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@GnomeSlice OH good I starred that instead of deleting it. The icons don't load properly on my phone.
But Picard has the best insults
He's quite the wordsmith.
@Unionhawk I really thought he was going to lose his hand
@Wipqozn Yeah someone should submit a meta bug because I was getting the same until literally just now
Fortunately delete and flag are hidden behind a ... menu for mods
Q: Will riding a rock dog allow me to walk in lava pits?

WipqoznThe Rock Dog is an enemy and mount found in the Volcana area. I've noticed that riding it seems to grant at least some level of immunity to fire damage. Does this immunity extend to lava? Lava normally kills you on one hit, so it's not exactly something I can safely test myself.

1:40 AM
Q: How does Minecraft modding change between subversions

John OlarHow does modding change between subversions. For example the difference between 1.16.1 and 1.16.2.

2:24 AM
@Wipqozn that he is
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3:47 AM
Q: Lego Worlds: How To Keep Characters Out

RBlong2usI have an area in my game where I do not want characters to come. They oftentimes will steal the vehicles I place, and by when riding vehicles, they often run into things and break the stuff I have placed with the discovery tool. This is extremely annoying! I tried placing a wall around it, but...

4:37 AM
Q: How do you get armor in Halo 5?

LeBiscuitI've been playing Halo 5 for a little bit and I've opened quite a few packs but, I have gotten nothing out of them. Do you only get visors and armor by leveling up?

5:03 AM
Q: Why I cannot train from faralda even after I level up?

user4951However, faralda cannot train me. I leveled up easily by selling 500k worth of potion and raise my speech from 15 to 100 again. I have plenty such potions with restoration glitch. Yet I can't train.

Q: What makes training fast in skyrim?

user4951The easiest thing to level up in skyrim, with restoration glitch, is alchemy, followed by speech and smithing. With alchemy, one potion, that's it, I leveled up. With smithing same thing. With those super expensive potion I can make legendary speech, sell one and level up. I am level 292 now. Eve...

5:28 AM
Q: TV screen just shows XBOX 360 and game doesn’t get played

KnightI have XBOX 360 Arcade. I connected all the cables properly, and to show that everything is all till there I would like to post this image that I get on my TV screen after connecting everything and starting the console : Now, as I enter the disk (which used to run on this same XBOX 7 years ago, ...

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7:35 AM
Q: Does the commander fight in the battle? What about if the commander is the king/emperor?

Ren3 scenarios I have a commander chosen from one of my knights, commanding my army. Does his prowess matter, ie. does he fight in the battle and kill enemy knights? I have a commander who is the player character. Does he fight in the battle? I have a commander chosen from one of my knights, but my...

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9:16 AM
Q: How can I change my age?

Sienna Plays RobloxSo When I logged into roblox I have put my age as ‘9’ and I am 14 years old. My username is poodles_246 and I would really like for roblox to try and change my age to 14 because it would really help out. Thanks

9:33 AM
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@Unionhawk This started on my previous phone which was on its deathbed so I just ass it was phone death until I got this new one a week ago.
12:39 PM
Q: How can I move my Minecraft installation to another drive?

Emerald_Guy123I installed Minecraft before getting my 1TB SSD, and now I want to move it. My C drive is very low on space and I'm trying to keep it free of games. Is there any way I can completely move Minecraft to another drive with all my data intact? I'm on windows 10 right now.

Q: Can I enchant my trident in a enchanted table?

Bronson HunterI have tried many times on my enchanted table that has level 30 enchantment levels and I have tried will tridents and never got channeling? How do I get a channeling enchanted book?

1:02 PM
Gloomhaven is good
I played that in RL with a group of guys and we were very eeehhh on it
Setup was a 4 chores and a half
Played the digital one last night, did a few scenarios and really enjoyed it
Tehre was some decision paralysis too which didn't help
It's got actual MP now
Yeah I could see that I suppose
@GnomeSlice wait waht
The game is intended to be multiplayer by design
It didn't have it at first cause it was EA or whatever
Did they seriously release an app without it?
@GnomeSlice Ohh okay
Yeah. It's got it now though. It's a pretty nice app too
Nice animations, music graphics, no setup
I mean you have to like do a little setup I guess in between missions but
1:40 PM
@Wipqozn yeah I think I wouldn't be able to deal with the level of rules upkeep for the physical version, but when it's all automated it's a bit easier to deal with.
2:20 PM
Q: When does my truce end?

XenoxI recently won a war against my neighbor but he has some more counties that obviously should be in my realm, and not his. Where can I see when our truce ends and I can declare war on him again?

2:45 PM
@RedRiderX I have heard similar things. Setup is a bitch, and damage/round tracking can be tedious, but both those issues go away with a digital version. Other long term tracking, like deck state, gear, and the campaign are also handled easily.
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4:26 PM
So for those who care after I reported on it 2 Fridays ago: the lump on my left epipidymus is not cancer, it's a benign water cyst
4:38 PM
@Nzall That's great news!
Glad to hear it wasn't anything serious
@Nzall Amazing news dude
5:26 PM
@Nzall that's great news.
6:15 PM
@Nzall Yay!
@TimStone Your mum's so big...
@GnomeSlice Well that looks like fun
6:39 PM
Also cc @SaintWacko too I think, but he's right there
~i've been awake for 29 hours~
7:28 PM
@Yuuki Seems like a bad idea
I've been making an effort to sleep better lately, and it's not easy. Gotta shut off all that tech early.
8:22 PM
@Wipqozn it definitely is but my schedule has been out of whack and i've found that the easiest way to return to a semblance of a normal schedule is to pull an all-nighter and collapse into bed at a normal time
> Updated the kingdom of Sao's coat of arms
Wow what a set of patch notes
> Mystic will no longer stick their nose in religious matters that are of no concern to them
> Sneaky people will now wear sneaky clothes
> You can no longer lose a friend you didn't have
I think I also heard that there were some AI army fixes
so hopefully like, an enemy army smaller than a garrison won't stand there trying unsuccessfully to siege all day
2 hours later…
@Yuuki just busy with work, or something else?
@Wipqozn probably just being holed up at home
@Yuuki I suggest buying a bike
11:13 PM
Q: Minecraft 1.7.10 not working

Blakkeverytime i try loading a world on 1.7.10 i get a code that says java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException im using a windows 10 computer and i cant figure out how to fix it someone help me please

11:34 PM
@fredley funny how normal Mario still looks compared to Bowser

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