
10:55 PM
@MBraedley that there's going to be a She-Hulk adaptation or the actress selection?
because i knew about She-Hulk but didn't know anything on where they were with it in terms of getting it produced. i only heard they were thinking about a She-Hulk production
thought thanks in part to the pandemic they may have scrapped the idea
@GnomeSlice That's the only public statement he made.
11:12 PM
Q: How can I transfer Minecraft pe from my iPhone to my MacBook Pro?

STARI want to play Minecraft pe on my computer tho I don't know if there is any way I can transfer the game from my iPhone to my MacBook Pro... I could use some help, please.

11:48 PM
@Wipqozn I found out a neighbor was a cannibal, so I exposed them.
Their wife immediately made them a knight
...because the cannibal trait gives +2 prowess and he was now the best knight she could field.

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