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12:56 AM
@Wipqozn loooooooool
1:34 AM
I got my son Sea of Thieves today and we spend all day being pirates together
Q: Is there an OptiFine for MCBE?

fasterthanlightI am wondering if there is an OptiFine or "scope pack" for MCBE so I can zoom in on stuff. I can't seem to find much information about this online. Help would be appreciated! :D

Q: SteamCMD dedicated CS:GO server can't connect

Lucas FI'm trying to host a CS:GO server, but I can't get it to work. The ports are open from 27000-27030, as well as 4380. When I host it, I can see it under Lan in the server browser. But if I view the server properties it has my local IP and not my public IP, and I am guessing this is why it's not wo...

Think I'd be allowed to wear this at the gym?
1:58 AM
@GnomeSlice yes, of course, but you will get funny looks
2 hours later…
3:36 AM
I went stargazing and saw the rings of saturn!
and now i know how to use my telescope
3:52 AM
Finally got around to completing Tales of Xillia without being interrupted. so annoyed it's taken this long to get a bit of time to not be called every 5 fucken minutes so i could just sit down and enjoy the ending
we've been trying to get 3 ships into a server for an hour
also started to watch She-ra and i can see why people ship Adora and Catra. oh my god they are so cute together. also like the world building from just the first couple of episodes. it's too easy for people to go "here's the Horde, they are evil" from day 1 but it's alot believable to show that those in The Horde actually think they are the good guys
just an annoyance that the last 5 or so minutes of Episode 3 kept getting interrupted because people think i just sit and do nothing all day and can just drop everything at a moments notice. this is why i don't implement a system to watch series more easily because i know it just gets fucked up by everyone else
@Memor-X I just spent most of today configuring Sonarr and Kodi to play nice.
Q: Any Legit way to Obtain a Shiny Zygarde?

OminousBlueBellIs there any way to obtain a shiny Zygarde legitimately? If not, is anybody willing to trade for one? I'll post my friend code if so. Thank you!

@Frank hmmm, might look into Kodi for future reference
4:02 AM
Kodi doesn't really like anime naming schemes, so it takes a bit to configure properly.
Without, you know, having to mangle the filenames manually each and every time.
@Frank anime naming schemes like the use of hiraga/katakana and kanji?
@Memor-X No, naming as in [SubGroup]<anime><season extender>episode[quality][CRC].mkv
Trying to jam way too much info into a filename.
Kodi figures most of that out for you.
lmao and now we just put four galleons on a server
@Frank ahhh, lot of my anime is on DVD/Bluray and what anime i do need to download i generally try to avoid stuff like that because of file path character length limitations
generally i just put them into Series / Season / Episode #.ext
5:00 AM
@Memor-X You should try plex
It's awesome, my roomate and I use it
@Memor-X she-ra is so amazing.
@GnomeSlice that's so cool!
2 hours later…
7:41 AM
Q: Lag in Games with Charging

NarutoSo I recently started playing Star Wars Fallen Order with a laptop under the minimum specs. I boot it up and I see a lot of lagging even in Low settings. I turn up my settings to Medium and I disconnect my Charger which I was using and the game was running smoothly in Medium Settings with very li...

7:53 AM
@GnomeSlice That's amazing
Did you see Jupiter's moons?
3 hours later…
10:49 AM
@GnomeSlice Telescopes are rad
2 hours later…
1:07 PM
Man I should move to Scotland before Hadrian's wall goes up again
1:47 PM
Q: Am I using the target selector arguments dx, dy & dz wrong?

MHJI'm in the process of building a multiplayer adventure map and wanted to play ambient music when players enter and as long as they remain in certain areas. However one target selector gave me a lot of trouble over the past two days and I can't figure out what's wrong. I made a custom soundpack a...

2:15 PM
@Wrigglenite yeah three of them
3:00 PM
Q: F1 2020 Telemetry

BrutusI recently found out that F1 2020 (as many other racing games) supports the acquisition of telemetry data through specific tools. I used Google to find the best tools to acquire and display telemetry but it was really confusing for me: I found old applications that are compatible with old F1 game...

@GnomeSlice That's so cool
Guess the fourth must've been in conjunction with Jupiter
2 hours later…
4:31 PM
Nintendo are confusing me
So the wife has two switches. On each one we have profiles for her and the two kids
Her profile is attached to her Nintendo profile
If she has the switch online membership, will it work for the kids too?
Also, as the kids are under 13, how are we meant to setup a nintendo account for them
Q: Which containers outside of Tundra Homestead are safe?

Reginald BlueThis question is specific to the Creation Club content "Tundra Homestead". There is an external forge and smithing area next to Tundra Homestead. Here is a 'screen shot' of some of the containers: I spent a long time away and when I came back, some of the external containers reset (not safe sto...

1 hour later…
5:52 PM
Q: Use Taiko drum for random games

Kody PorterI bought a cool rhythm game (Taiko no Tatsujin) and I got the drum controller to go with it. While playing with it I thought it would be fun to try and use it for game obviously not used for this kind of controller. I thought about it and after a little bit of testing with my computer and switch,...

6:17 PM
@djsmiley2kStaysInside Took me a while to parse 'My wife has two switches'
:D on/off and angry/calm
6:50 PM
@djsmiley2kStaysInside I don't think you can, if they're under 13
Oh, wait, you can make a family group:play.nintendo.com/parents/crash-courses/…
oh ok awesome
7:06 PM
Q: How do you upload .zip to .mcworld?

James RobertsonSo while I was trying to import a .zip file from planet Minecraft, I followed all the instructions to turn it into .mcpack. While I did that, I imported it to Minecraft and an error with no log comes up. .mcworld works but not .mcpack. Note: I use iPadOS v.13.6 using a iPad Pro (9.6 inch) model. ...

7:16 PM
I somehow fell into the pit by the power plant in Control and survived :o
then walked around abit
then walked into some sort of area under it and took damage and then died
1 hour later…
8:21 PM
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8:44 PM
Q: Can you achieve the best ending in DS3 without dying once?

korn55I am currently doing my first DS3 playthrough, and I generally try to complete these kinds of games without dying once. So far I am doing fine, but a friend told me that to achieve the best ending it is actually necessary to die. Can somebody confirm this and give more info on it without too many...

Q: Installing Steam games on external HDD... bad idea?

RS86So I installed Steam + a few games onto a USB hard drive easily enough, and so far everything seems to work fine. But I've read mixed opinions online, many say that it is a bad idea to do such a thing. Most of the games I play are quite old (mainly Unreal Tournament games) so the speed at which m...

8:57 PM
@Lazers2.0 Blind deathless dark souls is definitely ambitious
2 hours later…
10:47 PM
Q: How far can a player jump while running backwards?

fasterthanlightI watched Skeppy's running backwards video, and noticed that players could jump two blocks while running backwards. I have tried doing this, but I can only barely reach two blocks with a jump. Can players jump more than two blocks when running backward, and if so, what is the limit? Thanks for th...

11:13 PM
I just finished paper mario: origami king.
Unexpected ending.

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